Enormity of task clearly evident


The breezy self-confidence after Tuesday’s draw with Midtjylland has been replaced by a more familiar disposition for most of us.  The one rule of thumb for preseason games is ‘preseason games do not matter’, but still, shipping six goals to a side who have played less football than us, at home, is a strong indication of the enormity of the task ahead.

You can be sure the side that faced West Ham will be nothing like the team that competes beyond the transfer window, the major worry is what to do between now and then, particularly on Wednesday in Denmark.

If only Ange Postecoglou was able to genuinely ponder this issue.  He has little choice but to try to create a silk purse from the players he used and who are still available after the first leg.   It would be a remarkable achievement.

Midtjylland won away at AaB on Saturday, the confidence boost they hoped for ahead of Celtic.

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  1. squire danaher on




    The last example of symbiosis we will explore on our imaginary dive is competition—the struggle among organisms for the same limited resources in an ecosystem. Competition can happen between members of the same species (intraspecific competition) and between different species (interspecific competition). An example of interspecific competition in the ocean is the relationship between corals and sponges. Sponges are very abundant in coral reefs. If they become too successful, however, they take needed food and other resources from the corals that make up the reef. Sponges may outcompete corals for resources in the short term, but if too many corals die, the reef itself becomes damaged. This is bad for the sponges, which may themselves begin to die off until the reef is balanced again.



    David Attenborough Loyal Emerald OFSC

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    If you were in control of things at Celtic and for whatever reason you wanted Sevco to be successful… by allowing an out of his depth manager to run the team into the ground by February, then sacking him…but not replacing him until the eve of the Champions League Qualifiers….then handicap him by insisting he has to retain the existing coaching staff….




    well that would be one way of doing it, it sounds completely bonkers but if it walk like a duck etc….

  3. on one hand many celtic fans are the most spoiled ungrateful entitled specimens – to demonstrate and harass the board and team during the season was utterly embarrassing and shameful. We just won 9IAR and a quadruple treble – likely to never be repeated. YET they showed no gratitude!



    10IAR season was a shambles – caused by many factors – many within the control of the club and many outside our control.



    To those “fans” – don’t come back, you’re not part of the culture of the club.



    I’m very critical of the board and its strategy – I’m convinced Rodgers left because he saw today’s situation coming. This complacency and lack of ambition needs to be addressed – If we don’t see signs of structure, swifter dealings going forward , there are way to get to Desmond. Hurting the players and management is not acceptable.

  4. Well, STV have done their best to undermine our chances in Denmark, even getting Mark Wilson to call for our goalkeeper to be dropped. Nothing like trying to help build confidence in a Scottish team. They even had a week old interview with their manager. Wonder how the BBC will try and outdo them.

  5. TIMHORTON on 26TH JULY 2021 4:36 PM



    How the HELL did all of this come to pass our custodians should be ashamed of themselves.



    *Very simply, it was a business decision tae concede the 10, in the business world “my da is bigger than your da” disnae come intae it.



    I’m not going intae detail of my life’s work history here but through further education, hard work and living over here where, as you know, the opportunities that weren’t available at hame, I was in the Boys Guild and no the boys brigade, were staring me straight in the face.



    As a result I went fae a blue collar worker right at the proverbial coal face tae senior management in the largest facility of its kind in the country, I never sat at the top table I hasten tae add, but a couple below it, where the information from there dripped down.



    It’s amazing what you learn of the deals made even with the union leaders. BTW in the recent negations’ with the US and Mexico over free trade one of Canada’s top union leaders was an adviser tae the government.



    All big companies whether private or public have long term policies, usually 20 to 25 years with a review every 5 years, Celtic FC are probably no different.



    There is always in my time at that level a cost benefit analysis before any project has left the drawing board, number crunching at its finest.



    It is pretty conceivable that DD and his cohorts have understood that should we get 10 then that scabby mob is gone, also, so might our full houses and the ability tae attract better players, possibly the stadium is sold off for housing.



    As for the statement that all coaches players etc would have tae be in the loop, not so, on the playing side only the manager who picks the side and the tactics has to know, mibbees that’s why when we knew the game was up he was still kept on until it was determined that scheitd couldnae be caught.



    Mibbees also that’s why big JK and Gavin Strachan stood on the sidelines with their faces like fizz watching their weeks work pouring down the proverbial drain.



