Enormity of task clearly evident


The breezy self-confidence after Tuesday’s draw with Midtjylland has been replaced by a more familiar disposition for most of us.  The one rule of thumb for preseason games is ‘preseason games do not matter’, but still, shipping six goals to a side who have played less football than us, at home, is a strong indication of the enormity of the task ahead.

You can be sure the side that faced West Ham will be nothing like the team that competes beyond the transfer window, the major worry is what to do between now and then, particularly on Wednesday in Denmark.

If only Ange Postecoglou was able to genuinely ponder this issue.  He has little choice but to try to create a silk purse from the players he used and who are still available after the first leg.   It would be a remarkable achievement.

Midtjylland won away at AaB on Saturday, the confidence boost they hoped for ahead of Celtic.

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  1. MADMITCH on 26TH JULY 2021 2:19 PM



    Not saying they’re world beaters but I stand by my assertion that not one of our players makes their first team.



    What does that make us right now?

  2. GEEBEE1978 on 26TH JULY 2021 3:04 PM




    Agree with you – at this juncture, how could anyone seriously disagree – it’s not being disloyal to our club, it’s just being honest & realistic……wish it were not so!!!!

  3. HB on 26TH JULY 2021 2:31 PM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 26TH JULY 2021 2:00 PM






    ‘However, how could this mind-set be transmitted successfully to management….’






    It isn’t and it doesn’t have to be.



    Just manipulate what you can and see what happens.



    Appointing a manager but on condition that he works with existing assistants rather than those of his own choice would be a good starting point.

  4. If you owned and controlled a football club which you were were desperate to see succeed and your CEO took the club from a position of total dominance to one of abject failure would you



    a. sack the CEO and hunt him






    b. allow him to resign as CEO, have him select his successor and give him a seat on the board?

  5. We have seen Celtic beat Liverpool at the Aviva stadium before a full house in pre season and Win a pre season Cup competition at Wembley beating Spurs but all achieved with a settled team.Had sympathy for Ange our new manager being landed in a very awkward situation having to face a team of seasoned mult million pros like West Ham and having to play with a defence of novices, Gregg Taylor being the exception. Why not continue to play warm up games against the Charltons, Sheffield Wednesdays where the team can bed in comfortably.



    It was my first time to see Celtic this season and was really impressed with the movement in the first half and 3-1 was an unfair reflection of the first half on the chances created by the Hoops. Hard to believe a club of Celtic’s stature are left in such dire straits regarding central defence for Wednesday night against the Danes although I do think young Walsh is a player, needing experience around him. We live in hope.

  6. squire danaher on

    WESTCRAIGS on 26TH JULY 2021 1:22 PM


    We have witnessed a catastrophic collapse of our club.



    We should have been on course to win 20 in a row.



    How many season tickets sales would sevco have had when were going for20?



    They would be playing in an empty stadium.






    Not read beyond your post so apologies if someone else has replied in a similar vein.



    Had we won 20 IAR our custodians feared WE would be playing in an empty stadium.

  7. GB @ 3.04



    Can’t go along with that comment.



    We have a lot of talent — just a case that we are rebuilding regarding tactics and conditioning plus currently having to play a defence that is scared of the dark.



    They have stability and a growth agenda.


    We have an Irish Raj and a useless bean counter hovering in the background.



    They are effective.


    They have the MIB card.


    They want to do well.



    Last year we did not have any of this.

  8. channelislandcelt on

    TinyTim @1:43


    Why don’t you just go the whole hog and support the Huns .



    You’ve been blawin their trumpet for years !

  9. I think Sean Rooney of St. Johnstone could do a job on the right side, big, strong, gets up and down the park ,can head a ball and very useful at set pieces, Celtic need to get better players yes but they need to have a presence on the park, we are too wee, weak and must be a doddle to play against.

  10. If we dominate the SPL — sometime long into the future no doubt — then we build our own competition with our efforts in the CL and elsewhere.



    We walked away from CL competitiveness — the draw of the “Ten” was fools gold that drew in the pot collectors and the Bronskis / Small Town Boys.



    Terrible that so many bought into the concept that the CL was not for the likes of us.


    The Scottish cringe wrapped up in green and white.



    No wonder PL was able to coin it in year after year — too many cap doffers in our ranks whose main aim is to stay one step ahead of the TFOD2.1 and to hell with the football / the squad / the reputation.

  11. MADMITCH on 26TH JULY 2021 3:43 PM



    Well, it’s all about opinions, I guess.



    But my opinion is that if Slippy was offered any of our squad, he’d probably refuse them all. As I said, McGregor at a push.



    Who from our squad do you think makes their first eleven?

  12. squire danaher on

    MADMITCH on 26TH JULY 2021 3:51 PM



    Operation Short Head.



    The thinking is the product is crap so it needs to be adapted for the loose change we get out the Sky pockets. And keep them sweet re: our future invite to British setup.



    Which is never happening.

  13. Celtic n Sevco, with all their baggage, are NOT something the EPL would wish to have. There is a much better chance of Celtic gaining admission to a league in England if it is only ourselves who are moving, “Ourselves Alone” :)) so to speak. We are more than a match for the Danes on Wednesday, and if we play the way we did against them before going down to ten men then we’ll win, no doubts! por cierto.

