Error in positions. Racism in spate


Just as a year ago, we lost the first game of the season against Newco, but the similarities end with the result.  Celtic bossed the first half and created the better chances in an even second period.  Goals change games and when Kyogo Furuhashi centred a cross for Odsonne Edouard, the game should have changed.  Instead, Odsonne took his eye off the ball, which bounced off his heel and ran to safety.

One week ago today, despite scoring six against St Mirren, I urged Ange Postecoglou to play Kyogo through the middle, if necessary moving Odsonne to the left.  He started Kyogo on the left yesterday and although Celtic enjoyed the bulk of possession, they were blunt in front of goal; Odsonne’s miss starkly demonstrating the point.  It was a foreseeable error from Ange, which he later accepted.

Although Newco were unable to keep possession throughout the first half, at home, exclusively in front of their own fans, news of their demise was exaggerated.  They survived the torrent when required and adjusted their game plan at halftime.  From that point, Celtic were no more than equal in the contest until Kyogo moved into the middle on 70 minutes.

After Kygo shot from a tight angle, Ryan Christie reacted animatedly towards his teammate, presumably complaining that the Japanese striker did not square the ball for him to finish in front of goal.

I’m never keen on Celtic players shouting at each other and suspect this show of agitation contributed to Kyogo passing instead of shooting moments later, when the clear shot at goal was on.  Our Imperious Icon could be forgiven for wondering why bother laying chances on a plate for others after Edouard’s earlier miss.

Just like the first goal we lost to Newco last season, yesterday’s goal was lost from a set piece but I’m not pressing the panic button on this one.  Last year we were unable to form a straight defensive line, it was largely the central defenders who were causing the problems.  The defenders were correctly marshalled yesterday, the goal was lost because none of the others picked up a late runner.

The transformation in Celtic in such a short period has been beyond any of our expectations.  We will continue to improve and I expect will top the table after Newco’s visit on 2 January.  In losing twice so early, however, we have put ourselves under unwelcome pressure.  Playing the beautiful stuff is not always rewarded.

Last week they came after the Japanese, yesterday, they came after the Irish.  Racism in Scotland is in spate, it was even given a police escort post-match in Glasgow yesterday.  It is not the responsibility of Celtic to win so often that the mob have no opportunity to wreak havoc on the city.

Our political leaders and police cannot ignore this problem away.  Scotland is home to many cultures, creeds and ethnicities.  All will suffer unless the laws of the land are enforced.

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  1. 67 European Cup Winners on



    We have improved and I sense we will improve a bit more


    But Edouard is not the answer up front – £15m yes please


    The miss apart, in the first half, he was one on one with Hellander – he tried to nutmeg Helander and cut back onto his right foot – when protecting the ball and hitting a left foot shot across the keeper was the best option


    Poor Centre Forward



    They still look solid at the back but Kent and Moreloss look knackered already


    Thought the Ref was fair



    Paul67 you called it spot on Kyogu through the middle and a square ball then a shot (instead of a shot then a square ball) would have seen us win (fine margins)



    EL qualification was important – money


    But now the only show in town is the league



    AP has us working hard and team spirit is good


    But we have lost 3 important games (Hearts AZ Huns)


    We have some way to go to win the league


    Our new signings so far contributing much more than last year( Ajeti/Barkas)



    But there is a force about us again (like under Brendan) and confidence coming back a plenty



    Disappointed yesterday but hopeful and even excited about rest of the season




  2. I can hear your points,but all I can see is another Ivan Toney scenario.We back the wrong horse.If we had sold Eddy,Toney was coming.Disastrous outcome.The Lovric one could be the same.


    I pray to God it is not.


    Mc Cann from SJ,was picked up on by my Turkish neighbours who watched him against Galatasaray.They thought he was outstanding.Tough tackling,Wee dynamo.If we don’t buy him,someone will,then he is lost.

  3. POR CIERTO on 30TH AUGUST 2021 12:16 PM




    Hamza Yousef,Justice Minister,has again come out,in scathing tones about this.I have a feeling some Chief Inspectors ass will be getting kicked today.

  4. Belfastbhoyo – all the shortened words.



    I just couldn’t get what you meant.



    But After reading back my posts from last night when I was under the influence I cannot talk… :)




  5. It has been obvious that Eduoard intends to punish the club by ensuring we dont receive a transfer fee and instead he will leave on a Bosman and will receive an increase signing on fee and higher wages. It has been clear last season that he couldn’t care less above Celtic and that he wasn’t trying in countless games. He was a passenger who blunted our attacks by surrendering possession every time he got the ball. He was this way this season until it dawned on him and his agent that he still needed to attract teams and he should actually try for a few games.



