Elyounoussi and Taylor must play tomorrow


If Neil Lennon is anything like me, he will have spent more time considering Thursday’s game in Rennes than tomorrow’s in Hamilton.  That is unlikely.  Hamilton Accies have had a decent start to the season: beating Kilmarnock and a draw at struggling Hearts, putting a shine over a drubbing at Ross County on the opening day of the season and a home defeat to Motherwell.

On paper, this one looks straightforward; however, this game will not be played on paper, but some godforsaken polymer.  Nothing can be taken for granted.

While we have had plenty of time to salivate over new arrivals like Jullien, Bolingoli (yes), Elhamed and Bauer; Mohamed Elyounoussi and Greg Taylor have yet to wear the hoops.  If fit, both must play tomorrow.  It will be a long 90 minutes in France and we will need as much of the squad blooded and ready.

It’s good to have the real football back.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Belated birthday wishes to Conaire12



    Thanks for all your help, support and prayers over the last few months


    Hope you had as a good rest day an and BRTH post said it all



  2. 16 Roads said he misses the racing after being Banned from CQN.



    Being doon there in Downpatrick on a Saturday evening trying to play Pool…… i now know it is impossible.

  3. BT


    Good to see you on, best wishes to you and yours.



    Samsung Galaxy S7, Adblock Plus for Android, DuckDuckGo browser – no issues with CQN. Other than the occasional post…!



  4. BT, yeah,



    He got a perma ban. He overstepped the mark but he definitely deserves a 2nd chance.



    Looking Forward to seeing Big Kris wherever he will be deployed.



    Legend Already.


    Good Morning.



    A wee fitba team called Celtic play football later today. That’ll be good.



    I see a wee post or two about religion, and organised religion in particular, during the night.



    Not the kind of thing that immediately comes to mind as scintillating chat but I thought I might throw my tuppence worth in so bear with me — or go make a cup of tea and hopefully something more interesting will follow this post and you can read that.



    I was at a funeral on Wednesday. It was a Humanist service for a woman of Irish descent who was brought up a Catholic.



    The service was organised by her widowed husband who is of an Italian Catholic background – and who was the only man in history to have received bag loads of complaints when he presented Late Call for a week on STV back in the day.



    Both of them had clearly turned their back on the Catholic Church yet both of them were a close to Christian as anyone I can think off.



    The complaints to STV about Late Call started when the chap concerned (a well known TV producer and theatre director) was pressed into presenting Late Call at the last minute instead of directing and producing the show.



    The opening scene showed him on the suspension bridge in Glasgow where he pointed out St Andrew’s Cathedral on Clyde Street, The Mosque, a Kirk which used to stand along the road and then various other religious buildings and then added ………. “But I have never seen any point in any organised religion at all!”



    At that point the scene cut and he was next pictured in front of Dali’s St John of the Cross in the Art Gallery saying: “If you want to see God, then here he is. In a painting, in an art gallery and it is here that I feel most spiritual and closest to …….. well…… God! …….. Any God!”



    The complaints came from people who said that they did not pay their licence fee to have their living room invaded by this heretic of a man and went on to describe him as a blasphemer, a lout, a sort of arty farty hippy and so on.



    He had been a schoolteacher!



    Anyway, at his wife’s funeral a wee letter from the recently deceased was read out where she touched on politics and included the line “For those of you who are Tories, you know, it is ok to be a Tory ………. until you reach the age of reason and after that you have absolutely no excuse whatsoever!”



    Personally, having reached the age of reason (I Think) I contend that religion — any religion — cannot by definition be organised at all.



    Oh, you can turn up to mass, or go to the synagogue, or the temple or wherever at the same time as a couple of hundred other people, but that is hardly organised religion is it?



    Religion or a lack of it is personal.



    It is about the inner self, your conscience, your own beliefs and inner thoughts.



    Down to you and you alone and you can only organise yourself — or if you are me you will even struggle to manage that!



    I enjoy religion – yet could hardly be described as a holy Joe (Lucky Jim not Holy Joe!) and there are times when I genuinely feel I am looked after by something above or wherever, and I enjoy the quiet mediation I find in a church …… whether at a heavily populated mass or whether sitting in an almost empty church doing my own wee thing which I really do quite like.



    Yet I totally get the bit about seeing God or feeling God in a painting or in a piece of art or something else.



