Emenike, Ashley and only Montrose


I suppose we should start by heading the warning from Sevconian under-performer, Ian Black, who suggested that the Third Division is harder than the SPL.  By this logic, Second Division Arbroath will terrify the life out of the Celtic defence ahead of their Scottish Cup tie tomorrow, they did, after all, put three goals past Inverurie Locos in the Third Round tie, and again in the replay.

Only Montrose

Having previously experienced the delights of Brechin, Forfar and the Dundee clubs, after tomorrow, the only Tayside club I will not have seen will be Montrose.  These opportunities don’t come around often enough!

In all seriousness, Second and Third Division football is not difficult, it is essentially Keep Fit on the cheap.  Celtic must deal with the sincere endeavour of their opponents while giving an opportunity for several fringe players to grace Celtic Park.

With our midfield already stretched by injury and suspension ahead of the Spartak game, Neil Lennon will want to guard this area of the team in particular.  Spartak play their last game before heading to Glasgow tonight, at home to Zenit, who sit five points about them after 17 games.  This is a huge game for Spartak and interim manager Valery Karpin, who will either succeed as interim, and be made permanent boss, or to fail and to also lose his general manager position.

Unusually for the Champions League, they have five days to recover before facing Celtic, a game Karpin is keen to win.  Celtic will technically only have four days rest but the bulk of players likely to play in midweek will surely be rested tomorrow.

Spartak will be without striker Welliton, who travelled to Germany for an operation this week.  Emmanuel Emenike, who scored twice against Celtic last month, is likely to lead the line.  Emenike is a penalty box striker who is more than capable of exploiting gaps in the Celtic box.  Karpin may instead opt to play target-man Artyom Dzuba as a sole striker.  Dzuba is not a prodigious goal-scorer but he is able to hold play up and bring others into the game.

I loved media suggestions today that Sports Direct have a fight on their hands from other firms if they want their brand used to rename Ibrox.  You have to admire the intellectual endeavour that goes into news coverage in this country.  Sports Direct area THE key business partner for The Rangers.  The only issue open to question is how much skin they are in the game for and what they get in return.  Remember this when you’re buying sports kit for Christmas!

Unlike the CQN Annual, the perfect Christmas present, available here and not found in any Sports Direct store.

Lower league clubs will all surely be quaking in their boots at the news The Rangers will not only bring in well over £20m in a share issue, but could also earn countless riches from stadium naming rights.  The leaked IPO PowerPoint presentation suggested the Offer for Subscription would commence on Monday. I am sure it is on-plan.

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  1. Its so cold in Montrose that local residents often leave the fridge door open tae try an heat up the hoose.

  2. I wonder if the SFA will follow suit when the result of the SPL investigation is known.



    ‘The UCI have set up an independent panel which will include British Paralympic legend Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, to investigate the Lance Armstrong affair.



    Armstrong has been stripped of all seven of his Tour de France wins after the USADA produced evidence from numerous testimonies claiming the American had run one of the most intricate doping programs in the history of any sport.



    But it wasn’t just the star who was implicated in the accusations, with numerous other professional cyclists insisting that the UCI had a part in the failure to detect that so many competitors were cheating.



    And as a result, the UCI have set up an independent three-person commission to investigate the whole affair, and find those responsible for making the errors that led to the sport’s reputation being destroyed.



    Grey-Thompson has been chosen, alongside former Court of Appeal judge Sir Philip Otton and Australian lawyer Malcolm Holmes, to lead the panel.




    Lance Armstrong didn’t fight the accusations from the USADA about his systematic doping, and the UCI will now answer to an independent commission over the affair.


    John Coates, president of the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the Australian Olympic Committee, chose the three highly-esteemed members to investigate the Armstrong affair, with UCI’s role in particular to be brought into question.



    UCI president Pat McQuaid said of the commission: “The commission’s report and recommendations are critical to restoring confidence in the sport of cycling and in the UCI as its governing body.



    “We will co-operate fully with the commission and provide them with whatever they need to conduct their inquiry and we urge all other interested stakeholders to do the same.



    “We will listen to and act on the commission’s recommendations.”



    Otton has an impressive pedigree in terms of dealing with high-profile sport cases; the former judge has presided over cases such as those in the Premier League which involved Carlos Tevez’s move to West Ham and Ashley Cole’s move from Arsenal to Chelsea.’

  3. Montrose may not be the coldest place I’ve ever been to that award goes to Minneapolis/StPaul in January however Montrose in Feb ran it a very close second.



    I’m strangely looking forward to Arbroath tomorrow not sure what that says about me….



    Hope its a wee bit warmer than today,was still -2c in the south side at 10:30am this morning.



    Had to break the ice at Castlemilk baths.

  4. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Crikey! I see that a bottle of Chateau Montrose costs north of a hundred squids now. Sadly, I don’t have the emoluments to justify partaking of a beverage at that price…

  5. Lifted this from an Information Britain site. So , widest in Scotland but this could go the way of Sevco`s world record crowd claims! Widest in NE Scotland, widest in Angus etc o:-)



    “Did you know that Montrose has the widest High Street in Scotland? Some of the fine buildings there bear witness to its position at one time as a Hanseatic Port of great significance.”

  6. Sting is so called for leaving the Montrose i Noor curry house without paying for his vindaloo thus stinging the owner for £8.45

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Chas Green has vehemently stated that Sevco are not interested in joining the Hanseatic League.





    One of my favouritest exes was from there-St Pauls,actually. She used to tell me similar tales of how cold it was,and then suggested we get married and move there.



    I ended up wi three adam’s apples just thinking about it.




  9. Other sites give either Marlborough or Stockton as the widest in England. (some say in UK but you know how English folks are……they sometimes confuse England and UK).