    Cast your mind back tae when the Bunnet took over, that season they had equaled our 6-in-a-row and although we would sing songs like “you think you are great because you have 8 but you’ll never get 9-in-a-row” the wee mhan wisnae interested in stopping them.



    Having spent most of his life over here he saw the value in building a new stadium even though the likes of ned flanders laughed at him.



    Fergus tae quote Kevin Costner replied “if we build it they will come”, and he was right much tae the consternation of the Ayrshire rag and bone man.



    That and that alone put them out of the game as financially they couldnae compete with us. BTW Fergus McCann was a bean counter.



    The summer after they stole the nine nostalgia went oot the windae and we let Celtic legend Tommy Burns go hiring “the second-worst-thing-to-hit-hiroshima” we also signed 9 players for 5.8m, there was no way they were getting the 10 if we could help it.



    Fortunately bader’s ego also took over as he sugar lumped nae surname early doors and we prevailed in stopping them even though they spent almost 15m.



    The same situation will occur this season I have no doubt, you don’t become a billionaire by being daft.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    fanadpatriot- don’t take this the wrong way mate,but suggestions like Zander Clark and Sean Rooney, show us how desperate we have become over the lack of signings,I think we need a GK2 full backs, a CB,another MF and a striker, the league starts in 5 days…..HH

  7. ROCK TREE BHOY on 26TH JULY 2021 5:50 PM


    I’m very critical of the board and its strategy – I’m convinced Rodgers left because he saw today’s situation coming. This complacency and lack of ambition needs to be addressed.




    You are right to be critical of the board at this time, but why are the players who are also culpable, getting a free-ride.



    I don’t really accept your reasoning for Brendan’s departure.



    I don’t know about complacency, but I agree that there seems to be vacuum where ambition should be.



    There certainly have been mistakes and bad judgement-calls over the past months……however, in my opinion there was nothing amiss with our preparations at the beginning last season.



    The successful squad was kept in tact and money was made available to strengthen it. What more could have been done at that juncture? I was unaware of any meaningful unrest at that time.



    How feasible would it have been sacking a manager with the quadruple treble up for grabs in December. Of course we had messed-up in Europe again, what’s new, but 10iar was the main prize – attempting to change everything at that point would have looked like ‘ throwing the baby out with the bathwater’. We were also deep in Covid – how easy an quick would it have been to recruit and bring in a new manager under those conditions.



    On 26 Dec, we were 16 points behind with three games(played 17) in hand, after securing the quadruple treble. If those had been won and we had beaten *Rangers in January, the gap would have been four points – a third pf the season left & still all to play for with a squad who had shown resilience at the exact same time a year previous.



    It did not happen and the title was lost horrendously in January. Neil Lennon left in February. Those who said he should have been sacked sooner – if so when? To me we are talking about a matter of weeks – what difference would it have made? We had ‘kicked on’ from Dubai a year earlier, there was hope that we could do it again and the Ibrox club would falter again in the run in.



    Things did go wrong and, are still doing so. We must get to the bottom of it. The CEO and the board must show urgency and determination to the support.



    Hindsight is a wonderful thing – so too are facts!

  8. Tom McLaughlin on

    So many posters on here constantly finding different ways of saying exactly the same thing. It’s a steady stream of criticism repeated ad infinitum. I agree that we’re in a mess right now, a mess of our own making which will take time and application to remedy, but it does get tiresome to read the same comments from the same people who really have nothing new to say. It really does go beyond the pale when they wander into the realms of telling us how wonderful Rangers are.



    Not for me I’m afraid.

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    I do cut and paste lessons in my spare time :-)



    Your 6.53 post should have been directed towards…



    STEBHOY on 26TH JULY 2021 6:02 PM

  10. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 26TH JULY 2021 6:56 PM



    Its a steady stream of criticism for sure and I don’t see that changing any time soon, its simply a reflection of the utter mess we are in – fail to plan plan to fail etc



    btw, did you used to post on here years ago and then stopped because some poster simply wouldn’t leave you alone, hassled you every time you came on – or was that another Tom?

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    !!BADA BING!! on 26TH JULY 2021 6:44 PM


    fanadpatriot- don’t take this the wrong way mate,but suggestions like Zander Clark and Sean Rooney, show us how desperate we have become over the lack of signings,I think we need a GK2 full backs, a CB,another MF and a striker, the league starts in 5 days…..HH




    When considering costs / fees for players, does the ‘opportunity cost’ come into account?



