Ellis throws administration a legal curveball


The very last thing anyone connected with Rangers wanted to read this morning is that Andrew Ellis, Craig Whyte’s former associate, is suing the Rangers owner for 24.9% of the club’s shares.  This puts a further legal impediment in the way of any potential transfer of shares or stadium assets from Whyte to a new party.  It remains to be seen if Ellis is in a position to legally enforce his claim however the veracity of his claim may be moot.

Prospective Rangers buyers do not have time to spend in court hearings and appeals before the start of the new season.  If a phoenix (or even a CVA) is to be put in place it is likely that those with a claim, any claim, will need to be satisfied.

This development comes a week after Whyte transferred the security over Ibrox he holds through Rangers FC Group Ltd to Liberty Corporate Ltd.

Legal issues over ownership of shares and assets aside, Rangers’ administrators still have to deal with creditors, in particular, HMRC, who will soon learn if their tax demand against the club has been upheld by the First Tier Tribunal, and Ticketus.  Duff and Phelps were denied the right to set aside the deal which Ticketus struck with Rangers to buy thousands of seasons tickets, leaving a path open for Ticketus to present a legal challenge to any deal which does not recognise their interests.

Chances of an early exit from administration appear to be diminishing by the day. Motherwell were in administration for four days short of two years between April 2002 and April 2004. If Rangers are not out of administration on the morning the new season kicks off they would start on minus 10 points.

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  1. We are The Champions,and there’s absolutely nuthin’ that Gollum and his ilk can do to take that away from us!


    “Celebrate good times,come on!”. HH!

  2. Liquidation would be just. I can’t think of another business of this size who would have been spared the Reapers Scythe with these financials and history . Well I can think of one, but MIH are being asset managed to a lingering death rather than outright liquidated.



    Whilst we wait for the FTT to commence open season on Murray and his actions, it’s as feel to remember the issue that marches in step with EBT misuse, and thats the question of registrations.



    The issue is much wider than just the SPL. Rangers are accused of improperly registering players not just for the SPL



    They are also accused of playing improperly registered players in the Scottish Cup, which makes it an SFA matter



    They are also accused of playing incorrectly registered players in the League Cup (in whatever guise) . That makes it an SFL matter as this is their competition



    They are accused of playing players who were not properly registered in European competition. That makes it a UEFA matter.



    Their players also represented many countries whilst not properly registered at club level. That makes it a FIFA matter



    This is the scale of the problem. Sion were hammered by UEFA and the Swiss FA.



    The SPL and the SFA better get to the bottom of this. No whitewash. Rangers have now had 2 consecutive thoroughly discreditable owners. There has been an accumulation of unethical, immoral and dishonest behaviour going back decades.



    I have yet to hear a single word of apology for unethical, immoral and dishonest behaviour. All we have had is a couple of lines from Murray about being duped and he regrets that.



    Murray is shameless. He is the most disreputable individual ever to play a role in Scottish football. Whyte is a mere footnote compared to him



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  3. Just read the article properly. Stupid huns. Tearing themselves apart from within. You just knew they’d do this kind of thing. One love? When it comes to Rankers,I don’t think so.

  4. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Since my Rangers left me


    I’ve found a new place to dwell


    Down at the end of Lonely Street


    Heartbreak Hotel…

  5. Marrakesh Express on

    Jungle jim 10-26


    The Larkhall story is unbelievable but true. It beggars belief the a local council are seen to more or less condone the actions of these morons. The town’s name is synonimous with bigotry and you would think someone in power there would attempt to create a better image. Larkhall is closer to Hicktown Alabama circa 1950 than it is to Western Europe 21st century. Sadly there are others just as bad, like Shotts, Harthill and Kilwinning.


    Another embarrassing blight which makes Scotland in my opinion, the most socially backward country in the EEC. ‘Best wee country in the world’ has to be a joke.




  6. Paul, a 10 point deduction for next season would kick in if rfcia were still in admin for any part of the close season, no? That is, day after cup final. I amy be wrong…….

  7. jock steins celtic on

    would it be possible for Rangers to enter next season still in Administration ? there wouldn’t be the funds for them to limp along for that long would there ?

