England, or Israel, or Sweden, or Iceland, striker search goes on


It’s probably rash to suggest Neil Lennon dismisses the inflated English market when trying to sign a striker in preference for the Continent.  Europe has plenty of quality leagues, and gifted players, but it also has plenty of scouts.

The tops leagues enjoy blanket analysis, which has consequences.  Our experience of Lassad and Miku suggests that if we can tempt a striker to move from the likes of Spain to Scotland there’s maybe a reason why.  Even the secondary leagues, such as Slovakia and Poland, are scouted extensively by German clubs, who are the most desired destination for most East European players.  The success rate in bringing targeted strikers to the club from Europe has been low, which had real consequences for this season.

So where does that leave us?  Second tier teams in second tier (but still good) leagues, like Vitoria Guimaraes, who we bought Amido Balde from (strikers at top Portuguese clubs are aiming for the sky), go back to the English Championship, or maybe a peripheral league, like Sweden or Israel, again, or Iceland.

Celtic proposition is not without merit, we will now be touting Champions League football under the noses of every prospect, but finding a player capable of delivering the talent for that stage is the central challenge to the club.
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  1. Tamrabam



    Is it possible that we can see the merit in the MON signing and transfer policy circa 2000/01 but that, following the knock back of the entry into EPL/Championship and the door being firmly closed, that this policy could not be pursued, and that, therefore, both managers suited their times and needs.



    Many of our support still long for a return to the “flash the cash” period which really only applies to the first 18 months of MON’s coming.

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    delaneys dunky



    14:28 on 4 December, 2013



    No, it’s on the telly ……………..sorreeeee. couldn’t resist

  3. If we buy a No 10 who passes the ball forward instead of square,then the strikers we have might start scoring.Gone are the days when the opposing GK was regularly worked for 90 mins ,and invariably MOM,Sunday an exception obviously.

  4. I see His Holiness Pope Francis used to be a bouncer in a nightclub in Argentina,get him on the door at CQNs dinner dance,that will keep the Auld Grey Brigade in check.

  5. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    !!Bada Bing!!




    15:23 on 4 December, 2013




    If we buy a No 10 who passes the ball forward instead of square,then the strikers we have might start scoring.Gone are the days when the opposing GK was regularly worked for 90 mins ,and invariably MOM,Sunday an exception obviously.




    Agree with that chief. We are very one-dimensional at times and keep trying the same moves – which are often (it appears) easily defended. Difference on Sunday was we exploited the space we were give in different ways.

  6. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    Got a mate who played against Bobo (as a striker) in a friendly down south. Knowing Bobos’ reputation from up here, he instructed his team-mates NOT to direct any high balls towards him. Sure enough, after 5 minutes first high ball comes and Bobo goes through said striker for the ball, when he eventually got up off the ground after a few minutes, his team-mates were all doubled up with laughter. Bobo doesn’t do friendlies.



    I was more bothered by the fact WGS got rid of Agathe so soon after he arrived, felt he still had a lot to offer:(

  7. Do we need a striker ?



    If we don’t know where the goals are coming from the opposition defence won’t either… Smiley face thing

  8. Tamrabam



    Indeed we did and my point remains the same. It cost more 5 years later to buy the same quality as it did 5 years earlier.



    So had WGS paid the same as MON did in 2000, after taking wage inflation into account, the quality would have been a lot less than that actually procured. MoN could not have purchased those players had they been offered what WGS was able to offer.



    So WGS gets credit for keeping us competitive with less to spend in relative terms than MON did.



    The EPL average wage in 2000 was £11,184 and had risen by nearly 40% to £18,367 in 2005.



    I think the WGS “product” was less exciting than MoN’s or even NL’s (although the latter is nearer WGS standard than MoN’s) but I think we need to take what the money could buy into account when making comparisons.

  9. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Kingoh 14:34 on 4 December, 2013



    I think Sevco will definitely be liquidated regardless. They have no banking facilities, they are burning cash at an alarming rate, and the Zombies are certain to turn on each other after the AGM.



    That is all enough to ensure Sevco go under like the club they pretend to be did before them.



    But this stuff is separate from that. The boy who told me about it has no reason to make it up. He knows someone high up at The Herald and he is confident the information is sound.



    Given everything that has occurred around Ibroke in the past decade I have no reason to think this particular story is anything other than true.



    At any other club in Scotland, with the possible exception of Hearts, I’d have reservations about what he said. But this is the Rangers group of clubs and nothing can be dismissed.



    How do you pay employees when there is no banking facility to do so?

  10. I wonder how WGS and NFL would have faired if they had inherted a team with Henrik Larsson in it.



    Hard to say but my guess is both would have achieved more.

  11. Caldwell and McManus or Balde



    Balde every time. Balde was decent for us.



    He done what both the said above couldn’t do and that was win a ball in the air first time. Vital for the team that.



