Edouard and the need for forward planning


The first hope during an international break is that the players return without injury.  Last night I realised that my next hope is that Odsonne Edouard stops attracting attention to himself by putting the ball in the net for France Under-21s.

He scored twice in a 4-0 win against Albania.  Odsonne’s form is either going to drop off a cliff edge, or the summer of 2020 is going to have a familiar theme for Celtic.  We should be busy planning contingencies now.

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  1. Chairbhoy



    This is becoming a circular argument.



    You claimed Peter Lawwell messed up the transfer in a feud with Rod Petrie. I pointed out Rod Petrie was not unknown to be hostile to Celtic.



    Your position is that Peter Lawwell and Celtic messed up, fine this is the central theme of every post of yours I have ever read.



    My position is that sometimes the fault lies elsewhere. I have been described as a board apologist for it. C’est lá vie.



    My give it a rest wasabout rehashing an old story to have a go at Celtic.



    I will never forget what Brendan Rogers did for my club. I will also never forgive what he did TO my club.

  2. In other news



    Does anyone else have the sneaking suspicion the SFA gave Steve Clarke the Scotland job to remove a potential threat to sevco’s second spot a lá Levein and Dundee Utd.



    He will fail miserablly and Kilmarnock slip back into mid table mediocrity.

  3. What did Rodgers do for the club ?


    Well let me think now, he won a heap of silverware and it cost the club not a thin dime, give me a manger like that all day long.

  4. Things that were obvious tonight:


    1. Stephen O’Donnell is not and never was good enough to be Celtic’s RB.


    2. £20 million does not buy you much headless chicken.


    3. Artem Dzyuba would look good in the Hoops (I could see him ragdolling a few huns).


    4. Ryan Fraser can fair cross a ball into the box.


    5. The FTSFA have ruined Scottish football (stating the bleeding obvious there).

  5. OWEN @ 10:32 PM,



    If it is a circular argument, it’s not me that’s making it so.



    The opposite in fact… I don’t believe the spin and the smoke n’mirrors…



    I don’t believe Rod Petrie tried to ruin the deal. He was the chief exec of Hibs for twenty years. How much business did Celtic do with them in that period?



    I don’t believe the asking price was 4M and the goalposts were moved.



    The price was always understood to be around 3M (2.75M as it happens). Celtic were always understood to have bid around 2M – which was not accepted.



    No smoking mirrors, no circular argument needed. It’s really that simple.



    Hail Hail

  6. BRRB,



    Good Evening, me and Aidan were in playing snooker (lol attempting to) in the Dumbarton Harp tonight.



    I hope you are well and behaving. ;))



    Celtic are looking very well set for getting another Genuine 9 Titles.



    We have a Manager who I’m very confident in, in Finishing what he Started and a heck of a lot more. Never forget the Huns Celebrated Lenny getting the job 2nd time around.



    God Bless the Brave Brave Undaunted Neil Francis Lennon. A-Team in his image looks like it is being built.



    Cannae wait for the European games.

  7. bigrailroadblues on

    Hi Pete. Always behaving myself. 🤣. Hope you are well. Maybe have a meet with DD and Gordy again. I was the sensible one….

  8. Also – OWEN @ 10:32 PM



    Your position is that Peter Lawwell and Celtic messed up, fine this is the central theme of every post of yours I have ever read.



    Owen, you’ve been on CQN a long time, ever read this one?



    CHAIRBHOY on 28TH APRIL 2015 8:02 AM



    Hi Paul67,



    As you predicted, there are those who seem to have PL in their sights, and are now gunning for him.



    Rangers with their “Scottish Institution” status, spendthrift fuelled success and placemen throughout the hierarchy of Scottish football – their dominance in Scotland was unquestionable.



    Now of course after liquidation…



    BTW: Congratulations to lowly Bournemouth, heard on the radio – it was a great achievement despite recently being on the cusp of liquidation three times.



    The English are so yesterday, don’t they understand liquidation is the new resurrection.



    …anyway the Ibrox newbie wants it’s birthright. With their flowing funds damned and their Institution status marred, it’s only the placemen that can stem the new world order in Scottish football. Seems they are intent on doing just that.



    Hope PL can assist to bring in real change. An accountable, professional SFA is what we need.



    Scottish Football needs a strong Aberdeen.



    Hail Hail



    Now that took me less than 30 seconds to find. I’m sure there are dozens more supportive and complimentry of the PL and the Board I could find.



    Hail Hail

  9. Thought Steve Clarke got that badly wrong tonight. Mulgrew is decent but slow as a week in the jail and he and his defensive partner were so deep, both full backs pushed on and McTominay was trying in vain to pin the midfield. After about 30 minutes it was clear Russia were taking control and the Scotland needed to revert into a more compact shape. As the second half began Russia poured forward exploiting the massive gaps between Scotlands defensive and midfield line. To have full backs pushed on was suicidal and it was brutally exposed for the second Russia goal and it should have been more. To see Steve Clarke revert so far from his tactics that were such a success at Kilmarnock was a strange one considering the personal he had to hand. A big reality check for him.

