Endurance training for several during the break


Tom Rogic, through travel and exertion, is likely to be the only player away on international duty Ange Postecoglou has concerns about playing at Motherwell on Saturday.  He played 81 minutes in Australia’s loss in Japan, which was marathon territory for Tom before this season’s exertions.

Kyogo made another cameo international appearance, as did Callum McGregor, both should be in peak condition on their return to The Real Thing.  Several in the squad, including Giorgos Giakoumakis, James McCarthy and Cameron Carter-Vickers, were able to get some endurance training done during the break.  These three have not trained or played enough football this season to reach peak condition yet, maybe now?

With Jura’s hamstring apparently healed, we will be halfway to having our first choice full backs on the field.  Time for a return to form for a squad that has flattered more than delivered this season.

I didn’t put myself through the Scotland game last night, although I read the performance was back to recent expectations.  Did it make our recent abject performance on a plastic field in West Lothian seem any more palatable?  Not that performance mattered for Steve Clarke, who might ponder Napoleon’s preference for lucky generals instead of skilful ones.  Curse your opponents with the skilful but unlucky.

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  1. Ziggydoc.


    I found this from 2019, from Stadia.


    Exclusive turfgrass of FIFA World Cup 2022 announced




    Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has chosen Platinum TE Paspalum as the playing surface for all stadiums and training sites hosting the November 2022 event.



    In a joint venture, Aspire Sports Turf of Qatar and international sports turf consulting giant STRI conducted extensive research on which to base their selection. Varieties of seashore Paspalum, Bermudagrass, and Zoysia turfgrasses were tested at multiple sites. Platinum TE Paspalum proved to be the most durable and shade tolerant of the turfgrasses tested, outperforming the other varieties in recovery as well. Establishment and grow-in from stolons were also quicker with the Platinum TE.



    Grassing has begun at multiple stadiums and training facilities. To ensure genetic purity and the highest quality, the Platinum TE Paspalum being utilized is licensed and certified plant material from global turfgrass supplier Atlas Turf International. Grassing will continue as the remaining facilities are completed over the next two years.



    “For over a decade, Platinum TE Paspalum has performed consistently well for projects in the Middle East,” said Atlas Turf president John Holmes. “It’s not surprising that it was singled out as the top performer and ultimately selected for Qatar 2022. In the testing, Platinum TE exhibited stronger tensile strength, greater ability to grow in low light conditions, and rapid recovery from injury.”



    Platinum TE’s many key characteristics include a darker green color for exceptional striping, better density for outstanding ball setup, and superior tolerance to low light intensity conditions.

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 13TH OCTOBER 2021 12:29 PM


    Amazes me ,on here,the scorn,or sour comments heaped on Gilmour.He does not play for the Hun.He upped ship and done them out of millions.Not an ounce of loyalty towards them.Unless of course,the dislike is aimed at him because of his Mum.Too ridiculous for words.I hope the boy continues his excellent upward spiral.A very good player for the amount of 1st team football he has had.Augurs very well for him.Of course he should play for Scotland.The better he becomes,the more vomiting seen over Mordor way.Whats not to like?.





    Now Patterson,different.Like our own Montgomery,not at that level yet.For Clarke ,needs must.

  3. In my opinion Bolingolli had a decent game v Livingston,better than Taylor or Montgomery who is supposed to prefer playing on the left wing,as for young Patterson he will come good ,a terrific cross for Dykes to score .

  4. Tories doing very well in their quest to hire 5,000 European drivers.


    To date they have hired,20.

  5. TIMBHOY163 on 13TH OCTOBER 2021 1:06 PM


    In my opinion Bolingolli had a decent game v Livingston,better than Taylor or Montgomery who is supposed to prefer playing on the left wing,as for young Patterson he will come good ,a terrific cross for Dykes to score .




    On what evidence are you saying Bolingo.i is better than Taylor?Can’t be for the amount of times you have saw him.


    Or is this just another wee dig at Taylor.

  6. The reason Billy gets it tight is the incredible fawning and slavering nonsense that is spouted via the SMSM.


    You have to be here to understand it.



    He is somewhere between Debruyne and Messi.



    Irony doesnt cover it, so what he played for the huns onetime,



    The biggest irony for me was someone commenting that Kenny Mclean (I think) is keeping him out the norwich team but cant displace him for scotland,



    the kid is no superstar in the making, he is just goodish.

  7. SAINT STIVS on 13TH OCTOBER 2021 1:43 PM


    The reason Billy gets it tight is the incredible fawning and slavering nonsense that is spouted via the SMSM.




    You’re right but if he was a former Celt, then we wouldn’t be bothered. Then again, when has The SMSM slavered over any Celtic player.

  8. The great hope now is that we come back refreshed and ready to kick on. We’ll know in the next three weeks if we’ve a season to look forward to or whether it’s simply a continuation of last year’s misery. A huge three weeks ahead.

  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    I was told by a Dundee United fan that all Qatar surfaces will be artificial. I believed him because…well…he’s an Arab.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Looking forward to the return of proper football this weekend.