  8. Oglagh 12.04 – you should accept that O’Rourke’s comments can’t be defended on the grounds that he wishes death (in however ridiculous a fashion) on protestant workers because they worked for a notoriously sectarian employer. Many protestant workers who worked in Harland & Wolff were not bigots. My father was one. He may have been a Rangers supporter but he did not have one bigoted bone in his body which is why his son grew up a Celtic supporter and a season ticket holder.

  9. Buddy Morrisey on

    Posters on RTC were mentioning the Wee Tax Case – what is the update on that ?



    The administrators’ report mentioned:



    Small Tax Case



    14.28 The Small Tax Case was bought against the Company by HMRC in respect of outstanding amounts owed from the use of a discounted options tax scheme for payments made to Tore Andre Flo and Ronald De Boer between the tax years 2000/01 and 2002/03.



    14.29 The total amount determined as due by HMRC in respect of this case is in the region of £4,000,000, after interest and penalty charges.



    14.30 The Small Tax Case has not progressed as far as Tribunal and has been settled based upon advice received.



    The big tax Case is subject to appeal.



    I’ve lost the plot of whether the Wee tax case is being investigated on by the footballing authorities? reported on in the media? questioned about by journalists?

  10. Barcabhoy on 10 April, 2012 at 12:24 said:



    Totally agree about Murray, when are the MSM going to get on his case, suspect


    succulent lamb might be one of the reasons.



    Hail Hail

  11. “If Rangers are not out of administration on the morning the new season kicks off they would start on minus 10 points.”



    Paul67, you are such a tease :-)






  12. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on

    Lenny must be placed on a 3 year contract with a treble expected in each of the next 3 years – a Treble Treble.



    I honestly think it is attainable.

  13. SPL Rules:



    A6.8 Where a Club takes, suffers or is subject to an Insolvency Event that Club shall be deducted 10 points. Where the Insolvency Event occurs during the Season, the points deduction shall apply immediately. Where the Insolvency Event occurs during the Close Season the points deduction shall apply in respect of the immediately following Season, such that the Club starts that immediately following Season on minus 10points.



    A6.9 Where an Insolvency Event or in the event that such Insolvency Event is part of an Insolvency Process that process, continues and/or is subsisting for more than one Season then, for each such Season, during the whole or part of which such Insolvency Event or Insolvency Process is continuing and/or subsisting, the Club concerned shall be deducted 10 points or, as the case may be, shall start each such Season on minus 10 points.




    So is the close season regarded as effectively part of the next season in this respect? It could be interpreted that way if you read the two rules together.

  14. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on

    I really don’t want liquidadtion…I want continued administration. With every 10 pt deduction the club becomes less saleable..drifting to terminal mid table mediocrity at best.

  15. roy croppie on 10 April, 2012 at 12:32 said:



    Joe O’Rourke tried to be funny, many of us do it on here all the time, and sadly many fail, including myself on many occasions. He tried to be funny replying to an old joke that’s been doing the rounds about Potestants building the Titanic and Catholics building an ice-berg. Context and the restrictions of social media come into this.


    He said:


    “Brilliant, the only problem is, the ones who built it didn’t sail on it.”



    He has now apologised and admitted the comment was wrong. Given his position with the CSA he should have been more careful. I can see where the calls for his resignation come from but I’d go further.



    I’d make him watch the film in 3D for punishment-twice!

  16. Paul67



    Everything is rosy in the rangers garden a deal will be dobe by tomorrow according to the Laptop Loyal. Then again…



    Channel 4 journalist in assault threat over Rangers reporting and claims of “destroyed” media in Glasgow



    Channel 4 News chief correspondent, Alex Thomson, has revealed he has been physically threatened by a Scottish journalist in a hostile media atmosphere in Glasgow during his current investigation into the tangled financial affairs of Rangers FC.



    Thomson, who has covered 20 wars across the globe in his 22 years with Channel 4 News, claims that asking questions about Rangers FC “clearly angers some in the Glasgow media in a way I’ve never seen in 25 years of global reporting.”



    In one blog, he asked why nobody saw that the club’s former owner Sir David Murray’s was crumbling, and nobody at the club, the Scottish Football Association and the Scottish Premier League questioned whether current owner Craig Whyte really was the man to buy Rangers FC.



    “Because – like the bankers – everyone was having too much fun living the dream? Partly yes, but partly a crucial check and balance to all the Ibrox hype had all but gone,” claimed Thomson.



