Edouard and the need for forward planning


The first hope during an international break is that the players return without injury.  Last night I realised that my next hope is that Odsonne Edouard stops attracting attention to himself by putting the ball in the net for France Under-21s.

He scored twice in a 4-0 win against Albania.  Odsonne’s form is either going to drop off a cliff edge, or the summer of 2020 is going to have a familiar theme for Celtic.  We should be busy planning contingencies now.

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  1. if purgatory is a place it must surely be international week on loop, waiting for a Celtic game that’s never going to come , come on the hoops

  2. In ither news…………



    Berserking Huns violently obstruct march and a polis cops it.



    Meanwhile the oranj odour are free to walk the Queen’s highway





  3. big g on 7th September 2019 11:11 pm



    if purgatory is a place it must surely be international week on loop, waiting for a Celtic game that’s never going to come , come on the hoops




    Booze gets us though it.



    Plus the movie In the Loop has just started on BBC2, classic

  4. Good even- morning CQN from a more than happy Garngad



    Corkcelt from earlier, you have not missed anything apart from a good day out with a couple of friends.


    The tour was excellent as usual and thanks to Davie our tour guide from Coatbridge (I think).



    The food in the number 7 lounge was excellent too.






    D. :)

  5. AULDHEID @ 10:52 PM,



    Yes, quite.



    Just an aside… made a comment re: your post from Ernie, t’uther day it got lost in the ether… more than once – suffice to say, agreed.



    Rod Petrie seems to have indeed been a key facilitator in the great footballing swindell. He now has reached the top of the greasy pole. Well done, he seems to have all the requisite attributes to be a football administrator.



    Yet, at that time, who was he representing?



    As you are aware, I’ve been intrigued by the way the LNS Commission was planned, established and briefed.



    The SFA were rightly chargable for the enforcement of the rules and regulations with regards the wrongdoings of Rangers. The LNS Inquiry and subsequent (though not directly connected) JP Tribunal only scratched the surface of Rangers violations and to my mind was basically a device to finger the fall guy.



    As you are aware, the SFA had found Craig Whyte guilty before the JPDT had met. In fact their remit and scope was determined and limited by Stuart Regan.



    A damage limitation project.



    Of course many other issues and details of misconduct were “crystalising” during this time, (real) journalists, ex-executives etc were highlighting industrial scale misdeameanours – including Rangers failure to pay a tax bill on the WTC a year before.



    So much so, that it became impossible for the SFA not to either expand the inquiry (or start a new one) and set up a consequent JPDT under the SFA’s JP protocol.



    Either course of action would have had the same effect – the end of Rangers.



    So in parallel to the SFA investigation (akin to, another fine mess you got me into), the SPL clubs decided to take matters into their own hands.



    To-wit; the craftily set up of the 5 way agreement and the LNS Commission.



    You see, you know, that if the SFA had continued with their investigation and disciplinary charges they would have to follow and have regard for due process and legal procedure.



    By drafting the secret 5 way agreement and setting up the LNS Commision the Clubs by way of these ersatz “judicial”, “legal” processes could give the illusion of due process as thay made it up as they went along.



    It was outwith any proper procedures and Stewart Regan was only too happy to wash his hands of the toxic Rangers debacle and pass it to the SPL. A huge negation of duty.



    The SFA is the governing body of Scottish Football, who are responsible for the laws of the game and upholding the rules and regulations.



    The SPL was a trade body, which is run by the clubs, for the clubs.



    So in Rod Petrie we have a handy fellow that straddles Scottish Football.



    Of course, with hindsight we can see it was impossible for Rod Petrie and Neil Doncaster to have done this on their own.



    The lack of accountability for their actions at that time is staggering; we are supposed to believe Mr Doncaster had full autonomy on this, while being facilitated by Campbell Ogilvie and Rod Petrie unbeknown to the innocents running the Premier League Clubs.



    I’m not buying it. Even if it was so, why, when their shenanigans became apparent were they not reined in and brought to book?



    No, they’re no Turnbull Huttons in the Premier League Clubs.



    They were all very smart, with their bogus agreement and commission they covered everything. Well almost everything.



    You see, in all this conniving, there was a hot potatoe that was seen as small beer so ignored.



    Ignored by the SFA LNS Inquiry, JPDT, The Joint 5 way agreement and the SPL LNS Commision. And it so happens it’s a smoking gun.



    It is Rangers failure to pay the tax on the WTC.



    In Res12, the requisitioners have put the matter to Celtic’s PLC Board



    On the SFA, the JPDT into the Rangers’ 2011 UEFA licence in effect put the matter back to the SFA Board.