    Looking even further ahead, I will be glad to see the back of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.



    Immoral excess and largesse for just 64 games of football.



    Lest we forget, Qatar was awarded the tournament 11 years ago.



    Much has changed since.



    Hopefully world football has changed too (and will further in future).

  11. Gilmour is a top-class youngster, certainly capable of being compared, in time, with the likes of Mount, Foden & Sancho, although he’s playing in inferior team(s). Can’t understand the vitriol directed at him – not everyone who plays/has played, or, supports the Ibrox club, is a sub-human….imagine having to say that!! The personal hatred harboured by some sickens me.



    With regard to our media, who take it in turns to fawn over & protect TRFC & SNPcult in our Scottish fishbowl – it hasn’t changed since the days when Celtic stars like Craig, McNeil, Clark, Murdoch, Lennox Chalmers and unbelievably Jinky, were routinely overlooked in favour of their Ibrox counterparts – those days maybe returning. Then there was the case of one of the finest players ever to grace football in the UK and acknowledged worldwide, Kenny Dalglish. His performances in a Scotland shirt, all 102 of them under a raft of managers, were dissected and criticised ridiculously and yet Jim Baxter, good as he was, became a living-legend mostly on the basis of one Wembley ‘keepy-up’ performance.



    Let’s recognise talent and leave the personal snide to others.

  12. TURKEYBHOY ,I’m not having a dig at Taylor,just think Bollogoli is a better left back than him,also I would say Hickey is far better than Bollingoli ,it’s all about options,🤢🤢

  13. spikeysauldman on

    seen hickey versus the huns before he left for italy


    shockingly bad


    imo boli better than both – tho obviously hickey has potential/playing at a different level etc



    gilmour – smashing wee player – but unused sub for norwich the past few games – probably because they need more defensive minded players ? his defending is even worse than celtics midfielders from what i’ve seen

  14. This being a Wednesday, I like to take a look at The Herald and view Brian Wilson’s weekly NatBash column.



    What struck me today was Brian’s decision to mention only one of the two mass sporting events that he attended in March 2020, after coming home from a holiday in Thailand at the end of February. He “jostled for a pint” with French people at the Scotland v France game at Murrayfield on Sunday 8th March. Man of the people that Brian Wilson is. Pint of Guinness and a wee Talisker, charge it to his CFC expense account.



    I can only speculate, as he doesn’t divulge, that the other mass sporting event would have been our game v St Mirren on Saturday 7th March. If it was, there would have been no jostling for a pint with the other PLC blazers at that event.



    Is Brian Wilson too embarrassed to let Herald readers know of his involvement in Celtic ? Why else would he mention two attended events but give details on only one. He can bash the Nats all day long as far as I’m concerned but what tangible value does he add to Celtic ?

  15. The danger of not considering international football as the real thing from a Celtic perspective Paul is it leaves the field to the failures in Scottish society to shape the narrative. Craig Levein should not be anywhere near a microphone, never mind a football stadium.

  16. squire danaher on

    JHB on 13TH OCTOBER 2021 2:35 PM



    Regarding Celtic players and Scotland.



    A few of the Lisbon era players have since come out and stated in books that Mr Stein would put the kybosh on them turning up for Scotland squads.



    I do not doubt for a second that Celtic players got a raw deal from the SFA; McGrain made to play LB to accommodate Jardine, Hay dropped to get Greig in a Wembley team, Dalglish mysteriously dropped when poised to break a Hun-held record.



    I think Mr Stein would normally and correctly have prioritised Celtic’s needs at the time and looked after players.



    It is interesting though to have a look at the Scotland team which started v the old USSR in a meaningless friendly at Hampden on Wednesday 10/5/1967, containing no less than six Celtic players and W Wallace the only substitute.

  17. Taylor for me over Bolingoli any time, Taylor may not be a KT but in my opinion he’s the best left back at the club.


    Some people on the site seem to be willing to be ruled by the Tories forever and take great pleasure in accepting that Scotland is a region of greater England while taking wee digs at the SNP. Calling political parties cults seems to be the fashion these days. Away and grow up.




    The Unionist mob are just a bunch of Cu-ts.


    Sorry,the L on my pad not working.


    Is it no,Aye.

  19. It is ok to rate or nor rate the boy gilmour, that is football and not all supporters or coaches share the same views. I think the boy is a very good young player who will likely improve with time, to what level I don’t know. I get that some folk are turned off by the hype as it can become a little silly I.e. media and fans going overboard.



    The boy patterson seems to have a good cross and a little physicality but he gives me the fear in a scotland top, he seems to be technically poor, does not mean he won’t have a good career. He is given less attention by others. Both could become very good senior players, both could bomb or one could bomb while the other thrives. Time will tell.



    What is undeniable is neither shone particularly brightly over the last 2 games despite a very decent 2nd half preformance by gilmour agains Israel. He was pitiful last night. Patterson was pitiful against Israel but set up winner last night.



