EFL makes its big play for survival


English Football League (EFL) chief executive, Rick Parry, yesterday made his major play to rescue the EFL from its Covid plight and restructure English as a consequence.  He co-opted Manchester United and Liverpool, where he was formerly CEO, into backing a plan that would see 25% of all future Premier League (PL) TV deals and a £250m bailout paid to the EFL, while the Premier League would be cut from 20 to 18 teams.

Parry also proposes the EFL discontinue its headline knockout competition; the League Cup, that the Community Shield game is retired, that future parachute payments to relegated PL teams stop and the Premier League pay the FA £100m to make up the Association’s shortfall.  In addition, nine PL clubs would be given enhanced voting rights on unspecified issues, based on the longevity of their stay in the Premier League.

These measures  would ensure the survival of most EFL clubs.  Money that currently goes to teams 19 and 20 in the PL and the lucrative parachute payments would be redistributed throughout the lower leagues.  All of this would solve many problems and, as the burden mainly falls on PL cannon fodder, it is no surprise Liverpool and Manchester United have signed up.

If I was chief exec at Fulham, Sheffield United, Burnley, West Brom, Brighton, Wolves, Crystal Palace, Southampton or Leeds, I would be worried about the prevailing business model.  None of these nine clubs can be sure of their long-term survival in the PL.  Four others: Newcastle, West Ham, Aston Villa and Leicester have experienced lower league football in the last decade and cannot be over-confident of remaining in the top flight forever.  That’s a lot of nervous chief execs without sufficient control over their business model.

As a consequence, I do not think the Premier League’s robust rejection of the deal will be the end of the story, at the very least, there will be horse trading in the weeks to come.  To pass, the deal will require the majority of top flight clubs to jeopardise their PL gig in return for a more stable but inconsequential existence.  It makes sense but when has that ever ruled the day in football?

Admire Parry’s attempt, though I do, it serves Celtic’s (and the rest of Scottish football’s) purpose best for the closed shop in England and Wales to avoid a soft-landing.  Alternatively, they could tear down the borders that isolate Scottish clubs from the finances of their main TV market.  Allow clubs from the same nation state to compete for income and prizes and provide a timely boost to EFL finances.

As I have said since the pandemic started, we need to keep an eye on the EFL.  Its model was economically broken beforehand and was never going to survive these times.  It we ever see structural change to our national league systems, these exact conditions are necessary.

We can always hope.

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  1. We are lucky that we have a huge squad full of quality players to be able to put a proper team out on saturday.


    No other club in this country could cope with the sheer level of quality unavailable to us …about 60 million worth of talent!.


    Even in our little backwater league…money talks.


    Football capitalism will always be king.


    Don’t be too quick to point the finger at the EPL.

  2. Well we can’t play Julien after a month out when according to lenny he wasn’t up too speed before that, so too me that’s laxalt n Frimpong on the wings, Taylor ager Duffy. Assuming there are no more surprises

  3. celtic1member1vote on

    The SFA have had to get a £5 Million pound business interruption loan from the government as they’re skint ..

  4. weebobbycollins on

    And Seethin’ G will be in the dugout on Saturday as case not proven. Well, we knew that didn’t we? Now, had it been Neil Lennon…

  5. Obviously the Huns will be orgasmic right now, but we will still put eleven very capable & competitive players on the pitch.


    You would imagine our dander will be really up for the game and if we win it will be a huge kick in the Goolies to the Hun, even a draw at this stage will seem like a lost opportunity to them.


    This could turn out in our favour yet.

  6. The hand of God on

    Time to call the game off…we have lost all these players to the virus whilst on international leave totally outwith Celtic’s control

  7. weebobbycollins on

    We have already had one clown on radio saying we are falling like flies and they will thrash us on Saturday. I think it could be a motivating factor in our favour…bring them on! It will be such a sweet victory, a real girfuy victory, from which they will find it hard to recover….

  8. ADI_DASSLER………..



    I thought the “security” was future earnings.



    They must be sure crowds will be back sooner rather than later.

  9. David, Thanks for backing, I hope you don’t mind me saying that the expression is Hear Hear, apparently originated from House of Commons.


    Where MP’s used to shout Hear Hear at other MP’s interrupting speeches,




  10. Lazy Dynamite, the EPL & other English Leagues, will survive through this nonsense Scamdemic


    due to the money they get from Sly TV.


    Covid19 @ present, is now far less harmless than, Pneumonia & Influenza, & we have survived,


    through pneumonia & influenza over time. Covid19, came around @ the end of March this year,


    & peaked near the middle of April, & it’s far less harmful than when it was @ its peak. @ Present,


    there is a lot of Hospital empty Beds, around the Globe, & genuine serious illness people, are not


    being treated properly @ present. Also, Doctors & Lawers around Europe, will soon be getting a


    case together, via the Supreme Court of Human Rights, to challenge this ridiculous situtation, we


    are all in @ present, which is now been renamed, as serious organised Crime by we all know who.

  11. as a total aside,



    I was on a call with a fella at Adidas today, on work matters, he said to me are you celtic or rangers, I said celtic and rangers died he said, “the celtic kit is our absolute favourite this season, all of them are wonderful looking”




  12. Corkcelt – not at all I’m not the sharpest tool in the lightbulb.






    D :)

  13. A second Republic of Ireland player has returned a false positive test result for Covid-19, the FAI confirmed this evening.



    Stephen Kenny’s preparations for the Nations League clash with Finland on Wednesday were thrown into further disarray when the player received a positive result for the virus from the UEFA testers on Monday morning.




    That’s the second false positive ffs!

  14. A lovely little banner went up in the Garngad today in preparation for Saturday.



    Facing motorway at Royal infirmary.



    D :)

  15. El Hamed wouldn’t have started.


    Bitton wouldn’t have started.


    Christie & Forrest haven’t performed in this fixture.



    No more cases please, especially in the backline.



    I’m more concerned about Neil and the management team’s ability to find a team from our abundance of talent and a system to counter the number Gerrard currently has on us in this fixture.



    The press, the flooding of the midfield and the assists from their 2 wing backs.



    p.s Don’t start Scott Brown. We need energy, possession, accurate forward passing and creativity.




  16. DAVID66 on 12TH OCTOBER 2020 7:52 PM


    A lovely little banner went up in the Garngad today in preparation for Saturday.



    Facing motorway at Royal infirmary.




    D :)






    cmon, picture, whit wis it

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