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We had a family conversation this will about the most effective Celtic players we have seen for each position, not necessarily the best there.

I went straight to Alan Thompson. Alan was a hard left-mid when he arrived from Aston Villa in 2000, who became a wing-back under Martin O’Neill. His contribution to that successful Celtic team is incredible. The winner against Barcelona, Champions League goals and so many against Rangers, tell a story, as do his assists.

He was loved by his manager and capped by England while at Celtic. Still, he had limits. He was slow to recover fitness after injury and did not have the finess of a McStay or Collins, not everyone “got it”.

David Turnbull is a different type of player but I see parallels. He is also a player managers rate. Lots more to come from David.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    After an early career hampered by a couple of injuries – one bad, one really bad – Turnbull is starting to look like a fabulous player. Getting better all the time under Ange – poised, cool, great passing and shooting ability. He’ll be a cracker!!!






  2. “Whenever people ask me where was my best period, where did I like it the most, I always say, Celtic.

  3. How do we measure effectiveness ?


    Is it stats and outputs, games, goals, clean sheets and trophies ?


    Is it making an outstanding contribution that we didnt expect (Stark in 87/88 ?).


    Is it someone who outperforms their price tag ? (Hnrik, Lubo ?)


    Is it the free transfers, who go on and earn millions in fees (Moussa ?)


    Is it the Scottish players who cant believe they are at celtic park so squeeze every moment to the max (Barry Robson)


    Is it our conveyor belt of talents ? Paul, Keiran , James



    Beyond our personal favourites, can we ever agree on a list ?

  4. and I agree on AT, great contributor, those early crosses, how many assists for henrik alone ?

  5. David Turnbull brings something that has been missing from our midfield for some time, GOALS! por cierto

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Turnbull looks a yard quicker to me,hopefully the benefits of staying injury free,and getting a full preseason in,his decision making in the final third is the area i want to see him improve.

  7. AT was never a wing back


    MO’N might have wanted him to play their but it never happened.



    Might be the reason why a low rent manager like AMcL managed to get his team to score so many goals against us for a couple of years.



    AT was a very useful / capable left sided MF’er.


    He was the answer to the huge problem the English NT had on the run-up to the 2004 WC.


    Limited player who would have filled a gap in an otherwise good team.



    Their loss.



    DT is at least two levels better than AT regarding talent and potential.


    Probably the closest player in style and ability to the legend that is / was PMcS that the country has produced never mind played for us.



    BG / 2001 — ex TFOD2.1 wonder dreams of having a set of DT jammies



    More mobility is where his future lies. The challenge is to get him up to speed with AP’s way of playing and get him into the team along with RH and MO’R.

  8. Stx2 @ 12.32



    Conveyor belt of talent — you are having a laugh …


    Aren’t you?

  9. He is just a low rent attention seeker to me .



    On the lookout for a rabble to rouse.

  10. A team of stars rarely perform well as an effective team. A team needs water carriers as well as the stars.

  11. Might be the reason why a low rent manager like AMcL managed to get his team to score so many goals against us for a couple of years.






    Do you mean tht eEBT , falsely registered players ?



    playing for a manager with an EBT of £1.7m

  12. The Tories and their media pals have really done a job on KS.



    All the facebook adds / SP “As we see it” anecdotes / fairy stories / Scouse harpie agitprop seems to be working.



    I wonder how all the negatrons would compare his outlook / viewpoint with the pair that are running for the leadership of the Tory party?



    They are so far apart that the cheeks of the same erse jibe isn’t credible within the one party.


    So I wonder where they would position KS in today’s political spectrum?



    For the record — KS / not a huge fan but he is the best hope we have got..



    But is boring a good enough excuse to allow the country to sleepwalk into another Tory shambles / disaster — some on here might be able to afford it with the certainty that the “Triple Lock” provides but the rest of the country can’t.?

  13. I like DT. I like his goals and his wee thing he does with the side of his foot constantly to get a half-yard of space. But a bit like Tam last year there are contradictions in his play that don’t stack up against the way Ange wants to play.



    Can he get quicker? Can he press better ? Can he be braver against better players ?



    At the moment he’s the goalscoring one in the middle as both Reo and Matt (our first choice 8s) need to step up and unfortunately Callum, scorer of great goals, has not been great from there on a consstent basis.



    I’m torn ultimately. Could see him sold for a better, more aggressive fit but will be happy to have him in the squad.




  14. Stx2 @ 1.06



    It is all about the football.


    AT was a left sided MF’er not a tax inspector.


    Funny that we had better results when MO’N went to a flat back 4 — EBT’s or no EBT’s.



    AT was never a wingback.

