Enormity of task clearly evident


The breezy self-confidence after Tuesday’s draw with Midtjylland has been replaced by a more familiar disposition for most of us.  The one rule of thumb for preseason games is ‘preseason games do not matter’, but still, shipping six goals to a side who have played less football than us, at home, is a strong indication of the enormity of the task ahead.

You can be sure the side that faced West Ham will be nothing like the team that competes beyond the transfer window, the major worry is what to do between now and then, particularly on Wednesday in Denmark.

If only Ange Postecoglou was able to genuinely ponder this issue.  He has little choice but to try to create a silk purse from the players he used and who are still available after the first leg.   It would be a remarkable achievement.

Midtjylland won away at AaB on Saturday, the confidence boost they hoped for ahead of Celtic.

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  1. squire danaher on




    I don’t mean to be unkind.



    You can keep telling yourself “We’re not half of anything” several times a day all you like.



    But despite what we say in public I don’t think TGD agrees with you.

  2. squire danaher on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 27TH JULY 2021 10:08 AM






    And us trying to sign 5’7” right backs for 33% less of their asking price is not going to help address the issue you raise.

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hi TURKEYBHOY – any view on the Gabon attacker we are ‘linked’ with – he any good?



    I saw comments the other day re: quality of Turkish football, but I think stones / glass houses comes to mind!






  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    Thanks for understanding my affliction chaps – clearly I am not the only sufferer. I’ll bookmark those suggestions for later today.



    I have started watching a wee bit more of the video article type things – some pretty good. Ones I watched a few years ago were a bit ‘uncomfortable’ and self-conscious – seem better now.



    Watched a good one the other day – posted up here I think – JucoJames and CelticByNumbers on together talking about Starfelt (apparently world-class on the deck tackler / moderate passer / less than mediocre header of the ball). Once Julien is back, might be a good balance (Julien bought with ‘headed challenges won’ being one of his most spoken about attributes).



    Cheers again.














    I need to cure my ‘Celtic news’ addiction – after exhausting the contents of CQN, Sentinel Celts, Phil MacGiollabhain and eTims I keep ending up back at ‘Celtic FC News Now’.







    A bigger pile of horsesh!t you’ll struggle to find anywhere.







    Any other suggestions for Celtic update adicts?
























    😂 😂 😂 You can always listen to and watch on YouTube the daily bulletins on ACSOM, 67 Hail Hail and loads of other podcasts… 😁

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    !!BADA BING!! on 27TH JULY 2021 10:34 AM


    Rumour Christie in talks over contract extension





    Oh? Any decent source on that BB – good if true in my mind?



    I know a few feel differently, but he seems to fit the all-action model the Ange is looking for.






  6. Squire,



    Billionaire’s like Dermot have a way of working that are at odds with your view I think.



    With any regime change, organisational supports are going to be looked at……….


    I would doubt very much that the level of involvement is any different from before but successful business operators can be driven by a sense of their own special capacity – Dermots probably no different in that regard, vast wealth can do that to folks…….



    The SMSM have reoprted Dermot’s involvement in a way that suggests weakness and not strength………..



    Funny, that…….



    Same old spread the fear and up the anxiety Levels among Timdom.

  7. Go tell the Spartim on

    Saint Stivs



    I’m glad it made you laugh it was my intention though I generally don’t convey my thoughts very well in prose.



    With a few exceptions we all want the same thing and I do use some of your posts when putting a few orcs right.




  8. oh and Squire………..



    I don’t disagree with you on Dermot’s view of the O$$ F$$$ model.



    ……..on the subject of being “unkind” ???



    I’m sure you couldn’t even if you tried!




    Who is scouting these wee guys.???????????



    5 feet 7 inch full back FFS



    Yes, we brought it on ourselves.

  10. Go tell the Spartim on




    I always wanted us to sign Roberto Ayala, he was only 5 9 but he was great in the air for a CB, for games where teams may and try and impose that isolate the full back we could play Urgohide or adopt the Maresca tactic of preventing crosses coming in, though we’d need a better LB.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on




    My adds are video celts; Celtic star; Celtic blog.


    Oh and if you want a separate universe try ibrox noise😂😂😂😂




    We need height all over the pitch. We are as wee a team as I can remember.



    We need defenders who can defend in the air.



