GLASGOW is green and white and over at Govania their realisation of this fact is beginning to hurt. 

They have a name for it.

They call it Espanyolification and the hurt is obvious as they discuss it just as Celtic move 33 (thirty three) points clear of their club. Here’s a flavour of their angst…
“Are we there yet? Feels close.
Do we have men in charge of our club, Rangers men outside of our club, to try and stop this scenario? With every passing day it seems not.
We are being left behind at break neck speed. The unprecedented attempt on our very existence should have been the wake up call. Frankly we are sleepwalking into another nightmare.

The plan is not working.”

“That’s a good example of our situation.
Go to Barcelona and you wouldn’t know Espanyol existed.

Come to Glasgow and all the council money being spent on that mobs land, only theirs and hampden tours advertised in tourism brochures etc”

“It’s happened pretty quickly, it shows what investment can do.
After the semi last year and while Deila was managing them I remember having a conversation with my mates unable to believe how they hadn’t massively widened the gap by that point. We didn’t look a million miles away like we do now.
Then Deila goes and the chequebook comes out, and the results speak for themselves really.”

“State aid also very prevalent in Catalonia. The state filters money to the treasonous scumbags via the TV3 deal. Espanyol don’t get a sniff.”

“We may already be beyond the point of no return which cuts me to the core. I have supported this club for over 40 years and cannot see how we can move forward from this awful predicament that we find ourselves in. I thought our chairman was the answer but I am not so sure anymore.”

“It is happening. The long game is being played, and it seems we don’t have anybody to stop it. We are being steamrolled and the worst part is as a support we are our own worst enemy.”

“I understand why you’d feel like that, this is the lowest I’ve felt as a Rangers Fan and I’ve been supporting since the 60s.”

“I bet teams like Leeds thought things would go back to normal soon as well.”

“One of my biggest fears is that we could easily see 10k off our gates in a decade.”

“Many Bears do want it yesterday but we’re not only in a bad place we are in a terrible place,I can’t see a way out without substantial investment and I’ve no idea why anyone would invest in us with the spectre of Ashley hanging over us. I was prepared to slowly climb back to the top however we are presently going backwards at a rate of knots.”

“We have recruited very poorly in the last year and it is going to take time to fix. The club is in a bad place at the minute and we are all suffering but we will eventually start to progress.
That being said, all of Scottish football will be delighted with the current situation. Only 2 teams in the league have failed to take points off of us this season, so every diddy team in the country can smell blood.
The rest of the teams and their fans will be quite happy with them running the whole show, being the darlings of the Scottish media and winning the league at a canter every year as long as they have a chance of giving us a going over. That is what matters most to everyone else in Scotland. Getting it up Rangers and their fans.
That is the sad reality of where our game is at.”


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