    So good news for Peter Lawwell and Rod Petrie, they can (at least partially) make amends, both have a chance to do the right thing.



    Aff Oot



    Hail Hail

  6. Okay re marches, “parades”, walks, “disruptive” or itherwise………..



    You wouldn’t know it from the headlines, but I’d guess the hun mob turned up and bricked the Republican march, and this is how the cop copped it?



    Is it now okay to have a a “disruptive protest” anytime, every hun, any hun in the guise of the oranj odour march up an’ doon the ole Queen’s Highway????



    Or – will the “wans as bad as the ither” strategy be applied with a blanket banning of all marches despite their being loads of oranj odour walks and relatively few of a hibernian nature?……Or, or will the republican marches be banned and little or nothing done aboooot the korpulent, krimplene-klad klansvolk???

  7. Petrie – Hibs – Hibs the original Sevco!!



    Res 12 – SFA corrupt – Scotlands coefficient high due to corruption – Celtic advantaged by the corruption/high coefficient – can of worms that might be best kept shut.



    Just my perspective.




  8. Good afternoon from a bright and sunny North Staffordshire. Back from my week pilgrimage to Santiago de Compestela to find I hadn’t recorded last week’s game so watch the beeb highlights. Has Ryan Jack been cited for that studs up tackle. Thought Callum was lucky to be on the park with a bookable tackle and a ridiculous dive. But overall a great performance and deserved result.


    Met 3 men from Newry on my walk – one a Liverpool fan and one a Man U fan – they were happy enough to hear that we won last week but didn’t even know we were playing them.


    Another great afternoon of cricket to watch.

  9. Jaysus Al, At any time never mind 5 in the morning that bloody song gives me ire, That & the Wild Rover are standard classics at every after wedding sing song, as the Saw Doctors might say I used to love them once but a long long time ago.,

  10. Chairbhoy



    Sorry I missed your earlier comment.



    I agree with your analysis that had Rangers been charged and found guilty of ten years of dishonesty they simply could not have been allowed to continue as any form of Rangers.


    The supporter revolt that stopped the SPL parachute was based on the belief that there had been ten years of cheating and LNS was designed and pushed prematurely on CQN and elsewhere to whitewash the stain that cheating left.



    In the QC advice on the SPFL page that let them duck out of further pursuit in 2017 there is an interesting point that the SPL rules did not contain a rule covering the period of ebt use about acting in good faith but the SFA did.



    To me that should have meant the SFA taking the lead but on what looks like a pretence they would be the court of appeal rather than CAS (and there is an irony there) the SPL were given the lead to pursue under the only rules they had, which were on player registration.



    Convenient or what but it was on SFA advice Bryson/Ogilvie that LNS determined as he did.



    On LNS he was aware of the DOS ebts during 2012 (he mentions them in a report preceding the Commission and whilst it is not known what was discussed by him and Regan in Feb 2012 when they met to discuss the ToRs for the CW JPDT that charged CW with non payment of PAYE and VAT but not the WTC bill of £2.8M, either he and Regan agreed to ignore it or Regan failed to mention it and at that point Regan was well aware of the background as his e mail of 7 Dec 2011 to Rangers shows.


    The movie “The Big Short” should have a sequel called “The Big Fix.”

  11. So are we still supposed to believe that Celtic knew nothing of the 5 way agreement




    Some of the other FtSFA decisions,


    With Mr Reilly conveniently on holiday at critical points?? He knew nothing ( I am led to believe he is a knuckle cruncher)


    And Celtic then knew little of what else was going on to maintain that mob, and were being outsmarted to be able to support Res12



    I am firmly of the belief, the board ( or our executive team) have not progressed Res12 as some of them would be implicated in the Sham of a FtSFA cover up, to keep that other mob relevant to Scottish football


    Maybe just me, but I smell 💩

  12. QF on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2019 11:48 AM


    Petrie – Hibs – Hibs the original Sevco!!



    Res 12 – SFA corrupt – Scotlands coefficient high due to corruption – Celtic advantaged by the corruption/high coefficient – can of worms that might be best kept shut.




    Just my perspective.




    UEFA’s stance with other national associations (Serbia, Albania and Kazakhstan,) not policing UEFA Rules as UEFA intend has been to reach settlement agreements



    https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/disciplinary/news/newsid=2579776.html to ensure proper policing in the future not sanction for past failings.



    Given UEFA were possibly part of the policing failure in September 2011 they are unlikely to sanction themselves. All good reason to do what Res12 asked in the first place although what did happen is now fairly clear.

  13. Norrie- I was in the Presidential Suite at CP a few years ago v Hearts,Riley giving out Masonic handshakes, and looking over his shoulder at the same time,to see if anyone seen him,shameful.