    So – if we are saying we value Vukovic at £4M and the seeling club want £4.5M, we seem to stick to our valuation without taking into account lost revenue as a result of depleted team on the park / subsequent losses / ejections from competitions, etc.



    I know we say the SMSM are at it when they drop in all the usual phrases like ‘dithering Celts’ etc. – but we really are masters at the auld dithering!



    As you say – 5 days to go till the season starts. Getting the palyers we wanted in the door earlier might have cost a few shekels more, but losing games as a result of a weak squad, or one assembled too late to work together, could cost a helluva lot more in the long term.



    Not fair to lay the blame a the new CEO’s door (which he is just through) – this is a long-term repeating pattern as has been observed year on year.



    I do have hopes that this is the last year we’ll see this pattern – once DmcK and Ange get things up and running, I’m sure we will see reall positive changes.



    It is just irritating having to still live through the vestiges of the previous way of doing things – deep breath, support the team and manager, focus on a few months hence – we’ll be in a better place I’m certain…












  12. TT @ 6.30



    I could have saved you a lot of typing …



    We have no long term strategy worthy of the name.


    As you note we are currently living of the vision of wee FMcC and his 60K stadium.



    The only man with a plan is DD / The Irish Raj.


    He does not do growth — he does arbitrage.



    Buy cheap — SPL prices.


    Sell dear — EPL prices.



    We have came pretty close on about two possibly three occasions but so far no joy — all have involved a double act with our “friends” across the river.



    My thoughts are that we handed them the 2009 and 2010 — 2011 / not so sure as NL’s bevvy session habit caused us to falter at ICT — titles to try and keep them afloat as the bank got the vapours with Hector getting closer and closer.



    It might have worked if SDM was not such a low rent walloper and listened to his family who wanted shot of an potential liability — the current mob would have toughed it out till the bailiffs removed the goat.



    DD want’s his CFC punt to come home as big money.


    Therefore our recent implosion to give them a shot of the CL money.


    And guess what that makes it more possible..



    The issue now is the end game — EPL or post EPL?


    The EPL is a very fair system to teams 11 to 20.


    They get more than they put in by some margin.


    Brentford / Norwich / Brighton aren’t bringing anything to the party.



    Sky know that.


    The Big 5 plus Spurs knows that.


    Just a case of what structure they would want to bring in to replace the EPL?



    DD is still in this game to win.


    Time is running out and he want’s a pay-off.


    We really are living in interesting times.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BGFC- can’t disagree with any of that,we can only hope this is the last time we don’t prepare for the most lucrative games of the season.

  14. Tom McLaughlin on

    Rock Tree Bhoy –



    I did post regularly a few years ago as Gold Coast Tom when I lived in Australia. Returned to Scotland in 2014 and only recently started posting again.

  15. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 26TH JULY 2021 6:56 PM



    stick around Tom, I for one have enjoyed your rational comments and insights.

  16. another day, same mythical business plans and made up shite about letting thems win. nonsense.



    I see personal references again to Neil supposed habits, jeese oh.

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 26TH JULY 2021 7:26 PM



    cheers Tom, and yeah please stick around, more so if you have any positive comments to make as at present I’m all out :-)

  18. Tom McLaughlin on

    ST STIVS –



    Thanks mate.



    Didn’t mean to give the impression that I was flouncing, although I can see that it did look that way.



    I’ll come back on Wednesday for the build-up to the game and hopefully to celebrate a victory.

  19. Stx2 @ 7.32



    If it doesn’t make sense then why doesn’t it make sense?


    Their only one game in town regarding the club — make DD richer.



    He wants his EPL bonus.


    He has waited a long time.


    The football on the pitch is secondary.

  20. IniquitousIV on

    SAINTSTIVS @ 7:32


    What’s your theory as to why the Board kept schtuum in 2012 when they knew for a fact, had all the evidence to prove it, and had fiscal responsibilities to shareholders, that the Huns had cheated our Club out of millions of pounds? Seems a lot like letting them win. No?

  21. MADMITCH on 26TH JULY 2021 7:10 PM


    TT @ 6.30




    I could have saved you a lot of typing …



    Did you mean







  22. ROCK TREE BHOY on 26TH JULY 2021 7:03 PM



    Sorry – I do not understand.



