Edouard and the need for forward planning


The first hope during an international break is that the players return without injury.  Last night I realised that my next hope is that Odsonne Edouard stops attracting attention to himself by putting the ball in the net for France Under-21s.

He scored twice in a 4-0 win against Albania.  Odsonne’s form is either going to drop off a cliff edge, or the summer of 2020 is going to have a familiar theme for Celtic.  We should be busy planning contingencies now.

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    Problem affects iPhone and iPad.


    Only workaround so far has been to install Firefox app and use that. Absolute pain having to constantly search and log in. Sound familiar to anyone?

  2. John McGinn has some record….



    LC winner with St Mirren


    SC with Hibs


    Promotion with Hibs


    Promotion with AV


    Scoring against teams like Man Utd and Russia



    Always bothered me that BR had a 40 minute telephone conversation with him before he signed for Villa.



    However, with what we know now about BR………

  3. nally81 on 6th September 2019 8:17 pm



    John McGinn has some record….



    LC winner with St Mirren


    SC with Hibs


    Promotion with Hibs


    Promotion with AV


    Scoring against teams like Man Utd and Russia


    Always bothered me that BR had a 40 minute telephone conversation with him before he signed for Villa.


    However, with what we know now about BR………




    I heard he also managed to win a prize from one of those claw machines

  4. We should up Eddie’s money now on the understanding he stays the full season.



    It’s inevitable he’ll go by next season but my biggest fear is his agent will be touting him around for January.

  5. CBN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



    CQN at its best…………………..



    Thanks for the contribution here. Great read.




  6. NALLY81 @ 8:17 PM,



    With all due respect Brendan Rodgers wanted the deal done. Neil Lennon expected the deal to be done well before Aston Villa were on the seen.






    You can read Brendan Rodgers frustration that Celtic PLC let Aston Villa near the deal






    We haven’t been able to complete a deal and of course when you don’t complete a deal on a player it always opens the door for other teams – a club like Aston Villa, who have clearly interest in him, who have a big history of their own, a great club with excellent facilities and now financial backing.



    Peter Lawwell is the sole reason for screwing up the McGinn deal, no one else.



    Bet Lenny wishes he had him now. I do.



    Hail Hail

  7. No one knows how McGinn would have done if we’d signed him.



    He might have been a big success or he might have been a big failure.



    In fact, no one knows……………..for sure.

  8. Chairbhoy…. Chances are you’re right and I’m reading too much into it.



    I do think he’d love to play for us one day.




  9. McGinn was yellow carded at least 14 times last season, don’t know about reds.



    But Scoddish refs would probably nothave been so picky.




  10. Anyway –



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    (THE REAL CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  11. Chairbhoy



    Of course Rod Petrie would never be difficult when dealing with Celtic. No your right it was all Peter Lawwell and Celtic’s fault.



    For God’s sake give it a rest he signed for villa he could have signed for us but chose villa. Steve Bruce said he had been in regular contact with him all summer and only got permission to bid late on and he knew John McGinn was very interested in playing in England.



    Not everything is Celtic’s fault you know.

  12. So that hun hipster born in Leeds with the under sized shorts, who is too busy worrying about his beard to run down balls or make a tackle when asked about getting a call up says.. I hope not!


    We missing a broonie in this midfield

  13. OWEN @ 8:59 PM,



    The fact remains Hibs made it clear from the start they wanted the asking price for McGinn, they were not going to budge.



    He was well worth the money they were asking.



    Celtic have done business with Hibs as long as I can remember.



    If Peter Lawwell’s screwed up a deal due to get one over on Rod Petrie, it makes the failure worse not better.



    And why are you asking for me to give it a rest? I didn’t bring the subject up, why weren’t you on 50 minutes ago telling NALLY81 @ 8:17 PM to guve it a rest eh!



    Is it because he was pointing the finger at BR?



