Elyounoussi and Taylor must play tomorrow


If Neil Lennon is anything like me, he will have spent more time considering Thursday’s game in Rennes than tomorrow’s in Hamilton.  That is unlikely.  Hamilton Accies have had a decent start to the season: beating Kilmarnock and a draw at struggling Hearts, putting a shine over a drubbing at Ross County on the opening day of the season and a home defeat to Motherwell.

On paper, this one looks straightforward; however, this game will not be played on paper, but some godforsaken polymer.  Nothing can be taken for granted.

While we have had plenty of time to salivate over new arrivals like Jullien, Bolingoli (yes), Elhamed and Bauer; Mohamed Elyounoussi and Greg Taylor have yet to wear the hoops.  If fit, both must play tomorrow.  It will be a long 90 minutes in France and we will need as much of the squad blooded and ready.

It’s good to have the real football back.

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  1. I would like to thank my family and friends for standing by me when I was only getting in the top 20’s and 30’s, this means so much to me………………….

  2. Play our strongest team available from the off against Hamilton, get a couple of goals up then rest key players.






    D. :)

  3. DAVID66 on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 12:42 PM


    Play our strongest team available from the off against Hamilton, get a couple of goals up then rest key players.




    I don’t think in today’s mad fixture lists, we can do that, all teams rotate players and its good for the fringe guys to try and break into the team




  4. Taylor will know the ground. Play him. He looked happy as Larry at training.



    Unleash Mo and bring back Sinky or play Boli further up. Don’t risk Ajer, Eddie and Calmac…



    Easy this management lark.











    Firstly a belated Happy Hoopy Birthday to CONNAIRE12 and Congrats to The Battered Bunnet.







    To BRTH and Connaire especially…





    I read your post at 12.19am BRTH, and saw that Saint John Ogilvie was mentioned at the Mass in Lisbon etc.







    I usually only lurk these days, but I am happy to share this True Story to all on here in relation to Saint John Ogilvie…..





    My Primary School thru the late 1960’s was “BLESSED JOHN OGILVIE Primary School” in Easterhouse, Glasgow.





    A couple of hundred yards along the road from my school, was the local GP Surgery on Newhills Road.





    In that Doctors Surgery, there was one GP in particular ( Dr Allan Freedman)…who was literally a “God Send”, as he had NO hesitation in providing Sickness Lines in particular to those of us who had experienced a very drunken weekend, and who couldnt make it to work on the Monday morning…due of course entirely to Hangovers !





    It is true to state that Dr Freedman, would throw these Sickness ( Panel) Lines around like confetti, as back in those days, there was no such thing as a “Self Certificate” Line to excuse you from the workplace. It had to come from your Doctor. On occasions, I was equally guilty of that Monday Morning hangover and visit Dr Freedman….and telling that Good Man LIES in order to get a “Panel Line” !





    I was certainly NOT alone in my thinking as despite there being maybe 4 or 5 GP’s sitting that morning, Dr Freedmans Section of waiting “Patients” was jammed packed and queues would be seen to be out of the front door just to see HIM….while other GP’s maybe only had 6 or 7 Folk waiting in their Section of the waiting room.







    I would tell Dr Freedman that I felt a heavy cold coming on, and usually before I had finished my pre organised “Speech”, the good Doctor had ALREADY written out a Sickness/Panel Line for at least a week !





    I remember asking him just to make it for 2 or 3 days or so, but he would have none of it !







    As you can imagine, the good Doctor Allan Freedman was very popular amidst the local community for many a long year !







    At this time there was a lovely Man known as Mr John Fagan who sadly was dying of cancer. Mr Fagan was known to many of us, especially those who attend Blessed John Ogilvie Chapel, which was sited immediately across from my Primary School. As Mr Fagans health became worse, He and his family would Pray every day to Blessed John Ogilvie, in the hope and belief that Mr Fagan would recover ?





    Mr Fagan, I believe WAS given The Last Rites on at least one occasion, and no one really had much hope for his health to improve ?







    Over a period of time, and many prayers being said for and by Mr Fagan, this man actually recovered to live on for much longer than the Doctors had believed, and of course the Praying to Blessed John Ogilvie was obviously a major factor in Mr Fagans health becoming better.







    Due to Mr Fagans “Recovery” and all the Prayers that were said for him and his family, Blessed John Ogilvie was indeed Cannonised as a Saint by The Holy Father in Rome…….so now it was SAINT John Ogilvie.







    Once the “Recovery” of Mr Fagan and the fact that it was now SAINT John Ogilvie…. rumours were abound throughout Easterhouse that…..The WRONG Man was Cannonised……as it should have been….SAINT Dr Allan Freedman !





    I remember even Mr Fagans Family and all of us who heard of this so called “Mistake” from Rome, were finding great humour at the suggestion that the WRONG Man had been made a Saint !







    God Bless Mr Fagan who fought like a LION !





    God Bless Saint John Ogilvie…





    and lastly, but not least…. God Bless Dr Allan Freedman !






  6. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Thank god it’s nearly Celtic match day again, they international


    breaks are as long as a jail term.


