Edouard and Kyogo productive partnership


Celtic’s first half display against Hearts yesterday saw the length of the M8 between the teams.  The visitors put bodies in the way but were unable to stem the tide towards Craig Gordon’s goal.  A sublime pass by Kyogo Furuhashi gave James Forrest space to turn inside and dink a cross that was expertly converted by Odsonne Edouard.

Edouard turned provider when Stephen Welsh towered over the defence to head home as the roof threatened to fall in on the visitors.  Hearts stabilised after the break but were not in the contest in any meaningful way until Carl Starfelt mis-controlled the ball inside his penalty area, allowing Liam Boyce to get in the way of his second attempt, resulting in a penalty that was converted by the Hearts stirker.

That sparked Celtic back into life and they soon restored their two-goal cushion through Kyogo.  Hearts added time second goal flattered them and came too late to cause any concern.

One of my concerns this month is that we do not shift Odsonne and he leaves on a free at the end of the season.  On this showing, a season of him and Kyogo would not be totally without compensation.  The partnership looked very promising.

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  1. Cracking last day at the cricket 🏏,not seen CQN Cricket Correspondent Gene on lately …..maybe taking a wee break…

  2. Only Calmac of the three midfielders can play high-intensity football for 90 minutes. Rogic and Turnbull will have to be substitued midway through the second half. IMO

  3. 79 CAPS,



    I would substitute the 3 of them during the game. We need to keep our captain fresh, as, imo, he is the most important of them all. Soro and McCarthy should be getting regular run outs.

  4. The AZ double header will be a good barometer of where the current squad is just now. The Dutch outfit would certainly be a good scalp to take. Has an Ajax from 20 odd years ago feel about it.

  5. The hidden message in the new article is that RC going out will cover the new players / starters coming in?



    RC is a bit of an erse by all accounts regarding his behaviour around the club — second hand sources plus his dad’s demeanour — but he is a very good football player when the mood takes him.



    Phoned it in last season which affected his NT prospects but he has put in a shift this season when he has been able to get in the team — so he will be a loss but everybody has their value / their price.



    A turbo-charged TR — coming to a pitch near us soon — is a much better prospect as a goal scoring playmaker although RC does have the box to box dimension that TR lacks.



    So onwards and upwards — hopefully the club will look back and see that they could have handled RC a bit better and these improvements will be available to others.



    Happy to see RC try for something different elsewhere — might be better / might not.


    Now for Bronski that is JF — he is a shadow of the player he could be if he just grew up.


    He takes no responsibility for the play when the ball comes to him — even less when the opposition are moving forward.



    The contrast between his efforts and those of LA are stark.


    He plays like a 19 year old prospect while LA plays like a senior pro.


    A boot up the erse is not now enough — please punt.

  6. JIMDOM on 16TH AUGUST 2021 12:29 PM


    The AZ double header will be a good barometer of where the current squad is just now.




    Yes indeed!



    Ange’s words “I think we have improved”.



    The AZ games will tell us if we have, and by how much.

  7. utter tripe Mad Mitch,



    utter made up garbage about Ryan Christie and his dad.



    James 6 games , scoring 2, assisting of 3, involved in build up play for a further 4 goals.

  8. I’d wager that Eddy staying will reap as much benefit as us taking the monies and gambling on a replacement. We know what we have in Eddy and this season is important……………..and he looks to be enjoying himself more with our Japanese Bhoy in tow……………


    …also he’ll be good cover for when Furey gets cynically hobbled by some hun.

  9. BB @ 12.30



    I wonder what the “illegal war” mob will have to say this morning?


    Guaranteed that it will be everybody else’s fault and not their own.



    I fear that a lot of maps will have to be updated with “There be dragons” stamped across huge areas of the world.



    I wonder if Pakistan will be able to put the genie back in the bottle.


    Then there is the IS angle — the CIA will be working on that as we speak.


    Plus the Iran angle of a militant Sunni theocracy next door going after the Shia central highlands.


    Plus the ex Soviet Stans up north with people on the wrong side of the border.


    And then you have ultra nationalist India and expansionist China in the mix.



    What could possibly go wrong?


    AQ will be the least of our worries.

  10. JF last 3 games = 2 Goals + 3 Assists….Not bad for a player that’s got some growing up to do…

  11. The improvements we have made already – we bank….and build on.



    The League’s the thing……………..and we keep building on that. We’ll have enough on our plate accomodating the impediments of the likes of THAT cheat at at the weekend.



    Treat the Euro games as bonus training for the new squad.



    The pressure’s now on the huns an’ Slippy.




  12. MADMITCH on 16TH AUGUST 2021 12:30 PM



    …Phoned it in last season which affected his NT prospects but…



    I like to keep my mind active through crosswords, sudoku and so on but I regularly have to admit defeat with Mr/Ms Mad’s contributions to this site. The use of initials rather than names is confusing enough, but applying this to other things is just beyond comprehension.


    I have no idea what ‘NT’ represents here…any suggestions?



  13. STx2 @ 12.40



    RC — his dad’s comments are a matter of “public” record.