    He should not play for Celtic again. he can rot in the stand as thats what he deserves.



    Ryan Christie is the same. a few decent performances cannot mask his previous multiple poor performances . He wont sign a new contract. Ange has to do without him and Eddy, He has a 1st Team squad of 37 probably the highest number ever and we have another 2 or 3 due in, So we have 40 Fiist and 37 B Team, Far too many



    When someone asks where the Kris Ajer money went than you can tell them it was wasted on 77 Pro players wages.



    Surely Ange can field a team without resorting to the want aways and a few others like Griffiths etc who will never play.

  6. Dunno what’s up with Eddie atm but if he does go, I think it might take a year for him to recover his form – he’s that out of sorts now.

  7. TB @ 12.36



    DJ = Loan for this season with a transfer option — £6.5mill — if we decide to take it up.


    KL = Transfer now — £4.5mill mentioned — meaning big money out the door.



    Our finances are so poor that we do not have the cash to buy for this position.


    We have very limited cash and we are saving it for another position.


    Sounds plausible.



    No matter — the PL / NL show got us into this mess.

  8. garygillespieshamstring on

    I didn’t watch the game but I see that, according to Sky’s stats, Celtic won 62.2% of aerial duels yesterday.

  9. Police chief Higgins has released a statement regarding yesterday’s racist march , says officers on patrol only came across the marchers by chance and arrests will be made , we shall see !

  10. Will be interesting to see if where Eddie ends up if the play him in the 9 role..


    Always seen him better if he played of a big striker.


    Ye know like Henke.



    My opinion of course.




  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TURKEYBHOY @12:58 PM



    Hamza Yousef,Justice Minister,has again come out,in scathing tones about this.I have a feeling some Chief Inspectors ass will be getting kicked today.




    Respectfully Turkeybhoy – I doubt it.



    A Justice Minister will obviously have Chief Constable on speed dial but, other than the parliamentary committee process, there is little they can formally do to influence police operations.



    IMHO, more likely, he wanted to get a tweet out before his power sharing partners or the local MP.



    Normally one would also expect the race to condemn to include runners and riders from anti-racism groups or the official opposition at Holyrood ….



    … and then one remembers this is Scotland.

  12. The wheel will eventually turn back in our favour, it’s just frustrating that it’s taking a while.



    P67 takes yesterday’s game in isolation but the real issue is the change in mentality since Gerrard arrived three years ago. They appear to want it more than us. We have become physically and mentally weak, they are the opposite. Third choice keeper and right back, made no difference, they still got the job done. This has been the case since the 2019 new year game, where Craig Gordon kept the defeat to one nil. Rodgers looked at what he had at his disposal, then looked across the city, and was away eight weeks later. Lennon managed a few single goal wins but the momentum had shifted to Govan. And has remained there. In their arrogance, Desmond and Lawwell believed Rangers would implode. They are still waiting.



    The next day and a half will determine if we have the squad capable of competing for this season’s title. Losers out winners in please.

  13. Sean, Freddie could poss have been our new Henke but he’s getting closer to being our Benteke…

  14. Whether we’re top of the league at dinner time on the 2nd January will depend on what we do in the closing stages of this transfer window.



    While we had the lion’s share of the ball yesterday, we also should realise that Sevco are perfectly happy to sit in against us and play for set pieces. That’s their game plan in Europe and against us. Malmö stopped them at set pieces then beat them. We have to do the same.

  15. I am still not getting carried away with the losing of that goal yesterday.The corner kick was a beauty,we had one giant lump going for it,and a good connection.Sometimes,there is nothing you can do.We see it happen every week.


    Far cry from some of the disasters from crosses last season.I thought we defended very well yesterday.Two CHs,played their front two out of the game.

  16. TURKEYBHOY on 30TH AUGUST 2021 12:53 PM



    Re Croatian flying left winger , seems to switch clubs pretty frequently… inexplicably can’t put my finger on it but I think we’re better passing on the young fella ..



    … he’s probably at Ross Hall now

  17. Yesterdays anti Irish racism facilitated by PS, I’ve heard that mfi are pulling the chief constables chain. With the 30 orange marches planned for September 18th it’s enough to make you wonder what Bojo was doing at Tulliallan recently? If you can stretch your grey matter to understand that Nikla & Bojo are on the same side it all makes perfect sense.


    Punch & Judy for the masses.



  18. AN DUN,



    To say Malmo stopped them,is not exactly true.The Huns won lots of headers from their Ariel bombardment.Malmo rode their luck a lot in the last 20 minutes.It happens.Helander,and Goldson,are a couple of huge units to defend against at set pieces.