  14. Pier Certo……….. I don’t think the English can look down their noses at anyone after the shambles of the European Championships final. The destruction outside Wembley and the baying mob that charged into the stadium the Italian supporters were lucky that the authorities didn’t have another Heysil disaster to deal with.

  15. GB78 @ 3.48



    Who would get into the TFOD2.1 team / squad.



    VB –They would take him and build up his confidence and decision making for next season when AMcG loses it completely after too much caffeine.



    SW — Squad



    CJ — CB starter in November.


    CS — CB starter after CG loses a couple of goals in Europe.



    IS — Squad plus fitness training.



    CMcG — Captain after JT leaves.



    RC — starter



    OE — starter then sold ASAP



    LA — starter in October when RK runs out of excuses..



    DT — Bench then starter in Jan.



    KF — starter in Sept.



    Our issue is that we have bigger gaps in the squad than they have.


    Plus they have worked their system for 3 years not 3 weeks.



    They have padded out their squad with punt / never wizzers / SG cap doffers.


    No stone left unturned / no angle not worked.



    London media = Onside — Grauniad I am looking at you.


    SMSM = Onside.


    MIB = Onside.



    Friends in high places = Yes.


    Working Europe to the max = Yes.


    Shameless at pulling strings = Yes.

  16. “SCULLYBHOY on 26TH JULY 2021 3:02 PM


    RobertTressell on 26th July 2021 1:35 pm”



    Sad to say that I am very close to making the same decision.


    Cheerio for now.

  17. MADMITCH on 26TH JULY 2021 4:14 PM



    Lots of “squad” and “potential” starters. LA based on one game?



    And we’ll have to agree to disagree on Barkas. Say what you like about AM, he’s a far better keeper than any of our three. Might not be there next season but I’m really talking about the here and now…

  18. Plus they would take TR so that they never have to face him on the pitch ever again.


    Plus ON so that they can build him up and then sell him to Porto.



    They would not take NB / LG / GT / TR / SB / MJ / LS / OU.

  19. Channel island



    Glad someone has noticed that I have seen this coming for years .



    Thank’s .




  20. GB78 @ 4.17



    You asked me what I thought the TFOD2.1 would do if they were offered our squad.


    They would play a lot of them now and over the next couple of months.



    Plus they would work on quite a few players to make them available for later / next season.



    That is the difference between them now and us last year — they want to win / we just wanted our pay offs and bonuses.



    LA is a huge talent who has desire and maturity.


    Compare and contrast with MJ.



    We have carried too many players about in a shawl for too long.

  21. They are well structured in the football dept good scouts,coaches and players for each position.



    Spent a lot of money but now have a good squad,extra players sold or loaned out.



    we will see how they do in Europe but my feeling is that the can make the group stages.



    How the HELL did all of this come to pass our custodians should be ashamed of themselves.

  22. channelislandcelt on

    Tiny T



    Och well, you got proved right .



    It was going to happen sooner or later .



    You were only 5 years out .



    God Bless .



    HH .

  23. CIC @ 4.46



    The utter shambles of last season did not have to happen.


    It was laziness / hubris / bean counting / tragedy in equal measure.



    It will be talked about for years.

  24. Conversation


    Cllr Allan Casey




    Powerful afternoon at St Mary’s in the Calton as Glasgows very own An Gorta Mór memorial was unveiled. The Tower of Silence is a fitting memorial to all those who perished in the great hunger. A massive well done to all those




    for the tireless work to make this happen




  25. MADMITCH on 26TH JULY 2021 4:55 PM



    There are those who will be happy that it is talked about in those terms.



    And, coincidentally, they will also be happy that it happened as it did.

  26. prestonpans bhoys on

    Question on the Chase ‘who is the only Scottish team to win the European Cup’




  27. I will not be talking about last season for years, the same as I didn’t talk about the season, or have ever done so when we previously lost the ten. Upwards and onwards, the past can’t be changed but the future can! West Ham was a brilliant team so I’m not basing this season on our game against them, nowhere near it, we can be good this season, maybe great, the signs are there, just a few new faces and a few tweaks and we’ll be ready. Roll on Wednesday, let’s get this done Celtic! por cierto.

  28. POR CIERTO on 26TH JULY 2021 4:01 PM


    There is a much better chance of Celtic gaining admission to a league in England if it is only ourselves who are moving,




    Sorry got to totally disagree with you on the above.



    Only a hard-headed business decision would persuade those in the EPL to think about the ‘big two’ in Scotland……and it would have to be the ‘big two’.



    Personally, I don’t see it, even on a distant horizon – a hook-up with our Scandinavian friends seems more likely – not as lucrative as the the EPL, but better than we have now for TV money. Only downside could be that the route to European competition may be harder to negotiate.

  29. Visited An Gorta Mór, The Tower of Silence, today. It is a more than fitting tribute to those who lost their lives. Very moving. por cierto

  30. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 26TH JULY 2021 5:07 PM


    Question on the Chase ‘who is the only Scottish team to win the European Cup’









    Was it answered correctly?

  31. My daughter has just sent me a video of the An Gorta Mór memorial at St Mary’s. Looks very special – will be there in person some time soon. A big thank you – wish Tommy was still with us!

  32. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    Careful. You’re offending some people by asking the right questions.

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