Ethics and manipulating a move


I have known players from Europe to fly into Scotland during a transfer window for a medical with a local club without their current employer’s knowledge.  This tactic explains the vast majority of overnight stays in a different country by a footballer in these circumstances.  Our errant employee may or may not have been on such a trip.

This is now an HR matter and due process will be followed.  His contract will be worth a significant sum and no one will want to pay that because an employee was not given the right to respond to allegations before action was taken.

Even then, there are reasons not to act immediately.  If the player has a club in Spain lined up, it puts money in his pocket if he becomes a free agent.  Of more concern is the precedent.  There are many players at Celtic who could earn several times their salary by moving this summer, contracts would be worth millions more if they were free agents.

It would be highly unethical behaviour to break lockdown rules in order to try force a move, as a free agent or not, but this is football and a fortune is at stake for both player and agent.  How sure are you another issue will not crop up during the European qualifying campaign?  Celtic’s business model depends on retaining contracted players who want out of their contracts or selling them for a fee.  Players cannot be incentivised to break rules, Covid or other.

The club have lots to consider before acting.  My guess is that their best interests are served by scheduling the appropriate HR meetings soon after the transfer window closes.  At least the left back question has become a little clearer this week, so every cloud……

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  1. Given our current football wage spend and our player investment numbers we are not getting value for money — so the plan going forward has to be more focus and better management within the club in all areas.



    Fat and happy would describe too many associated with the club starting from the very top.



    The snake rat might have gone but he showed — in parts at least — what the required standards were and our ability to meet them.



    However the annual “deja vu all over again” story seems to be well entrenched this year.


    Delusions of adequacy starts at the top and seems to be spreading downwards.



    If we make the CL group stages we will win the league at a canter.


    If we don’t then the usual suspects will be emboldened to do their worst.




    I’m genuinely interested to hear why you think CL qualification will allow us to win the league at a canter ?



    Do you believe we’ll go spend crazy if we qualify?

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Switch off Bhoys and Ghirls and save your emotional energy.



    We’re up against it.



    All the sweeter if we pull it off.

  4. Couple a digs at sentinelcelts again.Grow up and get over it.Especially the ones that continue to post on the site then come back on here 🤷‍♀️

  5. Gene, if yer aboot, major thunderstorm heading your way, it’ll be above yer hoose aboot 10pm…⚡️⚡️⚡️

  6. Together – Hardcore Uproar.



    These are Truly unprecedented Times.



    My Ideal Girl efter Aidans Mum is Suzie Dent.



    I’m still chipping away. Sorry Suzie.




    Amazing Celtic.



    Thank You for Everything shofar.

  7. Fairhill Bhoy.



    Kieran Starring doon there does not hurt Glasgow Celtic.



    I wish the lad stayed of course.




    The Big Man upstairs is in Control. His Word is Good.

  8. Corkcelt



    You must feel really let down by Bolingoli, i think you more than any other poster was vocal in giving the lad time. I get why you wanted that but my mind was made up after the first month this guy was not going to cut it. I don’t make these posts lightly and i know certain posters don’t like them but when I’m sure i will give my opinion whether its positive or negative.



    I get all the settling in, New language, New team mates, New country but the reason i dismissed all of those in Bolingoli case was because i could see this guy had flaws that wouldn’t be overcome by being settled. He makes unforced errors repeatedly, gives the ball away cheaply and under no pressure, I realised then that these errors would repeat and repeat. He had a fine game at ibrox but a good player is not someone who can occasionally play well but a player who consistently is good and doesnt make unforced errors. His mistake against Lyon in preseason wouldn’t have been made by a trainee. He left his position to try and intercept a ball he was never getting, that can happen but instead of half way deciding im not getting there i need to stop hold my position, he just kept going, got nowhere near intercepting and Lyon played down his channel, cut back tap in, left the full defence exposed.


    Now he’s done much worse he’s left our club exposed.



