Encouraging well-run clubs while subsidising the bloated incompetents


It is almost two years since we wrote in favour of a 14 team SPL with a top six, bottom eight split after teams have played each other twice.  Under this model teams at the top of the league would play the same number of games against top six (20) but would play fewer games against teams outside this group (16 instead of 18).

This model also gives clubs whose sole objective in life is to cling onto TV and gate money generated by Celtic fans a better chance of surviving.  The decades old business model of many of these clubs is under threat, not from huge clubs like Celtic, as they would have you believe, but from innovative and well-run clubs from places like Dingwall (population 5026), from where Ross County are about to demonstrate what good scouting and coaching can achieve.

More teams in the SPL will enable the league accommodate small well-run clubs like Ross County or Hamilton Accies before them, while continuing to drip-feed subsidy into those in the kind of debt that would make Sir David Murray wince, like Kilmarnock and Dunfermline.

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  1. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Celtic players have been advised not to leave any valuables in the dressing room on Sunday as they may end up in the hands of the administrators or on sale in the Louden bar later on.



    HaiL HaiL

  2. Mort @ 12:27,



    Thanks Mort



    “I’m all for more equal distribution of TV money but it won’t make much difference as the pot is so small to begin with. getting fans into their grounds will help these 10 clubs a lot more than the extra £200k some might get from TV money.



    Agreed, with SPL TV money being such a small percentage of our income and any changes – RFC(ia)’s departure or a more equitable distribution between the clubs – will be marginal compared to hullabaloo it seems to be causing. Europe is where our growth will come from.



    These other clubs that are looking for a bigger slice of smaller pie is not a viable medium/long term business plan.


    CELTIC MAC 1252



    Maybe he was speaking from a financial point of view.



    We have some serious people at the top in the boardroom,and they might want their investment protected.



    Personally,I don’t believe that the top people in our club think that way.



    I think they want the rabble across the river gone as soon as possible,and to hell with them.


    Not sure I can say the same for someone who has a bonus to protect though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. row z \o/ (O) whatever part of my club is dependent on rangers I am willing to lose! on

    A 2 league SPL?



    What about leagues defined on financial construct?



    SPL1 = Team with well run Finances



    SPL2 = Teams with huge debt and no way to pay it.



    Seperate TV deals



    Top 4 in each play off for Champions status.



    In response to hun songbook on Sunday I’d go for:



    Can you hear it Eddie Smith


    Can you hear it Eddie Smith



    Can you hear it Pat Nevin


    Can you hear it Pat Nevin.





    PHILVIS RETURNS and ERNIE LYNCH have rightly made a few points about Eddie Smith,along the lines of “we know that..” in reply to RALPH WALDO ELLISON’S point.



    And they are 100% correct.



    But how many others know about a major case-well,it would have been had they been found guilty,trust me-since it was ignored by the media.



    Was it D-listed or something?

  7. Does anyone REALLY believe the Hun will EVER change?



    Repentance is not part of their DNA.



    The Hun does not play fair. Never has never will. Even with all the advantages they’ve had stacked in their favour all through the years they still had to cheat and refuse to fight fair. Its like those old Sufi parables about the Scorpion or the wolf- they cannot change their nature. It defines them. Its what they are. Rotten to the core.



    I am in a state of advanced confusion when I think of why people outside the timternet and the Celtic family would want the illegally funded Mammon worshippers to survive. These degenerates do not play by the rules. They will be confident of having the continued support and protection of their Skulls & Crossbones club members- like hairy cheerleaders in the shadows. The well connected funny handshakers will keep working in the background to frustrate transparency as much as they can. Its what these people do best.



    Make no mistake those in the big house would have made put us in their machine when we were down. Minced us up. Then made sausages out of us. Yet the media circus- now an insane zoo with the cages flown open- call us freaks for our healthy expression of schadenfreude. These cowboy hacks are swaggering fiends expert in misinformation (hardly a virtue in the media of communications)- hired hustlers of inane drivel patched together like paper mache. Hopefully this milksop gang of pimps, whores and beggars will start to turn on each other like the dogs they are ( sorry if I offended the good name of the dog).



    No amount of airbrushing will conceal the Huns scar ridden puss hole for what it is. This is our cool aid moment and no gang of geckos will take that away. They have violated the Tao. We have kettled them into a corner. Yes they will fight back like a stupid animal. But doom is smeared on their foreheads. They will have their stockpile of bull ready like ammunition. But it will do them no good…with Jabba and Chico wittering on like talking monkeys…hopefully left to discuss the Hun post mortem.



    Pity Hurricane Bawbag didn’t just do us all a favour and blow them away in a Just wind.



    Keep the Faith.

  8. sixtaeseven: No NewCo in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    Imagine if a pound coin is thrown onto the pitch at Ipox on Sunday.


    Police will be in a quandry to decide whether it’s a missile or a last-minute takeover bid.

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