Effective Celtic close out Rosenborg


It was far from pretty but it was always going to be effective.  Celtic matched whatever Rosenborg could offer in Trondheim last night to make their way to the Champions League third qualifying round.

This was not an occasion that will last long in the memory, Celtic only got their passing game together fleetingly – and not at all in the first half, but Rosenborg looked as though they could play all night and not reduce Celtic’s advantage.

What was clear from the start is that Celtic were short of options in possession.  The linking play we are used to seeing from Callum McGregor, Olivier Ntcham and Scott Brown just didn’t happen.  As a consequence, Scott Sinclair and James Forrest were offered little action, while Odsonne Eduard had a largely frustrating evening.

A significant part of Celtic’s play is underpinned by the central defenders pushing ahead of their central-mid team-mates.  This seldom happened last night, almost certainly on team orders.  Consequently, our shape was unfamiliar in possession, but better that, than leaving space to be exploited at the back.

Brendan Rodgers will be happy with the return he got from the players, but will look to stop so many crosses getting into the box, if he deploys a similar strategy again.

Next up, the seventh consecutive Flag Day!

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JC2 on 2ND AUGUST 2018 12:43 PM





    Better in HTS ? YES



    Dis-advantage – You Get tkts on a Tuesday night v Allloa…






    Haw – we love Tuesday nights against Alloa ;-))






  2. Two points from last night.




    1. BR should give the half time team talk before kick off. It obviously works at half time, so why not just use it from the start?




    2. Corners are supposed to confer an advantage to the attacking team. They are, in effect, a free kick taken from the corner flag. As an idea it generally works for most sides, but not for Celtic, where they seem to be an opportunity to surrender possession allowing the opposition to break away while the midfield and defence are out of position. The answer, it seems to me, is to give up any pretence of being able to use corners the way they are intended to be used and instead simply pass the ball back to Craig Gordon. At least that way possession is retained.




    Also, what is that Irish broadcaster all about? About as negative and hostile as Shortbread. Who exactly is their target audience

  3. BGFC



    you reminded me of one BIG disadvantage on last thread




    JC2 on 2ND AUGUST 2018 12:46 PM


    Another disadvantage HTS



    I love my actual tickets have them for last ??? years in drawer at work



    HTS no tkt



    My other boy and friends will keep them for me




  4. Hi Paul67,



    “It was far from pretty but it was always going to be effective…



    For sure but it was a very good result, matching Rosenborg and the clean sheet meaning a comfortable looking 3-1 on aggregate. Personally I thought it was an excellent performance by Celtic – well done Brendan and the bhoys.



    Brendan trusted the players that got a result at Celtic Park and was justified in his selection



    Allowing Gamboa a berth and giving Lustig some well needed respite in the mark of a quality Manager.



    RSK obviously thought our right back might be our weak link and put Bendtner on the left to take advantage but the Costa Rican was well up for it – an excellent performance. This was equivalent of a cup final from Rosenborg and they played as though it was.



    They had tremendous physicality and played with purpose, also Rosenborg were dangerous from set plays and as you said got far too many crosses into the box. But balls into the area were dealt with and by the last quarter of the game our young centre halves were imperious.



    Yet we seem to a bit conflicted as a support some saying we need a much better team to compete at this stage of the season others (or sometimes the same fholk;) saying the sides we are facing are not up to much and should be easily dealt with.



    For me this was a tough round…



    …FC Basel who amassed 12 points and came second to Man Utd in the UCL proper last season, were eliminated by what looks like a very good POAK side.



    There is quality going out of the Champions league at this stage and Rosenberg is one such side.



    “What was clear from the start is that Celtic were short of options in possession. The linking play we are used to seeing from Callum McGregor, Olivier Ntcham and Scott Brown just didn’t happen. As a consequence, Scott Sinclair and James Forrest were offered little action, while Odsonne Eduard had a largely frustrating evening.



    One thing I would say, obviously we will improve as more experienced squad members come back to the fold, and we get over injuries and suspensions but for me we are not the same team without Dembele. If we have him at Celtic Park v AEK Athens I’d be confident about next week. As it stands we have a quality foe to best over two difficult games.



