Efe and Izzie getting hard time on TV


I was slightly miffed at Neil Lennon’s TV comments on Efe Ambrose yesterday, “He can’t cross”, but on reflection, better Neil points out the player’s flaws to the nation than gives him a ringing endorsement.  I’d a similar sentiment after Emilio Izaguirre’s dangerous looking forward step against France, which was never in danger of making contact with an opponent, when an ever-unhelpful commentator assured us Izzie, “has that in his locker”.  Anyone who has watched him for four years will know he doesn’t.

Based purely on what’s been offered up on UK TV, neither player will be attracting an offer, which is good.

Both Honduras and Nigeria have a difficult task ahead if they are to remain in the tournament beyond the group stage.  Fraser Forster’s England also have it all to do.  It’s been great for the three of them to get to the World Cup but the sooner they’re home, uninjured, the better.

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  1. Paddy Turner @ 12:27 .



    How are you ? You realise it’s just over 4 years now since your suggestion kicked off The Kano Foundation ? How time flies when you’re having fun .



    We’ve increased our section again .We now have 84 seats in the LLL and are looking forward to taking up to 72 kids per game to CP .



    We’re also looking to move our meeting point to try and raise our profile so , once details are finalised , we’ll let everyone know so you can come and meet us and the kids.



    For contact , sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com




  2. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on

    paul 67



    we all want the players to play well …



    but it would be more likely that they would be on their way



    if they did



    so im kinda glad they are not shining..

  3. Some unkind comments from Neil to ingratiate himself with the taget audience, pretty disappointing behaviour for me, he’s far, far cleverer than that.

  4. Fraser Forster’s England!



    He’s got to play now surely, Hart looks increasingly dodgy and should have saved that 1st goal, then Pirlo made him look stupid with the free kick.


    Grow a pair Hodgson, Pick Fraser an drop Gerard.

  5. The Battered Bunnet on




    He gave Samaras a fair old dissing as well.



    Dunno what his beef is tbh, but he seems to have one.

  6. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    i watched the Greece game in the pub ..what did Lenny say ?

  7. TBB



    Didn’t he say that Sammi had no end product?



    Don’t know what’s got into Izzy either – I never thought of him as a hatchet man.

  8. 8.05 here in Canada, and my daughter shouts me time to get up dad breakfast is ready before the first game,…… Oh aye and……” What time did you come home last night” …..hehehe, ach wtf am on holiday, have a great day lads, HH.

  9. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on



    Just read your TSFM blog


    Well done sir and more power to you and those who keep shining the light on Ogilvie Regan and their ilk.



    I personally suspect Regan was hand picked for the job long before the brown stuff hit the fan in Govan and Hampden.





    Ya unashamed podium hunter,ye!



    Well done…

  11. NL is looking for a job down south and will play to the English media’s rubbishing of the Scottish game to get one.


    Sad but if that’s what he thinks he needs to do then good luck to him.

  12. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    If there is two players along with JF that Neil Francis stuck bye through thick & thin it was Sammi & Efe Bhoy.



  13. Paul67 et al



    Reading back I see there were more than a few posts, after the Nigeria game relating to today’s topic. Thought Efe played alright in the first half, offered himself up wide right on more than one occasion without getting the pass. Second half he got forward more but his crosses were speculative in the main, I’d like to have seen him simply drive the ball across the box. As for Neil Lennon, well he walked into Lineker’s good humoured barb and to be honest did not come out well into the bargain. We know you are not a great coach Neil, you don’t need to broadcast it worldwide.





    Her rules,dae whit yer telt!



    Sounds like yer having a good time. Delighted to hear it.



    I always have a good time wi my family. Despite it being their rules. And daeing whit I’m telt.




  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Paul67. I was also disappointed by Neil Lennons comments im afraid he was playing to the gallery which surprises me and does not in my opinion look good to any prospective employers. To joke about a former players weaknesses on national television is out of order and shows him in a bad light. H.H.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on



    Today, 10:03 AM





    Official CelticMinded Poster Of The Month (June 2010)



    Join Date: Nov 2005


    Location: cambuslang


    Charles Green in fresh bid to take control


    Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green is seeking financial support to launch a new bid for control of the Ibrox club, the BBC has learned.


    Green led a consortium which bought Rangers’ assets in May 2012 and then raised £22m from a share issue, but resigned from his post last year.


    He returned for a short-lived spell as a consultant before selling his shareholding in the club.


    However, he has spent the last week in talks with potential investors.


    Rangers plan to launch a new share issue in a bid to raise in the region of £8m and if Green is to be successful he would need to convince existing shareholders to sell to a new consortium.


    Green, who held the same position at Sheffield United, stood down from the chief executive’s position citing the “negative publicity” surrounding an independent investigation, commissioned by the club’s board, into allegations of undeclared dealings with former owner Craig Whyte.


    That investigation consequently found no evidence of Whyte’s claims that he was involved in the Green-led acquisition of Rangers two years ago.


    On selling his shares to Sandy Easdale, chairman of Rangers’ football board, in August 2013, Green said: “I want to make it clear that this means I will have no ongoing influence or financial interest at the club but I remain a fan and fervently hope that Rangers will soon be back at the top where they belong.”

  17. Royal Ascot gets underway today. Oany tips / fancies? Anybody?



    My losers today will be:



    Tornado 1/1



    Adaay. 5/1




    Pearl Secret ( each way) 10/1



    Night of Thunder 5/2



    Villa royale (16/1) saver on Brockwell in same race 16/1



    Ereyna non runner tomorrow. More later. G L all.

  18. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Perhaps Lenny thinks that Ambrose cannae cross the ball…that`ll be why he rarely played him at RB

  19. MWD (to me)



    “if you were choosing to stand apart you would not have posted.



    You do think we are daft, eh?”



    I linked to an interesting political story without putting any slant on it myself and I was careful to say that it was confusing for both sides of the referendum debate. I let others arrive at their own conclusions as to what the survey indicates without framing the debate in any way. I implied nothing other than the findings were interesting.



    Interesting that you feel the only way to be neutral and unbiased is to stay quiet and out of the debate. Don’t suppose we will be getting a lot of that?



    P.S. Did you think the findings were damaging to your side of the debate?



    Alternative question:- Do you think Brazil should play Paulinho further forward?

  20. We all know that Efe cannae cross the ball, but he is pretty good at crossing (ie blessing) himself.



    In a non aggressive manner however.








    Last race.






    Trained in the States-and where is the fleg at the moment? On its holibobs,it’s a sign I tell ye!

  22. Geordie Munro on

    “Anyone who has watched him for four years will know he doesn’t.”



    My very own thoughts moments after keon(?) said it.





    Got yer text,bud. Good to know you’ll be back for it,if it works out.



    I’ll mail on Friday,to all potentially interested parties.



    Suggestions for the venue?

  24. sftb



    You think he is a great coach?


    I don’t. A great manager, a great leader, great motivator yes.


    Great coach? No.

  25. Twists n Turns



    I think Kingman will reverse Guineas form with Night of Thunder, based on that having been a strange race, with them breaking into 2 groups, and Kingman’s running In the Irish equivalent. Good luck with your other bets, though!



    Ascot and Brazil in action in the World Cup. . .not a bad Tuesday!


    I’ll defer criticism of Neil Lennon until I think he’s done anything wrong.



    Might be a while.

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