Emenike, Ashley and only Montrose


I suppose we should start by heading the warning from Sevconian under-performer, Ian Black, who suggested that the Third Division is harder than the SPL.  By this logic, Second Division Arbroath will terrify the life out of the Celtic defence ahead of their Scottish Cup tie tomorrow, they did, after all, put three goals past Inverurie Locos in the Third Round tie, and again in the replay.

Only Montrose

Having previously experienced the delights of Brechin, Forfar and the Dundee clubs, after tomorrow, the only Tayside club I will not have seen will be Montrose.  These opportunities don’t come around often enough!

In all seriousness, Second and Third Division football is not difficult, it is essentially Keep Fit on the cheap.  Celtic must deal with the sincere endeavour of their opponents while giving an opportunity for several fringe players to grace Celtic Park.

With our midfield already stretched by injury and suspension ahead of the Spartak game, Neil Lennon will want to guard this area of the team in particular.  Spartak play their last game before heading to Glasgow tonight, at home to Zenit, who sit five points about them after 17 games.  This is a huge game for Spartak and interim manager Valery Karpin, who will either succeed as interim, and be made permanent boss, or to fail and to also lose his general manager position.

Unusually for the Champions League, they have five days to recover before facing Celtic, a game Karpin is keen to win.  Celtic will technically only have four days rest but the bulk of players likely to play in midweek will surely be rested tomorrow.

Spartak will be without striker Welliton, who travelled to Germany for an operation this week.  Emmanuel Emenike, who scored twice against Celtic last month, is likely to lead the line.  Emenike is a penalty box striker who is more than capable of exploiting gaps in the Celtic box.  Karpin may instead opt to play target-man Artyom Dzuba as a sole striker.  Dzuba is not a prodigious goal-scorer but he is able to hold play up and bring others into the game.

I loved media suggestions today that Sports Direct have a fight on their hands from other firms if they want their brand used to rename Ibrox.  You have to admire the intellectual endeavour that goes into news coverage in this country.  Sports Direct area THE key business partner for The Rangers.  The only issue open to question is how much skin they are in the game for and what they get in return.  Remember this when you’re buying sports kit for Christmas!

Unlike the CQN Annual, the perfect Christmas present, available here and not found in any Sports Direct store.

Lower league clubs will all surely be quaking in their boots at the news The Rangers will not only bring in well over £20m in a share issue, but could also earn countless riches from stadium naming rights.  The leaked IPO PowerPoint presentation suggested the Offer for Subscription would commence on Monday. I am sure it is on-plan.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Links Park in Montrose ranks second only to the Alfheim Stadion in Tromsø as the coldest place to watch football in Europe.



    It can get so cold at the back of the lovely wee stand at Links Park, that it is rented out for cryogenic research through the week.

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Gordon J -I’m giving both HMV/Play.com a trial.



    I can get by not goin’ to the ole Starbucks but Amazon is proving a trial.

  3. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Gordon J



    i take many a survey and have even help compile the odd one.



    there is a skill to doing it and also a skill to get the answers you want.(if you wish)



    Some of the choices were a little strange.



    No question about “lines of sight at Hampden” but only at club grounds. Wonder why.



    BT stand and press box must have a great view.



    I did suggest SFA sack their corrupt office bearers.




  4. TBB – It can get so cold at the back of the lovely wee stand at Links Park, that it is rented out for cryogenic research through the week.




    Ah that explains it! Wife was there for a conference this week and her shoulder has been affected…;-)

  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    A little known 100% made up fact about the Alfheim is that the record attendance is 10,225 v Rosenborg, in 1990.

  6. The Battered Bunnet on

    During the early part of the 20th Century, Links Park was so persitently cold that scores were routinely converted to the Kelvin scale, giving rise to the record breaking scoreline:



    Montrose 273: 0 Arbroath

  7. Champions League contender Malaga is facing UEFA sanctions for failing to pay millions of euros (dollars) of players’ wages on time, and will likely have some prize money withheld.



    UEFA said Friday that investigators from its Club Financial Control Body have referred Malaga and eight other clubs to the panel’s judging chamber.



    Malaga, which is owned by a Qatari investor, has reportedly failed to pay players a combined ?9 million ($11.6 million).



