Emerging talent, Slovenian reaction, footballs morals


Delighted to hear Ronny Deila is planning to rest players ahead of Tuesday’s Cup Final.  There is plenty to be gained from playing the next wave of Callum McGregors at Inverness tomorrow, and little to be lost in the league race.

Our unique position in world football, a club who are so massively bigger than all others they are not involved in a proper competition to win the league, has more drawbacks than advantages, but we need to exploit this position by developing emerging talent when the stars align.

The morning after the day before the Slovakian media were very respectful of Celtic.  There was an acceptance that their assessment of Celtic was based on two unrepresentative performances against Legia.

Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of Slovenian coverage was the appreciation of the “modern football” Celtic played.  Assessments of Maribor’s chances in the return leg were pragmatic.  Expectations are low, but with the tie level, they know they still have a chance.  Hopes are, that Maribor’s misplaced optimism is viral, and that Celtic will be infected by the same disease.

Celtic’s job on Tuesday is to make sure they treat Maribor as though they were Bayern Munich.

Oh Malky.  You and I both know that football is remarkably indifferent to moral uncertainty, the actions over the last 24 hours of the thoroughly reprehensible League Managers’ Assocation testify to that.  Practically anything is forgiven or overlooked, but only up to a point.  Malky MacKay has been implicated in attacks against Chinese, Koreans, black people, gays and Jews, quite a unique full house.

Cardiff City have already leveraged this to obtain a grovelling apology and have now cost him a seven figure contract, offered by his friend at Crystal Palace.  Question is, after the controversy dies down and the obligatory contrition is served, will another club offer him a contract?  I don’t think so.

As far as the football industry is concerned, Malky’s unforgivable sin is not racism, homophobia or anti-Semitism, these matters are often overlooked as ‘banter’, after all.  He’ll not get another job because he blew millions on players who were useless to Cardiff.

That’s the only kind of offence football really tales notice of.

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  1. YogiHughes



    28/1 Tiger Twenty Two 16.55 @ York



    It wasnt even Livibhoy’s tip



    He just metioned some guy at work mentioned it…



    So dont blame me…. or livibhoy… or his mate!!




  2. Why rest players? We need them to get fit and gel as a unit.



    Dear oh Dear, hardly even started playing and we are ‘RESTING’ players.








    As I was thanking PHILBHOY for his good wishes for my Mum’s birthday,I can genuinely thank my Mum for beating you to the punch today!

  4. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    here was a shred of doubt the world is totally insane, this will remove it.



    This says it all …



    Pythagoras’ Theorem: …………………………………..24 words


    Lord’s Prayer: …………………………………………… 66 words


    Archimedes’ Principle: …………………………………67 words


    Ten Commandments: …………………………………179 words


    Gettysburg Address: …………………………………..286 words


    US Declaration of Independence: ………………..1,300 words


    US Constitution with all 27 Amendments: ……….7,818 words


    EU Regulations on the Sale of CABBAGES: …26,911 words







    1) You can’t count your hair.


    2) You can’t wash your eyes with soap.


    3) You can’t breathe when your tongue is out.



    Put your tongue back in your mouth, you silly person!







    1) You are reading this.


    2) You are human.


    3) You can’t say the letter ”P” without separating your lips.


    4) You just attempted to say the letter P without separating your lips.


    6) You are laughing at yourself.


    7) You have a smile on your face and you skipped No. 5.


    8) You just checked to see if there is a No. 5.


    9) You laugh at this because you are a fun loving person, and everyone does it, too.


    10) You are probably going to send this to see who else falls for it.



    You have received this e-mail because I didn’t want to be alone in the idiot category.



    Have a great day. Laugh, and then laugh some more, and sing, “It’s a Beautiful Morning”, even if it isn’t.



    “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

  5. Bobby… sorry mate I posted my reply on the last page(in relation to the Shammy) not realising


    there was a new article. Sod writing all that out again


    and I don’t know how to forward it. dohhhhh.






  6. rubicon




    Two very wise and telling posts from Gordon J and The Long Wait is Over. Perhaps today could be a defining moment in recovering the soul of this great blog. Several posts have displayed wisdom, compassion and humanity. Qualities which have defined most Celtic supporters in my lifetime.