    Thinking about Jobo’s POTY top three for tomorrows game and


    i’m thinking there might be a surprise No1.


    Yes…my tip for tomorrows man of the match.




    Embdy think different?


    H.H Mick

  7. Just scrolling back & was awe struck by BRTH & his post on the Lisbon Mass. One of ye clever ghuys should copy & paste it, on to the current article, It deserves to be read by every CQN’er.


    It was also good to see many names of now infrequent Poster’s back on wishing Connaire a Happy Birthday.


    Let’s hope it leads to a bit of revival on the blog which to be honest has gone a bit stale


    We need a bit more from BRTH & , we need Roy Croppie back.

  8. Paul67



    Bench might be best place to launch newbies onto a plastic pitch?



    At £16M Elyounoussi is a player we need to see, at every opportunity. Taylor introduced replacing Mr Bolingoli when the points are secure.



    One game at time.



    Jock Stein CSC



    Good Evening.







    Have you ever been asked to sum up your life in the title of a book?







    Naw, me neither!







    But if I were asked then the answer would be dead simple. LUCKY JIM!







    I have always been lucky.







    About two and a half years ago, I was lucky enough to get an inspired message from Connaire12 which suggested that whilst a good number of us were in Lisbon celebrating the 50th anniversary of some football game or other, it might be an idea to organise a celebratory mass in Lisbon.







    I say, without any hesitation, that being asked to organise things in Lisbon in 2017 for so many friends and acquaintances was a real honour and a privilege and having been blessed with a good memory for such events, I brought home experiences and memories which will stick with me forever.







    The street party was phenomenal, the dinner for four hundred and eighty was a challenge and the visit to the stadium was a thing of wonder.







    However, if I am asked for a highlight — for just one moment that you would swap for all others on that trip — it would be the mass at The Basilica dos Martires on Lisbon’s Rua Garret and in particular Connaire12’s sermon which had me, and everyone else in the absolutely packed church, in tears.







    To even stage this Mass involved immense planning and an almost military operation. First of all Connaire12 had to get permission to say such a mass from his local Bishop. Similar permission had to be obtained in Portugal – but that could only be asked for once permission in Scotland had been granted.







    Once the Bishops had agreed, the Parish Priest for the Basilica had to consent and agree a time for the mass. As it turned out, this meant moving the normal morning Mass out of the main basilica and into another chapel altogether and it meant changing the time Mass was due to begin.







    Once all that was done all we had to do was get the word out to the two and a half thousand or so Celtic fans who were coming to Lisbon.







    This was done by e-mail, telephone calls, social media, word of mouth and via both STV and the BBC.







    Monsignor Charlie (I am fed up calling him Connaire12) and I then had to get readers (Malorbhoy and An Tearmann), Eucharistic Ministers, and organise hymns and so on. I agreed to write and say the bidding prayers.







    All well and good, and water off a duck’s back except for the huge numbers who turned up and the awestruck Portuguese public who were mystified as to how their church had been overran and commandeered by a set of football fans.







    And then there was that sermon!







    I have never been in a church or any other kind of religious service or other gathering where a sermon is met with the entire congregation getting to its feet, bursting into enthusiastic, proud and heartfelt spontaneous applause whilst at the same time openly wiping floods of tears away from faces.







    That is a moment that will live with me forever.







    And the cause of this emotion?







    None other than Monsignor Charlie simply talking about how his family were originally from The Calton and how it might just have been possible for his grandmother (I think) to have been baptised by Brother Walfrid.







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    About Columba and his mission through to St Mungo and the spread of Christianity throughout Scotland and about St Margaret of Scotland, St John Ogilvie and others who did missionary work and then the work of Walfrid and Brother Dorotheus in Glasgow’s east end.







    That work, which sought to relieve the poor and bring hope and education to the poorest of families living in the poorest conditions with dreadful infant mortality rates, was a continuation of and a natural consequence of the work of all the others who had gone before.







    And at the very heart of their work was the notion that they should put on football matches and even start a football club for good purposes, for the betterment of others, to help strangers, to feed the poor and the sick — and the football team would be called Celtic.







    Monsignor Charlie said that he thought Walfrid would have been amazed that this football team would be crowned Footballing Kings of all Europe in a foreign city within a hundred years of being founded, and even more amazed that a further 50 years after that so many people would return to that same city to celebrate the club, its ethos, its roots, its victory and perhaps his vision.







    He finished by saying that every one of us in that church should be grateful for our roots and our sense of community and that it is only right that we should come together and celebrate and give thanks for what Walfrid’s club has achieved and what it stands for – and most importantly that we carry that same message going forward – always be willing to lend a hand, do something for others less fortunate and who need a wee hand now and then and do it in the name of Celtic.







    I couldn’t read my own handwritten bidding prayers such were the tears of pride in that sermon.







    Many who follow our club are not religious at all, and there are fans of many different religions who were the Green and White.







    Charlie’s sermon that day would have appealed to all.







    The mass had some beautiful hymns not least of which was Mick Ward playing And you’ll never walk alone on the flute at communion.







