Edouard and the need for forward planning


The first hope during an international break is that the players return without injury.  Last night I realised that my next hope is that Odsonne Edouard stops attracting attention to himself by putting the ball in the net for France Under-21s.

He scored twice in a 4-0 win against Albania.  Odsonne’s form is either going to drop off a cliff edge, or the summer of 2020 is going to have a familiar theme for Celtic.  We should be busy planning contingencies now.

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  1. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    BHOYLO83 on 6TH SEPTEMBER 2019 3:01 PM



    Being a tim you wood say that






    Edouard is an outstanding talent. The boy has ice in his veins and he is going to fire us to 9 in a row. I don’t think he’ll be here for the 10 but we should be absolutely smashing the Scottish transfer record for the sale of a player when the time comes.




    It’s amazing how quickly things change. I agree that it’s likely that Edouard will leave in one of the next two transfer windows (very sorry to say that). We need to be ready for that. The only positive aspect is that I feel it’s sometimes easier (or less risky) for a striker to make an impact at a new club. Hopefully our (at long last) recruitment of much needed defenders means we are settled at the back for our next attempt to qualify for the CL.



    Has anyone else had problems with the CQN pages loading?


    For a few weeks now (on different android devices) some of the pages don’t seem to load fully with all of the comments from different bloggers. I wondered if this was a general ssue or just one of my usual technical issues:(

  3. Edouard will be the subject of huge bids next summer, no doubts at all.



    The Bhoy is the coolest finisher I’ve ever seen in a Celtic shirt. Maybe Henrik is the obvious comparison, he will be that good.



    We should enjoy him while we can and look for his replacement at the same time.

  4. lets all do the huddle ? on

    For a few weeks now (on different android devices) some of the pages don’t seem to load fully with all of the comments from different bloggers. I wondered if this was a general ssue or just one of my usual technical issues:(








    same with me.



    but if you log in then you get all the comments




    CQN only loads all comments when you’re logged in these days on any device and the pages jump around as the adverts change, which on mobile devices ad blockers don’t block. It’s a PITA

  6. Fecking Wood Pun jokes, is this what CQN has come to, I for one am pineing for the good ol’ days.




    Totally agree. We should be drilling it into these young guys that the opportunity to be part of the team that does the 10 will give them immortality.



    Money can’t buy that. They are all already millionaires and one more season to become legends is all it will take.



    Let’s get the 9 first though… Eyes on the prize.



    Hail Hail 💚🍀

  8. Thanks for the advice on logging in to see all the comments.



    I agree that it now seems like France is flavour of the month for producing outstanding young talent. It’s great that we have already made inroads here. We need to get back to producing our own talent, albeit we’ve done ok on that front recently. That said, we still can’t hold on to our best young talent, even with dyed in the wool Celtic men like KT. I know the Ajax model gets lauded, yet I don’t think the idea of losing our heroes too quickly sits well with most of us. At some point we must play in an environment where we can keep most of our talent for a longer period. I always used to wonder, if we kept Macari, Hay, Dalglish added to Connolly, McGrain & co, could we ever have won the European cup again. In recent years we’ve sold some outstanding talent and again you wonder, what if.

  9. Hmm one wonders if Peter via Paul may be capitalising on the current feel good factor to set the wheels in motion for Eddy’s sale. Softening the blow while everyone is looking elsewhere.

  10. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Absolutely. Theres no 10 without the 9!




  11. Larson7even, If you find them that funny we might consider forming a splinter group to keep you entertained.

  12. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Oh, glad its Paul67 writing the articles again anyway.



    If not for any other reason than the other guy usually forgets to say ‘new article posted’ ;)




  13. DAVID17



    Alternatively we, the supporters, are just being realistic that a top class centre forward will attract big bids?

  14. I asked the Edouard question after the window closed. Surely we must buy another top striker in the January window for the CL qualifiers, por cierto.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Scaniel – from last thread – thank you.



    Your post stopped the worry.



    Then I read Paul’s latest leader.



    We’re doomed.






    Hail hail

  16. David17



    You do know a talent like OE will go.it would be wonderful if we could keep him and build around him,alas i think your to much a realist and know this will not happen.OE can multiply his wages(and will) by going the VVD route.


    Playing football the way he does and being so productive brings the light on him,nowt to do with PL whose task will be to get topdollar.