    The Spanish club has qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League and is due at least ?25 million ($32 million) in prize money, bonuses and a share of Spanish television revenues from UEFA.



    UEFA said the judging panel will examine nine clubs who played in this season’s Champions League and Europa League whose prize money has been frozen because of unpaid players’ wages, transfer fees or social taxes.



    Sixteen clubs have been cleared – including defending Europa League champion Atletico Madrid, Sporting Lisbon and Fenerbahce – and will now receive their prize money after being cleared by the UEFA finance monitors.



    Investigators “adjudged that the necessary financial requirements had been implemented” by a Sept. 30 deadline, UEFA said in a statement.



    UEFA published a list of 23 clubs under investigation in September who owed a combined ?30 million ($38.4 million) in so-called “overdue payables.”



    Clubs must pay their football and tax debts as a condition of getting a license from their national association to play in UEFA competitions.



    Malaga will be joined in the UEFA court by eight Europa League entrants: Bucharest clubs Dinamo and Rapid, Serbian clubs Partizan and Vojvodina, Hajduk Split and Osijek of Croatia, plus Lech Poznan of Poland and Arsenal Kiev of Ukraine. The latter two have been added to the original list of 23 since September.



    UEFA has enforced a licensing system for almost a decade, but the rules and potential sanctions have gained a higher profile in the “Financial Fair Play” era.



    Since 2011, UEFA has been monitoring clubs’ finances more closely and now requires them to aim toward breaking even on their football-related business as a condition of entry for the Champions League and Europa League.



    The two competitions have attracted total commercial revenue of almost ?1.6 billion ($2.1 billion) for each season from 2012-15, with most shared among clubs playing in the group stages.

  8. TBB


    In an attempt to raise the vulgar standard set by Canalamar ( quelle surpris) whilst staying faithful to the same snottery roots, I give you….



    (trumpets playing)




  9. NL: It’s fair to say it won’t be the same team who plays against Spartak Moscow but I’ll still put out a strong team.



    Rogne, Izaguirre and McGeouch are all in contention.



    Instead of the crowd getting us going we have to get the crowd going and it’s all about the intensity and tempo we start at.



    I’m not going to change 11 players for the sake of it,it’s a competition I want to progress in so won’t throw all my eggs into one basket.

  10. Alasdair MacLean on

    Worked in Montrose Sea Oil Base for a year in the late eighties. Stayed in Aiberdeen though and commuted mostly though.

  11. There’s only one Ashley I’m interested in and she’s in the jungle right now. :-)





  12. Watching SSN running this guff about the naming of Bigotdome



    Fans need to have some input say TFPLG .



    One would think that in their perilous financial state that they would take any cash that’s coming



    I suppose another example of their continuing misguided self importance


    JUNGLE JIM 1340



    Is Glasgow Street in Ardrossan not the widest?



    Having lived there,I can tell you it’s nearly as wide as the people who live there-sorry,Uncle Jim,and PCS….



    Marlborough High Street is a good bet for the UK title.



    Blinkin’ h-u-g-e…….

  14. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    cant bring myself to vote for something I find fundamentally wrong, its just another twisted argument, a bit like the sfa survey.


    I dont care if they allow women into their boys club, I do care that they are given unelected decision making rights to influence lawmaking.


    Secret files reveal Mau Mau cover-up




    Remember this next time we have a poppy debate.





    Attempts by British colonial authorities to cover up the killings of 11 prisoners during the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya have been laid bare in previously secret Government documents.























    No-one has ever been prosecuted for the deaths even though evidence showed the detainees at Hola detention camp were clubbed to death by prison warders after they refused to work.



    But the documents reveal that British officials attempted to blame the deaths on “drinking too much water” rather than violence.









    One of three elderly Kenyans, who last month won a High Court ruling to sue the British Government for damages over torture, claims he was beaten unconscious during the incident in March 1959.



    The prison camp was one of many in which suspected rebels were detained, often in dire conditions, the files released by the National Archives showed.



    Concerns about treatment were raised as far back as 1953, when the then Solicitor General described abuses as “distressingly reminiscent of conditions in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia”, according to one document.



