Enormity of task clearly evident


The breezy self-confidence after Tuesday’s draw with Midtjylland has been replaced by a more familiar disposition for most of us.  The one rule of thumb for preseason games is ‘preseason games do not matter’, but still, shipping six goals to a side who have played less football than us, at home, is a strong indication of the enormity of the task ahead.

You can be sure the side that faced West Ham will be nothing like the team that competes beyond the transfer window, the major worry is what to do between now and then, particularly on Wednesday in Denmark.

If only Ange Postecoglou was able to genuinely ponder this issue.  He has little choice but to try to create a silk purse from the players he used and who are still available after the first leg.   It would be a remarkable achievement.

Midtjylland won away at AaB on Saturday, the confidence boost they hoped for ahead of Celtic.

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  1. Guys



    The Rat left because it suited Brendan. He didn’t even say goodbye to the players.


    It was always about Brendan

  2. SAINT STIVS on 26TH JULY 2021 8:03 PM



    Who were NFL’s assistants?



    Did he choose them?



    Was that arrangement a recipe for success?

  3. IniquitousIV on

    SAINTSTIVS @ 8:03


    To conspire as a board to allow something called Rangers to win a title to keep them in business, why not do it at 6,7, 8 or 9, why wait till 10 ?



    I have been wondering that myself. Perhaps when the Bigot entity is just about to go breests up, the Board decides to tolerate blatant cheating, or takes the pedal off the accelerator, all to ensure title sharing and their continued existence in the same league? What really gets my goat is that there is not one chance in a million that this would be reciprocated, if the situation were ever reversed.

  4. Lennon was appointed manager of Celtic on a full-time basis on 9 June 2010.[3][54] He RETAINED Mjällby as his assistant, as well as former Celtic teammate Alan Thompson and former Leicester City teammate Garry Parker as first-team coaches



    One mans RETAINED is another mans inherited.



    So 2nd time round why would you not be ok with a coaching team that has a person in it who has been involved in 7 in a row title wins ?

  5. What Totine said……….





    TONTINE TIM on 26TH JULY 2021 6:30 PM


    TIMHORTON on 26TH JULY 2021 4:36 PM







    How the HELL did all of this come to pass our custodians should be ashamed of themselves.







    *Very simply, it was a business decision tae concede the 10, in the business world “my da is bigger than your da” disnae come intae it.







    I’m not going intae detail of my life’s work history here but through further education, hard work and living over here where, as you know, the opportunities that weren’t available at hame, I was in the Boys Guild and no the boys brigade, were staring me straight in the face.







    As a result I went fae a blue collar worker right at the proverbial coal face tae senior management in the largest facility of its kind in the country, I never sat at the top table I hasten tae add, but a couple below it, where the information from there dripped down.







    It’s amazing what you learn of the deals made even with the union leaders. BTW in the recent negations’ with the US and Mexico over free trade one of Canada’s top union leaders was an adviser tae the government.







    All big companies whether private or public have long term policies, usually 20 to 25 years with a review every 5 years, Celtic FC are probably no different.







    There is always in my time at that level a cost benefit analysis before any project has left the drawing board, number crunching at its finest.







    It is pretty conceivable that DD and his cohorts have understood that should we get 10 then that scabby mob is gone, also, so might our full houses and the ability tae attract better players, possibly the stadium is sold off for housing.







    As for the statement that all coaches players etc would have tae be in the loop, not so, on the playing side only the manager who picks the side and the tactics has to know, mibbees that’s why when we knew the game was up he was still kept on until it was determined that scheitd couldnae be caught.







    Mibbees also that’s why big JK and Gavin Strachan stood on the sidelines with their faces like fizz watching their weeks work pouring down the proverbial drain.







    Cast your mind back tae when the Bunnet took over, that season they had equaled our 6-in-a-row and although we would sing songs like “you think you are great because you have 8 but you’ll never get 9-in-a-row” the wee mhan wisnae interested in stopping them.







