End of a great Celtic team


The treble was won on Saturday with a bit more anxiety than many of us anticipated.  Just as we discussed and hoped for last week, Kyogo was the man of the moment again.  Celtic have played in three cup finals when Ange Postecoglou has been in charge, the opener on Saturday was the fifth goal scored by the club in that time and the fifth by Kyogo.  The player is an inextricably linked to his manager’s success as Henrik Larsson was to Martin O’Neill’s.

I can scarcely remember a more effective winger than Liel Abada, certainly not for someone still only 21.  He ghosted into the box, then timed his forward run perfectly to latch onto Callum McGregor’s cross, giving Celtic an unassailable lead.  His added-time cross for Jota to complete the scoring was a piece of craft that largely went missing for Celtic during the final.

Inverness were miles out of their depth but defended well and on 84 minutes scored the best goal of the game.  A diving header is always easy on the eye, even when it hits the back of your own net.  It was never going to be, for the Highlanders.

We will look back on that final, on this last month, as a time when a great Celtic team emptied its tank.  Whether or not this is linked to off-field events is moot, a refresh is needed if these incredibly high standards are to endure.

It was painful listening to Ange duck questions on his future after the game.  In doing so, he answered, nonetheless.  We’ll talk more at the appropriate moment, in the meantime, as Bill wrote, ‘If it were done…., then ‘t were well it were done quickly.’

Let’s get on with it.

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  1. So he’s away then, We go again as we have done before. but it is now going to one of ‘those’ summers.



    If he comes back for Kyogo that will be unforgivable to me.



    3 weeks until my family get here.




  2. Dry your eyes, mate


    I know it’s hard to take, but his mind has been made up


    There’s plenty more fish in the sea


    Dry your eyes, mate


    I know you want to make him see how much this pain hurts


    But he’s gonna walk away now, it’s over

  3. Haven’t read back yesterday posts but who are we thinking is out there to step in. No Moyes banter please. I would hope we started our search some weeks ago.

  4. kevinlasvegas on

    By the sounds his agent been at Levy for a while. Asshat then on the pitch celebrating with Ange the title.



    Nice guy.




  5. I can’t believe our departing manager has not had any contact with Spurs before now.



    Good riddance.

  6. fourstonecoppi on

    AIPPLE on 5TH JUNE 2023 12:04 PM


    If he comes back for Kyogo that will be unforgivable to me.



    He will, there is no loyalty with these people and at £30m a no brainer for the board.

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    If it’s sayonara Ange, it seems to be at least a season premature. After all, he hasn’t yet completed building his Celtic team.



    It’ll be (regrettably) interesting to find out whether Celtic does indeed have a football infrastructure and operation modelled on the City Group as Paul suggested last week, with potential manager candidates identified and profiled against the requirement, or whether Mark Lawwell simply knew Postecoglu from first hand experience.



    There’s a world of difference between knowing E=MC2, understanding what it means, and being able to apply it to solve problems in the real world.



    Let’s see what we’ve got: Knowledge, Understanding, or Expertise.

  8. Yep, a great opportunity. Ange leaves us in a far better position than he found us. Champions league football, a young squad with bright futures and good values should they wish to move on, cash in the bank.



    Any manager should now see Celtic as a decent proving ground for a move to a top European club. Do the business and the rewards are obvious.

  9. FOURSTONECOPPI re: coming back for our players



    Kyogo and he seem so very close and part of a journey. Think many of the player will be upset.

  10. I’ve not entirely given up. Has Ange been in a room with Levy yet? Maybe he has this morning, but until they physically meet this is not done. Sure, his agent has been working away with Levy or Levy’s people. But Levy seems to have a poor record of getting coaches he wants over the line.



    Clutching at Straws CSC

  11. CELTIC40ME re: being in a better place with good young sellable squad



    I hear you. Just a little hard to be super happy about the positives right now. His speech last week was obviously the start of his farewell.

  12. I think Potter came up against a very hands on owner at the Bridge and a squad containing a few malign influencers. I’d be happy with him – an intelligent man and a footballing purist.