    RC — numerous snippets from the small people about his BBB attitude.



    I think he is huge talent but his performance and attitude last season made him look small.



    As for JF — you must have skin in the game / come from Ayrshire.


    He is a vulture who lives of the efforts of others.


    Plus he refuses to take responsibility on the park.



    Bigger talent than AMcG who will do less in the game.


    Shame really.

  14. spikeysauldman on

    people (peepil ?) at least used to wait until James had had a non-productive game before telling us he was non-productive.



    everyone has their favourites, pet-hates etc but at least try to be objective.

  15. stephenofderby on

    There are some players who will always split opinion. James was sorely missed last year. A lot of people who post on these forums have never kicked a ball in their lives. Before anyone asks im not a hun and was a bang average player myself!

  16. SAM @ 12.50



    JF — he had a pretty poor game yesterday.


    If it was F1 he would have looked like a mobile chicane.



    I think that his confidence is shot.



    He can still act instinctively — he can still take the chances that come his way — but he just cannot dictate the game around him.



    Huge talent that has diminished through a lack of ambition and attitude.



    Compare and contrast his game with LA.

  17. stephenofderby on

    Mm its sg here. Tbh i am rofl at yer abbreviations. Lmk if you uderstand this drivel😂


    RC — numerous snippets from the small people about his BBB attitude.




    =========================================nae idea.

  19. SFTB @ 12.55



    I think you are talking about children.



    I am talking about people who have dealings with the squad in a non football capacity.


    Taxi drivers / hospitality / support staff and the like.



    Consequently data points on their own but taken together they do not paint a pretty picture.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The football fan in me would be delighted if Odsonne stayed and performed.



    On his game he is the most talented footballer in Scotland by a distance.



    One caution I have though – if he stays i.e. we don’t get a fee , this CANNOT mean a slowing down of the squad building.



    As for Saturday, 2 goals lost were maddening.



    First – big, solitary error by Starfelt.



    CLEAR IT !



    Laws of physics Cap’n …..



    Perhaps only 19 footballers in the world can accelerate toward a ball heading to them at pace and control it WITHOUT slowing down (leaving time and space for opposition to “nick in” ahead of them).



    And Carl ain’t on that list.



    Second goal even worse. Five individual errors (4 small plus one big one from Soro) in lead up. Arrgghh.



    PS – I’ve been a regular critic of Greg Taylor’s physical courage and strength.



    Re the first of these – his actions at 20:18 on the game clock yesterday encouraged me hugely. Well done him.

  21. I am bewildered, honestly,



    Guy plays 400+ games over 13 seasons for Celtic. Scores 95 goals, has 96 assists, wins 19 trophies (6 most decorated player in our history), has 12 individual player awards, but wont do as much as Aiden.



    Looking forward to his testimonial, and another 5 years in the hoops. he deserves it. More and more convinced missing him and Julien was a primary impact on our last poor season.



    I am from Port Glasgow, only ayrshire connection is playing football at Largs.




    and you cant see Hangar 13 from the top end of Royston Road.



    What about THE RHUBARB FIELDS.

  23. Was that football not terrific to watch yesterday , great stuff indeed , as I posted through the week middle to front we were as good as I’ve seen the team , but defence I’m afraid to say let’s us down badly . I sat in the car park after the game and Listened to that McIntyre guy interviewing Robbie Neilson and they were actually making a game of it , which by looking at the final score allowed them to do , when by rights both McIntyre and neilson should have been heading home wondering how on earth this Celtic team were going to be stopped .That performance yesterday merited more than we got out of it . The new coach is starting to show us what he has in his locker , he knows the way he want this team to go , but he is still running short . It would be great if he could get turnbull , and rogic to last the 90 minutes two super players But more importantly Ange needs backing from the suits , he knows what he needs nothing should be allowed to stop him from powering on , they need to let him get on with his job giving all the help they can , which will give them time to get on with more important things like challenging this refereeing scandal , doesn’t matter how we perform these cheating people could once again be the difference to our success or failure , us pumping our gums after every match does nothing it needs challenged from the very top of our club and needs taken on now .

  24. Garngad to Croy on

    Considering the amount of money available with automatic champions league qualification for winning the league this season there may be a lot of value (for all parties concerned) in keeping Eddy and allowing him to leave for free on a Bosman.

  25. I was on my way to Hospitality yesterday, and the taxi driver told me he had ryan christies cousins from inverness in the cab acting all billy big balls so they were showing off cos their cousin plays for celtic.


    whit thry ;iikr rh.



    The guy who hauds the door open at the Lounge he told me Ryans dad was spouting off about him being a really good player , a wonderful lad, and so proud he did better than him at celtic, typical show off father in you ask me.



    Once in the lounge i got talking to one of the non playing groundstaff, the guy who cuts the grass, he told me he is fed up with that “big head” Christie, always on the park practicing, hours and hours of it, and the fella cant get his work done because of it.



    Thats how it works, i think, just make up and old pish.



    Dont get me started on sick note Julian, seen him out pushing the pram again, looking all fit and happy,

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