    Having spent most of his life over here he saw the value in building a new stadium even though the likes of ned flanders laughed at him.







    Fergus tae quote Kevin Costner replied “if we build it they will come”, and he was right much tae the consternation of the Ayrshire rag and bone man.







    That and that alone put them out of the game as financially they couldnae compete with us. BTW Fergus McCann was a bean counter.







    The summer after they stole the nine nostalgia went oot the windae and we let Celtic legend Tommy Burns go hiring “the second-worst-thing-to-hit-hiroshima” we also signed 9 players for 5.8m, there was no way they were getting the 10 if we could help it.







    Fortunately bader’s ego also took over as he sugar lumped nae surname early doors and we prevailed in stopping them even though they spent almost 15m.







    The same situation will occur this season I have no doubt, you don’t become a billionaire by being daft.

  6. INIQUITOUSIV on 26TH JULY 2021 8:33 PM



    so, lets say we folded ,



    why retain all our best wantaways ?



    why bring in EPL Level loans ?



    a player from AC Milan on loan.



    and how do we make sure something called rangers beats all the other teams ?



    well maybe the lanarkshire referees do that.

  7. Hello Neal its Dermo.



    Hello boss, gies a second to turn down the tones.



    ok, whits happenin



    well i want you to come back and manage the celts for me.



    an honour dermo, i heard about dandan going



    aye, well he wouldnt go along with the plan to let rangers win the league get thems money, allow me to move the club to england, and make me a trillionaire, and get my own rocket to the moon

  8. SAINT STIVS on 26TH JULY 2021 8:18 PM



    I don’t think the board would want theRangers to win the league or stop the ten but I do believe they wanted them “back” so to speak, in the hope that we’d stay a slight step ahead.



    It backfired though as we underestimated their improvement and if we don’t stop the tide, it’ll be us playing catch up….and I don’t think they’ll be as forgiving.

  9. Throwing the League to the scum conspiracy back on the agenda.With Ernie Lynch very subtly starting it off.


    Sorry,not for me.A theory for Nutters.Going to lie in a dark room,to try and cleanse my mind .


    As a famous explorer once said”I may be gone some time”

  10. Celtic lost the league last year because, in order:-



    1) Sevco won all their league games- never lost one



    2) They gubbed us badly in most games we played agaisnt them



    3) They had a recognisable team shape and could slot fringe players in without suffering too much



    4) They got lots of penalties and few cards awarded against them



    5) They suffered fewer Covid suspensions than us



    6) er….. that’s it! There is no need to comfort yourself with Fox and Sour grapes scenarios because, they won it fair and square on the pitch (finance issues off the pitch is another matter). Even BR’s Celtic team would have lost 2 of their league titles to their points total.





    We can, of course, speculate to our hearts content about why we were so abject and inept but, at least, recognise that they did a number on every team in the league, not just us.



    No one among us, at close of player trading last close season, was predicting a win by Sevco by 25 points. Absolutely no one. But it happened and it patently happened without collusion.



    Unless you count us playing badly, while they played well, as collusion. In which case, you have earned the right to go chase the buses that the players use.




    Don’tletthetrollschaseyouoffyourCQN csc

  11. Financial games being played — who would have thought?


    Hampden didn’t set itself on fire in 1909 you know.



    We — us and TFOD — were not called the OF for nothing.


    It was all a racket then — a few replays does produce the goods.



    You have to wonder how it was organised but they managed it.



    Consequently DD’s plan to get his little EPL bonus?


    Nothing more than the odd golf foursome would be required to get things moving.



    TFOD were bent all-ways — the EBT side of things is just the most public element of it.


    MB got caught getting the keys to a Chateau from an agent.


    SDM suddenly started to own vineyards.


    The stationary contract …



    So not a huge jump to DD working the OF angle to get him his long awaited bonus.



    The real crazy element might be that the TFOD2.1 don’t even know.


