Ethics and manipulating a move


I have known players from Europe to fly into Scotland during a transfer window for a medical with a local club without their current employer’s knowledge.  This tactic explains the vast majority of overnight stays in a different country by a footballer in these circumstances.  Our errant employee may or may not have been on such a trip.

This is now an HR matter and due process will be followed.  His contract will be worth a significant sum and no one will want to pay that because an employee was not given the right to respond to allegations before action was taken.

Even then, there are reasons not to act immediately.  If the player has a club in Spain lined up, it puts money in his pocket if he becomes a free agent.  Of more concern is the precedent.  There are many players at Celtic who could earn several times their salary by moving this summer, contracts would be worth millions more if they were free agents.

It would be highly unethical behaviour to break lockdown rules in order to try force a move, as a free agent or not, but this is football and a fortune is at stake for both player and agent.  How sure are you another issue will not crop up during the European qualifying campaign?  Celtic’s business model depends on retaining contracted players who want out of their contracts or selling them for a fee.  Players cannot be incentivised to break rules, Covid or other.

The club have lots to consider before acting.  My guess is that their best interests are served by scheduling the appropriate HR meetings soon after the transfer window closes.  At least the left back question has become a little clearer this week, so every cloud……

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  1. CORKCELT on 12TH AUGUST 2020 5:13 PM


    Only for that Boli, we could all be looking forward to seeing the Celtic Play, hope the Bastard gets piles.





    You’re really taking it badly.😂😂😂

  2. onenightinlisbon on

    Cannot believe any Celtic supporter would not e “hung up” on getting the ten…

  3. Through the rain on

    One night……



    The rest of my family agrees with you. They’ve decided I’ve officially entered my dotage 😱

  4. I want the ten but if anything stops us getting it, I’ll be on here next year just as enthusiastic for the coming season.


    Next year 2 teams will qualify for Champions League places, so we won’t be automatically duly Financially penalised.


    Of course it would be gut wrenching and I sincerely hope we do win the 10 in a row but if we don’t life will go on.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    I live reading Ibrox noise, written by goons for goons. They offer examples of sanctions for teams playing ineligible players, after this paragraph below,oh the irony



    With Celtic playing an ineligible player (Boli Bolingoli) in their match against Kilmarnock, we at Ibrox Noise decided to see how the SPFL handled this situation when it happened to a team that does not control the SFA and SPFL.

  6. “On the record” opinions on coaches made by fellow coaches or players who played for those coaches can be filed under the Mandy Rice-Davies category…


    “Well, he would say that , wouldn’t he”



    If you get a player off the record with a few pints down his neck you may get a different slant….the truth is somewhere in the middle.



    The Onlooker

  7. I’m not hung up on the 10 – I’d rather forfeit this season if I new we would quickly surpass their league title tally. 10 would be amazing though!



    So far this season has been a shambles imo – poor preseason, critical positions not filled, losing out on priority targets, griff and Boli rogue and the ajeti signing is underwhelming.



    we have time to fix it but hopefully we don’t lose ground too much before we are back on track.



    advantage rangers

  8. SteBhoy, Swizz football is probably a step ahead of Scotland & Ajeti was averaging a goal every 2 games there.


    So I certainly wouldn’t be underwhelmed.

  9. The Onlooker



    It could be a puff piece but , if it is, you would have to see some motivation for it.



    If Duff was ambitious to get an EPL position, he would be bigging up someone in the English game with clout, at the very least , a manager and not an Asst. Coach who cannot provide him with employment as he has no hire or fire powers.



    If he wanted a bigger job in Ireland, praising a provincial Scottish club will earn him no kudos, with the EPL worshipping West Brits at FAI.



    The stronger possibility remains that he does rate John Kennedy and spoke out about how good he is out of goodness and fairness.



    If praising powerful coaches was his aim, Mourinho, Lampard and Gerrard are ssen as more powerful levers to praise and press than is John Kennedy- even if he does ask players to head the ball back to him in a warm up routine.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Why is John Kennedy being trolled on here?



    Don’t know him.



    Never met him.



    Don’t know if he can coach or drive a coach.



    What I do know …



    He has been part of a coaching unit that delivered a treble treble.



    What I suspect – he had a chance to walk with Brendan for more dough and chose to stay.



    He’ll do.

  11. corkcelt – he must have something about him and he has scored in Europe. I’ve seen the types of goals he’s scored on YouTube and I just don’t see what he brings that griff doesn’t. He’s doesn’t look like an Eduard replacement.



    Its just a feeling and I hope I’m totally wrong ass I’ve been many times before.



    my priority is a LB and CB and ni more projects.