    Hail Hail

  5. KINGLUBO on 2ND AUGUST 2018 12:47 PM


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  6. mullet and co 2 on

    is a player cup tied for Champions league proper if they have played in the knock out stages?

  7. Happy Birthday to Big Jamesgang,


    Hope you have a great day but…..take care when washing the nether regions with thon Tea Tree shower stuff ??

  8. Great result,dont care how it was achieved.One shot,one header on target from Rosenborg,says it all.Great performances from Ajer,Hendry,and Gamboa,the reasons for this.Big Eddy nearly scored another amazing goal.Reading James Forrest today,my favourite blogger,he slaughters the hacks for their less than favourable reports,”Grind”being their favourite word used.He should have read some of the trumpets on here after the game.Make these hacks seem gushing in their praise.


    Only minus for me was Brendans refusal to bring on Kouassi.To bring on Christie,for me,was a mistake.Broony was needing help,he got none .


    As I said last night,his omission has me bewildered.

  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JC2 – I like getting paper tickets for away games – something more real and valuable about them. Like paper books vs. Kindle.



    I let Wee BGFC look after our tickets – the wee man is safe as the Bank o’ Slamannan.






  10. Funny old game is football.


    Dividing opinions and occasionally lives up to being entertaining.


    For fans it is a cultural thing though tv and globalisation are eroding this to the detriment of the once beautiful game.


    Competition is being eroded for profit by the large tv market teams.


    Winning is secondary to income and exposure to ad revenue.


    In Celtics case the support has historical reverence and passion .Not so sure about custodians who are more pragmatic to modern football landscape.


    Our fans passion reveals how diverse opinion is.


    Gamboa was excellent last night to the majority but some have pointed out his positional weakness especially in first half.


    Hendry impressed many doubters but he is one mistake away from being a whipping bhoy again.


    Edouard has become a hero after being labeled a dud by many last year.


    Sinclair has us head scratching with many hoping for the return of the guy who wore the jersey in first season.


    Brendan is above criticism to most though i personally think he needs to improve in certain areas.


    Things will change in the ever evolving football landscape but the Celtic supports love and passion will always be a constant.


    Hail Hail

  11. MULLET AND CO 2 on 2ND AUGUST 2018 1:14 PM


    is a player cup tied for Champions league proper if they have played in the knock out stages?





    I assume you mean a scenario like, John McGinn playing in the Europa qualifiers being able to later play in the CL group stage. I’m pretty sure he would be able to play in the CL group for us, should we make it and should we sign him. Or, maybe you mean could a player in a qualifier team move to another who have reached the group stage. Not sure about that one.

  12. Interesting to see how the squad develops over the next week.


    We are desperately needing a bit of a lift as the casualty list grows as the games go by.



    The LB gap remains — we have no regular back up and the U20 situation seems to be WB at best. Then there is the RB situation where we desperately need a project to come in and shake things up a bit. AR has potential but he is not ready yet — unfair to put too much pressure on him at the moment.



    CB — what is the standard we want to play at?


    April 2017 — DB and JS looked to be where we wanted to be.


    However it has not been a smooth ride since then.


    KA and JH look 12 months to raw at the moment to handle the CL group stages.


    Thinking caps on.



    Loans — we need to work on this ASAP.


    When can we get the Aussie Bloke on the park?


    JF is not the standard we need to aspire to — he still has two gears still to find.


    The OE miracle needs to be replicated — better a 19 year old talent than a 26 year old scarfer.



    Finally someone talked about wages being the issue not transfer funds.


    Fair point but the real issue is who you pay the money to.



    Same wage — who would be the better recipient?


    19 year old who is good enough to start or a 29 year old looking for his last big move?


    I know where I would rather spend the money.

  13. Some twat called Walker writing in the Record going above the call of duty saying the AEK manager has called us”Nothing special”when what he actually said was”We knew we would have to face good teams to get to the CL,and Celtic are one of those”


    The pain getting more acute by the day.

  14. Happy Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopy Birthday to one of CQN and lifes finest Bhoys



  15. AEK — show me the money.


    Just what are the number a behind the team?



    What is their T/O?


    Who are their star players?


    How have they developed their squad?