    They could be his sock puppet to make us more attractive.



    There was a strange comment about a new rights issue for us.


    My first thought was DMcK flying a kite for more funds.


    Might be DD planning / trying to take more control.


    Plus fund any large scale squad rebuilding.



    And all of this does not include the betting angle.


    Some people made great money with TFOD2.1 winning the league last season.



    All a dream some would suggest — more like a nightmare more like.



    Please remember all of the above is either true or closer to a perceived notion of reality than a real world where a SA cricket captain would deliver results to the betting ring with the highest bid,



    If it doesn’t make sense then it doesn’t make sense and you have to ask why.


    Last season for us is more and more looking like a strategic necessity followed by a number of tactical blunders.



    2018/19 vintage NL was always going to lose the dressing room.



    Not a question of if just when.


    And the rest as they say is tragedy.

  12. With the SPFL due to start at the end of this month, I am running a Football Predictions competition to raise funds and offer some prize money to winners.



    Marc (Celticrollercoaster) has provided me with access to the former “Walk with Shay” account so that all monies raised can be accounted for by both of us. We have a nominated charity, Sean’s Trust, that Marc has approached and gained permission to fundraise on their behalf. Details on this were supplied separately .



    Once we know the sums collected, we will set the prize money allocations. At present, I am considering 3 prizes for the leaders by the end of December and 3 more for the leaders when the league ends in May. To this end, I would suggest two separate fees of £10 to cover both competitions. Players can choose to pay the £20 up front or £10 now and £10 before the first January game. Players can also chose to take part in the game without donating or being eligible for prize money, if they so wish.



    The details for payment are:-o



    Account name: Walk With Shay



    o Account number: 15326765



    o Sort code: 80-22-60



    o Bank: Bank of Scotland



    All of this is in relation to my original message below.



    We are still looking to boost the numbers way beyond the current level.



    I have registered a closed pool on the Superbru site, which is a Score Predictor game for the SPFL fixtures in 2021/22.



    The site is http://www.superbru.comand the code for joining is roomuser


    Please use your CQN or Sentinel log in name for identification.


    First fixture is 31st July and your predictions have to be in before kick off on the day.


    If you fail to make a pick you get the default pick, so you get to play even if you forget.



    Join CQN Sentinels, my Scottish Premiership league on Superbru!



    You can find my pool here:



    https://www.superbru.com/scottishpremiership/pool.php?p=12367961or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:roomuser

  13. St.Stivs



    haud oan tae a tùrn down the rebs










  14. Turkeybhoy on 26th July 2021 9:01 pm



    Throwing the League to the scum conspiracy back on the agenda. With Ernie Lynch very subtly starting it off.


    Sorry, not for me. A theory for Nutters.





    And BTW, Trump won the election.



    CQaNon CSC

  15. GEEBEE1978 on 26TH JULY 2021 8:59 PM



    I don’t think the board would want the Rangers to win the league or stop the ten but I do believe they wanted them “back” so to speak, in the hope that we’d stay a slight step ahead.




    The Ibrox club went down as far as they could go without completely disappearing.



    They were always going to come back whether the Celtic board wanted it, or, not. unless FIFA/UEFA banned them for ever. Even then another form of Rangers would have surfaced. Their constituency in Scotland is too big to die.



    Remember when Stuart Reagan floated the idea of “civil unrest” in 2012. He was using it in order to shoehorn Sevco into the Premier League, or, the second tier at the worst – that was wrong. Nevertheless, the threat in the West Of Scotland is very real & close to the surface – we should not forget it.



    When the police can be coerced into allowing a riotous match through Glasgow during a pandemic due to direct threats from the Ibrox hordes, the phrase “Civil Unrest” has become a reality – a reality that can ride roughshod over the forces of law & order – a clear & ever-present danger in Scotland.

