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  1. the long wait is over on

    Our biggest issue is that no one in midfield has put their foot on the ball.

  2. Ten Men Won The League


    19:15 on


    7 August, 2013




    His distribution is terrible.


    We cant get to grips with the pitch. Forster is far to hesitant.


    We are making that muppet bangura look good.

  3. Rocket Man, same shape we have been playing for months, it’s personnel tonight, Charlie isn’t a midfielder, simple as for me. Having said that I see why he is playing, solidity.

  4. Quality of both teams in question.


    Wilson and Izzy BOTH unable to put in telling tackle in box

  5. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    celts giving as good as theyre getting


    one goal for the tic and its all over

  6. That formation is dependent on Forrest tracking back which isn’t Neil’s game plan…

  7. They are just bypassing our midfield


    Can someone in hoops please put their foot on the ball ffs

  8. thehoopedduke on

    Our CBs don’t inspire confidence hope the Dutch lad is good. If Wilson is for the aff I won’t miss him

  9. We cannot keep the ball, midfield all over the place, better piece of play there from the boys

  10. archdeaconsbench on

    Would we get away with sending Ambrose down to Nottingham tomorrow instead of big Kelvin??



    Just a thought…