Error in positions. Racism in spate


Just as a year ago, we lost the first game of the season against Newco, but the similarities end with the result.  Celtic bossed the first half and created the better chances in an even second period.  Goals change games and when Kyogo Furuhashi centred a cross for Odsonne Edouard, the game should have changed.  Instead, Odsonne took his eye off the ball, which bounced off his heel and ran to safety.

One week ago today, despite scoring six against St Mirren, I urged Ange Postecoglou to play Kyogo through the middle, if necessary moving Odsonne to the left.  He started Kyogo on the left yesterday and although Celtic enjoyed the bulk of possession, they were blunt in front of goal; Odsonne’s miss starkly demonstrating the point.  It was a foreseeable error from Ange, which he later accepted.

Although Newco were unable to keep possession throughout the first half, at home, exclusively in front of their own fans, news of their demise was exaggerated.  They survived the torrent when required and adjusted their game plan at halftime.  From that point, Celtic were no more than equal in the contest until Kyogo moved into the middle on 70 minutes.

After Kygo shot from a tight angle, Ryan Christie reacted animatedly towards his teammate, presumably complaining that the Japanese striker did not square the ball for him to finish in front of goal.

I’m never keen on Celtic players shouting at each other and suspect this show of agitation contributed to Kyogo passing instead of shooting moments later, when the clear shot at goal was on.  Our Imperious Icon could be forgiven for wondering why bother laying chances on a plate for others after Edouard’s earlier miss.

Just like the first goal we lost to Newco last season, yesterday’s goal was lost from a set piece but I’m not pressing the panic button on this one.  Last year we were unable to form a straight defensive line, it was largely the central defenders who were causing the problems.  The defenders were correctly marshalled yesterday, the goal was lost because none of the others picked up a late runner.

The transformation in Celtic in such a short period has been beyond any of our expectations.  We will continue to improve and I expect will top the table after Newco’s visit on 2 January.  In losing twice so early, however, we have put ourselves under unwelcome pressure.  Playing the beautiful stuff is not always rewarded.

Last week they came after the Japanese, yesterday, they came after the Irish.  Racism in Scotland is in spate, it was even given a police escort post-match in Glasgow yesterday.  It is not the responsibility of Celtic to win so often that the mob have no opportunity to wreak havoc on the city.

Our political leaders and police cannot ignore this problem away.  Scotland is home to many cultures, creeds and ethnicities.  All will suffer unless the laws of the land are enforced.

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  1. I kinda was thinking the same.



    Mixing up the “isms” to lessen the offence somehow.



    you know anti-irish is less bad.

  2. Let’s cut through some of the crap here


    If anyone was to sing a song aimed at Indians/ Pakistanis “partition is over, why don’t you go home ”


    Or, to Afghans “talibans toppled, why don’t you go home”


    We wouldn’t even be discussing the offence.


    Some fairly hard hitting statements and motions online today. However, still too many indulging in linguistic gymnastics and the usual whataboutery.


    You’re either part of the solution…

  3. TinyTim,



    The problem with posting only negative Posts is that one seriously depresses both themselves & everyone else.


    A second thing to remember is that we are just a bunch of random Supporters with the odd Hun having fun & a few Trolls thrown in.


    Nothing anyone says will make a blind bit of difference on who Celtic buy or sell, who Ange picks or how the team play.


    The Happy Clappers were not responsible for winning the Quadruple Treble neither were they responsible for last years Disastrous Season.


    This is just a cyber pub where ghuys with too much time on their hands just bump their gums about Celtic,


    I don’t live in Scotland, I don’t hang around with fellow Celts so for the likes of me, this blog was a great outlet.


    However I prefer to look at the positives in every aspect of life, including Celtic, as long as posting here makes me happy then I will do so.


    If things get bad & I find reading constant negative joyless posts getting me down then I just stop reading & posting.


    Each to their own.

  4. Squire Danaher @ 5.50



    I want Celtic to be what it could be.




    It angers me that people are running the club in a manner which is designed to have it operate at half capacity for the benefit of a long term flaws business model.




    Your definition above is frankly insulting.



