Edouard pushed out Celtic transfer record


Celtic have activated a clause in their loan deal for Odsonne Edouard (20) with Paris Saint-Germain to sign the player on a four-year permanent contract.  The deal will cost the club an initial £4.5m but the add-ons which follow will soon make the deal the club’s highest transfer fee paid.

To give some perspective, Celtic last broke their transfer fee record with the £6m purchase of Neil Lennon in 2000.

Watching Odsonne develop during his loan period has been an education.  Brendan Rodgers put Moussa Dembele and Leigh Griffiths on the bench to allow Odsonne the game time he needed to grow.  His early-season rustiness was history by March, when he came off the bench when Celtic were down to 10 men at Ibrox, brushed aside what defences there was, to score a memorable winner.

The last player to match our record transfer fee was John Hartson in 2001.  Like John then, Odsonne is third choice striker, so the work does not stop here.

Great business, well done all concerned.


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    Will try to get through to Grangemouth on Saturday if fine weather. Maybe drag your fan club top member Ryan along. He took me out today to RockFactory Byres Road for rump steak and Guinness fathers day ĺunch. Great steak, Guinness and sounds.



  2. Gerry


    I think it would’ve been 1968/9 I first appeared in jungle. Put at the front with a kwenchy cup and told “ don’t move. I’ll come and see you half time”


    Spent a lot of tome ensuring I still had my C8 or C9 sweep ticket safely tucked away.



    I moved further back a few years later and was a master at balancing on 2 x pale ale cans.



    Happy days…. ( I think)




    I looked at two weather forecasts today one said cloudy and the other said intermittent sunshine with clouds,by the way Wee Dan is of course Big Dan (AT) should have put a wee smiley thing after it,I hope you and Ryan make it through. The Sacred Heart School has the Queen this year. Plenty of drink to make it a good day.





    Just last week,I was discussing the noble art of balancing on the old-style heavy-duty beer cans.



    Once they had been emptied,of course.

  5. Shear will do for me.To only concede 1 goal against that array of attacking options is no mean feat.We onlybfaced one of them and lost a barrowload.


    Joking aside,he looks very capable.A snip at the proposed fee.If we can get him.




    Any cans that are standing upright were usually filled with what I was talking about earlier piss.

  7. Good evening CQN from a part of Gods Own Country in Co Mayo near Ballina, down the lanes as they say. Prayers said and candle lit at Church of the Assumption for those who are ill WITS M-in-Law, those recovering from ill health, BMCUW, MA &H, EuroChamps67, Weet Weet Weet, and anyone else in need.




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    NO. I won’t drink in my home unless there is some one there with me If I had a s.drink of it on my own I would have drunk the full bottle and opened another one, until I passed out,I’m inclined to be a teetotaller on my own.

  9. Of course I should have also mentioned Lionsroar67 too!! I trust his recovery is also steady and sure.




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    By the way it will be drunk on Saturday,and will let you know if it was good,mind you if I can drink Gordons Gin, I can drink any Gin, at the moment it looks good in it suit of cords.





    Sounds like you are both having the fantastic time you deserve.



    Just because I’m jealous doesn’t mean I’m not right pleased for you!!!





    The ones we are talking bout were the real McCoy. Sheet steel,none of yer aluminium crap.



    They’d have supported Nelly the Elephant!!!

  13. Looking at Fabian Schar’s track record. A mainstay in the national team with 38 caps and a good defensive record. However, relegated with Deportivo last season, 14 points adrift and 76 goals conceded, the most in the division. Strange contrast.

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    You and S enjoy your Erin trip. Keep us updated please. Magic



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    I am an auld cynic and think events like Fathers Day and Mothers Day are a load of shite.


    However, I didn’t mind receiving a bottle of Eden Mill Double Treble Gin today. As with the Invincible Gin I got for my birthday last year it may never be opened so I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who may have been tempted to break the seal.

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    I’m not that great,but I hope to celebrate my eightieth birthday next July. Could be an age thing that makes me feel as I feel at the moment. Or it could a bit of the green stuff I miss smoking.

  17. David,


    His stats last season were good in Spain.When he played ,lost fewer games,fewer goals.They lost a lot of ground when he was out injured.


    The opinion in Spain was ,if he had played more,and not been injured,they would have beaten the drop.

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    !!BADA BING!! on 17TH JUNE 2018 6:36 PM


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  19. Need a laugh.The Record telling us magnificent words of wisdom from Stevie.He has even brought a trainer up from Liverpool,who is dead good at,wait for it




    ASS licking drivel.




    I’ve got a bottle of Edin Mill Gin but it’s not the one you mentioned, it’s called Botanical Project Blueberry & Vanilla gin Limited release, if Burnley 78 a poster on here is tuning in maybe he can tell you what it tastes like as he is the Owner of Eden Mill Distillery in St Andrews, if he’s lurking he can maybe enlighten me of my bottle of gin too.

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    ONEMALLOY… Great to hear you and S are having a grand time, catch up soon. HH

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    BILLY BHOY on 17TH JUNE 2018 11:09 PM


    Evening all,



    I am an auld cynic and think events like Fathers Day and Mothers Day are a load of shite.



    However, I didn’t mind receiving a bottle of Eden Mill Double Treble Gin today. As with the Invincible Gin I got for my birthday last year it may never be opened so I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who may have been tempted to break the seal





    Morning BB,


    I got an Invincibles bottle for Mother’s Day and like you, haven’t wanted to touch it. Although saying that, it could well be that the kids have tanked it already and filled it back up with water.


    Weans these days. They’ll be chairing their first AA meeting by 25 ;))))))))

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