EFL financial alarms increasingly shrill


English Football league chairman, Rick Parry, spoke to the BBC yesterday and continued his tirade against unsustainable finances among EFL clubs.

“Why can we not have community owned, sustainable clubs? That goes for all the structural issues that I have been telling anybody who will listen, and most people who won’t listen, for the past x number of months, from the select committee onwards.

“The Championship is a financial nonsense. We’ve got clubs spending 107% of their income on wages, we’ve got the major distortion of parachute payments, we’ve got £400m of owner-funding required – £16m per Championship club. There are owners gambling on getting into the Premier League, it’s unsustainable.

“We need to make our clubs sustainable – we shouldn’t be relying on random foreign owners.”

These concerns surfaced after Wigan’s Hong Kong-based owners put the club into administration last week, a move that took place without delayed payments to HMRC and other creditors that usually proceeds administration.

Parry is at the forefront of this issue. His concern peaked because Wigan’s owners were able to flush the club into administration without concern for personal consequences.  Even the inevitable hit to their shareholder value did not seem to register.  Where Wigan’s owners went, others could feel permitted to follow.

£16m is a lot of money for each of their Championship’s 24 clubs to find and that’s only dealing with existing liabilities, not those clubs are contracted to for years to come.  The Championship’s only options are to find investors with appetite to splurge lots of spare cash on them, convince the Premiership to unilaterally do likewise, or see the travails of Wigan play out across the division.

If Parry’s increasingly shrill alarms are anything to do by, the English football bubble may finally be close to bursting.  Sleeping so close to an elephant has been a drag on Celtic in particular and Scottish football in general.  We have waited on what Brian Quinn referred to as the ‘pack ice’ to break up for decades.  The time may finally have come.

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  1. Champions League qualification Update


    Erik Sviatchenko’s Midtjylland have just beaten Copehagen 3-1 to become champions of Denmark. Unlucky Cpoenhagen !!!


    Means that one of the two teams with better coefficients than us and who could have pushed us out of the seedings in the Play Off round is out.


    The other is Basel, who lost again last night and with 7 games to go are now 9 points behind joint leaders St Gallen and Young Boys (hope we never draw them – imagine !) . Seems very unlikely that Basel will win the league from there.


    Bert Kassies’s site would confirm once that’s confirmed that we would be 4th seeds in the Play Off round behind Ajax, Salzburg and Olympiakos so missing those strong teams but no easy opponents as alreday Astana and Dynamo Zagreb would feature as 2 of the possible opponents over two legs (assuming all seeds win through).


    PS Moravcik has just tweeted that UEFA confirm that all one-leg CL qualifiers will be played behind closed doors.

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Hope this helps:


    Price of 45 singles;


    1960- 6/3


    1961- 6/4


    1962- 6/6


    1963- 6/3 ##


    1964- 6/8


    1965- 6/8


    1966- 7/2


    1967- 7/2


    1968- 8/0




    ##On Jan 1st 1963 purchase tax on vinyl disc was cut from 45% to 25%.

  3. BIG WAVY on 9TH JULY 2020 9:37 PM


    We dodged a bullet with yer man John McGinn.







    Absolutely mediocre.






    aye your right.



    match winning performances, and goals for scotland, and speculated as a £50m transfer.



    lucky we never got him

  4. Long time lurker first time post, in answer to the first question , no I’m not ,far too handsome, second answer too “saint stivs”, the font looks a bit like “bookman old style” albeit stretched, I’m not sure you will find an exact match, with it being stained glass it will have a craftsman/woman’s personal touch, hope that helps ?

  5. Aye right St Stivs,



    Heading to the championship in a team with 7 wins, scorer of 3 goals, playing internationally for a team ranked 50 in world footnball and who haven’t qualified for a thing this century….



    A headless chicken with a speculative shot.

  6. Reading between the lines and applying an incisive perspicacity,I would say that Saint Stivs thinks John McGinn is a very good player whilst Big Wavy thinks otherwise.


    Goodnight all.

  7. welcome on board.



    yes, mcginn is a great footballer,, for whatever reason Lawell wouldnt pay him the going rate.



    where he is now as a player is equal to most of ours, natural succesor to broon.



    the bhoy will go on a huge club with great honours,

  8. David Dundas – “Jeans On”…………Proudly purchased in John Menzies……..nestled in the Brutalist splendour of Clydebank Shoppy………..

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Travellerbhoy, my condolences to you and your family . May your dad rest in peace.



    My first record bought was either Rubber Bullets 10CC or Come up and see me make smile, Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel.



    There was a stall up at the Barras, possibly more than one , around 1980/1981, that sold ex juke box records 3 for a pound . No centre pieces but the stall owner sold those too. I saved a lot of money buying these ex juke box 45’s .



    Jose Mourinho’s Spurs team is the first in 5 years who have not had a shot on target against Bournemouth .. The special one no more.




    If you are moonhowlin, congratulations on your 52 years of marriage, my pal and best man text me yesterday and said the train robbers only got 15 years, she’s put up with a lot🥳. Re early music my mum passed when I was 11 , which resulted in me spending a lot of weekends with my three oldest brothers and their wives. The middle one had a stereogram and a copy of The Merry Ploughboy which I’m sure I wore out . My poor late sister in law must have been demented with me continually playing the record over and over. Racking my brain think what was on the b side.HH

  11. Big Wavy 9:37


    My thoughts exactly. Expressed to my better half who offered no dissent.

