EFL makes its big play for survival


English Football League (EFL) chief executive, Rick Parry, yesterday made his major play to rescue the EFL from its Covid plight and restructure English as a consequence.  He co-opted Manchester United and Liverpool, where he was formerly CEO, into backing a plan that would see 25% of all future Premier League (PL) TV deals and a £250m bailout paid to the EFL, while the Premier League would be cut from 20 to 18 teams.

Parry also proposes the EFL discontinue its headline knockout competition; the League Cup, that the Community Shield game is retired, that future parachute payments to relegated PL teams stop and the Premier League pay the FA £100m to make up the Association’s shortfall.  In addition, nine PL clubs would be given enhanced voting rights on unspecified issues, based on the longevity of their stay in the Premier League.

These measures  would ensure the survival of most EFL clubs.  Money that currently goes to teams 19 and 20 in the PL and the lucrative parachute payments would be redistributed throughout the lower leagues.  All of this would solve many problems and, as the burden mainly falls on PL cannon fodder, it is no surprise Liverpool and Manchester United have signed up.

If I was chief exec at Fulham, Sheffield United, Burnley, West Brom, Brighton, Wolves, Crystal Palace, Southampton or Leeds, I would be worried about the prevailing business model.  None of these nine clubs can be sure of their long-term survival in the PL.  Four others: Newcastle, West Ham, Aston Villa and Leicester have experienced lower league football in the last decade and cannot be over-confident of remaining in the top flight forever.  That’s a lot of nervous chief execs without sufficient control over their business model.

As a consequence, I do not think the Premier League’s robust rejection of the deal will be the end of the story, at the very least, there will be horse trading in the weeks to come.  To pass, the deal will require the majority of top flight clubs to jeopardise their PL gig in return for a more stable but inconsequential existence.  It makes sense but when has that ever ruled the day in football?

Admire Parry’s attempt, though I do, it serves Celtic’s (and the rest of Scottish football’s) purpose best for the closed shop in England and Wales to avoid a soft-landing.  Alternatively, they could tear down the borders that isolate Scottish clubs from the finances of their main TV market.  Allow clubs from the same nation state to compete for income and prizes and provide a timely boost to EFL finances.

As I have said since the pandemic started, we need to keep an eye on the EFL.  Its model was economically broken beforehand and was never going to survive these times.  It we ever see structural change to our national league systems, these exact conditions are necessary.

We can always hope.

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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    go on holiday abroad



    you arent safe in the UK



    and its still warm and sunny

  2. Happy Monday all.



    Thoughts and prayers to all those still suffering through this.



    International globe trotting fitba eh?



    Sunday will take care of itself.



    HH from a peaceful Louisville.

  3. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Would hate for us to be paying players even more obscene wages…….WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED.

  4. Old Tim


    Bad luck in your attempt for first place on the podium ! Now if Paul had a bar there, you would have won hands down !


    Hope all is well, Dave.

  5. The only way to stop these International games, is for the players to refuse to travel and play. But I doubt that will happen due to money.

  6. More unionist garbage. :) Let England do what it likes. We’ll go our own way. Capitalism is killing football.

  7. Melbourne Mick on




    Glad your safe and well, things look a wee bit hairy


    over there.


    H.H. Mick




    I’m that thick I still thought it was morning,Anyway I’m fine and hope your fine also.

  9. CHAVEZ on 12TH OCTOBER 2020 1:50 PM


    More unionist garbage. :) Let England do what it likes. We’ll go our own way. Capitalism is killing football.




    And what way is that. It would be good to know.


    Who and what will survive in Scottish professional football. ?



    Cheers and HH.

  10. Money will always rule the day. However it’s worth noting that I have on good authority that we will not play anymore friendlies in England following the Sunderland match in 2017 when supporters were filmed singing songs about Lee Ribgy and his son. In this highly politically charged climate it’s hard to see how Celtic supporters could make a trip south every two weeks without all out chaos ensuing. What may have been a possibility for Dermot Desmond 20 odd years ago is now a fantasy. We are not wanted in England nor are we in a position to manifest the great reputation our club had just a decade or so ago.

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  12. DAVID17 on 12TH OCTOBER 2020 2:08 PM


    ‘I have on good authority that we will not play anymore friendlies in England’








    Have you, aye.