    “For years too much football ‘journalism’ in Glasgow had been too lazy, sycophantic and incapable of asking awkward questions.” ~



    In another blog, Thomson, an Oxford university graduate who began his broadcasting career with the BBC in Northern Ireland, explained: “I’d expected the paranoia, insults, spin etc – hey – this is ‘fitba’ after all and I welcome it good, bad and ugly, from fans within and without Glasgow. Indeed I’ve gone out and asked for it.



    “What I didn’t expect were the insults (and in at least one case a direct physical threat) not from fans but from Scottish journalists. Sarajevo, Mogadishu, Kabul, Islamabad, Tripoli, Baghdad…I could bore you with more – in none of these places have I ever got this interesting reaction from local journalists.



    “Only in Glasgow. So something’s up. Something’s different. Something about asking questions about RFC clearly angers some in the Glasgow media in a way I’ve never seen in 25 years of global reporting.



    “Equally, a number of fine Glasgow journalists have been incredibly helpful, encouraging and agree there has been something deeply wrong for far too long in the culture of reporting RFC.



    “They know who they are, male and female, working in papers, radio and broadcasting and every single one has encouraged me to dig around in an area many cannot, will not or are prevented from, exploring.



    “I refer of course to ‘succulent lamb’. Graham Spiers, seasoned football writer in Glasgow was there the day it happened.



    “He and other reporters dined with Sir David Murray – then Rangers FC owner, in the Channel Islands. Murray – as ever – was talking big on the Rangers dream-theme, laying out plans for the club that seemed to go well beyond the mere limit of the sky.



    “There duly appeared copy praising the ‘succulent lamb’ that was eaten – the ‘fine red’ that was drunk.



    “The food and drink were taken – so was this man’s dream of Rangers – all without much question in some quarters.



    “I make and imply no criticism at all of the reporters present – what intrigues as an outsider is how many people years later around Glasgow happily talk about ‘succulent lamb’ journalism.



    Thomson goes on to quote Spiers, who recently left The Times as its Scottish football correspondent, at length from an interview for Channel 4 which can be viewed on its website.



    Reported Thomson: “Let Graham explain – he was actually there, after all:



    ‘Succulent lamb journalism means a culture – and I hold my hand up here too – a culture of sycophantic, unquestioning, puff journalism that went on around Rangers generally and Sir David Murray particularly.”



    Thomson continued: “Of course you’ll see it to some degree across sport, across football. But it was, many Glasgow journalists say, more damaging here.”



    “’Look’, added Spiers, ‘you are making a pact with the devil if you like. You get thrown the best scraps. You get something for the back page or whatever. But there’s a tacit deal. You don’t dig too deep. You don’t cause any trouble’.”



    “So Big Dave’s dream was shouted across Glasgow. Fans loved it. It shifted papers. Everyone (in blue) wanted in, needed to believe.



    “So it went on – year after year. On one side the directors at Scotland’s football ‘governing’ bodies didn’t ask much. On the other, large sections of Glasgow football journalism declined to delve.



    “How else to explain Ibrox’s boom to spectacular bust? How else to deal with the fact that when Craig Whyte took over it was stories of a ‘billionaire’ with ‘off the scale riches’ that were pumped out?



    “Ten minutes on Google or in Companies House could’ve ended that. But no. It was dreamland the fans wanted, dreamland much of the media bought into and a club already financially crippled was about to be further injured.



    “Legions of fans sold out again, as it would turn out.



    “Succulent lamb culture has permeated to a degree that, as one prominent Glasgow tabloid journalist put it: ‘The press -a really critical check and balance in the normal way of things, had been more or less destroyed in Glasgow’.



    “So are things any better today? Is succulent lamb off the menu – replaced with humble pie?



    “I leave it to others to judge if that succulent lamb cozy Glasgow football culture has really gone away.



    “How come nobody saw Sir David Murray’s Rangers empire was crumbling?



    “How come nobody at the club, the SFA, the SPL questioned whether Craig Whyte really was the man to buy RFC?



    “For years too much football ‘journalism’ in Glasgow had been too lazy, sycophantic and incapable of asking awkward questions.



    “Some notable exceptions of course – but the dismal rule stand out thereby. And it’s not clear things are getting all that much better even when faced with the massive corporate car-crash which is Rangers today.



