Encouraging well-run clubs while subsidising the bloated incompetents


It is almost two years since we wrote in favour of a 14 team SPL with a top six, bottom eight split after teams have played each other twice.  Under this model teams at the top of the league would play the same number of games against top six (20) but would play fewer games against teams outside this group (16 instead of 18).

This model also gives clubs whose sole objective in life is to cling onto TV and gate money generated by Celtic fans a better chance of surviving.  The decades old business model of many of these clubs is under threat, not from huge clubs like Celtic, as they would have you believe, but from innovative and well-run clubs from places like Dingwall (population 5026), from where Ross County are about to demonstrate what good scouting and coaching can achieve.

More teams in the SPL will enable the league accommodate small well-run clubs like Ross County or Hamilton Accies before them, while continuing to drip-feed subsidy into those in the kind of debt that would make Sir David Murray wince, like Kilmarnock and Dunfermline.

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    You made a comment towards the end of the last thread with which I actually WAS in broad agreement.



    Guess which one,haha!

  2. From previous….



    ernie lynch on 23 March, 2012 at 10:04 said:




    I apologise for delay m8.



    Thanks for that info.



    The Green Brigade should be, attributed a new ‘Jungle’ in CP as a message from the hierarchy that, Salmond and his anti-Celtic govt can go and stink in the same cesspit as, der-hun! IMO!



    Hail Hail





    Afore ye go,you and I need to get our tipping fingers out.



    A few of the pack are catching up,and one or two disappearing over the horizon.



    When’s TANGERINE TREES running again,to give us a chance………




  4. roccobhoy



    Good luck with your search for a ticket for Sunday though I fear it may well be in vain, I’ve never known such a demand for them.

  5. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 23 March, 2012 at 10:59 said:



    BM, I picked a 10/1 shot last week ,so hopefully still in there.


    Keep going mate ,33/1 should see you home and dry .


    Hail hail

  6. KevJungle – “Lennons Lions Get Ready To ROAR!!!” on 23 March, 2012 at 10:37 said:



    nice story. In Lyon under MON for the Champions League, I had a spare ticket, as an Irish guy i was keeping it for, turned up with a ticket already. 3000 tickets and about 9500 Celts in the city – i had been talking to a guy who was over with his girlfriend, and told him I had a ticket for him. When i offered it, he asked how much – i showed him the marked price, and said 22EUR. He refused to believe me – saying it wasn’t genuine (!) I told him that it was a 22EUR ticket, and I would never overcharge a fellow Celtic fan. His girlfriend told him not to be so stupid, and pay me. Eventually we settled on 22EUR plus 1 pint of French beer. I asked him simply that he would do the same for another Tim if he was in that position. He agreed.



    Overcharging fellow Celtic fans for tickets is a total no go as far as I am concerned. leave that sort of thing to the huns.



    Had a great night last night with John Hartson and Kingy was fantastic in his role of MC. There was over 170 in attendance and they raised over £3000.



    Hearing what BBJ went through and how amazingly he is still here to tell the tale explains the humility he conveyed. He did tell me that it was a pen on Sunday.



    Managed to sell a few copies of the new CQN magazine, which is fantastic btw. It will be on sale at the Tap and Barrell this Sunday.



    Tick-Tock- if you’re about, good to meet last night. I will be in touch to catch up when we ae both up the road.




  8. Right bhoys serious ? here so give me your honest opinion.



    If Rangers are found guilty of dodging tax and they are guilty on 2 contracts, what would your preferred punishment be.



    If no titles get removed and if they are back in the SPL, are you going to keep funding a corrupt league ?

  9. LuxCelt



    For the foreseeable future a surplus of tickets will be the least of their worries :-)

  10. Ernie Lynch



    There is very little chance of any reporting of the GB trial that finished yesterday. The press, in general, is only interested in convictions. They are certainly not going to report that the Procurator Fiscal Depute accepted that the word “Hun” is not sectarian or that the GB was found not to be inciting violence with the words “Let’s go to war” on a banner. A conviction in respect of the foregoing would have been on the front pages.