  19. can’t for the life of me understand us going to Rubin Kazan more like Rubin Bast***ds and wasting nearly £5m on a useless defender who scouted this defender.

  20. A spot on summary.



    I can’t understand the logic behind the desire for big physical players. We lost our way yesterday because we dropped our intensity levels, we couldn’t keep the ball or move it forwards through the press quick enough. That’s how you beat the Huns with Ange’s tactics, not with big strong centre halves and center mids.



    Sacrifice the ball players in the middle of the pitch and all you’re doing is trying to play them at their game, not Ange’s



    The second half proved we need more of what we did in the first



    Ange is all in with his system, our progress is shows we need to have faith and support it even through the downs

  21. Gallagher..



    30 marches planned on the 18th…



    Used tae have them down leith walk years ago.


    Scum used congregate in the links across from St Mary’s Star of the sea primary school and chapel.



    A few of the bhoys from the area used to make them most welcome…



    A few right pastings handed oot..



    Mostly Hibs bhoys from the Torino pub..




  22. Where is this certainty that we will be top in January / win the league coming from? Our squad managent is like our game management, very poor. Why is the dreadful OÉ playing? Same about RC. His disgraceful shouting at Kyogo obviously made Kyogo pass the next chance, and yet RC was rubbish throughout yesterday. I hope AP tore Christie for his abuse of Kyogo. Game management? – defence was only ok, but gave away too many frees near our box and failed to defend the corner. Hart was only ok and erred very badly by staying on his line causing ralston to chase a 50/50. Squad management is also dreadful with so many bad smell players hanging around. The bench yesterday was really poor. And Mccarthy. Wtf? Really. He’s been here 6 weeks, big wages, has hardly played 6minutes ffs.

  23. Though I will say, Joakim Nilsson has a similar career/caps and was sold for 400k 2 years ago

  24. Blame it on the Irish.



    Anti Irish is it?



    I’m Scottish born and bred and every single bigot that has started marching again, after they hit their depths in the Petrofac Cup Final, is singing about you and me. It’s marching season and they officially joined the superiority complex parades. All that’s missing are pointed hats.



    Scotland and anti racism can’t mix when Sevco are winning the sooner they are back in their box the sooner the good people of Scotland will get peace.



    It was ever thus CSC

  25. Our team is relatively young. Abada and even Turnbull don’t seem capable of playing two big games in four days. We badly need an experienced holding midfielder. Unfortunately I suspect McCarthy will be another sick note. Poor recruitment again. The Huns manage to sign players who are nothing special but are solid experienced professionals. Does anyone know who recruits players for Celtic? Who is responsible for the duds and for signing ‘projects’ like the Sheffield Wed pair?

  26. Celtic40me, maybe I’m mis remembering as I was fairly young at the time, but was one of the issues in the years pre Mon that we were physically over powered (Albertz etc) before Mon redressed the balance….

  27. Again,anyone who has not seen Lovric,go onto You Tube.All his 35 goals and 15 assists from the past 2 seasons.Great viewing.His corners and set pieces also brilliant.


    Please,have a look.

  28. If we had someone the size of the wall who could clean out the 6 year box at set pieces that might help but haven’t seen that from Joe yet, therefore if u don’t have 2-3 6ft+ ers to help, it’s a target rich environment for oppo



    I was with you (and mibby 1/2 others from memory) who thought Declan could do a job. Not be the answer to all of our ‘dream centre back’ prayers, but a capable, aggressive no fukkaration ball-winner who actually does have a pass in him.


    Unfortunately unless you have an exotic name with an ‘O’ or ‘Vic’ or ‘Ski’ on the end, we tend to dismiss domestic players as not good enough; the same snobby prejudice that English clubs have when bidding for scottish players.


    I’m not attacking Carl btw – he did a lot right yesterday and is (fingers crossed) slowly settling in.


    But when it comes to basics for defenders, there are good value CBs under our noses. We don’t have to go continental, unless the aim is box office theatre, which sure helps to signal to fans we’re scouring the planet.



    Another thing about big guys who can effect powerful headers is not just the defensive side of heading, but the ability to get onto crosses in the opposition’s box – how many do our ‘big guys’ score from set pieces? Anyway, whose man was Helanders? A certain Malheureux Monsieur – lovely to see him at his best, mai ‘au revoir’!



    Remember: A good big yin will always beat a good wee yin, which seems to be their defensive motto.

  30. as far as young Welsh , nothing against him as he is currently our best option but he should he is still a long way of a first 11 team

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