    We got peed on from a height last season from set pieces.



    There were reason’s for that.



    Someone should tell Ange.

  13. squire danaher on

    CHAIRBHOY on 27TH JULY 2021 11:26 AM



    I say old fellow



    Some of the G&T set on your side here 🍋🍸

  14. THEBHOYFROMU.N.C.L.E on 27TH JULY 2021 11:26 AM


    Christie contract extension………..Celtic raising the bar



    V v droll!

  15. Aurélio’s entry in wiki has been Awe Nawed


    Hopefully his height at 5’8″ has also been amended.





    Aurélio Gabriel Ulineia Buta (born 10 February 1997) is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Belgian club Royal Antwerp F.C. as a right-back.



    He is famous for his support of a 32-county socialist United Ireland and his support for the Palestinian solidarity movement.



    He loves the Pope and Celtic FC, his favourite player being Lubomir Moravcik who he once was quoted as saying played ‘sexy football’.




    The Onlooker

  16. Paul The Spark on

    Might just be my cynical nature but A story is leaked that Dermot is getting involved with transfers and all of a sudden we have a right back. Can see a couple more signings sooner rather than later if this is the case.

  17. JHB on 26TH JULY 2021 6:53 PM and JHB on 26TH JULY 2021 8:18 PM



    I think Rodgers realised that to perform his system he needed a regular injection of new players and he wasn’t getting them and players were being selected for him so he left. It’s that obvious.



    Keeping the same players who won NIAR wasn’t a good move as you suggest as there was probably a verbal agreement that they could go. The Dembele fiasco was a forewarning of what might be to come. Lennon of course was very different from Rodgers (not a criticism in itself) but he was hampered by his own limitations, which were there for all to see and we soon abandoned it seems most of what was good in Rodgers’ system. First he ceased the playing out from the back, which there was a good case for due to players we had but then lack of strategy and team unity led to further deterioration of a system which was supposed to be one that would last – a kind of blueprint affecting everything including the Lennoxtown lot. And there was no way Lennon was going to get what was needed from his wantaway players. A forward looking board would not have let this happen and most fans realise this hence the focus of their wrath. Nothing appears to have been learned. Nage is saying similar things to Rodgers and is in that mould as was Deila but if he doesn’t get the right support then things can’t proceed as planned. We’re still haggling over transfer fees (fiddling while Paradise is burning), still no scouting system and still no DoF. Whose doing analytics? Same coaches. After the initial fans forum what? Nothing. There needs to be a channel for fans to express their opinion and tell the board what they want and they need to let the board know they want a proper channel. Wishful thinking is not going to achieve anything so protests and boycotts are inevitable. The latest news that DD is hands-on re. transfers is just meant to let off some steam. If we get 20M for Eddie we should be spending at least half on a new striker – the Gabon international if Ange wants him is there for the asking at 7.5M. Just pay it. But I guess we’ll get a much cheaper option (4M if we’re lucky or loans that haven’t been playing for ages and aren’t match fit.

  18. RC contract extension — his Lions dream is in tatters so why not.


    Last year’s form / performance wouldn’t have gotten him a game in the EPL.



    Consequently better all round if he signs a contract extension to June 23 or 24 and he puts in a shift.



    He is the ideal type of player for AP — fast and direct.

  19. I believe we’ll prevail against Mydttland then player acquisition will start to fall in to place when there’s guaranteed Europa League or maybe even CL football till Christmas.


    Keep the faith bhoys ☘️

  20. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    THEBHOYFROMU.N.C.L.E on 27TH JULY 2021 11:26 AM


    Christie contract extension………..Celtic raising the bar?





    Like it :-))

  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Cheers !!BADA BING!! – hope there is a positive outcome re: Christie.



    I know nothing about the Royal Antwerp laddie – other than he is a tiny wee person – TinyTim Mk II.






  22. Tom McLaughlin on

    Reported yesterday that Celtic had bid £2.3m for Buto but Antwerp wanted £3m. News overnight that DD has decided to get more involved in transfer negotiations “to help the manager”.



    This morning CQN cynics describe DD’s hands-on report as “excrement”.



    30 minutes later, news emerges that Antwerp have accepted a new Celtic bid of £3m and Buto has agreed terms.



    Dear oh dear.



    Funny though :-)

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