    I want Celtic to be what it could be.



    You’re no different to most on the blog then, and the fact that we’ve all hung around puts us every one of us on equal terms. Being up for the Celtic debate ,and posting invective when Celtic go down especially in Govan are seperate issues, here. Celtic dissappointment as others have said affects us all in different ways.



    But seriously mate people are running the club in a manner which is designed to have it operate at half capacity for the benefit of a long term flaws business model.



    Celtic are operating at full capacity there is no invisible mystery investor see Dermot for ownership. The club exists because 52,000 supporters pay to get in, money up front, playing in a paupers league there is no money except yours and mine in Celtic.



    CEO’s the world over in are paid too much, as for McKay he has made a decent start we pay top dollar in salaries, and sign the best we can afford and don’t need loans or cheating.



    Thats fine for me CSC

  5. I didnt realise its 3 internation games in a week, glad James and Greg are staying home.

  6. “TINYTIM on 30TH AUGUST 2021 5:40 PM


    The problem with only focusing on positives is that you don’t improve on the negatives.”



    Do you think either positive or negative posts on CQN play any role in changing policy at Celtic?

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 30TH AUGUST 2021 6:51 PM


    Ferencvaros home game 19th October, kick off is 3.30 due to COP26 Conference






    a Polis convention impacts only us, bassas

  8. A Glasgow MSP has called for a summit to tackle anti-Irish racism after footage of a march in the city centre showed men singing ‘The Famine Song’.



    Politicians in the city have demanded action after the march took place on Sunday where a group were filmed singing a song that has previously been deemed racist by a judge.



    Police are investigating the incident and said arrests are to be expected after dozens of men walked along the road in Argyle Street under the Heilanman’s Umbrella, before Sunday’s Old Firm match.





    Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins promised “retrospective” action would be taken.



    In the video, posted on social media, the men are heard singing the song, which tells people of Irish descent to “go home” because “the famine is over”.



    James Dornan, Cathcart SNP MSP, has put down a motion in the Scottish Parliament which he is asking other MSPs to sign, condemning the incident.



    The MSP said the group were Rangers supporters and has asked the club to take action.



    Paul Sweeney, Glasgow Labour MSP, has written to Police Scotland, asking why it was allowed to take place.



    In the motion, Dornan asks MSPs to “unequivocally condemn and abhor the anti-Irish racism and religious bigotry exhibited by black shirted supporters of Rangers FC”.



    He said it is the latest in a series of similar incidents by a “sizeable contingent” of supporters.



    The MSP commended “swift action” by Rangers FC over a previous incident and hopes they will act on this occasion too.



    He urges Rangers, Police Scotland, the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council to convene a summit to “deal with this longstanding, disgusting and dangerous issue which scars the good name of the football club and the country”.



    Meanwhile, Sweeney has called on the Police to explain why the march was allowed to continue.

  9. BtB………..



    Yer man used comfortable terminology that helps diffuse issue…….sectarianism in Scotland is a problem shared between Us and Them, while anti-Irish racism is something they own, but never own upto.


    By the sounds of plod they have no intention of adressing the issue as it is,. Rather they will wrap it up in convenient cliches that blunt the truth enough for Scotland to swallow it with no adverse, lasting side effects.

  10. squire danaher on

    SAINT STIVS on 30TH AUGUST 2021 6:27 PM


    The rubbish at the goalkeeper thing should be punishable , but not in scottish football.



    The odious Bouncy chant anytime a celtic player is on the ground.



    The march with no arrests.



    The “all taigs are targets” graffiti



    They are emboldened and imho getting worse.









    What could have possibly happened over the past year to bring about their emboldenment?



    To what extent has our adherence to the 5-year plan – which you have lauded within the last hour – contributed to the events of the last year and their resultant emboldenment?



    To what extent have Celtic let down its support, and wider Scottish society, by being willing midwives and facilitators to the birth of this monstrosity?

  11. Having been identified as having racist supporters on our bus a few weeks ago and action taken with these fans banned from Ibrox, we here at the Westerwood Rangers Supporters club have taken the decision to disband the club effective immediately.