  13. The letter read: “My plan for today was to write once again to SFA Chief Executive Ian Maxwell, but since Mr Maxwell doesn’t answer my emails I won’t waste my time. People like Maxwell and Rod Petrie think they are above the everyday football supporter, that’s always been the case in my time, they think the ordinary everyday football supporter is here to provide them with a comfy chair, both at Hampden Park, and while flying all over the world, and all the trappings of grandeur they think goes with their positions within Scottish Football.



    “I would like to ask Mr Maxwell why he has sat back and let FIFA/UEFA dictate to professional clubs that they need to let their players fly all around the world during a pandemic which has killed over one million people so far. Obviously the most successful clubs provide the most of these players, and therefore are most at risk, and that club in Scotland is undoubtedly Glasgow Celtic FC. We have now lost the services of at least three first pick players for Sunday’s Glasgow Derby, and we still have Wednesday night’s games to contend with.


    “The players involved health comes first, that goes without saying, and that should always be the case. So why should we increase the chances of them catching the virus by letting them meet up with teammates from all over the world? Celtic have stated quite clearly that they have tested our players over 2,000 times without having one positive case, so when our players leave the relative safety of Lennoxtown, we end up with a massive problem, and none of it our own doing.



    “The SFA/SPFL have lost the confidence of Scottish Football Supporters, that’s if they ever had the confidence. You Mr Maxwell, and your colleagues have sat back in your comfy seat and did absolutely nothing to aid the clubs in Scotland, well maybe with the exception of one club, the newest one in the SPL. The silence coming out of Hampden is deafening, there were teams playing all over Europe last night with supporters in attendance, have you put any pressure on the Scottish Government to have fans inside stadiums in Scotland?”


    Mr O’Rourke said: “I’ll make one last point Mr Maxwell, and it’s got nothing to do with the pandemic, although it seems like a virus. In this historic season when Glasgow Celtic are attempting to write even more history by winning Ten in a Row, it seems that every attempt will be taken by the SFA/SPFL to stop us doing that.



    “The appointment of John Beaton as referee is a complete slap in the face to Celtic and our supporters. Beaton does not even try to hide where his allegiances lie. The last time he officiated at a Glasgow Derby, he had a shameful display of bias against one team, and after that match, he received the full backing of the SFA.”

  14. Has El Hamed definitely been counted out? He’s not been tracked as a close contact as I understand, just simply didn’t feel well and asked to be excluded and tested?

  15. The Republic of Ireland are facing further chaos ahead of Wednesday’s Nations League game in Finland as another member of the squad has tested positive for Covid-19.

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  17. It would be nice if we could go back to community based clubs. however, Celtic are a victim of our own success. We have become a global brand and Capitalism has its mitts on us hence the PLC.



    If we no longer are providing food for the poor then we should strive to be a top football club. It is clear we have our sight beyond Scotland. We can be one of Europes elite clubs maybe not top tier but pretty close. I have seen us beat Barcelona, Man United, Juventus, Ajax and many others.



    I hope we leave Sevco behind

  18. ——————Barkas









    That’s my team to face the undead this Halloween



    I understand that there’s an outside chance Edouard could play if he tests negative every time he’s tested between now and the game. If that’s the case I’d drop Elyounoussi for him.



    Think it will be too early for Laxalt to start. Is this really the type of game somebody should make their debut in?



    Turnbull instead of Ntcham would be an option. But Ntcham tends to rise to the occasion on these games.

  19. Henry Joy



    Thanks for reposting the letter sent to the SFA by the Celtic Supporters Club. While I agree with most of what is contained in it, if I were in Maxwell’s place, I wouldn’t answer that letter either. Why? Well because it confuses a whole lot of different issues into one, it also makes all sorts of accusations, which may well be true but offers no evidence to back up the claims ( I know, I know!). If you are in his position you will receive hundreds (possibly thousands) of these types of communications all the time. I am in no way saying this is the case in this instance but all of these of these types of communications will be categorised as ‘nut jobs best ignored’.


    P.S. why does he twice say Glasgow Celtic FC? That’s not the name of the club nor of his supporters’ club it’s Celtic Football Club, or to be really pedantic The Celtic Football Club, just a pet peeve of mine.

  20. What’s the odds on the Huns not having any covid related cases whilst on international duty?



    I hear Barisic and Hellander refused to go on international duty. Hunbelievable.



    D :)

  21. Laxalt would cruise the game on Saturday, that’s if it goes ahead, what is there in this game he could not deal with, he is an experienced international fotballer for a top nation and has played in the Italian League, also Uruguayan footballers do not lack toughness.

  22. Bada – I certainly wouldn’t, that’s the point, cheating bassas.



    No scrutiny as usual.



    D :)

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