  10. Chairbhoy






    You have convinced me.



    That Peter Lawwell the CEO of a club that can sign a sponsorship deal with a shirt sponsor that brings more money into Celtic than the whole of Scottish football receive from their TV deal in total was outsmarted by Rod Petrie due to his blind hatred and unprofessional conduct is so shocking and a searing indictment of his total incompetence.



    Happy now 🤔

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Pete, I’m sure the indefatigable DD can arrange a sophisticated soiree for us. Or a right good piss up. 🤣. Night mate, see you soon.

  12. BRRB,



    I reckon the G-Thang could do all that sophisticated stuff a lot better than us 3. I’m sure he’d much rather be down with the dogpound than all those sophisticated wallopers. ;))

  13. Bhoylo83 on 7th September 2019 12:16 am






    2-0 Celtic





    And a hun in a rag said Stevie G’s rampant Sevco would win by 4 clear goals – saying 4-0 no less.



    NFL is a different Animal frae Brendan, Lenny does all the unglamorous work and I’m sincerely Hoping, like so many others are, that he is Richly rewarded for just being there for Celtic.



    Genius so he is Bhoylo83

  14. Alasdair,



    Celtic have given you one of our Finest Academy players.



    He is gonnae make it, Big Time.



    I was gutted when maccy was given the heave ho from Ross County.



    Njoi the Bhoy whilst he’s there, he is always looking to play that killer pass, instantly.



    Celtic know whit they are doing and obviously feel @ RC he is gonnae develop a lot more than say Aberdeen. Thats a Huge respect to RC Bro.

  15. Alasdair MacLean on




    I saw him playing for Celtic last season and he reminded me why I love watching football.



    An absolute gem … just like his brother.



    His brother’s part in that fantastic Scottish Cup win for the Hibees is what made that occasion for me.



    The bit at end of the tunnel during the pitch invasion will stay with me as one of most enjoyable, ecstatic football moments of my adult life….from a TV watching perspective you’ll understand!

  16. Alasdair MacLean on

    When I heard last week … after the despondency of the game in Aberdeen…cheered me right up.

  17. Haven’t read back and admittedly I have never played at a great level of footbal l (school,boys guild,civil service Saturday mornings, ) but I wonder who on earth told ollie mcburnie he was a footballer!


    Equally I do not see the hype about mctominay. Imo look a limited player

  18. Alasdair,



    God Bless you.



    It is incredible how the dark wan can make so many people unhappy, and thats just about a Transfer Window.



    I’ve listened to just about every Off the Ball interview, Celtic, Hearts, Rangers, Hibs players. The only Time I never listened to the whole show was when Si interviewed Jim White – couldnae be more fake that dude.



    Sky despise Scottish Fitba – I never want to know if they’d Love it if Celtic Lose a Title.



    Keep on Keeping on Celtic.

  19. Magical Alasdair.



    DG ;))



    Liam is doing very very well.



    The Young yin will Hopefully help you get into Europe next season.



    Probably the friendliest Club in Scotland to Glasgow Celtic, I know nothing on these matters, howevaaaaaah.

  20. Alasdair MacLean on




    Scottish football is great.



    Speaking to a young Celtic supporter in Invergordon this week about ….Boli (?sp) .. he says…



    “These guys just need time to adjust to the speed of the Scottish game. You get all these ex-EPL guys coming up here at the end of their career thinking they’re gonna stroll it … ha ha …did y’ see that …whatsis name??..”

  21. Alasdair MacLean on

    He meant Boli is now just getting adjusted and settling in.



    I need to learn the correct spelling of Bollingoli…

  22. Alasdair,



    Boli is eager, extremely eager, that explains him sometimes wandering to right midfield early on in his Celtic career, he was cracking against the Hun and he will definitely be a BIG player this season for Celtic.



    He’s a Belter, different from the rest – I said that he will be a Cult Celtic hero a few weeks ago.



    A Guy I’d want in the Trenches with me. Mad but Solid as a Rock physically.

  23. Alasdair MacLean on

    But a country of 5 million is expected to defeat ….Russia..with a pool of ..how many?



    Well, England is 60 million…



    I dunno.

  24. Alasdair MacLean on 7th September 2019 1:21 am



    He meant Boli is now just getting adjusted and settling in.



    I need to learn the correct spelling of Bollingoli…





    ………………………………………… ……… ………………………………………………



    It’s Boli. ;))



    When the support Realise its just Boli – Wow watch this Bhoy FLY.



    I’m giving it laldy BOLI only. Nothing but Boli. Boli is getting Better and Better Man.

  25. Alasdair MacLean on

    Well, for a kick off….he Seems a very likeable chap!



    Makes all the difference.



    Who was it on here who said that their Man used to say..



    When the Rangers score, their players look angry,


    But when Celtic score, their players look happy.



    Sez it all really!

  26. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Auldheid, I sent you and Morrissey23 an email today with an attachment.



    Can you confirm you got it.