  12. Saint Stivs



    James Dornans motion was excellent. I noted a few errors in Paul Sweeneys letter to the police.



    Rangers2012 need to be part of the solution and I genuinely hope they do the right thing here.

  13. Eddie almost done (i.e. to Crystal Palace)….I do hope that we have the time to press the button on spending their money tomorrow.



    Big bald, baby-eating eastern european centre half and a 6ft 6in defensive midfielder built like the Rock and who’d happily slide tackle their granny ro regain possession please….




  14. We here are reformed as Westerwood Rangers Supporters club, usual pick ups a week on sunday and Billy Mason won the tote.

  15. Canadian Lorna Slater is Scotland’s Minister for Green Skills & Circular Economy…


    I’m sure there’s meant to humour in the title.




    New: Nicola Sturgeon confirms two new Green ministers following cooperation deal with the party.




    will be Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenant’s Rights.




    will be Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity.


    10:43 AM · Aug 30, 2021·Twitter Web

  16. Snake Plissken on

    Simone Rovera




    Odsonne Edouard à Crystal Palace… presque fait…



    According to this blue check mark account, he is in London to sign.

  17. celtic need to try get Edward deal done today! we need time to bid / negotiate on those other positions. My fear with this board is greek in , Eddie out!



    Still no sign of an experienced center half despite repeat loss of goals at set play – time and time and time and time x 1000000 until the board actually delivers to the expectations of smart fans.



    Don’t give me this bankrupt shoit – we are talking about critical SPINE positions in the team – we are talking about a business problem that consistently fails – In the corporate world (where I’ve lived for 30years) – senior staff are sacked for such consistent negligence.

  18. UNCLE JIMMY on 30TH AUGUST 2021 6:58 PM


    Saint Stivs



    James Dornans motion was excellent





    I heard he was talking excrement.



  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Pull all our Scottish players from the squad citing injuries



    Christie, Turnbull, McGregor.



    Did I miss anyone?



    What’s the downside?



    A sanction that means they miss Ross County at home?

  20. SQUIRE DANAHER on 30TH AUGUST 2021 6:57 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 30TH AUGUST 2021 6:27 PM



    that is an emotional response.



    what parts of the 5 year plan failed last season in a way that allowed us to lose the league ?

  21. Fair play to Hugh Keevins for his comments on the Rangers fans march through Glasgow yesterday. Like the rest of us, he is home. Well said sir.

  22. Snake Plissken



    Odsonne gave me some of the best ever fitba moments.



    He is, IMO, World Class in talent but crumbled after Covid.



    Its best he moves on and Celtic spends the Cashboolah well… IMO we have bought very well so far.

  23. squire danaher on

    SAINT STIVS on 30TH AUGUST 2021 7:05 PM



    The plan didn’t fail



    The plan is flawed in the first place as it facilitates and anchors the OF mode.



    Somebody says on here every day



    “We’re not half of anything”.



    Yes we are.

  24. Snake Plissken on

    He is apparently signing for Palace.



    He needed to leave a while ago, it looks like he will go now. Keeping him playing half heartedly would have been a mistake and the losing him in January/end of the season would not have been worth it.



    He wouldn’t want to get injured, or be fully committed every week so thanks for the memories at great times but his time has passed.

  25. Scotlands finest hope to make arrests blah blah blah.



    The polis could have arrested them yesterday instead of marching with them!



    The polis are takin’ the piss as usual and people who should know better are lapping it up.



    F888 the polis.

  26. UNCLE JIMMY on 30TH AUGUST 2021 7:08 PM



    I’m 71 but often forget and act like I’m 17.



    So Mrs C tells me frequently.




  27. Jimdom,


    Listened to it as well and couldn’t agree more with your comment.


    I went to primary school with Hugh in Partick.

  28. Weebobbycollins on

    The main culprit in this marching shit is the club itself. It is undoubtedly a racist club, top to bottom.

  29. Snake Plissken on

    Scotsman Sport




    Red circle Bournemouth emerge as serious front-runners to land Celtic midfielder Ryan Christie as hopes of new deal dwindle




    Might be real. Might be rubbish.