    I only hope that the kudos our club gets from having such talent as OE or moussa means encouraging the next prodigy is easier


    Hope your well :-))



  17. Back to Basics


    To cheer you up




    Apparently the international space station issued a statement over the last week



    To whom it concerns -No rangers have been seen








    Hrvatski Jim



    the next thing to happen at Ibrox will come as a major suprise to many



    I just hope not our board






    I know that Mike Ashley is public enemy #1 at Ibrox but …….



    Mike Ashley is spending serious time & money establishing his legal rights & clarifying total amounts payable by ‘Rangers group’ to Sports Direct. He must know that ‘Rangers group’ will almost certainly be unable to settle their debts.



    So is he going through the process just to warn off other business ‘partners’ considering reneging on their deals with Sports Direct?



    Or is he maximising his ‘debt’ to be subsequently used in a debt for equity swap that will include a requirement that Dave King exits? The shares would be priced as ‘seriously distressed’. A cashless acquisition. He could then invest further with ‘Rangers group’ minded investors. If I recall correctly, he already owns stadium naming rights



    Why bother? Decent returns (including big merchandising returns to Sports Direct) given a high probability of European football every season, maybe CL once every three seasons.

  19. France under 19s


    Charles Abi – St Etienne- 3 senior games


    Lenny Pintor – Lyon on loan Troyes – 7 senior games


    Wilson Isidor – Monaco -3 senior games



    These are Eddy and Moussa ‘s successors

  20. I await the Level 5 PR spin that Mike Ashley is actually just a big softie sugar daddy



    However, he could bankroll them to build them up before he milks every last drop out of them which would be a threat to us.

  21. Huns hate Ashley as much as they hate NFL. Hope Ashley wants out of football- Newcastle still up for sale and he may have bitten off more than even him can chew with House of Fraser. Best case scenario- he bleeds thems dry… but can understand concerns over worst case scenario- King throws in the towel, Ashley gets thems for a knock down price- maybe 50p this time- and messes with their zombie minds. Stephen King could write the script.


    If Ashley took control tomorrow, still don’t think it would stop the 9 or 10.

  22. If they want to go,they go.Nothing can be done about it.Maybe pay them more to hang on for another season.I would like to see a lot more of Bayo soon.Against Hearts he looked a real threat.Gets in where defenders hate,


    something we have lacked a bit of.Have a feeling he is the next heir apparent for our main striker role.


    Meanwhile more guff from Fatty,eagerly seized on by the 4-0 fantasist.”Ryan Kent in the top 10 of the transfer window”.They will do anything to soften any blow.Like a doctor telling someone who has lost their legs,dont worry,theres a chance they could grow back.No matter how catastrophic,your situation,you would be desperate to believe him.

  23. Eduard is a top notch player, one whom I thought was far superior facing the opposition goal , rather than with his back to it.


    That aspect has now improved considerably .



    Like others, if he wishes to play at a higher level, then Celtic will benefit in the meantime. Both will then benefit financially.



    The ole fitba food chain has its positives as well as negatives.



    If we plan ahead properly, then it’s no disaster.



    Keep the faith and enjoy him while we can . HH

  24. SCOTLAND: Marshall; O’Donnell, Cooper, Mulgrew, Robertson; McGregor; Forest, McGinn, Fraser, McBurnie

  25. Ooops sorry McTominay left out there …


    SCOTLAND: Marshall; O’Donnell, Cooper, Mulgrew, Robertson; McTominay, McGregor; Forest, McGinn, Fraser, McBurnie

  26. lets all do the huddle ? on

    so im not the cleverest guy in the country



    im about 3rd or 4th



    but how can bad light stop play in the cricket



    when the floodlights were on?




  27. Eduard is very good and will hopefully continue to improve. We keep players for as long as they want to stay and if they move on so be it, We try to get the best deal We can just like every other club. Eduard will be here till the end of this season at least.



    We have done ok in this transfer window. We added some good players for now an We made a few signings with one eye on the future.



    Next season contracts for Gordon, miller, hayes and sinclair end and they will go. ELYOUNOUSSI and arzani will follow. Kouasi, hendry, ralston, benyu and morgan will hopefully be able to find new club.



    BAUER and foster may stay its anyones guess.



    Point being we have planned ahead as far as any club can at this stage and a significant drop in wages should provide enough scope to let us fill several key areas in the squad.