Endurance training for several during the break


Tom Rogic, through travel and exertion, is likely to be the only player away on international duty Ange Postecoglou has concerns about playing at Motherwell on Saturday.  He played 81 minutes in Australia’s loss in Japan, which was marathon territory for Tom before this season’s exertions.

Kyogo made another cameo international appearance, as did Callum McGregor, both should be in peak condition on their return to The Real Thing.  Several in the squad, including Giorgos Giakoumakis, James McCarthy and Cameron Carter-Vickers, were able to get some endurance training done during the break.  These three have not trained or played enough football this season to reach peak condition yet, maybe now?

With Jura’s hamstring apparently healed, we will be halfway to having our first choice full backs on the field.  Time for a return to form for a squad that has flattered more than delivered this season.

I didn’t put myself through the Scotland game last night, although I read the performance was back to recent expectations.  Did it make our recent abject performance on a plastic field in West Lothian seem any more palatable?  Not that performance mattered for Steve Clarke, who might ponder Napoleon’s preference for lucky generals instead of skilful ones.  Curse your opponents with the skilful but unlucky.

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  1. “The only thing working through Faith is Charity, we are freed by Faith working through Love.” Pope Francis, 13/10/21 Anno Domini.

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 13TH OCTOBER 2021 11:20 PM


    Bloody roasters coming on here.Polluted.





    Time for a wee break.






    just have a laugh at them, reel them in

  3. PETEC on 13TH OCTOBER 2021 11:33 PM


    1 LOVE.







    i gave you some hard nights on here, but who am i to judge.



    your friendship with garry was quite special on here, well the bits shared.



    so as an act of contrition, i apoligies.



    you keep delaneys dunkey memory lit up.

  4. “We have been set Free by Love, which becomes the and supreme Law of the Christian Life. This Gospel message of our Liberation is catholic (Universal) and addressed to all and in every Time and Place. The Church’s catholicity, her universality, is not founded on her universality of style or custom, or the imposition of any one cultural model but in the respect for all that is Good and True in each people and culture.”


    – October 13th, 2021 Anno Domini. General Audience Pope Francis.

  5. lionroars67 @ 5:14 am



    Good morning CQN






    Starmer: Labour will work with PM to fight Covid-19 in national …https://www.theguardian.com › politics › 2020 › apr



    4 Apr 2020 — Keir Starmer has vowed to work with Boris Johnson “in the national interest” to guide Britain through the mounting coronavirus outbreak, …



    In the first 6 months of the Covid crises, there was no difference amongst the better together crew about how to deal with it Labour and Liberal hid behind the fat ass of Boris and are equally as culpable of the horrendous death toll as Boris



    The mistakes Nicola Sturgeon and her Government made were to follow the UK Govts madness in dealing with Covid sadly she lacked the courage to take Scotland on a different path



    Some political revionism gone mad on this site





    B, I feel you are in danger of some Political Revisionism yourself here.



    The assertion I made wasn’t that the Labour Party had got it right on Covid and the SNP and Tories got it wrong. It was simply that the Home Care Discharges were called out as a huge humanitarian failure by members of Labour at UK and Scottish level. These are recorded historical matters and are easily found in contemporary records.



    They did so whilst offering to cooperate with both Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon in making the Covid fight as effective as possible but there was little apetite from either ruling government to accept their advice.



    Both Richard Leonard and Neil Findlay raided this issue in early and mid 2020 with the First Minister; she reacted with pained tears to the latter’s points but the accusation was never about her or her party being thoughtlessly heartless; it was just about proceeding with a development that they knew was flawed.



    There were so many things about the pandemic that were unknown and our leaders, in science and politics, cannot be blamed for getting them wrong but there were a few things with clearer outcomes. Of course, both governments had to clear hospitals in order to make space for those who were catching or about to catch Covid in the first tidal wave. We had seen the pictures from Italy and everyone was scared about hospital capacity. There was an imperative to get space freed in hospitals but there should ahve been an equal imperative to get nursing homes better prepared to face what they were being asked to do. They were treated as a 2nd class option when it came for the race to supply PPE and guidelines and maintain nursing standards and support, and by the time vaccines were ready, it was too late for some.



    After making their criticisms that the Nursing home policy was wrong, Labour politicians at UK and Scottish level pledged their support to both governments in the ongoing fight against Covid. They set aside their attacks on Care Home policies but pledged that there would be a reckoning on this when things improved.



    These statements were made and recorded at the time; there is no historical revisionism in stating they were made.



    The Scottish Govt; made a better fist of communicating effectively with the population about Covid but they were slightly slower in vaccine roll out and just as bad in procuring PPE for all that needed it. They were just as bad in managing Track & Trace, which remains a joke, but were slightly better again in border control. They imitated most of the practices that were being introduced down South and differed only in marginal areas of timing (a week or two’s difference at best) but the only area in which they excelled was communication



    https://www.parliament.scot/api/sitecore/CustomMedia/OfficialReport?meetingId=12636 – See Richard Leonard Statement on p.8






    A summary of Ms Sturgeon’s reaction to Neil Findlay

  6. Jamesie



    16 Roads



    LOVE is the Law – you know that.




    I cannae wait to see you again,



    Yer a cheesey quaver like moi.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SFTB – excellent and enjoyable summation of the COVID response history.






    The details will likely get debated (and some lost in the fog) for years to come.



    Being a Monday morning quarterback deploying 20:20 hindsight is easy.



    Anyone can do it.



    And the unprecedented nature of the emergency should be recognised before criticising the response of our political leadership …



    For me though there a few buts.



    The UK government had an opportunity in 2016 to spend a modest sum of our money to maintain and replenish our PPE stocks.



    (You can almost visualise the risk register entry. Likelihood – extremely low / Impact – cataclysmic)



    They didn’t. And some Covid-19 battles that would be fought 4 years later were lost there and then.



    The UK government routinely parrot the line about being guided by scientific community …



    but on several occasions when told “you need to do this NOW” they delayed.



    Saddest part of this whole “care homes” cameo for me?



    Partly shaped by the above, Governments across the UK knew they were sending old people out of hospitals to die in care homes.



    They knew it. (They couldn’t say it of course).




  8. garygillespieshamstring on




    Very sad to hear that. IMO, a very good and charitable man.


    RIP Monsignor Smith.

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