    I come on here principally to read about my team. However, down the years I’ve learnt so much about so many subjects, thanks to the contributions of our cyber-community. Crucially, I’ve also tempered and improved my outlook on my fellow man, as I’ve been made to re-think some long held views which reflected poorly on me



    I’ve also made new friends and, they too, have broadened my outlook.



    Recently we’ve lost some fine posters. Jimbo67 comes to mind. I’ve rarely met such an intelligent, passionate Celtic fan in my life. I’ve known James most of his life and can attest to his strength of character. He won’t have been bullied off the blog, his was a matter of principle. Now we risk losing NegAnon2, one of my favourite Malcontents. I do hope he stays.



    The common denominator in these and other departures surrounds disagreements with some of our more strident, constant posters. Perhaps we could return the blog to its former glory if we recognised we have so much more in common than what divides us.



    And, crucially, we keep our mind open to learning and developing our views and attitudes.

  7. .



    The Georgious Samaras Story Part..1888..The Number 9 Enigma Epilogue..



    Samaras signs two-year deal at West Brom



    West Brom have confirmed the signing of striker Georgios Samaras on a two-year deal.


    The 29-year-old has joined on a free transfer and is the club’s ninth signing under new head coach Alan Irvine.


    Samaras – who has represented Greece at two World Cups – has spent the last six years at Scottish giants Celtic, but sought a new challenge.


    And West Brom, who claimed they had “beaten off competition from a host of clubs across Europe” to sign the forward, are delighted with the acquisition.


    “We’ve signed a player with vast experience and I’m delighted to welcome ‘Sami’ to the club,” Irvine told the club’s official website.


    “He has played a lot of football at the highest levels – Champions League, European Championships and World Cups – and the feedback we’ve got on him, from people like Neil Lennon, states he thrives on the big occasion.


    “He will certainly play in plenty of those in the Barclays Premier League.


    “Georgios has played in big games for a Celtic team that have often had a lot of the ball and have had to work hard to break the opposition down.


    “But he has also shown another side to his game in other matches when they haven’t seen as much of the ball.”


    The signing of Samaras gives Irvine four forward options, joining fellow new signing Brown Ideye, young striker Saido Berahino and Victor Anichebe.


    And Irvine is excited by his versatility in attack, adding: “We have now got four strikers with different qualities, who can be used in different ways.


    “That’s great for us, because we need to have flexibility, the option to approach games in different ways and cover for injuries.


    “I’m absolutely delighted with the four strikers we have.”


    West Brom added that Samaras will not be involved in the team to face Southampton on Saturday.


    Samaras scored 11 goals in 33 appearances in all competitions for Celtic last term.






    Guid Luck..My Bhoy Georgious..Jeezo Am Gonnae Greet..;-(



    Summa of DisiplesOfTheProphetSamarasCSC

  8. neil canamalar lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    12:18 on 22 August, 2014


    Who would want to know TD ffs




    You wouldent for a start, you still not taking the Derry for the fumble on the ball on resolution 12?

  9. Gordon J



    Excellent contribution to what was managing to become a cruel and banal exchange of views on a difficult topic.






    It is a difficult trick to manage to retain sympathy for those suffering from the affliction of alcoholism and being seen to be too sympathetic to the “poor”, “can’t help himself” alcoholic.



    And sometimes it does not matter too much what attitude you have or behaviour you adopt because you are not important enough, at that point in the grip of the addiction, to actually achieve the change that you want to see. But then, as you never know what might be the right time to be around and be helpful, you might as well have some empathy, if not sympathy, through the whole journey.



    Bit like life, I suppose.



    P.S. Should I put Sammi in my fantasy team for the EPL?



    Just when we needed paradise rocking on Tuesday.



    ‘A message from the Green Brigade




    Again, it is with complete dismay that we must announce that we won’t be attending the Maribor match on Tuesday night. After a summer of amicable and progressive dialogue with the Club we are bitterly disappointed that at this stage of the new season they have still failed to grant season tickets after being given constant assurances on the matter.



    Going forward the situation looks bleak. We have exhausted pretty much all avenues in attempting to secure a permanent, Club-sanctioned section along with re-building and sustaining a positive working relationship with the Club. It is becoming increasingly clear though that some at the Club must not be interested in the prospect of us returning to Celtic Park. This is all the more frustrating after a summer of positive relations and what now seems clear to have been constant false-promises.