  12. Travellerbhoy


    Sorry to here about the loss of your father



    Take care pal. H H

  13. Getting close to EK weather report.


    Big announcement from Paradise today? French Eddie modeling the New Adidas strip and contract extension? I hope so


    C’mon Eddie you know it makes sense



  14. Good morning CQN from a grey and wet Garngad



    Travellerbhoy – thoughts and prayers are with you my Celtic friend🙏🙏🙏



    MM – 52 years married wow, congratulations🎉🎊🎉



    Myself and Mrs David66 are 30 years married on Tuesday, 4 years engaged before that. ffs I’m AULD.



    I hope I heard right last night and it is 50k ST’s sold and as Fess19 says announcement today is for Eddie staying and in his splendid new kit.



    Big Jimmy – a week today and we will be sitting having that long awaited pint.



    Well my last day for a fortnight at the old grindstone, looking forward to chilling with the Mrs and grandkids.💚🍺💚🍺💚🍺






    D. :)

  15. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Second day of lockdown, thank goodness my wee princess had a


    lovely big litre of Fiji rum 58% proof tucked away for any emergency.


    Thats how you know you’ve married a good woman David 66.


    I’m sure you and your good lady will surpass that.


    Just been reading that ETIMS article about Celtic signing Fatboy sin.


    What a load of codswallop, why would we sign that feckwit just to get


    another laugh at rangers.


    Don’t we get enough?


    O.k maybe it’s never enough, but do we really want to lower the


    standards of our club to sign that horrible character?


    Why don’t we bring back Hurlock, Roberts, feck even Douff as coaches,


    and then stop paying our taxes, that would be a right laugh he..he ..he.


    And then we can be the popel.


    Sorry if that offends anybody, but it’s all in my humble opinion.


    Out to the barricades again, see if there’s any Celtic parties in the


    neebors gardens.


    H.H. Mick

  16. Melbourne Mick on




    No Celtic signs from the neebors yet, Saturday usually see a bit


    of lockdown frustration and the flags come out.


    I’m a patient man.


    Just catching up on your post, did you think the Merry Ploughbhoy


    was the B side of Hail.. Hail?


    I just can’t remember.


    H.H. Mick

  17. Melbourne Mick on




    I’ll be thinking of you and David 66 having a few swallies and


    completely full of envy.


    I’ve no doubt I would have joined you and I’m sure we would


    know similar Gallowgate characters.


    Anyhows enjoy when it comes.


    H.H. Mick

  18. Good morning from a bright but fresh Costa del Moray. This has got to be the coldest start to July that I can remember. June was scorching compared to this, rarely been above 16 -17*C.



    Melbourne Mick congratulations on your 52 years of marriage, I was wondering why you were wearing that black and white striped suit when we met last year. 😉 Best wishes to you and your good lady and here’s to the next 52 years. 🥂🥂🥂🥂

  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Thank you POG, I’m sure that suit was green and white 8-))


    16 Degs here today and sunny, not bad for winter, just wish


    I was down the pub beer garden huntin hurtin huns.


    H.H. Mick

  20. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Adidas Friday from a dry and bright looking East Kilbride.

  21. Huge congrats to Michael & Maisie



    A top couple, no surprise they have hit 52 years



    Enjoy your day Mick, and spoil Maisie 🏆👍

  22. I did say in my post yesterday “I think it cost 2/6” so I stand corrected.






    I did buy loads of records at the wonderful Barra’s and they were cheaper than the shops.



    Also bought stamps from a wee indoor stall, some of them proving to be very good buys.


    Mind you I’m talking about more than 50 years ago.



    Also bought fitba’ boots there for much less than you paid at The Sportsmen’s Emporium!



    Happy days and lovely memories!

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Congratulations Melbourne Mick


    52 years, 🥂🥂

  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    One step beyond was my first single 1979



    Had a few Jam and Clash albums acquired from older brothers before then

  25. Melbourne Mick on

    Thank you NORRIEM, another 8 years and I get a telegram


    fae queeny


    Wonder what I’ll do with that?


    Any suggestions Bhoys/Ghirls.


    H.H. Mick







    Sounds like a cue for a party.



    Socially distanced of course!



    Take care!

  27. Melbourne Mick on

    PAPAJOE55 has got me torturing myself trying to remember the B side


    OF Glen Daly’s HAIL..HAIL.


    I’m now thinking it was Kathleen…so fair and bright


    star of evening etc.


    Does any of the oldies remember?


    H.H. Mick

  28. Park Road 67 on



    Congratulations to you and Maisie on 52 years of marriage that’s fantastic ! Enjoy your Fijian rhum 🥃

  29. Melbourne Mick



    Huge congratulations to you and Maisie



    I love reading your posts. Always put a smile on my face.



    HH jg

  30. Discogs.com



    Glen Daly – Hail Hail Celtic


    Label pye records 7n17235


    Format vinyl 7″ 4 5 rpm single


    Country uk


    Released 1966


    Genre pop







    A . Hail Hail Celtic


    B. If only we had old Ireland over here



    Hope that helps …



    Had to smile at genre …pop 😁

  31. Melbourne Mick on




    Me and yir da must be of a similar age, still and will always think


    he got a raw deal, couple mistakes and big Jocks blind eye to




    Who knows how he would have been in todays environment.


    A case in point, Charlie Gallagher , I’m also sure he would have been


    priceless in todays protected footballer style.


    With the exception of games against Der hun off course.


    H.H. Mick

  32. SAINT STIVS on 9TH JULY 2020 9:56 PM



    aye your right.



    match winning performances, and goals for scotland, and speculated as a £50m transfer.



    lucky we never got him





    Speculated transfers mean nothing. How many multimillion speculated moves has Alfredo Morelos been linked with?



    You wouldn’t get 50 million for McGinn.



    A lot of Villa fans have turned on him.

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