    Please no more of the white flag posts, it won’t be so bad if we lose, still be a Celtic supporter posts. Those are defeatist posts, we’re in a battle, but its still all there to win this can be done, no doubt, we just need Lawwell and Lennon to shine, every one to fight like never before and our club to make history. Cmon Celtic, drop the complacency, show why we’re champions and strengthen the areas needing strengthened. HH

  9. AD @ 8.08



    The TFOD2 have a plan which starts with us not making the CL group stages.



    If we make the group stages they know that we can buy the league — they have financial issues and will only spend big if they think they have a chance.



    Not sure they will bankrupt themselves to stop us — the guy at the top wants his money out / back so unless he can persuade a bus tycoon or the NI chicken king to stump up I think they would aim for survival rather than a Charge of the Light Brigade style glory or bust ego trip.



    For them to have a chance we need to get sloppy.


    CL group stages stop that from happening.


    Well that is my thoughts — others might have their own agendas.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Very fine margins in professional sport, even the SPFL:



    Second (first if 3-5-2) striker unavailable to play;



    Two days holiday after a 3/4? month lockdown and truncated pre-season;



    Lethargic performance against Killie where said second choice striker could have made a difference (we’ll never know, but the option to bring him on would have been nice);



    Then, Bolon-feckin-goli.



    Do the Huns play before or after Celtic play Dundee United?



    Either way, it’s probably either 8 or 11 points behind.



    Events, dear bhoys, events.

  11. Good evening cqn from a beautiful and well now grey skied Garngad



    Work, sun, bevvy, mate next door, what’s not to like.



    Oh wait Bolingoli 😭😭😭 Why oh why.



    D :)

  12. 21-5-79


    Thanks for the warning but can’t be worse than last night’s spectacular lightning display. Just leaving my daughter’s – should get home before it starts.

  13. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Anybody watched The Lighthouse? What the hail is going on with that?

  14. They are gonna take some stopping this year. We have to come to the conclusion that they will do almost 100% victories against the rest. Leaving the 4 games against us and the 12 points up for grabs as really vital.

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I see the huns are skooshing it. I wonder what we have planned next to take the pressure off them and give them as much encouragement as possible?



    I made the same calculation re Bolingoli the pariah. Sack him after the window closes, not a minute before. Make him hurt. Sacking him now rewards him. He doesn’t care a toss for us. He would love a free transfer and wouldn’t look back for a second. An absolute tosser. Whoever scouted/vetted him should be taken out and shot! (Metaphorically)

  16. Parkheadcumsalford-nobody left here to start up another site because they took umbrage

  17. TicTaeWin,


    Who is the Royal We who came to the conclusion that they will get almost 100% from the rest.


    I haven’t come to that conclusion anyway.

  18. Newclub beat St mirren and St Johnstone at home – I’d say that was expected.


    Just saying

  19. Hey guys. We need to get some new insults for Brendan.


    Snake eyes and snake rat are getting a bit old.


    Maybe we should have a competition.


    Here is my effort.


    Dirty, rotten, stinking, filthy, rodent, reptile, son of a bitch.

  20. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Stay tuned for Bolin-feckin-goli part 2 as he’s told to leave open his social-media channels hoping for racial abuse.



    The SMSM then have him on the front pages portrayed as a victim.



    Imagine that in the current BLM environment?



    Cynical? Sadly yes, but nothing surprises me in Scotland.

  21. If we skelp teams and continue to do so then it sends out a message regardless of the games in hand.



    It’s very much all about what we do.

  22. Corkcelt


    Ano what you are saying- I just don’t want us to lose our sense of urgency. I want us to match their hunger and desire and not get complacent. Its so important to me I was in my prime in my 20s when Souness came, I never missed a game home or away and I went thru hell for a decade I need this, at the risk of sounding selfish guys. I need this for me personally.

  23. The MSSM is positive about Sevco and negative about Celtic. I assume they do this , in part, because they believe that they influence supporters to think likewise and that this approach will help and damage accordingly. This is the main reason i am against negativity re Celtic…..especially when we have had so little to be negative about in recent years.