Energising offensively


I’ve spoken to many Celtic fans over the last couple of days but I’ve not met one who would have preferred Roy Keane to be our manager instead of Ronny Deila.  Despite some impeccable references, Ronny is a largely unknown character, but there is an appreciation among the support that we need to come up with a plan to enable the club to over-achieve in Europe.

The man’s performance at the media conference was faultless.  It’s not important to quick-witted but his use of words like “energise” and “offensive” is promising.  Football is in the entertainment business and Ronny appears to appreciate the link between the way his team perform, not just their results, and the ultimate satisfaction supporters’ leave the ground with.

Our thanks to the Greenock Celtic Supporters Club for hosting last night’s CQN Lions fundraiser for the Celtic FC Foundation.  We were fortunate to be entertained by Willie Wallace, John Hughes and Bertie Auld, it was a fantastic night, full of laughs.

Special thanks to those who attended and helped raise over £2000 for the Foundation, and to those who promised to get involved with the Foundation.  The club is in good hands with supporters like those in Greenock last night.  Big shout to Joe and Mick for bringing a familiar old friend along.

Visit the CQN Bookstore to get Tommy Gemmell to sign your personal copy of his tome, All the Best.

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  1. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on





    “TBB Indeed luck does play a huge part. Mourinho was lucky to beat us in Seville. He was very lucky v Man U next year to go through in CL. If he hadn’t achieved success that year where might he be now?


    Tony Mowbray was very unlucky. Ibrox in 2009 to go 7 points clear. Huge pressure on Cardigan. Honest mistake. Thomson denies a blatant penalty on Maloney, huns go up afield and score. They won 3-2. Couple of other honest mistakes that day too. Probably he most dishonest season in 100 years of dishonesty. When you’re under pressure players can freeze. We were cheated badly that year and so was big Tony. History could have been so different!


    Yes luck can play an important part but so too can skill, confidence and tactical awareness.


    I wish Ronny the very best of luck. He will have my full backing.”



    Seriously well said. Probably the most accurate account of history I’ve read on here. Far too easy for people to slag big Mogga, but the truth is it wouldn’t have mattered who was manager that year, it was a carve up.




  2. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    My dear departed old dad always made the point that taking a “shy” was a disadvantage since the other side had an extra man on the pitch – makes sense when you think about it. You would think that something like a “tap” free kick might be a fairer way of restarting the game?

  3. emus


    I beg to differ.


    Skill, confidence and tactical awareness


    had hee haw to do with it


    Thomson and his ilk made sure that they were going to win those leagues.


    come hell or high water.


    Otherwise liquidation would have come much sooner.

  4. Ellboy – I am Neil Lennon, YNWA.



    Agree mhate…the higher (lower) echelons of Scottish society was always going to make it so. hh

  5. Has anyone ever seen a more blatant display


    of biased refereeing than the sinister ministers


    efforts at Poundland ?

  6. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    Lennybhoy………….Don’t get me started on short corners, Big Billy was a particular fan of them.



    BTW It’s astonishing how many professional fitba players are unable to lift a corner over the 1st defender, you’ll see it in the world cup.

  7. The shy is well named…as players that don’t want the ball or don’t want to be caught in possession with it, will move towards an opposing player in order to not to receive the ball.



    ie, shy away from it.

  8. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    I see you posting pics on FB of Ronny stripping down



    I just hope he brings one or two of those female Scandinavian physios with him

  9. Teuchter ar la i think Leo has a son also called Leo it’s another son Philip who I know he’s in construction

  10. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Just recovered from last nights excellent do in the greenock Celtic csc last night, managed to get the 3 lions autographs on my Lisbon anniversary strip, will look good framed on my bhoys wall…



    Good to finally meet Paul67



    Cider time again :-)




  11. Kilbowie Kelt



    Regards Estadio it’s even more mindboggling face to face!

  12. channelislandcelt on

    Lennybhoy ,thought that was you messing about with that wiki page :O)



    Re Throw ins – Lee Naylor made 100 appearances for us .



    In each of those games he launched at least one long throw into the box



    Net result …….Goals 0, Chances 0




  13. Gordon



    What we really should do to let Ronny see what he is perhaps going to be up against in Scotland – is sit him down with a copy of the infamous Dallas game!