    Liked the big man and i think WGS made a bloomer ailenating him for Caldwell and McManus in particular. Wasn’t worth 28k a week but that aint his problem, if you are offered then you aint going to knock back.

  12. Paul Telfers last game for Celtic in the San Siro was outstanding.



    Thought he was immense that night !!

  13. Tamrabam



    You have obviously researched this in the past and argued your case



    I have an idea why MON ONLY spent what he did and had the success that he did



    He inherited Petrov , Lambert, KOK, Jackiemac and Mjalby – all players in their prime


    and not forgetting Lubo who while not in his prime was a superstar

  14. Would have like to have seen Telfer around the same time we got Craig Burley. Was a really good player at Luton at then got a great move to Coventry and was decent there as well.

  15. oldtim67





    15:19 on



    4 December, 2013





    charles kickham


    14:47 on


    4 December, 2013


    Celtic shares up to 74 – what’s going on ?.



    Celtic Park is expanding in every way, they’ve started to put new buildings up,that’s called investment,if you want to invest in Celtic do it soon, they’ll be in 3 figures (shares I’m talking about) after the new year,another fillip for Peter Lawell.




    My lad was working at the Commonwealth Games Village in Springfield Road. When the games are over I believe they apartments will become homes.



    The populating of the areas around CP is pretty obvious on any match day visits. People mean business, the more people the more business.



    Whilst it may not be possible to turn everyday into a match day, it should be a lot more lively down that way on weekdays and summer evenings than it has ever been.

  16. At the time of the roll and sausage incident in the empire bar, with the two very astute undercover police, there where at that time 11 un solved murders in Glasgow alone, but credit where it’s due they did catch the guy who short changed them with the roll and sausage and he was fired, all hail Scotlands undercover a cops.

  17. Afternoon Fholks,



    Just popping in for help on a non-Celtic related issue if anyone can help.



    We moved premises and set up the business phone system with an excellent online host (RingCentral for anyone who wants excellent value for money and much more!). BT have called to advise they won’t release transfer of the existing business phone number unless we pay £200, using the old “under imaginary contract until 2015 scam”. How do we avoid them extorting this money from us? Do we need to go the Communications Ombudsman?

  18. DBBIA-Surprised ,haven’t heard of Telfer involved in football since he retired.WGS and himself said he didn’t watch football on TV and was more interested in golf.A very steady pro who became a convenient whipping bhoy for some.

  19. weebobbycollins on

    A wee big Bobo anecdote…at a press conference he is asked how Alan Thompson’s injury is coming along (thommo had been out a few weeks with a hamstring problem). Bobo says he has recovered and will play at the weekend, MoN had already told them the team. Next up is MoN himself and he is asked the same question about Thommo. Martin says he’s coming along fine and should be back in action quite soon. When told what Bobo had said, Martin smiled, shook his head and said, ” Bobo is a lovely lad but he is too honest…obviously he won’t be doing any more press conferences.”………and if I can just add, Bobo and Didier Agathe were probably the two most courteous players Celtic had at that time, always polite with the media guys…

  20. Thinking of getting Baby Bada (aged 6) a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7 tablet,anyone used one ? Ta

  21. derbyshirebhoy on

    I do hope that Neil will play Nir Biton again against Motherwell as it will be very interesting to see how he copes with the inevitable industrial tactics of the opposition .



    I remember Tom Rogic’s very impressive performance in Inverness and a later appearance at Fir Park which I suggest halted him in his tracks and from which he doesn’t seem to have recovered.



    Will Nir prosper or regress?

  22. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    Not a striker, but I have a poster of a Celtic Legend.



    I give you Neil Frances Lennon.

  23. Here ur Ma thoughts,,,,,,,, o’ the day:




    Ah hiv bin Batterin’ oan fur weeks n weeks.. Aboot..



    The Sorry Condition of Celtic’s Midfield.



    And… Ah wull Continue tae batterin’ oan aboot it.






    That Is where awe the Trouble wi’ oor.. Strike Force is Emanatin’ frum



    We need tae Assemble… a new Mid Field.



    we need tae Re-Populate the Middy, wi’ Guys who are Mair interested in


    Creatin’ goals.



    Sure,it is a big Plus, if oor Mid Fielders Score Goals.



    That is a Given.



    and ,agin the Hearts..oor Mid Fielders, Excelled in that Department..



    For, oor Mid Fielders, Scored.. Six of them.. Two Each, from Commons, Broonie, Ledley.



    Something, is wrang wi this Picture. as Ah Understaun how the Beautiful Game should be Played.



    Not Wan Solitary Goal.. issued forth from our Strike Team.



    Pukki n Stokesy.



    However,in Kojo’s Big Compendium of How a Successful Soccer Team should be set up..



    It says, right there oan Page.. 444 ,



    “The Mid-Field of a Soccer Team.. or..as it is Known As.. “The Engine Room” ..tae the Initiated…..”



    Yes, Virginia. that is whit is Says,,



    The Mid Field, is the Heart and the Soul o the Team.