  15. Is he reversing any Tory legislation



    I will give a minty(100 whole pence) to any reversal


    by the Stammer marketing concept



  16. CQN etiquette — Dealing with facts rather than Socialist Vanguard / hyper Trot fantasy would be a huge step forward.

  17. garygillespieshamstring on

    Hard to see past Bobby Lennox / Stevie Chalmers/ Joe Mcbride for me.


    Probably Bobby sneaks it for length of service.

  18. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 26TH JULY 2022 1:18 PM


    What happened to the Morelos money?






    Alfredo ate it.




  19. garygillespieshamstring on

    His game changing sub appearance and goal v St Mirren at ipox in 4-2 season sums him up.

  20. bournesouprecipe on




    Mind the night Sven Goran Eriksson swung through the revolving doors to check out Thommo live in Europe.



    HunSkelpers CSC

  21. G67 Tax Office Trots — back in the day — some were chatty guys interested in politics with a very pure mindset but were happy to discuss topics in a courteous / engaging manner.



    Took a lot of their real world / lived political experience from L/pool and DH era Militant stuff — stuff that I disagreed with to some extent so it was dynamic conversation.



    However even they were scunnered by the Socialist Vanguard duo that shouted the odds in open meetings back in the late 80’s and called everyone bar themselves a sell out and a class traitor.



    Socialist Vanguard had its roots in the middle class / leafy suburbs around UCB in California but its local WCS duo were nowhere near that genteel.



    I think that one of the SV duo has his football allegiances in G40 — nothing certain but a very good hunch.



    Strange how the world turns.

  22. My criticism of Turnbull up to now has been his noticeable lack of pace and the 3 right foot touch turn. I’ll be looking a much faster turn and the ability to track back; not expecting Speedy Gonzales (the Mexican carpet fitter)



    We do seem to have a lot of midfield players now so bit of change at 60mins in games may become the norm.



    Mooy worries me a bit; possibly another McCarthy. He popped up in a few games for Huddersfield running box to box and was a bit of a MotD darling for 2 seasons. Not much else in his CV. Really don’t see where he fits in



    Will Mooy/Ideguchi/McCarthy have the central role; Mcgregor/Hatate on the left and O’Riley/Turnbull on the left? (plus switch sides when appropriate?)



    PS Celtic official site has Forrest as a midfielder , not attacker

  23. My guess is McGregor and Hatate will be first choice midfield picks, leaving Turnbull and O’Reilly to fight it out for the third jersey. Both are very talented players but lack a bit in the 90 minute energy department, a prerequisite for the type of game the manager likes to play. That may come with game time and experience. They should get plenty in the coming season.



    Alan Thomson was a great competitor and was very much at home in the Glasgow rivalry. He welcomed the aggro and we loved him for it. The current squad, McGregor aside, don’t really possess that characteristic. Mooy may not be an addition to the nice guys group. Hopefully, that is the case.

  24. Tom McLaughlin on

    I’m a great admirer of David Turnbull and have been since the first time I saw him in a Celtic jersey.



    He is a great passer of the ball, can beat players, has good strength, shows great vision and I love the way he turns 180 degrees while running with the ball.



    A future Celtic captain.




    CQN etiquette — Dealing with facts rather than Socialist Vanguard / hyper Trot fantasy would be a huge step.



    What is that?Just drivel👆


    What’s that skip? Mental illness



    what you mention above is delusional nonsense.


    A vision only believed by yourself



    Cqn etiquette does not get laid down by an anonymous blog trolls and abusive wee hiders like you


    who can not help but start with some sort of cheap pigeonholing,your reeking of envy



    Labour and thee marketing classes,


    Nearly as many marketeers as War dead still denied.

  26. Tom McLaughlin on




    A while back, when Sven was England manager, my son was walking up Buchanan Street with his girlfriend – an Edinburgh lass – when they approached the statue of Donald Dewar.



    “That’s strange,” she remarked. “Why is there a statue of Sven Goran Eriksson in the centre of Glasgow?”

  27. Is it possible to talk about politics without telling the blog who you have voted for in the past?



    I think the questions has been asked a number of times but one member of the blog with a Tiny Trot viewpoint refuses to tell the world who he has voted for but is happy to howl at a TB / GB moon.



    Strange that — would suggest that a voting record is not credible enough to stand scrutiny.


    On a football blog of all places.

  28. Growth agenda — now that the new pub is underway is there any news on a Ticket Exchange to move on unwanted seats when the season ticketholder can’t make it?



    Allegedly our friends in Govan are working on their own version or they have it up and running.



    Pretty poor show if we are the tail end charlies.


    The two pre-season games show how badly it is needed.


    JR — plus pals — spent the week before chasing tickets from the 6K general sale and they all lost out.