    “The culture of taking wild stories at face value and pumping them out appears alive and well in Glasgow – the record will show the MSM [mainstream media] in that city have been left standing time and time again by bloggers getting the facts in their spare time often many miles from Glasgow.



    “Media studies PhD anyone? Tis fertile ground,” he concluded

  17. Bobby – after interest and penalties let’s make that a case of the black stuff lol! Do you live anywhere near ML8?

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    So we’re talking about them still being in administration, yet


    They have not complied with the license requirements.


    The administration are operating whilst insolvent.


    How does this work ?

  19. ASonofDan – from previous, and not sure if you were serious, but if Joe had called them Huns I would be first in line to defend him.

  20. There are a going to be a lot of rich lawyers and a parallel can be found in Dickens Bleak House in teh case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce



    From the first chapter:



    Jarndyce and Jarndyce drones on. This scarecrow of a suit has, in course of time, become so complicated that no man alive knows what it means. The parties to it understand it least, but it has been observed that no two Chancery lawyers can talk about it for five minutes without coming to a total disagreement as to all the premises. Innumerable children have been born into the cause; innumerable old people have died out of it. Scores of persons have deliriously found themselves made parties in Jarndyce and Jarndyce without knowing how or why; whole families have inherited legendary hatreds with the suit. The little plaintiff or defendant who was promised a new rocking-horse when Jarndyce and Jarndyce should be settled has grown up, possessed himself of a real horse, and trotted away into the other world. Fair wards of court have faded into mothers and grandmothers; a long procession of Chancellors has come in and gone out; the legion of bills in the suit have been transformed into mere bills of mortality; there are not three Jarndyces left upon the earth perhaps since old Tom Jarndyce in despair blew his brains out at a coffee-house in Chancery Lane; but Jarndyce and Jarndyce still drags its dreary length before the court, perennially hopeless.



    In the end the whole estate is found to have been absorbed in costs and the “law suit lapses and melts away”



    I look forward to that chapter




    The Onlooker


    Charlesdickens CSC

  21. Can someone explain how one of these bidders takes over rangers without buying Whyte’s shares.



    I have read the blue knights and emperor Ng have made an offer of £10 Million but this is the money they would put in to pay all the creditors.



    So how does it work?



  22. Paul67 on 10 April, 2012 at 12:34 said:


    weeron, the key moment is 1 minute past midnight on the morning of the first SPL game of the season, not before then.



    So Paul, I take it we can expect a proposal for a late start to the SPL this year if it transpires that RFC(IA) are still predicted to be RFC(IA) at that time ? Or is that just me and my paranoia ?

  23. LENNYisAwarMACHINE on

    does anyone else thingk the govan dodgers have got off lightly by getting thier 10 point penalty.


    Sparing them and the league embarresment?



    We need to lower your IQ for a second, and think like your average dodger (and Ed, you are way above average in my opinion).



    lets take away the 10 point deduction.


    we know that we didnt need it, but we will take it away, now there is no “tainted” claims.



    And lets just assume that they win thier next game.


    And we beat murderwell.



    that would see us going into the game on the 29th at paradise 8 points ahead.


    victory putting us 11 clear with only 9 to play for.



    We are effectively winning the title by hammering them at Celtic Park.


    Winning at Mordor would have been sweet.


    But to do it infront of our home support, and show them how REAL supporters party would be just too good.


    I dont think I could ever get enough.



    We all know we have been the best team.


    won more.


    Scored more



    drawn less.


    lost less.


    conceeded less



    We are WELL worthy champions.



    but the thought that a victory on the 29th would have been THE day is quite appealing.



    cant wait!

  24. Afternoon Bhoys and Ghirls,



    The Druids are playing in the Hibs Club in Port Glasgow on 20th April, and in Wishaw the following night, 21st April, if anyone is interested in attending, a guy named Paul can be contacted re transport, tkts etc on 07984599611



    Hail Hail




  25. BrayStreet on 10 April, 2012 at 12:30 said:




    ”Many protestant workers who worked in Harland & Wolff were not bigots. My father was one. He may have been a Rangers supporter but he did not have one bigoted bone in his body”




    Was your father unaware of the the huns sectarian signing policy?



    Or was he just not bothered about it?

  26. Bryce Curdy



    My post was Tongue in cheek but I think it has been blown way out of proportion in order to do a bit of needless point scoring.

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