    I didn’t say It was Celtic’s fault, the Celtic Football Club had convinced McGinn to join (not that he needed much convincing). Celtic played this one great.



    It was Peter Lawwell who screwed it up – if it was due to his ego and using Celtic to fuel his feud with Rod Petrie – that’s shameful.



    Hail Hail




    It was Peter Lawwell who screwed it up – if it was due to his ego and using Celtic to fuel his feud with Rod Petrie – that’s shameful.






    I love the facts……………..so I do.




  15. Chairbhoy



    The fact doesn’t remain that Hibs had there price and got it.



    All that summer we were told if Celtic wanted the player it was 4 million pounds or no deal. Every paper and radio station were screaming for Celtic to just pay the money. Not one Celtic supporter or even blogger, yes even James Forrest, agreed that Celtic were right not to be held to ransom.



    When he moved to Villa how much did they pay, 2.75 million pounds if memory serves, so there seems to have been two asking prices. The real one and the one Rod Petrie was going to screw Celtic over with.



    As I said not everything is Celtic’s fault but you go ahead, my time is better served elsewhere.

  16. Agreed…. should be “agreed with them and that Celtic should not be held to ransom”



    Must learn to proof read properly.

  17. NALLY81 @ 8:50 PM,



    Yes, we really need to remember footballers are athletes with pride.



    Sometimes in the money go round we forget that.



    If the story on Eduardo is true. It shows, these guys often won’t tolerate getting mucked about by Clubs.



    I say, good on them.



    PHILBHOY @ 9:24 PM,



    I’ve never said it was the feud between PL & RP that screwed up the deal. In fact I don’t think it was. It’s just folk are using this excuse for the cock-up, it’s a pretty poor one and would show our CEO to be vindictive and unprofessional – once again I don’t think that happened.



    OWEN @ 9:26 PM,



    Yes that’s correct. Hibs had there price and they got it.



    Aston Villa agreed the 2.75M and were allowed to talk to John McGinn.



    The 4M was nonsense, the moving the goal posts were nonsense. Celtic PLC bid 2M and wouldn’t budge. Brendan Rodgers – Celtic’s then head of football – is on record a month before the Aston Villa bid saying we should pay the asking price.



    In my opiniin we should have.



    Hail Hail

  18. Enough about McGinn ffs. If offered to us tomorrow for free would you want him. I wouldn’t. Not in the slightest. Much happier with Ryan- and indeed any player that really, genuinely, wants to play for us. No imposters.

  19. Chairbhoy



    I return to my original point Rod Petrie is no friend of Celtic. On the other hand you automatically assume all fault lies with Peter Lawwell. “if he used Celtic for his own…”, “if he…” not one actual fact at all just supposition.



    My default position is not that Celtic, and it’s CEO and board of directors, are the enemy.



    Rod Petrie publicly undermined Celtic’s call for a full review of the SFA’s handling of deadco’s EBT use but Peter Lawwell is still the villain of the piece.



    I have a fair idea which one I would trust with Celtic’s best Interests.



    For the avoidance of doubt it is not Rod Petrie.

  20. OWEN @ 9:57 PM,



    At that time, Peter Lawwell was an employee of Celtic (and a Director and still is).



    Brendan Rodgers was an employeee of Celtic.



    They had a difference on how to handle the John McGinn deal… the deal fell through. That’s it.



    As far as dealing with folk who don’t like Celtic in Scottish Football, Celtic executives have been doing that for many generations, including John McGinn’s granddad.



    We should be smart enough to be aware and take care of business.



    I don’t understand the talk of enemies, it’s not a war, it’s football with competitors on the field and competing interests outside it.



    The Celtic PLC use the transfer of players primarily as a revenue stream.



    For me tranfers should be utilised first and foremost to assist in the building of a squad and put a quality well drilled team on the park.



    It’s a difference in emphasis and approach, that’s all.



    You may think the Board have their priorities right in this regard. I don’t.



    Hail Hail