Ethics and manipulating a move


I have known players from Europe to fly into Scotland during a transfer window for a medical with a local club without their current employer’s knowledge.  This tactic explains the vast majority of overnight stays in a different country by a footballer in these circumstances.  Our errant employee may or may not have been on such a trip.

This is now an HR matter and due process will be followed.  His contract will be worth a significant sum and no one will want to pay that because an employee was not given the right to respond to allegations before action was taken.

Even then, there are reasons not to act immediately.  If the player has a club in Spain lined up, it puts money in his pocket if he becomes a free agent.  Of more concern is the precedent.  There are many players at Celtic who could earn several times their salary by moving this summer, contracts would be worth millions more if they were free agents.

It would be highly unethical behaviour to break lockdown rules in order to try force a move, as a free agent or not, but this is football and a fortune is at stake for both player and agent.  How sure are you another issue will not crop up during the European qualifying campaign?  Celtic’s business model depends on retaining contracted players who want out of their contracts or selling them for a fee.  Players cannot be incentivised to break rules, Covid or other.

The club have lots to consider before acting.  My guess is that their best interests are served by scheduling the appropriate HR meetings soon after the transfer window closes.  At least the left back question has become a little clearer this week, so every cloud……

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  1. Everyone in the Celtic online universe seems remarkably relaxed about the huns. Not just on this blog, but everywhere.



    Anybody else worried about them? I expect them to have an 11 point lead by the time we next play a game. Sure we will have games in hand, but last season, when the huns had games in hand, it put huge pressure on them. The ‘points in the bag’ we had made it far harder for the huns IMO even though they had games in hand.



    It also means we will almost certainly have to beat the huns to go top, whereas they can draw (or potentially even lose) the first derby and stay in front.



    Just for the record, I am very concerned. Chequebook Football is still an option though if we as a Club really want this 10. Can anyone really see Lawwell stepping up and making funds available?



    Sorry for the negativity.

  2. Terry McGuinness on

    LUXCELT – I’m starting to think that this season will be pulled when RFC have been at the top of the table for a few weeks, with Scottish football coming to its c19 climax, over and out!


    Then the build up to Brexit’s conclusion on 31st of December.


    I can envisage a GB govt policy announcement of, some form of, Universal Basic Income on both, British and Irish islands, which will be needed to shock absorb the million’s of unemployed, on both island’s.


    I think that Celtic supporter’s and indeed, the majority of Irish diaspora will jump at a promo of Irish passport’s


    see here 👉 Proposal to assist the great grandchildren of Irish Emigrants sent to Taoiseach


    I think that Boris Johnson’s trip to the dark north of Ireland today, might shed some light on this, with Ulster Scot’s being told that they’ll be encouraged to move to GB to maintain their British credentials, with a Unionist majority in the dark north now over, there’ll be no NI 100 birthday celebration’s next year as, imho, there’ll be a two way exodus, Brexit being blamed by some, a looming New Ireland being the underlying reason.


    So, Ulster Scot’s to GB, and Irish descendants going home again, across the sea, housing arrangements to be speedily concluded, Hopefully.


    Or, we can wait for the Bill Gates dodgy vaccine to end our 10 in a row robbery depression!


    Hail, Hail.

  3. Good morning cqn from a dry but overcast Garngad



    Let me get this right, Sevco play a game around 22nd of July where 9 of their players test results did not come back in time for kick off, but as a club decided to play the game anyway and then started the season on Saturday 2nd of August, at that time it was 14 days quarantinetherefore therefore putting Theresa and Dundee utd’s,s first games in jeopardy.



    Not a word said in fact airbrushed from history.



    Remember as a Klub they ignored the rules, ours (Bolingoli) 1 player and our club did not know, yet nothing is being said about Sevco as a Klub, in fact Gerard says they are following the rules….What the f…



    Let me state Bolingoli was wrong totally but where is the fair and reasonable journalism, I know I should know better.



    History being re written yet again for the new Klub.






    D :)

  4. Are there rules in place for footballers whose families go to Spain on holiday? If your wife and baby go on a jaunt to Murcia, when they come home do you have to stay off work for 14 days too?


    Asking for a Colombian friend.

  5. The postponing of Celtic’s matches has nothing whatsoever to do with Covid guidelines, nor, medical advice, nor, scientific advice. It is political grandstanding; a punishment, pure & simple, on a club that has led the way on planning & testing from day-one.



    The Bolingoli incident could not have been foreseen, nor, effected by the club. It was selfishness of a rogue player acting alone outwith the club’s clear instructions – there is no mechanism available to any club to prevent a similar incident happening again. Furthermore all testing was done & had proved negative.



    However the Sevco breach at Murray Park after returning from France is much more serious & deserves a more serious response. Is it, like the farcical Nike outbreak in Edinburgh right at the start of the pandemic in the UK, to be covered-up & airbrushed by the SNP at Holyrood? Seems inconsistency is not limited to referees when dealing with Celtic.



    The Ibrox club either wilfully flouted the guidelines when knowing that relevant test results were not available at the time, or, they were negligent and/or incompetent in their interpretation of the rules – the latter is no excuse. This was a clear failure of the club itself.



    Let’s be in no doubt, what has happened is a severe handicap to Celtic & may have very serious repercussions as the season progresses. I am surprised that no defence has been put up…..a bit like at Kilmarnock on Sunday.