    Then every time in the first 30 minutes that the referees whistle goes -stop the tape and ask Ronny what the decision should be? Then run it on to let him see what was actually given!


    That night was the worst ever IMHO!




  14. Just in from walking wee Shug the Dug (Hugo), and


    It’s a New Day, a new Dawn, is on the tele


    Need to vote for that group :-)



    Hail Hail

  15. On throw-ins ,we do have a couple who are able to put the ball right into the penalty box ,Ambrose and Matthews. There was another too,Commons? For some reason we dont use this weapon that much.

  16. gordon64



    19:49 on 7 June, 2014


    Has anyone ever seen a more blatant display


    of biased refereeing than the sinister ministers


    efforts at Poundland ?




    Agreed, strange thing is it would be a bit more palatable if these refs were cheating us if there was a personal financial gain, but it is much more sinister than that, primarily stemming from a hatred of all things Celtic.



    Sadly those refs who are supposedly on our side of the fence are even more despicable having sold their soul for no other reason than to be accepted into the referees brotherhood.

  17. jeez_i_thought_blinker_was_pants



    19:50 on 7 June, 2014



    Totally agree with you, that’s why I would personally like to see more emphasis being given to them. Not saying we should score from them but how many goals are scored from free-kicks. We, anybody should be able to find a man or put the ball into an area that will cause problems. Not hitting the first man is poor.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  18. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Yes, the Minx and I have had words about the pictures she’s chosen to adorn Facebook and Twitter with.



    I told her, “Why have mince when you can have steak!”



    Tonight, for dinner, she made steak!



    That’ll teach me :-)

  19. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on




    Dallas’ display that day was unbelievable.



    We will never have a level playing field whilst referees like that are around.

  20. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    After Thompson’s performance at Ibrox that day my mate stopped going back there.



    It was a disgrace.

  21. Another thing that Ronny needs to do asap is to read the riot act about socialising down the pub. Well paid players getting pi**ed and getting involved in unsavoury behavior and incidents cannot be tolerated.

  22. croppybhoy


    Good thinking batman.


    After a few days of watching the honest mistakes


    Ronny will know what we are up against.


    It should be made compulsory for anyone signing for us.

  23. Hrvatski Jim



    I agree that Lubo was the very best at corners and his free-kick were ok too.


    Thommo arrived and and took it on himself to take over these duties. He was pretty good but not as good as Lubo.

  24. Regarding Yogi.


    Remembering going to see Celts v Them at Hampden.


    Evening Citizen ……remember that ? …..had a headline about Yogi….


    The nimble colossus!


    Summed him up them.


    He ran riot that day.


    Recentl spoke with this son about


    it and he was fair chuffed !




    Ronntwheresyrroosers ?

  25. Roy Croppie


    I love the pics that you regularly post.


    I have a question, Are they from a personal collection or can you recommend any site where a selection may be available?


    I know……..that’s two questions.


    HH mate

  26. channelislandcelt



    20:05 on 7 June, 2014



    1st Janauary 1983, Nicholas receives a shy-in from MacLeod, perfect and perfect control and finish as we beat them for the first time at ibrox on New Years Day since 1921.



    One of the best goals I have witnessed in the flesh, as Nicholas hit the ball which ended up in the side net. Recall standing in the Broomloan Road Stand, Nicholas you’ve waited too long…then the Ball passes through Jim Stewarts Arms as he dived in a vain attempt to stop the Ball.



    A productive shy leading to a fantastic goal.



    For the record the final score: 1-2 (McStay and Nicholas)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  27. Teuchter ár lá



    I’ve got a personal collection but also search some sites regularly: Lisbon Lion on twitter; Celtic Wiki and Celtic Collectibles are all good.



    I was given a couple of crackers last week that I’ll need to scan and put up…one will spark a debate I think :)




  28. For any that might have missed it, during the presser – Ronny was asked in his interview about the pictures (see Minx on FB) of him stripping to his kacks on the field.



    He said it was a bet between him and the team’s fans. If the team avoided relegation he told them he would strip on the field (in 2009). They escaped relegation and he fulfilled his side of the bet.



    Four years later he took the team to the league title.



    Asked if he would bring the stripping thing to Celtic, he looked at Peter Lawwell, smiled and said “Yes, if we win the Champions League.”




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