  11. roccobhoy



    long shot fella


    but if you still have no joy lookin for a ticket,


    i usually stand close to KFC at the roundabout as the Celtic fans walk along Drumoyne Road (“southern gen. hospital side”, if you like)



    pedestrian barrier there means most fans have to pass at that point



    easy enuff then just to


    a) ask all and sundry – “any spares?”


    b) abduct by force unsuspecting half-bevvied smaller-sized person who canny fight back – not that i would do such a thing mind you :)



    but honestly


    that location is a decent one


    and at 11am, too


    (its early but gotta be done)



    av seen 2-3 folk get tickets there, in the 2-3 times av been



    and then 1 for me too, so its no bad



    other option, maybe tweet


    the youth team


    ye never know



    good luck !

  12. Paul67



    Agree with your view on this. I have seen some good football this year from the so called diddly teams which makes a refreshing change. My guide to the opposition teams below



    Good footballing teams



    Dundee United




    St Mirren


    St Johnstone



    Dignity based bloggers













    Too poor to assess one way or the other








    Any side with some football about them has more often than not caused Dignity problems, the hackers cannot out hack Dignity and indeed invariably adopt a stand-off approach combined with just opening up the midfield a bit to give Dignity a helping hand.



    A few more skillful teams in the league may help …….. we need the refs to officiate the games to a CL standard to encourage good football …… Perhaps we will see Calum Murray adopting this approach on Sunday!




  13. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    I think we all know what to expect @ Ibrokes this Sunday.


    On the pitch it’ll be Laugherty, McCulloch & co trying to maim any Celtic player, particulary Forrest, Matthews, Cha, Rogne…all the younger ones, and trying to provoke some of the remainder into an overreaction so as to get them sent off. I hope Callum the Calm has his simulation alert device set to high, as Laugherty has been rehearsing his dives all week.



    Off the pitch, it will be a Loyalist/Unionist/ bigotfest: 43000 mini union jacks, red hands everywhere, jingoistic military style music over the PA, and sectarian and offensive songs from the stands.



    Can I humbly suggest that when the filthy songs pour down from their stands, that instead of reacting the way they want us to, that we just sarcastically clap for a few seconds when they are done, then laugh loudly at them, maybe even pointing at them at the same time. Let’s just laugh at them.


    Both on and off the pitch, cool heads need to prevail.


    To all Celts, take care.


    Win of course, but take care.

  14. Good morning Bhoys.



    Can anyone recommend a safe pub in Glasgow city centre to watch the game on Sunday. Couple of mates travelling across with no tickets. Need somewhere to watch the match.



    Thanks in advance.

  15. re Skive Sports vid




    good effort


    pretty mince really


    but 10/10 for effort


    keep em comin



  16. When they start their usual bigot fest on Sunday I truly hope that the Celtic support don’t respond at all but stay silent so that everyone throughout Britain and the rest of the world can hear them as the people we all know they are.


    Let the shame come rightfully their way and do not allow any opportunity for the usual hunguffery in the press.

  17. merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on

    Re-Snake Pilsen’s quest to meet Lubo from last night.



    I was up in Glasgow in Feb and was staying in the Premier Inn at Charing Cross.



    Saw Lubo twice the same day; in the morning, presumably with his son then at night with 3 burly East European types and an attractive young woman (his partner?).



    I was ‘egged on’ by my dad to go and do it so I did. The resulting momologue was, of course, meaningless drivel to him but he shook my hand firmly and smiled warmly at me. That was enuf for me!



    Made my night!



    Sorry, Snake!



    BTW, he still looks as fit as a fiddle and young, the b’strd!

  18. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on




    The decades old business model is not just under threat, it is busted.



    The blazers at the SFA don’t realize this.


    The Chairmen of the second tier SPL teams and RFCIA don’t realize this, although something tells me that the incoming chairman of Phoenix RFC might get it, regardless of what division they play in.



    Great stuff as usual.


    Are you always this far ahead of the curve? :-)

  19. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on 23 March, 2012 at 11:26 said:


    hen1rik-Tough one that but I want their 9iar wiped out.










    We all went from why did they get granted a UEFA licence, then we want them in admin, then we want them in liquidation, then 3rd division, then history wiped and titles stripped lol.



    Brilliant, hang them I say lol.

  20. Ok let’s try this ?



    Out of all of them I mentioned, if you could have 1 what 1 would it be.

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