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    he was just trying to keep warn on those long cold nights, innit

  11. The Battered Bunnet on




    That was a tidy 5-0 you posted earlier – the regulation score :¬)



    Many thanks,




  12. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    The Pantaloon Duck. I once shat in the Montrose down at Clydeside.Jolly nice that was as well.

  13. In a moment of madness yesterday while sitting in Sharkeys with Blantyretim, WDH and Richie, I promised to reveal the history of how I became a Celtic supporter, where and when the seeds that eventually granted me demi-god status were planted and how my presence ensured a sudden quiver of the earth on its axis.



    So, if you are at a loose end, here it is – the first chapter – dealing with the timeless period of my existence before I was born all the way to puberty.



    All of what follows is true – well it is inside my head and therefore to me it is true.



    My head may be the problem!






    Hail Hail








    Marlborough,ye say?



    Jings,I might be right for once!



    Gonna retire on the strength of that,I think. Offski,cot.



    Btw,I drive through Marlborough regularly,the HS is enormous.



    Buses do a u-turn in it at the end/start of their route,no kidding,with ease.

  15. Cognitive dissonance –



    Ronnie Montrose played guitar for a cucumber down the trews band called Montrose . [They were dire ].



    Ronnie Montrose played guitar for Beaver and Krause [ who weren’t dire ]

  16. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire


    14:41 on


    30 November, 2012



    I know the person behind it, and this is 100% about women’s rights. She’s an atheist. If the Bishops weren’t automatically given seats in the HoL where they can influence the laws of this country, she probably wouldn’t care about the ordination of women, as that would be a matter for their own religion. This affects everybody regardless of your faith, or lack of.

  17. “Buses do a u-turn in it at the end/start of their route,no kidding,with ease”



    Ocean going liners do the same on Montrose High Street but Big Dan struggled.

  18. Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul,


    With a corncob pipe and a button nose


    And two eyes made out of coal.


    Frosty the snowman is a fairy tale, they say,


    He was made of snow but the children


    Know how he came to life one day.


    There must have been some magic in that


    Old silk hat they found.


    For when they placed it on his head


    He began to dance around.


    O, Frosty the snowman


    Was alive as he could be,


    And the children say he could laugh


    And play just the same as you and me.


    Thumpetty thump thump,


    Thumpety thump thump,


    Look at Frosty go.


    Thumpetty thump thump,


    Thumpety thump thump,


    Over the hills of snow.

  19. Classic Moving Sevco Stories of our time



    Made me proud…



    Frank Sinatra sang there, Jim Watt fought there and Eric Liddell, the “Chariots of Fire” Olympian, trained there. Sadly, no one knows the name of the two servicemen who knocked on the Ibrox door one wartime evening and asked if they could see inside. Bill Struth obliged and as they walked the edge of the pitch, the visitors asked if they take a pinch of grass as a souvenir. “We won’t see much of this where we going,” they added.



    Even the strict disciplinarian Struth was moved. “Take some, but make sure you bring it back one day”.



    The two never returned.



    And after the war, Struth made his own enquiries about the young servicemen. He found out they were Canadians who were in the first wave of Allies to land on D-Day in the face of fierce German fire. As they tucked the sprig of green in their uniform breast pockets, they probably already knew they’d never see Ibrox again.

  20. weeminger



    14:58 on 30 November, 2012





    ‘I know the person behind it, and this is 100% about women’s rights. She’s an atheist.’




    Well obviously if she’s an atheist it must be about women’s rights, she couldn’t have any other motive.



    You should have mentioned that in the first place.

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Sofa- Ronnie also played for Van Morrison,on Tupelo Honey and Listen to the Lisbon Lions.



    He died earlier this year.



    Clealry Beaver would not tolerate the ole cucumber down the trews.





    HAIL HAIL,brilliant riposte.



    Defo offski.



    Drop me an e-mail sometime,please.

  23. It was during a night out in the Market Arms in Montrose in the early 70s that Sting and his mates, after a few too many pints of snake bite, started daring each other to stuff ash trays into their extended bottom lips. Years later – when Sting and his wife Trudi were saving the Brazilian rainforests – Sting in an act of ‘hands across the water’ passed on this tradition to the Kayapo Indians.

  24. Sting does not live in Montrose, never has, but…..



    “Sting is a supporter of Newcastle United, and in 2009, backed a Newcastle United Supporters campaign against the controversial plan of owner Mike Ashley to sell off the naming rights to St James’ Park.”

  25. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Johhny Clash. I had a double take at the image of Sting et al stuffing ashtrays into the lips of their extended bottoms. Then I realised what you meant was that they were stuffing them into their bottom lips which were extended.


    English language? Ambiguity? Ye’ve got tae laugh.

  26. ernie lynch


    15:02 on


    30 November, 2012



    As I said (in agreeing with canamar), I don’t think they should have the automatic right to seats in the HoL anyway. If they decide to stick to their religious beliefs, which I think they should be allowed to do, they lose the seats. Seems fair to me.



    People that sit as lawmakers in this country, should at the very least pay lip-service to the notion of equality.

  27. Ole Konrad Plautz – Austrian Feenyin referee who blatantly and aggressively blessed himself before Scotland beat the France 1 – 0 in the Parc De Prince.



    * Still on FF banned list *

  28. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Jungle Jim- be careful what you say about ole Sting.



    Every move you make, every breath you take



    He’ll be watching you.

  29. bournesouprecipe



    My big Bro is going to pretty miffed his 50th is on the 22nd.


    Big party,everything organised and worse still deposits paid.





    15:12 on


    30 November, 2012


    It’s funny how people have stopped talking about the Mayan Indians next prediction for December?

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