Ego-zilla, if you like


St Mirren are the whipping boys of Scottish football right now.  The only points they’ve picked up in two months came in a win over mid-table free-wheeling Hamilton, leaving them four points adrift at the bottom of the pile.  They are in as bad a shape as then-bottom Ross County were when they visited Celtic Park for the last game of 2014 and left with a well-deserved point.  The reality is, if Celtic are running at 95% capacity they will struggle against anyone.

You and me are well beyond the stage that we are surprised that fantasists telling fantastic tales go largely unchallenged by their fanatics followers.  It used to bother us, now we know what damage it does, it only adds sugar to the pie.

Sure, the 40 registered nomads in the UK all baulked at overseeing a company with a new, fit and proper board, who have a sound seven year plan to achieve enormous success.  The nomads blamed the iniquities of the old board (who worked successfully with a nomad until it became evident who was going to replace them) for their refusal to work with the new board.

Crazy nomads work with lunatics, but as soon as good management move in, they realise what a bad idea it was to work with lunatics, then ditch the good management.  It’s irrational, I know, but nomads are always out of their faces on God knows what.  This happens all the time.

This is not Pyongyang, nor Moscow.  You are living in one of the few places in Western Europe with so little oversight and scrutiny that people get away with this nonsense.

Mr King and Mr P Murray want to act as directors in a regulated public company which is a phoenix of a liquidated business they were directors of.  Faced with this proposition, Mr King’s Glib and Shameless past is irrelevant.

The way forward for newco is simple.  Appoint a board of experienced professionals, recognised in their fields.  Allow those tainted by liquidations or criminal convictions to invest their cash and sit on the football club board, leaving the regulated company free to conduct its business in a proper way.  Why they don’t do this is the most fascinating subplot of all.

Oldco was driven into liquidation by a combination of some rudimentary charm and the biggest ego in Edinburgh.  My hunch is that newco is has found a leader equally adept at charming the media, but with perhaps a larger-still ego.  Ego-zilla, if you like.

Why are they all falling for this?  Are they really that stupid?

I was blown away by the response to yesterday’s article.  Thank you to everyone who bid on the St Andrews’ Open Golf Hospitality auction.  And thank you to a couple of people who decided to anonymously put £2000 towards our school kitchen appeal.  We have some incredible people in our midst.

The auction runs until next week, so fill your boots:


All day Hospitality for 4 based at the Eden Mill Distillery for the Open Golf Championship at St Andrews on any day to suit from 16 to 19 July 2015. Auction in aid of the Celtic Quick News (CQN) appeal to build a fourth school kitchen in Malawi for Mary’s Meals.

Shuttle transport for the five minute journey to and from the golf course as needed

Beer, Gin and Whisky tastings throughout the day with the master distiller.

The chance to create a unique CQN single malt whisky cask worth potentially £5000 for future CQN charities.

A bottle of this very special single malt whisky to commemorate the great day when it is bottled in several years.

Eden Mill is Scotland’s newest and most innovative distillery and brewery incorporated in February 2012!

Located just 2 miles from the famous Old Course itself it provides a perfect base for hospitality for yourself and 3 friends on a day of your choosing at the forthcoming open golf championship on July 16th to 19th.

But this is so much more than just a day’s hospitality at the home of golf. Before taking to the course to watch the you will enjoy a breakfast roll or two and discuss your perfect single malt whisky with the master distiller.

Whilst you and your friends are enjoying the golf he will seek to surpass your favourite whisky by using the best barley to create the right wash and recommending the right type of barrels for our very own unique CQN 1/4 cask of single malt. A cask which will mature and provide over £5000 of future funding for our charities in a few years time.

You will return to the distillery by shuttle bus for lunch and an optional beer tasting and then for afternoon tea with a tutored gin and whisky tasting with the owner capping off a memorable, unique and very special day for your group and for CQN.

My thanks to Eden Mill for their incredible support. You can bid on the auction here.

Have a good, Good Friday.

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  1. hamiltontim



    12:49 on 3 April, 2015





    No mate I’m suggesting that both North and East stands should be £15.



    I think the SFA are ripping the piss with the prices.

  2. Sincere Condolences to you, Tony Donnelly and to all your family on the loss of your brother. May he Rest in peace.

  3. Provisional squad: Gordon, Denayer, Matthews, Izaguirre, Ambrose, Van Dijk, Bitton, Armstrong, Mackay-Steven, Johansen, Brown, Forrest, Commons, Scepovic, McGregor, Wakaso, Griffiths, Guidetti, Fisher, Zaluska.