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    Saint Stivs / St Stivs respect to your opinion and Unwavering support of all things Celtic, CQN’s better looking Derek Johnstone, but there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    fanadpatriot on 26th July 2021 8:16 pm



    Bada Bing 6.44





    Re Zander Clark ,not saying he is the best but he is better than what we have at the moment IMO HH



    Absolutely mate,Petula Clark is better than any of them….

  18. ‘The Ibrox club went down as far as they could go without completely disappearing.’




    ssssssshhhhhh just wrang.

  19. I thought I would take a wee peek at Ange’s record over 3 complete seasons in the J league, focusing on his defensive record. The league is composed of 18 teams, with 34 league games.



    2018. Position 12th. Goals for 56 (2nd top). Goals against 56 (3rd worst)



    2019. Position 1st. Goals for 68 ( 1st ). Goals against 38 (7th worst)



    2920. Position 9th. Goals for 69 (2nd top). Goals against 59 (4th worst)



    The inevitable conclusion is that he builds teams for attack, as his goals for record is superb, even when finishing 9th or 12th. The record also shows that he has little or no regard for defending, with 11 of 18 teams conceding fewer goals even when he won the title. Over 3 seasons, his team conceded exactly 1.5 goals per game. Makes me worry that he may have The Blessed Martin’s blind spot for a keeper. I also noted that Chesney, after the West Ham debacle, said we needed “ A couple of players.” Badgered by Sutton, he increased that to 4 players, but did not say we needed a keeper.



    It does not appear that Ange’s forte is coaching defending set pieces. It manifestly is not Kennedy’s.


    Sevco will have any two from Goldson, Helander, Balogun, Bassey, Katic and Edmundson attacking corners and their inevitable free kicks. Who will defend them, assuming Julien will still be out?


    The thought of Barkas facing them is a nightmare.

  20. Tam



    – a clear & ever-present danger in Scotland.



    britnats whit yi like!

  21. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Iniquitousiv @ 10.08pm



    Agree with every word. Barkas is terrified to come for a cross. The big ugly hun defenders will eat him for breakfast at set pieces. New goalkeeper required ASAP Celtic.

  22. The result against WH was a WC, we really need to be more PA in the TM ;-))



    Fot those that aint MM (soz Mick)…that’s wake-up check, pro active & transfer market ;-))




  23. St Stives ,Lennon should have been sacked last October he cost the club millions with his team selections tactics,blaming players for all his mistakes,which today the club has never recovered from,No he should never been allowed to ever manage Celtic after the Ross County semi final all them years ago,do I like him I’ll let you guess .

  24. An Tearmann on 26th July 2021 10:07 pm



    ‘The Ibrox club went down as far as they could go without completely disappearing.’


    ssssssshhhhhh just wrang.





    He always gives himself away.




  25. GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 26TH JULY 2021 9:55 PM


    Saint Stivs / St Stivs respect to your opinion and Unwavering support of all things Celtic, CQN’s better looking Derek Johnstone, but there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark.






    that did make me laugh -))



    as a young man i used to get compared with Jimmy White snooker player, Green lions pal called mw Captain Kirk. Delusional drunken relatives called me Patrick Swayze.



    My worst insults were neices calling me Ally McCosit.



    BFDJ (Copyright MM).



    well i did get fat, but that fellas idiocy level, that is beyond my pail

  26. Jesus effin C…there’s still some on here


    dismissive of the 9 cause we didn’t get ten…yeh, well…I never got any of the Christmas pressies I wanted…but I don’t bitch about it ad nauseum…i’ve seen my 1st 9….and 5 of our trebles in my lifetime….woe is me ;-))







  27. We have had unprecedented success – Domestically.



    Patience is now required, IMO.



    How we have such an unbelievable back 5 is a Mystery.






    Things can only get Better!!!!




    I have high hopes for Both Centre Backs.

  28. Bada…the boo bhoys have won….he’s done….probs for the best….so noo we’re gonna need at least 2 new strikers

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