    What strengths do they have?



    The rounds to get the CL Golden Ticket are almost a cup in themselves.



    Might be something to think about — 4 mini cups set up like tennis where you have the games set up before the first tie is played. It would all come down to the seedings regarding who you would get.

  16. Ive checked and Championship down South transfer window slams shut


    at 5pm next Thursday



    If we have an offer in for McGinn rip it up then

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Agree with your assessment.


    However, I think the three subs were fitness based.


    Kieran was obvious, but Odsonne appeared to pick up a knock/strain reaching forva ball at the edge of the box.


    James suddenly stopped going for a ball near the touchline. This was not long after being on the receiving end of a couple of hefty knocks.



    Worrying if arguably our top three players have picked up injuries. If so, hopefully they were taken off as a precaution to protect them.



    As for Christie, I thought he was negatively effective, as in keeping their back line busy.


    With O E and J F off, we needed at least one player up top.



    Proof of the pudding?




  18. Really pleased we got through last night and not going to get hung up on our performance.


    Thought Rosenborg were brutal, football from the past, they look like a side on a real downward spiral.

  19. Two reasons why I hate watching games in the CL qualifying where end result is in the balance as in one goal for the opposition adds to the stress.



    1. The consequences of failure for the future financial and emotional well being of Celtic and the support are so huge that only in football would you have such a crazy business model. Instead of Financial Fair Play there should be fair play and all champions should play in a qualifying round unseeded. By God would that curb wage bills if big clubs are faced with the kind of decisions clubs like Celtic are. It’s a model that puts clubs out of business as we well know. The fact it was Rangers is a source of glee but UEFA have created the very conditions that FFP is supposed to prevent or control. That’s my first beef.


    2. The football on show is invariably crap. It’s not about winning it’s about not losing and by definition that does not create attractive performances. Even last season in the SPFL that we won I didn’t enjoy the game because on the day the football was crap. Some team selections last year were influenced by an upcoming midweek CL fixture. It’s toxicity is everywhere.



    It is just part of the corruption that money has brought to what is supposed to be a sport and I’ll be glad when this toothache of qualifying is over, so I can get back to enjoying football a lot more than I do at this stage of the season.

  20. Madmitch,


    If Boyatta signs,then personally I would be delighted to have a back 3 of,


    Boyatta Ajer Simunovic.We could never afford better.Not in this market.With BR obviously going to be playing ,3-5-2 for the majority of games,KTwill play further forward,with Forrest on the right.To get a quality LB to come and sit on the bench is quite frankly,ludicrous thinking.

  21. ThomtheTim,,



    Its just his reluctance to give Kouassi any game time at all thst baffles me.I think most will agree,we think this boy is the business.Last night we still had Sinky,Calmac,to push on a bit.Broony struggled the whole game,as Ntcham likes to push on as well.I thought he needed help,and never got it.

  22. The Token Tim on

    Whilst being underwhelmed by our performance last night – ball retention and composure were awful for large parts of the game – the result was what mattered. And we got a result we wanted. So no real complaints.



    But, whilst I dont know very much about this current AEK team, I’d imagine they will provide a tougher obstacle than Rosenborg did.



    We will need 2 performances similar to our 2nd half performance at CP v Rosenborg, to have a real chance of progressing to the Play-off.


    Something I do think we are capable of!






  23. glendalystonsils on



    Brendan is above criticism to most though i personally think he needs to improve in certain areas.



    I would agree and more importantly ,I think Brendan would too.


    I consider it highly unlikely that someone who prioritises the professional development of his players would neglect his own development as a coach.

  24. Anyone know how far Dembele is from being “back” ? I think Brendan said it would be 4 weeks from the initial injury. We’re very exposed up front again, due to injuries, and if wee Odsonne were to pick up an injury at the weekend against Livingston, we’d be in a bad place for the first game with AEK..


    Not suggesting we need to go out and initiate a panic buy just in case….if we can keep 2 of our 3 strikers fit, we’ll have plenty for most teams we’ll face this season.

  25. Is it ok to praise Hendry for last night but then hope he gets dropped for the Athens games ?



    Will Moussa and Griff be back ?


    Any news on KT ?