Emilio back on form ahead of Camp Nou


Over the summer I could frequently be heard muttering, “We need a left back”.  Despite returning from injury at the turn of the year, Emilio Izaguirre was unable to command a regular starting place in the team.  His occasions starts provided evidence why.  With Charlie Mulgrew the most authoritative central defender in the squad the left back slot looked like our most vulnerable position.

Emilio’s early form this season was no better, especially in the Champions League qualifiers, but recent weeks has seen the player return to his very best.  His confidence seems to have returned as he is taking opponents on with purpose which had been missing for over a year.

On this form, we can look forward to seeing him test himself at the Camp Nou.

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  1. Huge positive from the match yesterday was the trumpeteer behind the goals…….sure beats the monotone beating of drums

  2. PF



    From last thread, my answer is yes, paul67 will give you my email or mobile number if you are interested. HH

  3. mickbhoy1888,



    re internationals (from last post)



    I’ve called for Scott Brown to be withdrawn from the Scotland squad because of his injury. If he is not 100% fit and can’t play every game then we should be ensuring that he prioritises club over country.



    I’m not bothered about international football qualifying competitions – long and rather dull generally. I can see why our players would get a boost from being capped and the status it brings though. And when it comes to England caps it also reflects well on the club.

  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    Just when he was becoming the new scapegoat Emilio has produced an upturn in form in the last couple of games.



    Time for the next candidate to step forward.

  5. Watched Spartak match on TV in Istanbul with a Turkish commentator. First time I have not screamed abuse at the TV in ages.



    The commentator kept referring to Emilio as EE-ZAH-CASH. Loved it.

  6. South Of Tunis on

    International stuff-



    Sicilian bookies ——-



    Wales 8/5 Belgium 2/5.


    Scotland 7/4 Scotland 25/4


    Draw 11/5 Draw 33 /10

  7. Just when he was becoming the new scapegoat Emilio has produced an upturn in form in the last couple of games.



    Time for the next candidate to step forward.





    What about that big Greek guy who wears the No 9?

  8. New scapegoat? I can see it being young James Forrest. He is a superb young player but even the “young” part won`t stop some from bemoaning his every mistake. Having said that, I don`t think a rest would do him any harm as McGeouch seems a decent player. And having said that as well, I definitely would

  9. Paul67



    Barca facing a defensive crisis ahead of their game against us.



    Never mind qualifying, lets play for top spot!

  10. The delivery for Sami’s header and a good game v. Spartak, was the confidence boost Izzy required, another good performance against Hearts … what left back problem?

  11. traditionalist88 on




    Getting picked in England squad probably triples big Frasers value even if only down to the shockingly inflated transfer market in England.



    Not getting picked for Scotland(ie. Commons)simply double underlines what a dummy is in charge of that particular team.




  12. I think Charlie Mulgrew might be the next candidate for sitting out matches. Imo, he is not the best of our CBs, not the best LM (Joe Ledley for me) and not the best LB (wee Emilio, when he’s playing like he is just now). Great position to be in.

  13. Jim Mc. Guinness on Highland Radio now.



    I wonder if he will comment on the Celtic speculation?

  14. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Re James Forrest – he didn’t look like needing a rest last Tuesday.



    Yesterday we were very strong down the LHS and most possession was on that flank – Izzy, Commons, Sammi – when James did get the ball Hearts were double / triple manning him. He needs more help when this happens.

  15. I love the way the Spanish Champions, and arguably the form team in the world right now, score two in Barcelona (only managing a draw by the width of the woodwork) and Celtic fans text each other saying Barca are vulnerable at the back and there for the taking.



    :-) :-) :-)

  16. Som mes que un club on




    Credit must go to Neil Lennon also for the resurgence in form from Emilio.



    Many a manager would drop under performing players such as Emilio, and great credit to NL for persisting in him, and coaching him back to his best.

  17. I am a regular champion of telling people on here NEVER to buy the rags. My arrogance is such, however, that I think it`s OK for me to buy one if I want as I will neither be annoyed nor influenced by what I read therein. This morning, I bought the Record to see how it dealt with Sevco`s latest worst result ever.As expected, it is not too harsh on McCoist but it was worth buying for the Players` ratings.


    Ross Perry: Couldn`t handle White in the air or (sic) Weir on the ground.


    My favourite:


    Sebastien Faure: Out of his depth even at this level. His passing was awful.




  18. I see every Sevcovian is still in bullish mood regarding winning their division outright. If I were them I would not be quite so….



    Current leaders Queen’s Park finished second last year, a whopping 14 points behind runaway winners Alloa. Queens Park had a record of W19 D6 L11 giving them 63 points and a GD of +22. Which is a win percentage of 52.7% and a draw percentage of 16.7%.



    After 6 games thus far they have a win percentage of 66.7%. Now you make think that percentage will be difficult to maintain for a full season however Alloa finished on 77 points last year, yielding a win percentage of 63.8%.



    After last year’s travails Queens Park would be expected to improve upon their 52.7% win ratio and will probably target Alloa’s tally from last year.



    So let us look at The Rangers.



    They have won every home game thus far, a stat I expect to see continue through to the end of the year, however I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a slip up. This will yield Rangers 54 from 54 points at home. This still leaves them needing to find a minimum 9 points away from home to match Queen’s Park’s points tally from last year. After watching how McCoist sets out his sides, and knowing the weather and pitches his teams are about to endure through the next 4 – 5 months, seriously do not be surprised if the away win remains elusive until then. Heavy pitches and whistling winds unshielded by stands, are a great leveller for football ability. The fact that Fat Sally seems to want to do these teams a favour by playing to their strengths rather than his own teams only compounds this.



    If I was a Sevocvian I would be extremely concerned. They are now coming into the cold, heavy, dark winter months. Fighting an opponent who has been there and done it and more importantly knows exactly what is coming. Not a single team in that division is afraid of them anymore and that is Rangers’ most costly loss so far.

  19. skyisalandfill on

    Heard that Blackman had a fall out with TB at Caley and the loan deal was thus ended. He then refused to reavel to Glasgow for a meet with NL and hence is no longer a Celtic player.

  20. For He is Emilio!!



    similar to when Agathe was injured – keep playing him and he’ll hit form in the Champions League as show on tuesday



    u dont drop 15 mil left backs – and he’ll love Lenny and the club now for keeping faith in him and he does Great Faith does wee Emilio!

  21. Steinreignedsupreme



    I don’t think Izzy was becoming a scapegoat. He was just terribly poor in most games this season.

  22. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Blantyre – I agree we will find it difficulty to get the possession to create chances. Barca are without equal when it comes to keeping the ball and regaining it

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