EFL financial alarms increasingly shrill


English Football league chairman, Rick Parry, spoke to the BBC yesterday and continued his tirade against unsustainable finances among EFL clubs.

“Why can we not have community owned, sustainable clubs? That goes for all the structural issues that I have been telling anybody who will listen, and most people who won’t listen, for the past x number of months, from the select committee onwards.

“The Championship is a financial nonsense. We’ve got clubs spending 107% of their income on wages, we’ve got the major distortion of parachute payments, we’ve got £400m of owner-funding required – £16m per Championship club. There are owners gambling on getting into the Premier League, it’s unsustainable.

“We need to make our clubs sustainable – we shouldn’t be relying on random foreign owners.”

These concerns surfaced after Wigan’s Hong Kong-based owners put the club into administration last week, a move that took place without delayed payments to HMRC and other creditors that usually proceeds administration.

Parry is at the forefront of this issue. His concern peaked because Wigan’s owners were able to flush the club into administration without concern for personal consequences.  Even the inevitable hit to their shareholder value did not seem to register.  Where Wigan’s owners went, others could feel permitted to follow.

£16m is a lot of money for each of their Championship’s 24 clubs to find and that’s only dealing with existing liabilities, not those clubs are contracted to for years to come.  The Championship’s only options are to find investors with appetite to splurge lots of spare cash on them, convince the Premiership to unilaterally do likewise, or see the travails of Wigan play out across the division.

If Parry’s increasingly shrill alarms are anything to do by, the English football bubble may finally be close to bursting.  Sleeping so close to an elephant has been a drag on Celtic in particular and Scottish football in general.  We have waited on what Brian Quinn referred to as the ‘pack ice’ to break up for decades.  The time may finally have come.

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  1. I grew up with only a few records in my house. My parents had 78s but I cannot remember which ones. apart from Lonnie Donegan doing The Old Grand Coullee Dam and The Battle of New Orleans and Cliff Richard singing – A voice in the wilderness.



    There was one Vinyl record, an LP in the house- The Clancy Brothers “The Last Hurrah” which was an eclectic mix of folk songs including Rebel songs like “The West’s Awake” and “Kelly, The Boy from Killann” alongside a hymn to the Black Watch called “The Gallant Forty Twa”. I guess Republican sentiments were overcome by wanting to sing a good tune.



    There was one song from the Album, “the Leaving of Liverpool” which was briefly sung at Celtic Park, I believe.



    As for my own first record bought, with money from my Milk Round, it was “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison. It wasn’t what I wanted to buy but the record shop next to the old Bus Garage at Langside did not have what i came to buy and I was determined to buy something so I ended up with George. I was never a big Beatles fan and I can’t remember what I wanted to buy- for a long time I thought it was the Edwin Hawkins Singers but the timeline doesn’t fit. I think I am getting mixed up with my forst album which was by Melanie and featured the Edwin Hawkins Singers on “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)”.



    My first unbought singles choice must have been something too embarrassing and has been suppressed in my memory.

  2. DELANEYS DUNKY on 10TH JULY 2020 2:32 PM



    If Villa are relegated, would you take John McGinn on loan?



    I posted on here 12 months ago that Celtic should attempt to sign Fraser Forster on loan.



    I was ridiculed and laughed at by a few posters on here who are still posting today.



    Who’s laughing now?






    I wanted Forster and Neil Lennon back.



    But anyway, I’d take John McGinn for sure. He’s struggling in the EPL but we all know that’s a much higher level.



    What I can’t abide is the moaning about missing out on the player. The player says he was worried he wouldn’t play under Brendan Rodgers. Steve Bruce told him he’d start every game.



    If it’s true that Villa offered him double what we did then that will have made a difference. But I’m fed up of having to compare ourselves to clubs that risk their very existence.



    Villa made a loss of £69 million to get promoted by the skin of their teeth. They now look destined for the drop after one season. Yet some Celtic fans will look at them and think they are the ones we should copy…



    Especially since we already have Brown, Calmac and Christie.

  3. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️…..








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  4. no one is saying copy villa, what we are saying is that John McGinn is a good footballer



    Congrats on your Anniversary….52 not out !








    My Favourite record of all time has been “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison.


    I am almost sure it was the Christmas No.1 in Britain in 1970 ?


    I bought it in January 1971, on the very day ( A Friday) that I was told to start my very first job on the Monday.


    It was with the old Glasgow Corporation and my job title was “NIPPER”….in other words “Tea Boy” on a building site in Easterhouse just about 200 yards from my home.


    My weekly wages were either £5.00 or £5.50. It varied between the two amounts as my employer would ” Round Off” the coppers etc. This was for One Year, and then I started my Electrical Apprenticeship.


    I clearly remember buying My Sweet Lord in the “Toon” and clutching it tightly on the 41 Bus to Easterhouse.



  6. DAVID66…


    Im looking forward to our Beer Fest next Friday, and so far I have resisted the temptation to go to any Pub this week, although I might venture into my Local IF/When it reopens this Wednesday the 15th ?


    I hope that you and the good lady and the family are well.





  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s at 2.10. My first final was the 1971 league cup final, my second was 1972 Scottish Cup final (106000 at that game. The last cup final I attended with my dad was the 1976 league cup final which Aberdeen won 2 1 after extra time. A horrible day all round .We lost , it was chucking it down , we stood beside the Dons fans with bottles and cans raining down plus my dad’s wallet was dipped .



    My dad very rarely got to a game after 1976 due work commitments and health reasons. . His last ever game was against Motherwell in the Invincible season, he was 90. The care home he was in arranged for him and two other residents to attend that match. He enjoyed It but as they were in the wee section for disabled next to the agreed Brigade , he told me that bloody drum was a pain .

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bournesouprecipe, tremendous memories of that LP. We bought it in the Woolies in Drumchapel.

  9. Dallas



    Spotify Playlist



    1. Hail, Hail The Celts Are Here


    2. The Johnny Thompson Song


    3. We’re All Off To Dublin


    4. The Soldier’s Song


    5. Medley: Hail, Hail The Celts Are Here/The Wearing Of The Green/When The Celts


    6. Celtic Is The Team


    7. The Celtic Song


    8. Sean South Of Garryowen


    9. Holy Ground


    10. Medley: Kelly’s The Boy/Feed The Bear/We’re All Off To Dublin



    Ooooooffffftttt CSC

  10. Hi Bhoys



    For everyone posting about FREE and PAUL ROGERS yesterday and even those who weren’t. SKY ARTS CHANNEL at 11 tonight BAD COMPANY AT RED ROCKS.




  11. bournesouprecipe on 10th July 2020 3:52 pm



    Tony Rome




    Thank you.😊




  12. St Stivs and Delaneys Dunky



    I had a fruit shop in Erskine many moons ago! por cierto

  13. leftclicktic on

    BSR @ 3:35.


    One of the best Celtic videos I have ever seen and I still watch it every now and then.HH

  14. whitedoghunch on

    Dallas Dallas that bloody drum is a pain even when watching the game on Celtic tv

  15. kinglubo



    Hey less of the ‘old’, am a veritable youngster on here! Born in the second half of the 20th century…


    Great shout though, and some great songs on the collection, Mona Lisa et al


    Raunchy? Well the album cover certainly was…

  16. SFTB



    My Sweet Lord?


    Always go for the original…


    The Chiffons – He’s So fine

  17. fairhill bhoy on

    Regarding mcginn, I said when it looked like he was an option for us that he would have got booked every week playing for us .Good player but would he get in our team right now?🤔


    MM-congratulations on 52 years of bliss👍

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