    God isn’y confined to a church and isn’t the sole property of some funny looking priest who can bore the arse of you in the course of a sermon!



    So, with that in mind, here is a wee musical video.



    Anyone who tells you that this performance isn’t spiritual is, to be frank, a half arsed bollocks who deserves to be locked in the tumble dryer with a skunk for half an hour.



    The singer is someone well known to have had issues with the mother church, with her health, and just generally troubled — in the eyes of some who prefer things to be more …….. conventional.



    It is plain she has her own views and follows her own religious path which is hers alone.



    But …… when you have this kind of talent, this kind of presence and this kind of wow factor it is hard to keep it hidden.



    She is clearly enjoying this and it is great to see — look out for the wee camera shot at the end — and I will say openly that I only managed to get about 45 seconds into this before I shed a tear for reasons that are not capable of any sensible explanation.



    She puts her entire heart and soul into this — aye her soul — yer soul is a great thing and you only have the one.



    If disorganised religion is anything like this then I am all for it.



    M’on the Hoops!




  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Cheers A


    I have Adblock it’s probably more to do with lack of time spent very on just now, pesky Tory’s 😉




    Tell Jamie I was asking for him



    Wee BGFC…or the complete death of organised religion over time…now that is a welcome objective…discuss?








    BGFC here



    Hi pal, Getting ready for my slightly disorganise, short pilgrimage over to Hamilton to see the Hoops, so don’t have time to pen as eloquent a piece as BRTH (liked that story!), but just a wee comment.



    Have found the Catholic church to be a great comfort at the most stressful times of my life – I do agree that it is the internal feelings and beliefs that are fundamentally important, but the support of the ‘organisation’ is – I think – a great help. Humans are social animals – we tend to form groups that have something in common – family, interests, etc. – to provide a supporting environment in which to navigate our merry way through life. Even if just at that level, I think the organised church can be a naturally helpful thing.



    Can have a longer chat re: how common interests often becomes tribalism – tribal religions lead to division and antagonism, etc. – but Celtic calls, so maybe later :-)))






  8. BT – Jamesie can still Witness, he just cannae post.



    BRTH – What a voice. IMO she is Billabong Wrong in her Latest attention Sea King Jelicopter.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Cant wait either.


    Amazingly energising to see Tims leaping about celebrating during the hun game in the CSC in Bangkok.

  10. Well,back on,guests gone this morning,ahhhhh,relax.Hectic time of eating and drinking.One of my guests up to high doe,looking at videos of Murcia in Spain.She is supposed to fly back there on Monday,but the place is devastated by horrendous storms.worst ever.Hope no CQNrs are on holiday there.


    Anyway,3 points today,and hoping to see more of Bayo,hopefully,90 minutes for Taylor,Elyanoussi,Bauer.


    We have a squad that can be “Invincible”again.Canny wait.




    Is the CSC in Bangkok still in the wee Irish Pub across from Nana Plaza off Sukhumvit Road? Watched a couple of games in there in the past.

  12. Today’s confirmed starting line up v Hamilton ……



    Forster; ElHamed Ajer Jullien Bolingoli ; Brown McGregor; Forrest, Christie, Elyounoussi , Edouard


    Subs: Gordon Bauer Hayes Ntcham Rogic Bayo Griffiths

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Be interesting to see what our £16m winger is like particularly on that pitch.



    I did joke last night that it was Friday 13th and a full moon, so could be statement o’clock time. And they dually provide one, now does Mark Allen know something is in the mix over there. Why did he part ways with the hun, will our investigative journalists be all over it😵naw😱

  14. Good morning, friends. A wee reminder that you are all welcome, indeed encouraged, to vote for your 3 best performers from today’s game in Hamilton. Votes count if sent after the final whistle and before 10pm on Sunday. Your 3 players don’t need to be in any particular order. Just drop a short email to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM


    Results will be collated and released on Monday evening, provided I return as planned from not so sunny Ibiza.


    Hail Hail.

  15. I read a few opinions about resting players and the likes … Neil knows as soon as any points dropped he will get it tight so I think he will go full strength every game and any players like Ncham, Rogic, Bayo or Griff will have to take any chance they get when/if they get on the park

  16. You Know we can do it.



    9 in a row, is gonnae be hard to get, Together we will Breeze it.



    There will be uproar, and not only by the hardcore.



    Cracking Bench :))



    I wanna, I wanna, I wanna be Edouard.

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