  4. Geordie Munro on




    I think I get you now :)



    My confusion came when you complained about pricing because both previous games at hampeden stands were priced the same.



    It’s the previous pricing that’s bothering you…not this one.





    NEGANON. from earlier



    I would like them promoted like that so that the whole bloody world would be aware of what is happening.



    Even the SMSM couldn’t spin their way out of such a shameful event.

  6. Geordie Munro on

    “And thank you to a couple of people who decided to anonymously put £2000 towards our school kitchen appeal.”







    Should you not take all the credit for this act?:)



    Annebudge csc

  7. bournesouprecipe on

    ‘Celtic Football Club is extremely disappointed with the ticket pricing for our forthcoming Scottish Cup semi-final match against Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Celtic argued strongly that the pricing for North Stand tickets should be reviewed and lowered, to be brought closer to prices for other parts of the stadium.



    ‘As in previous years, due to Celtic supporters being in the vast majority, a huge number of our supporters will be required to pay a ticket price which we believe is too high.


    ‘Clearly, we feel that SFA and other Clubs involved should have taken a common sense approach to this matter in the interests of fairness for our supporters and to ensure attendances at the matches are as high as possible.’



    The SFA responded: ‘The Scottish FA notes Celtic’s statement on ticket pricing for the forthcoming William Hill Scottish Cup semi-finals and can clarify the following: All four participating clubs were consulted on ticket pricing for the semi-finals; the semi-final ticket prices have been unchanged for the past four years; the Scottish Cup semi-final gate, broadcast and advertising revenues for both matches are aggregated and distributed evenly to the competing teams, minus a 10-per-cent levy.’

  8. tonydonnelly67



    So sorry to hear of your loss.


    Thoughts and prayers with the Donnelly family tonight.

  9. GM



    Naw daftie :-)



    It’s the price differential for this game AND the pricing of this and previous games I’m unhappy at.

  10. Geordie Munro on

    “The reality is, if Celtic are running at 95% capacity they will struggle against anyone.”







    I can’t agree with this comment though.



    I don’t think we’ve seen this side anywhere near 95% yet.



    Good times ahead.




  11. Burgas Hoops on

    TD67 Sorry for the late reply just catching up.



    Condolences Tony to you and your family.

  12. Tony Donnelly



    My sympathies on the loss of your brother.



    May he R.I.P.




  13. Geordie Munro on




    Is this not the cheapest game so far?



    Anyways I’m not understanding you. You’ll have to explain it over a pint:))



    Yourbuying csc

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GM °It is same prices as our game, I wonder how many concessions are available, can’t see ticket prices on Hibs website, or concession details.HH

  15. !!Bada Bing!!


    13:07 on


    3 April, 2015


    I think 95% is enough to see off most teams in this league



    If it is not, there should be some serious questions asked.

  16. bournesouprecipe on




    Three good shouts.



    St Mirren are down, and we must guard against complacency.



    You keep up the good work on highlighting the fraud that will continue to blight Scottish Football, where our club have to compete.



    Well done to all donating Tims.

  17. excathedra44 on

    Tony Donnelly.



    As someone I read frequently I was sorry to hear of your sad loss.




  18. HighlandBhoy on



    Sorry to hear about your loss, words never seem to be enough at times like this. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time, may he rest in peace.

  19. bournesouprecipe on




    Not according to the statement. Being consulted and agreeing are two different things.



    Celtic generally fill the North Stand for these games, and are charged more, – I don’t think any club in that position would see that as fair.



    Looks like we were voted down.

  20. Sad news re Mick Donnelly knew him from my younger days in the Govanhill Bar.



    On an even sadder personel note and today of all days myself and my Mother watched with much sadness this morning the demolition of Our Lady of Consolation in Govanhill.This Church had to be built to accommodate demand at a time when the Calder Cinema was being used for Mass.Horrible seeing the work taking place especially when you can see parts of the Alter,Balcony and Confessionals exposed to the elements.Lots of memories but perhaps a sign of the times…….Spoiled my day.

  21. Looks a lot like Che Guevara on

    The media spin is laughable. A former manager who fails to achieve a top 6 finish and whose club appoint a sporting director “decides” to leave at the end of the season – Whit? Really? Oh c’mon tell us the truth, go on!



    “But, after missing out on a top six finish this season, the 56-year-old has decided not to remain in charge for next term. And McLeish, who had a hugely successful spell in charge at Ibrox”



    Laptop loyal spin or lazy journalism of just printing the PR company press release?


    Only in Scotland…….

  22. Bourne



    I read it the same but I think the SFA have attempted to muddy the waters with the ambiguous nature of their reply.

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