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  1. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Come you bhoys in Green.



    Remember the MacKenzie Furniss challenge guys.



    For each goal Celtic score I will donate a £10 ( Money doubled thanks to TBB )



    Text Mack83 £x to 70070 or donate here.






    This wee girl really needs the money folks if you can spare it.



    If not, prayers, messages, letters — anything you can think of to help this.









    ‘Mon the Hoops!

  2. Doc is Neil Lennon



    18:32 on 7 August, 2013



    BBJ and Pat on the panel, shockeroony Tims!


    And Mark McGhee co-commentating!


    Where’s the Huns!?



    They are all in therapy…HH

  3. I have a feeling James F will shine tonight


    Please let it be so .


    just do it


    Hail Hail

  4. Kilbowie Kelt on

    O K, Here we go again !


    We’re on the road again.



    Please, let us enjoy every second of this sporting feast that has been laid out for us this evening.


    Let’s hope we get the result we all want.


    But, please, let’s not DEMAND that result.


    Should the team fall short of what they & we want, please don’t try to find scapegoats, on or off the field.




  5. Strong team setup to hit on the break and attack set pieces. We should be able to frustrate them for the first half which should draw them out a bit.



    Once they push out we can exploit the space and get the goal we need.



    This is a team set up to play for the full 90 mins. There is no rush here, we hold the advantage.

  6. On the off chance any holidaying tims in Corralejo, fuerteventura are looking for a live broadcast, I just found a little scottish bar carrying it – off the main strip at the corner with the bank next to the Little Italy testaurant. An Caistel or domething.

  7. whitedoghunch on

    Mark McGhee looks thinner now than when he was playing !


    Also did big John say Packie

  8. the boy jinky



    Maybe the plastic pitch will work in James favour as its hard to turn and catch up on them.

  9. Listening to their manager, can we assume that they will be 11 men behind the ball for the first half, then come out looking for a goal or two in the second?



    Plays into our hands, gives our defence time to settle in the first 15mins which is usually our downfall.



    Grab a goal in the 1st half when they are sitting deep and kill the tie off.

  10. And I’ve made it . Beeb online through hdmi and sound routed to the stereo ! Who said caravanning was roughing it ?!






    Hail hail




  11. Drambowiecelt on

    The much maligned Efe to score first 33/1


    How old is big packie?He looks great.








  12. Score a goal and well be through



    Joe Ledley anytime scorer 4/1.



    Ghosting in at the back post….

  13. Good afternoon


    At last the music is killed and we have pics from the tunnel.


    Why has my mouth gone dry?

  14. BRTH – I lobbed mine in earlier mate; thanks for re-posting the web link to donate this morning.





  15. Professor Green on

    These scottish journos take your breath away at times. First question to the Elfsborg manager ” everyone expects Celtic to progress”.



    That will be the team talk boosted right away. No one from Celtic thinks tonight is going to be easy or underestimates this team. Yet this clown is saying we don’t rate them.

  16. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    You are a star mhan.



    Oh and if anyone is really lucky with a bet tonight– remember MacKenzie if you can please.







  17. Anyway…….



    In the garden in G66 singing….



    Having a Barbie for the champions league……



    Prawns on skewers for the champions league



    Chicken & mushrooms for the champions league




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