    After the mass, Monsignor Charlie was presented with a couple of commemorative medals from the Basilica dos Martires and he gave one of these to me.







    It is a prized possession and one which helps bring back the amazing feeling that was in that church on that day.







    So, on his Birthday here is to Connaire12 who gave me and many others a Celtic experience that ranks along side anything that was provided by wee Jimmy, Henrik, Cheeky Charlie or Paul McStay.







    He is a lovely man and he has the spirit of Walfrid running through him.














    PS Congrats to the Battered Bunnett and family.




    Agree with you , the blog has been great the last couple of days.


    What i’d like to know is, if BIG JOE is bobbing about on a boat, is


    BIG WAVY bobbing about on a wave?


    H.H Mick

  11. BIG JOE on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 1:03 PM


    DAVID66 on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 12:42 PM



    Play our strongest team available from the off against Hamilton, get a couple of goals up then rest key players.





    I don’t think in today’s mad fixture lists, we can do that, all teams rotate players and its good for the fringe guys to try and break into the team









    Big Joe, not a fan of rotation, pro footballers should be able to play 2/3 games a week no problem.


    They should be highly tuned/pre season, therefor not much need for training too hard between matches allowing for recovery time.



    Simples… Playfootballitsfunandyougetpaidhandsomleycfc



    D. :)

  12. Good Mhan Philbhoy, Yes Mick, When the Blog is good it’s very good,



    Played a guy in a game of Golf this morning, just having a chat walking up to our Drives, and he says I’m off to France for a week’s Hols tomorrow. What part I asked, a place called Rennes said he, spelling it out just in case.


    This guy wasn’t a football fan or anything like that just had picked Rennes as a place to base himself.


    I was so consumed with jealousy that I fecked up the next 2 holes.

  13. Re tomorrow, I agree with Paul 67. I see minimum risk in starting Taylor, he will have played on artificial surfaces more than the new ghuys. & definitely a chance to blood our 15 million winger.


    What else would you do with a Loanee with that pedigree only play him.

  14. Just caught up on yesterday’s blog. What a wonderful piece from BRTH on the Lisbon 50th Anniversary celebrations in May 2017. A great read. My friend was there with his wife. It must have been an amazing experience.

  15. Guys I’m not going to argue with anyone’s choice of team for mañana.


    I think it’s good that wee have a decent squad now to pick from.


    Whoever Lenny picks, I just hope they do themselfs proud when they pull on that Celtic Jersey.






    D. :)

  16. To say that Greg Taylor “MUST” play, isn’t quite cricket Paul 67.



    Boli was great at Ibrox. He’s been rested all week. After Hamilton, he has 5 n a half days before the Rennes match.



    I would be surprised if Lenny doesn’t allow Boli to build from his Ibrox performance.

  17. If Mickey Johnson is out, which he is…. then yes of course would make sense to start Elyounoussi at Hamilton.

  18. Elyounoussi will wonder wtf he has signed up for once he steps into that plastic pitch. Not sure about risking 16 mill worth of talent on it to be honest



    I would play Taylor tho

  19. Apparently Tommy ‘The Hunskelper’ Rogic is fit again and ‘in contention’ for a place in the side



    Not sure i believe that but can’t wait to see the big beautiful marsupial in the Green and White again




  20. ——————Forster————————-



    Bauer ElHamed Jullien Boli



    ———Brown Ntcham—————–



    Forrest Christie Elyounoussi







    Get a few goals in to a lead. Get Eddy off, rapped in cotton wool. Get Rogic on, and rest Christie, last 25/30mins.

  21. RUGGYGMAN on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 4:11 PM


    Hopefully McGregor will be rested tomorrow. Bhoy needs it.



    And we have Ntcham to come in anyway.






    Wouldn’t the same apply to Eddy? Would be his 3rd start in 8 days.



    Bayo deputized well vs Hearts and we all know what Griff can do

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    TBH if I was a EPL manager I would put a clause in the loan contract that he wasn’t to play on plastic pitches, they’re not fit for top leagues⚽⚽

  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    Feyenoord fans not taking their full allocation because of the price 51€, jinks 51€ to watch Halliday and the Buffalo😱 so 1200 missing there goes £55k of Kent money gone😂

  24. GENE on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 4:56 PM


    When you look at the options we have almost in every position maybe the transfer window wasn’t too bad



    Just thinking the same….



    Feyenoord fans not taking their full allocation because of the price 51€, jinks 51€ to watch Halliday and the Buffalo😱 so 1200 missing there goes £55k of Kent money gone😂



    They will say that’s part of the 3,000 empty seats,that’s a ridiculous price, hope we’re not charging that…

  26. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hi BADA – we’re £84 for the three match package.








    Hi BADA – we’re £84 for the three match package.
















    I know, but that’s price they are charging away fans

  28. About Eddy and his France U21s games ….


    He came on as a sub in 73rd minute against Albania and scored 2 goals. Then against Czech Rep he scored another 2 goals before being substituted in, ironically, the 73rd minute, so in total he played 90 minutes over the 2 matches and scored 4 goals.


    Should be pretty fresh but less than 90 minutes tomorrow might be sensible.

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