    Whilst we remain open to further, worthwhile dialogue with the Club in the hope of coming to a sensible and speedy resolution our priority must now be on consulting with the section and planning a strategy for supporting Celtic as non-season ticket holders. As such we will organise a section meeting ASAP. We apologise if anyone feels let down by this outcome but must stress that we have done all that we possibly can. Perhaps, ironically, our downfall here is that we have taken the Club at their word all summer. Despite our disappointment at the moment, and the obvious challenge ahead, we obviously remain intent in doing all that we can in order to support Celtic as much as possible.




    Surely there must be a way to get the G.B. back into Celtic Park ASAP. The place is like a morgue without them.

  11. benjybhoy mul @ 12.27 hrs.



    Prior to the inevitable barrage of anti-board posts, let us hear what Celtic have to say on the matter.



    As ever there is two sides to every story.




  12. No one putting a name to the statement, hardly worth while reading, should get them selves organised with a named spokes person with credibility.


    Other wise it’s just like it’s been of recent, a gang of ultras who both my self and many others have no time for, only my opinion.

  13. Bawsman, Totally disagree with you mate. Team had a big game Wed. plus travel to and from Slovenia. Sending a full team up and down to Inverness on Saturday is neither necessary or advisable. Its not that they are worn out, obviously they are not, but in the first place they could pick up a knock and secondly keeping them at home with a proper training schedule should ensure they are in top physical and mental condition for Tuesday night. Another by product of a “rest” policy as Paul alluded to, is to give some of our fringe players an opportunity to shine. All top teams all over the world rest players if they can before big games, next Tuesday could be the biggest game of the year for Celtic.

  14. I’ve decided to have an official Sammi leaving doo, in ma hoose themorra



    CRC your invited, so I can return Sammi to wee caityrollercoaster, and she can pass onto Alan Irvine for his mantlepiece :-)






    Hail Hail

  15. bawsman



    12:32 on 22 August, 2014


    Neil canamalar……….What’s the script with Resolution 12?





    Now, now, no hard questions please.

  16. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Plenty of STs available



    I can’t understand why the club are failing to reach an agreement with the GB



    If for no other reason it makes financial sense

  17. mullet and co 2 on

    Bawsman, putting out a second 11 guarantees that the best available 11 are fit for Tuesday. Imagine VVD or Johansen getting injured on Sat. We need our strongest 11 fit fresh and ready for the biggest game of the season. A further 10m prize is at stake.

  18. benjybhoy Whatever the rights and wrongs in their situation I hope the bhoys


    are back soon.Apart from the ovation at halftime. and sporadic singing


    during the game on Sat. the place was indeed like a morgue.Don’t know


    about Let the people Sing…….Make the people Sing :)







  19. rest players two games into season, seriously.



    Win the league then blood youngsters



    Play your strongest team unless injury prevents it.



    Simple rules that work.

  20. mullet and co 2 on

    That statement from the green brigade doesn’t help them. No one is bigger than the club. Sounds a wee bit toy out the pram. Unfortunate this has to ruin the feel good but fair enough they had to raise it to get support from others.

  21. mullet and co 2, I wouldn’t go as far as sending a second eleven but I’d rest 5 or 6. I’d play the likes of Gordon, Ambrose,Denayer, Mulgrew,Commons, Berget & Griffiths. I’d be giving games to Matthews (if fit), O’Connell & Henderson.

  22. A new Celtic choir will rise with no extreme politics, and sing there heart out, as someone said, CL nights look after them selves, all my life as a Celtic supporter I don’t ever remember any one telling me I couldent go to a Celtic game because someone had an agenda so your not going ,? Aye right a don’t like this gang, I’d be saying.

  23. corkcelt


    12:34 on


    22 August, 2014






    “Totally disagree with you mate.”





    right, that’s it, I’m oota here…….:-)



    Played the game at a fairly decent level mate and you canny get enough games, especially at the start of the season.



    You cannot TRAIN match fitness into players, it is totally different from artifical match fitness (training).



    Look at the MASSIVE difference in our fitness levels from the Legia games?



    The team needs matches to perfect the defence and midfield for big games, not rest and training.

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