    Shortly before the Hola deaths, a plan had been drawn up allowing prison staff to use force to make detainees work if they refused, the files showed.



    But one prison officer, Walter Coutts, told the inquest into the Hola deaths that the detainees either “willed themselves to death or had died because they drank too much water”.



    Two weeks after the massacre, Mr Lennox-Boyd, a Cabinet minister, wrote to the Governor of Kenya stating he would tell Parliament that the detainees died “after drinking water” and that “autopsies revealed that there were injuries on the bodies which might have been caused by violence”.
























    What do you think?



    Please sign in to comment on this article



    Showing 3 comments




    Brian Jones, Crieff





    Unless we compensate the wronged parties and investigate the wrong doings by our officials, and bring those responsible to justice, this abuse of human rights will continue, as we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan




    4 hours ago













    If this problem lies in memory of some of the abashed regimental commanders of the time, surely there are still some living that could throw some light on the issue. Remembering of course that a considerable number of the soldiers at this time were doing their National Service, so why not ask a few of them?




    2 hours ago








    Stanley Grossman, Glasgow





    “Distressingly reminiscent of conditions in Nazi Germany”. I guess the buzz word “disproportionate” doesn’t hack it here!





    12 minutes ago















    « PREVIOUS: Inquiry calls for new laws and watchdog with teeth



    NEXT: Gym packing a punch in fight against youth deprivation »

  16. Paul see for a change ,why dont you have a go at the directors of Celtic Football Club.and ask them when are they going to pull down that Main Stand, for our club to be one of the biggest clubs in the world ,that stand must be the worst ,its sell by date is well past its time.

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire


    14:27 on


    30 November, 2012



    Totally agree, but one thing at a time. If they’re going to be there, they shouldn’t be able to get round equality laws. It keeps the wider debate in the public domain too.

  18. timbhoy2



    This would be the main stand we spent millions on to get it up to UEFA standards.



    Brilliant idea…

  19. Sir Paul.



    Fresh aff the ‘Phone.




    Wull Wanyama, Go?



    It widnae surprise.



    Wull Hooper, Leave?



    We kin only Surmise.





    Those Pesky Rumors.. Won’t Go Away



    Fur Celts are lookin’ under Stains,



    in Cities ,in Suburbs and Country Lanes.



    In Ghana Land.. and the U.S.A.,tae



    In Teheran Iran… an’ Mexico Way.



    Their search fur a Striker goes


    Round And Round.



    Fur a Replacement fur Gary..


    Must be Found.







    Tail’s Awaggin’, Awaggin’




    Yep.. Ah believe the Dug’s oantae sumptin.





    Still, Laughin’





    With respect,I don’t have any opinion or output on this matter.



    Leave it to those who have a vested interest,i.e Anglicans.



    The fact that they are allowed to sit in The House of Lords,different matter.



    Personally for it as a conscience,a buffer against mismanagement by government.



    I reckon we may need that soon.

  21. If they’re trying to attract fan investment for the share issue it’s a strange time to announce a naming rights deal for the stadium. Such deals are never popular with the fans.

  22. BMCUW


    I don`t know. I was told years ago that Montrose had the widest Hight Street in Britain and never either questioned nor checked the validity of the statement.. In the same way I accepted that Greens Playhouse had the biggest stage in the World and Glasgow`s drinking water also achieved that distinction!





    PS About to check up now, though !





    Good man,let me know.



    Got a fair idea I’m wrong as usual,but always like to know facts.



    Then I can forget about them tomorrow-that NEVER used to happen!

  24. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    The CoE vote was a selfpreservation vote, since women have been ordained they have been loosing parishoners to the Roman Catholic Church in droves.



    The people demanding these rights are not interested in equality, this is a slow burning strategy to make an assault on the lack of ordained women RC priests.


    Dont get caught up in their superficial campaign.


    The same people are demading homosexual couples are give the right to the sacrament of marriage.


    If they are successful, I fully expect their German counterparts to demand the same rights for bestial unions, seriously.

  25. ” Glasgow`s drinking water also achieved that distinction!”



    Let me make it clear that Glasgows drinking water never claimed to be the world`s biggest, only the world`s best.

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