  13. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Oddly enough it does seem to be the case that this has all but been agreed for several weeks now. The question is, why did spurs begin leaking information in the days prior to the cup final? Very strange




    Thank you for 2 trophy laden seasons but I will always remember you as just another bullshtter

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Got a text last week saying Ange and his agent were driving this move,totally took the Club by surprise, I didn’t want to believe it ,and explains why DD was here,to try and get him to stay,idon’t think anyone can blame the Club, when we had a manager who didn’t want to stay,and was clearly working behind our back.An historic weekend, which had a black cloud over it for me, and the tin lid is on it now,feel betrayed .I would take Rodgers back,anyone who can keep us ahead of the huns

  15. AIPPLE on 5TH JUNE 2023 12:29 PM



    It was pretty obvious he was off on Saturday, a couple of days is enough to be unhappy about it, I reckon :)

  16. fourstonecoppi on

    PICINISCO on 5TH JUNE 2023 12:27 PM



    If it all goes ‘tits up’, would we want him back?. Personally from me a NO.


    I’ll settle for a new venture. HH

  17. 67 European Cup Winners on

    His (and our) success has highlighted his ability


    Good luck to him I sense he is grateful to Celtic – as he should be


    It’s the way the game works (no one is chasing Beale)



    I feel confident our Board have a plan


    I hope that plan allows Nicholson to deliver without interference from our Chairman



    On the speculation front


    I was and continue to be a Brendan Rodgers fan


    But our Chairman will stamp on that option – correctly


    Going back never ends with a happy ending


    Brendan has had his time in paradise



    Personally I like Graham Potter


    Very good at Brighton


    Held his dignity when Chelsea became a circus (not all his doing)


    He is probably hungry to achieve and rebuild his reputation



    A final thought the Ange departure has done nothing to dilute the pride I feel supporting a team that hold a world record 8 trebles


    We are fu–ing brilliant



    I think we are close to that World Record the Huns have been claiming


    Ours will be an unbroken history with loads of moral fibre


    We really are the good guys



    Let Mr Nicholson does his work Peter




  18. Potter was on about 12m a season at Chelsea. Who knows if his payoff (which wasnt the outstanding amount of his contract) is dependent on him not working but I think Chelsea to Celtic isn’t the sort of career path he’ll be looking to follow

  19. If by any chance Ange’s move to Spurs hits a last minute hitch, I wouldn’t want him back.



    I fully realise it would be the same with 99% of Managers, bigger Club, bigger League, more money, it’s just business.



    Move along Ange, enjoy mid table mediocrity, we will still be having a party next year.

  20. Outside of any European managers,who might enter discussions,my choice would be between,Jesse Marsh,or Graham Potter.Both fit the Celtic ethos on how the game should be played.Potter took Brighton to the levels they have maintained this year.Beautiful football.A joy to watch.


    Jesse was handed an impossible job at Leeds,as we have since witnessed.No real time to turn around tha malaise engulfing them.


    Anyone getting the Celtic job now,is one lucky man.C L group stages.A team only needing tweaked,room to sell and buy,and a transfer budget,dwarfing the opposition.

  21. CELTIC40ME,



    He got a pay off of £ 15 million from Chelsea.Not skint,and nothing on the table for him job wise.He is young enough to rebuild his career with us,.Happened with Rodgers?Eddie Howe was almost there.Why not?

  22. fanadpatriot on

    Plenty of good managers out there .


    Just to be better than Sevco wins the league and qualification for champions league


    European football is where we must improve ,we must aim high HH

  23. 67 European Cup Winners on

    CELTIC40ME on 5TH JUNE 2023 12:42 PM


    Who can say what motivates these guys – money obviously


    But there are still one or two that do it for the love of the game


    Yes I could be dreamer but Potter could be a football guy



    Remember like everyone on here I’m just guessing




  24. fourstonecoppi on

    CORKCELT on 5TH JUNE 2023 12:42 PM



    Also, tbh, Ange couldn’t really cut the euro scene and i also thought the last few games against ‘thems’ their midfield ran threw us, which was a worry.


    Like all of us i thought he’d be about for a while, especially to have another crack at Europe. But heyho money badge kissing chest thumping. it’s all part of the marketing strategy. This old ghuy should know better!



  25. Whatever,we need a manager,the right one,quickly.Within a fortnight ,I would think.