    Did ye notice.. that Six of oor Seven goals.. came fae the Mid Field , plus Wan fae a Defender?( The ither Goal… coming fae a DEFENDER!)



    Ye didnae?



    Well Ah Did!



    And, it did nothing tae Deter Me frum.. well..



    Still, Batterin’ oan aboot the Sorry Condition..of oor Mid Field.



    Since, oor Present Members of oor Mid Field. Hiv jist Went oan a Goal Scoring Spree.



    which is a Good Thing tae dae..






    then ..Why am Ah complainin?



    Well..Grab a Chair..Sit doon.. an.. Ah wull TELL YE!



    Saturday’s Goal Scoring Bonanza.. by oor Mid Fielders..






    Whiz a Wan Aff!



    We met a Youthful Hearts outfit.. that is Still Wet Behind Ears..besides, strugglin’ wi’ awe sorts o’ aff the Field Issues.



    We took advantage of thur naivety etc.. and Oor Mid Fielders hid a Great day at the Office..



    Mainly, because,, Oor Mid Fielders, hid Little or Nae Opposition from the Hearts ATACKING set up. tae contend.



    Well.. the Result wiz…



    Oor Midfielders. Ran Riot.



    Let me state here..Plainly…



    This Game .. wuz a ‘Wan Aff.”



    It wullnae Happen again.



    We must concentrate oan Assembling a Mid Field composed o a Coterie of Players



    who are Equally Skilled in BOTH…. Defending and Attacking…alang wi’ the Extremely Inportant…..



    A Consumate Flair fur


    Creating Goals..fur oor Strikers



    At this time…oor Mid Field ..is composed o






    Guys, who are far mair Comfortable in playing



    a STRICTLY DEFENSIVE GAME.. and are Not so Comfortable in the Application



    of the…



    CREATIVE DEMANDS of thur Joab.



    Like Ah Said..



    Ah am not satisfied with the Make up of oor Present Midfield..






    Ah wull Continue tae Batter oan ,aboot it..






  24. All CQN Annuals ordered have been posted out and while some have arrived on schedule others have been taking over a week. As we get nearer Christmas these delays are likely to increase for second class postage so as of today ALL orders for CQN Annual will be posted FIRST class post – no extra cost.



    We are also introducing personalised CQN Christmas cards featuring your personal message and you can choose the player from our selection – Tommy Burns is my choice.



    This will allow you to send the Annual and / or the Willie Wallace book as a lovely Christmas gift.

  25. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    south of tunis



    14:52 on 4 December, 2013


    DBBIA @ 14 35 .



    Imagine the boring predictability of a JW Advent Calender



    Every time you opened a door,,there would be 2 of them standing there






    Now, that is seriously funny.

  26. I see Scottish referees are getting angry again about players manhanding officials. They feel quite strongly about that sometimes.

  27. Marrakesh Express on

    ‘But the brutal reality right now is that year on year Celtic are getting weaker while Rangers are getting stronger.’ – Bill McMurdo (Today)



    Ok Bill, but thats like comparing a man or woman in their prime aged 30, to an 18 month old infant. It could very well take 20 odd years to even up.

  28. Steinreignedsupreme on

    WGS 15:40 on 4 December, 2013



    Paul Telfer’s misfortune was he didn’t have an Italian surname.



    Celtic supporters love singing songs for hopeless Italians.



    Songs about average players from other countries are also available of course.

  29. !!Bada Bing!!


    15:57 on


    4 December, 2013



    To be honest I’d go for one of the import Chinese jobs at around £90. It’ll do exactly the same job, and if they stand/sit on it it’ll be cheaper to replace.



    I got a Ployer Momo 7 from Amazon for £90 almost a year ago and it’s been totally fine.

  30. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    I was originally going for a poster of Dolph, but his muscular Scandinavian jawline made me just too uncomfortable.

  31. I think actually think Pukki will come good when we get a striker and will be a sensation.



    For me he is actually a player that likes to play behind a main striker and get himself on the ball. Bit like Andy Thom used to do and eventually played when Cadete and Van Hooijdonk where paired together.

  32. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    ‘But the brutal reality right now is that year on year Celtic are getting weaker while Rangers are getting stronger.’ – Bill McMurdo (Today)



    Hasn’t anyone informed him THERE IS NAE HUNS!

  33. !!Bada Bing!!


    16:11 on


    4 December, 2013



    Good price. One of the advantages of getting a non brand one is that it doesn’t have all the bloat-ware apps that you don’t want or need and can’t remove without doing some technical jiggery-pokery.

  34. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Winning Captains,



    It sometimes takes second class mail over two weeks to reach Donegal.



    At that rate, I shall expect mine with an Easter Egg attached, as it is in parcel form.



    I think second class mail means that the gaffer in the GB sorting office asks that if anyone in passing Donegal, would they drop this off at ttt’s house.

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