    Please tell me what your point is – I merely answered your post with a different point of view – isn’t that what the site is for?

  23. MADMITCH on 26TH JULY 2021 7:44 PM



    The amount of people that would have to have known about your conspiracy theory would be in 1,000’s .

  24. Andy Patons Mullet on

    My nightmare is that the board or PL decided Rodgers was getting too big for his boots and started his previous nonsense of football involvement. Along with a board (owner) that would embarrass the Merchant of Venice with their thriftiness we have been on another campaign of cheap diluted quality across every part of the first team squad. Add to that known the Covid impact, I’ll be surprised if we actually spend to any level that’s is drastically needed and it’s bleak winters ahead. We won’t sign another goalie and if a rb comes in it wil be on loan.



    Glass Nearly Empty CSC

  25. INIQUITOUSIV on 26TH JULY 2021 7:47 PM


    SAINTSTIVS @ 7:32





    What’s your theory as to why the Board kept schtuum in 2012 when they knew for a fact, had all the evidence to prove it, and had fiscal responsibilities to shareholders, that the Huns had cheated our Club out of millions of pounds? Seems a lot like letting them win. No?






    i am utterly bamboozled by that, and the treatment of RES 12 and those determined guys.



    I was equally gobsmacked of the silence, and the lack of “hosepipe down the throat” to end them entirelly.



    I was very vocal of it at the time. And I cannot come up with a rational reason for the behaviours.



    Very easy to welcome a new club, and remind them off it everytime we played them. No back strories no recognition, I didnt go to the first of these games, but that was the day to say “hello on your first ever visit to celtic park”.



    I found it all a bit scaredy cat. But I do also think we did not need to “let them win” as a strategy, they come 2nd still get to CL.



    Its bizarre.

  26. To conspire as a board to allow something called Rangers to win a title to keep them in business, why not do it at 6,7, 8 or 9, why wait till 10 ?



    Why appoint managers than win things ? neil, ronny, brendan and neil , why go creating historical landmarks, beating our own records , being invincible.



    Maybe some on the board could be that machavellian, but I find an even bigger stretch to imagine that Neil would sign up to it.

  27. ANDY PATONS MULLET on 26TH JULY 2021 7:54 PM



    and yet, we had our 2 record transfer fees in.



    Eddie £9m



    Julien £7m

  28. And, how does our board alleged strategy make sure that 2nd Rangers beat everybody else in the league ?

  29. IniquitousIV on



    I agree that it is bizarre. If the same situation had happened in the U.S. in a major sport, shareholders would have immediately sued the Board. Directors proved to have lied to shareholders would be struck off. They would have difficulty being hired in the same capacity again.



    Despite the undead having an unhealthy hold over the media, the police, the judiciary and the legislature, I am strongly in favour of exploring the crowdfunding of such a shareholder suit, even if an English QC has to be engaged. It would be very expensive, but I think the Res 12/11 guys would attract sufficient funds to do it. It might stimulate an instant response, as it would be the last thing Lawwell, Bankier and Desmond would wish.

  30. Is this a Celtic platform


    Unbelievable post’s suggesting the stench philosiphy and strategy is ok

  31. fanadpatriot on

    Bada Bing 6.44


    Re Zander Clark ,not saying he is the best but he is better than what we have at the moment IMO HH

  32. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 26TH JULY 2021 6:56 PM



    I take it that I might be one the those who may be a subject of your criticism, if not, I apologise unreservedly.



    The tone of today’s blog is set by Paul and frankly the majority of posters have been addressing the ‘enormity’ of the task facing us at present.



    The conundrum that faces everyone is why have we fallen so far, so soon. I notice almost a sense of grief and disbelief among family and friends.



    I would love to be posting positive and encouraging news – if you can show me some, I certainly will.



    *Rangers will always figure when we talk about how successful we are, or, want to be…..for obvious reasons. When we were ‘top of the heap’ for nine years, they were the subject of our derision, and rightly so. However now they stand between us and where we want to be – we ignore them at our peril.



    I spend serious money on all things Celtic – I don’t protest outside the ground, I don’t boo our players and I don’t threaten boycotts – I am looking for answers, like everyone else. I don’t think that my opinions are either unfair, or, extreme.

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