    PS i am gonna judge their preformances in the same way as I judge a senior players preformance cause they are playing for the senior team. Only way to judge the preformance fairly.



    Now let’s see celtic get some wins under our belt now international games are out the way.



  20. Timbhoy,



    I asked what you based the comparison on.Bolingoĺi,who got pelters from most of the fans,whenever he did play,or Taylor,who gets pelters from some on CQN when he plays.


    By the way,I personally liked Bolingoli as an attacking full back.Not the greatest defender,but neither is Taylor,who supports the front men all game long.If you want a LB who is great at both,let most of the clubs in the world know.Even KTs defending is nowhere near as good as his attacking play,which is why Arsenal are using him more as an attacking full back,in front of a back 3.

  21. Sub human- nazi scum- brexit supporting dimwit


    Her majesties example of a shite-



    Imagine a Celtic fan seeing Tory vermin over anything



    “Worst catastrophe in public health history and your heroes done nothing while thousands died.




    You support and enable fascism .


    Rent boy

  22. Gilmour is not playing for Norwich at the moment,because they are defending for their lives every game.Why Mc Lean is in the team,hacking and fouling away.


    No idea what Chelsea were thinking,this was always going to be the case.Wrong team to develop in.


    I like Norwich though.




    Thought both had a very good second half against Israel.McCoist etc. bumming them up is getting tiresome both have only played a handful of Pro. games. It’s a wait and see same as the other young “rangers” player Kelly.




    The games Sancho has played in not impressed so far but he can come good i look at the transfer fee and think he should hit the ground running.



    Game changed las night when CalMac came on.IMO

  24. Jist going through some old stuff that sits in the ‘To Be Finished’ folder. Came across this….



    As the big lockdown loomed last October, I was wandering along Argyle Street and took a wee shifty in the pound shop beside the Hielanman’s Umbrella…



    IT WAS PACKED ……However after a moment’s thought I noticed that most of them must have been supporters of ‘whatever pseudonym you now give to’ the Ibrox club.



    I deduced this (Holmes eat yer heart out) by the simple fact that no one was at the ‘glue’ counter where on offer was a product called “Over and Over” super glue….(This is a pic!



    https://enematic.wordpress.com/2021/10/13/what-craig-whyte-could-have-bought/ )



    I probably imagined it, but I felt a ripple of staring eyes as I picked up a packet and took it to the checkout.



    Anyway, as a wee reminder of that day, I penned the following (Obviously to the melody of …you’ve guessed … “Over and Over”





    O- OVER and OVER, Celtic Super Glue


    OVER and OVER, we will STICK wae you,


    Used to fix a break or tear, make them like brand new,


    Broken saucers, pots and pans, soles fixed tae yer shoe!



    Yer da has muttered wance again, “Where’s ma effin specs”


    Time tae start a treasure hunt, scour the bleedin decks,


    Carpets lifted, freezer checked, doon the couch? “nae luck!”,


    Then a crack beneath yer feet, “MY GOD” disaster’s struck!



    So …



    O- OVER and OVER, Celtic Super Glue


    Keeps yer wig upon yer heid, jist like hair that grew,


    Wee bits now in pieces, we can now repair,


    Nae mair squintin’ at the Guardian crossword in despair!



    So when your faced wae shattered dreams, an’ life has shed all hope


    And all that’s left tae raise a smile, is getting stoned on dope,


    Remember that wae jist wan sniff, the world will feel brand new


    Unless ye live doon Ibrox way, cos there’s nae hope fur you…






    O- OVER and OVER, Celtic Super Glue


    Has stuck the gates of Hades shut, an’ jailed the orange and blue,


    Tae ponder for eternity, whit we bought wae oor Pound!


    Like Murray’s price tae pit yer club, six feet beneath the ground!



    Hail Hail




  25. JIMDOM on 13TH OCTOBER 2021 2:54 PM



    Is Brian Wilson too embarrassed to let Herald readers know of his involvement in Celtic ? Why else would he mention two attended events but give details on only one. He can bash the Nats all day long as far as I’m concerned but what tangible value does he add to Celtic ?



    *he is our link to government policies,having been there himself, no different to John Reid who was hounded out by the left wingers in our support. Rather him on our Board that some used car salesman or a kid on bean counter.

  26. The Big young hun fits the currant identikit – a throwback to the past.


    He’ll find himself in the marble -lined Express Checkoot lane as soon as the scoddish meeja can whip up enough 8 mullyin poon offers from anyone, anywhere………..






    As for wee Buuuullly?


    Decent player, no harm to him.


    I can only guess the hunnned-up meeja are just desperate to ” Blue-up” the Scotland side or just dilute or distract from the number of Celtic or former Celtic players in the ranks?


    If he can walk and chew gum at the same time ( and even if he cannae) he’s a shoo in for a Shortie gig whenever. Just think wee Nasty.


    For most o’ thum, his wee maw is just a dug whistle for thur many and varied anti-Celtica prejudices.

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