    Rangers were ahead of us at the turn of the year – they only reason they didn’t hang on was Morelos went off the boil and they had no back up strikers. They have possibly/probably strengthened in that area as well as adding height and pace at the back.



    They match up now – we need to show our financial muscle and bring in players that propel us forward again!

  12. WHITEDOGHUNCH on 12TH AUGUST 2020 5:07 PM


    Pógmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on 12th August 2020 1:12 pm


    get my details from somebody and I should be able to sort.




    Thank you I will do. Any chance that Lennybhoy has them?

  13. I seem to remember the last SPL team to play an ineligible player was Hearts, possibly at the beginning of the season before last in the league cup I think, and they were just fined.


    As we know the huns don’t do irony so they won’t appreciate the number of trophies that should be stripped due to fielding ineligible players.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    THROUGH THE RAIN on 12TH AUGUST 2020 5:36 PM






    Not suggesting you weren’t a supporter pal, we are all different but surely not on the 10?????

  15. big wavy – do you agree this is a massive season for celtic and rangers?? do you agree rangers have done their business early and with intention while Celtic ponder in the market.



    Im not panicking, I’m merely pointing out that rangers look to be ahead on planning and have a settled squad that (on paper) appears to be stronger.



    We have full backs at 5 feet – we have CB who cant win areal battles and bulled off the ball – we need fresh talent up top.

  16. After we won the nine, I remember thinking that even if the ten wasn’t accomplished, we’d reclaimed our 9 and would probably go on to do a quad treble. We’ve had a phenomenal run and nothing will change that or take away from those achievements.



    Given the CL draws, we’ve a great chance of European group stage football in one form or another.



    With that in mind, we’ll probably be behind Sevco for at least the next 6 months. We won’t be able to make up our games in hand until we’re in the new year with Europe taking up our midweeks.



    Seeing Celtic off top spot for that long will be hard to live with and it’ll ramp up the pressure on every one of our games.



    I also think Sevco will need an incredibly lucky draw to make it through to the Europa given they’re not seeded for the play offs.



    They’ll probably have just the league to concentrate on for the rest of 2020 which makes a league collapse from them more unlikely.



    We must now be recruiting to win every league game while allowing us to compete across multiple fronts.



    We’ve a big few weeks and months ahead.

  17. Why do folk persist in stating that Sevco were ahead of us at the turn of the year? This is not the case: Celtic were at the top of the table by 2 points on 31 Dec 2019, with the 2nd placed team having played a game less.

  18. Huns did do their business earlier than us.


    So far they have brought in Bassey, Balogun,, Roofe & Itten. Balogun looked OK in their first game but we have no idea how good the other 3 might be. Balogun starts for them tonight the other 3 are on the bench.


    So far we have brought in Barkas & looking very likely to add Ajeti, so yes just now they appear to have strengthened more than us.


    However there is still a long way to go, we definitely need a centre half & a left back and as I continue to say a younger prototype of Brooney.


    Both sides could also lose players, I think we should stay calm & see how things play out.

  19. There’s also the unknown regarding Sevco’s finances. They’d a £10 million deficit to see out the season before covid struck last year.



    If they miss out on the Europa this year and are playing behind closed doors for the most part – that deficit has multiplied to see out this season.



    I’m not predicting they’ll go bankrupt, I suspect if they’re top of the league, Parks will pump multiple millions of his own money to keep them going before a huge clear out and downsizing next summer.



    But if Parks can’t put in those funds this year or convince others to do so, then all bets are off.

  20. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Alas I fear the Huns will win handsomely tonight.



    Our shooting ourselves in the foot will give them an extra edge.



    I should bet on it in the hope I lose money.

  21. Just read JamesForrest’ blog, i wonder if Commons thinks he should have been sacked following the very public show of dissent towards his manager and assistant manager in Malmo?

  22. host in Clyde 1 just said he has received many pictures of players from SPFL clubs attending parties with large gathering – agains the COVID and football rules. Its not just about Boli who has been absolutely roasted inside and out these last few days.



    He made a mistake – I’m sure if he REALLY knew the consequences (cancelled games, threat of no euro football, impact on team etc) he would not have travelled.

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    Sevco have added players of what quality we’ve yet to see, they also need to trim the squad there words not mine



    So far we’ve bought a GK but already had a better squad than there’s



    Long way to go 👍🏾

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    I think if Der Hun is going to drop points during our suspension it will be at the weekend, on a plastic pitch with a certain home center forward with something to prove⚽ after being ignored

  25. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Stebhoy, it matters not a jot that players from other clubs have been pictured not observing CV protocols.



    In Scoddland, Celtic are a club treated like no other.



    Bolongoli gave them an open goal.