    Read that last night and hopefully it comes to fruition. I’m a youngster of 65 who had great grandparents who were born in Ireland and I would certainly apply. I’ve got the wife working on her side in case it comes to fruition 😉😄

  7. My confidence is based on Celtic and our strengths.



    When we get back to playing, we’ll have strengthened the best squad in the country.



    We’ll continue to have the best manager in the country with a domestic win record second only to Jock Stein.



    Our squad and management have the experience of winning everything for years.



    Sevco have a history of imploding and I’d question the quality of the players they’ve brought in. I’d only mention their finances as something to keep an eye on but I’m not expecting them to go into admin this season.



    This doesn’t guarantee anything but it makes us much more likely to see the job done. Huns will be huns though and will completely lose the run of themselves until we go top again.



    It’s a long road, a 15 to 20 game win run is needed to take this season by the throat. Lenny will do just that.

  8. Do people fancy us to come out of the Glasgow derbies with a net gain of points? I don’t.

  9. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    We have played two games,scored six goals and dropped two points.My sweet lord it’s August.!!Calm down.

  10. lets all do the huddle on

    if i sneak off to spain for a few days and not quarantine when i return , will Nicola ban my company from selling pensions for a week?

  11. Celtic should try use the week or 2 break without matches to get our


    house in order including 2 or 3 new signings



    Why the hell have we dithered so much before the season started


    it seems Liewell does not see the importance of 10 in a row

  12. Simunivic was released approximately 10 weeks ago and we hanging about waiting to see who might be available on loan.


    I am worried

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    LuxCelt – interesting.



    Personally am not too worried.



    Partly because I can’t control what the Sevco nut jobs do.



    They always start quick but their track record proves it never sustains.



    They are football’s Wizard of Oz.



    Large, loud, fearsome projection.



    Behind the curtain? Nothing but a wee fat man with a microphone and a mouthful of bombast.



    Now, I suspect there will be specific challenges this season.



    Last week, Pablo opined as to their chances of winning the league – 30%



    Let’s assume that view was sound.



    If so, I reckon Bolingoli’s conduct has pushed that to 40%.



    Their strategy will be to hope their acolytes everywhere deploy every dirty trick in the book to make it 50 / 50.



    After that – it’s a bare knuckle fight.



    It worked in 2003 and 2005. They won by a whisker each time.



    If Neil fosters the right mentality






    The club get him the right players






    The fans ignore negativity and get behind the team AND the club



    I think we’ll win the league.



    Biggest uncontrollable variable?



    An unstable fixture calendar.


    (Hence Mr Brennan’s suggestion that Sevco being involved in Europa League extensively is no bad thing)



    Hail Hail



    Keep The Faith

  14. RC on 13TH AUGUST 2020 9:29 AM


    Shane Duffy anyone.







    Overall he’d be a good signing. I’d be surprised we could get him on loan if there are EPL clubs chasing him permanently



    McGowan has reported we’ve been in talks so I’m sure there’s something to it



    I’d love Duffy and Mccarthy.

  15. We should look to ourselves. I absolutely agree we need beefing up at the back, if we do that, I have little doubt but we will win the League.


    Dropping 2 pts on a plastic pitch was unfortunate but not fatal, The fact it happened so early in season and was followed by Bolingoli’s antics makes it seem worse.


    Once we get back on the pitch and get a few wins under our belt things will settle down.


    Neither Roofe or Itten did anything special when they came on last night & Hagi was shite,


    I feel they will need to sell to somewhat balance their books . Barisic or Fat Boy are there 2 most saleable assets, if they go it will weaken them considerably.,

  16. RC on 13TH AUGUST 2020 9:29 AM


    Shane Duffy anyone.





    Is that yer man from Bhoyzone? Sign him up, wee sing song at half time.

  17. I’d love Duffy and Mccarthy.



    agree, would give us a bit of steel/bite to add to our quality.

  18. The Derry Duffy, would be a great signing, I’m keeping everything crossed here, hoping it gets over the line,


    The guy is an out & out Tim, as are all his family.


    As we well know that’s no guarantee we will land him, but if he does come, he will give it everything.

  19. If big Shane is our Plan A, I’d still like to see a move on Declan Gallacher as Plan B – tough, decent distributor of the ball and not intimidated by chunky strikers. Might even add some steel if deployed as a deep mid. Seems Gogic has galvanised the Hibees in such a role.

  20. I am STILL Disgusted, angry, disappointed, scunnered, sickened…Yes…I am STILL Feckin Raging at this Arrogant, selfish Chump called “Boli”, and how he has manged to possibly deliver the biggest blow to Celtics quest for 10 in a row.


    I seriously believe that this will all end badly for Celtic….with the League being called early while the Huns are Top of the League…due to the further spread of COVID, and a further full Lock Down once again.


    I sincerely hope that I am wrong ?






  21. I hate Sevco…and I hate “Boli”.


    I think I will go out again Today for more Beers to drown my sorrows.


    Its great that many other Celtic supporters STILL have confidence…and I am trying very hard to be as confident as they are about the rest of this season, but I just fear the worse…Sorry.



  22. The league ‘could’ only be called if the lion share [at least half-two thirds] has been completed.


    Currently sevco have dropped 2 pts less than us.


    Some of the big girls blouses need to get a grip.


    Of course I want quality signings all over the team.


    But if we bring in zero quality signings from this point I would still back us to win the league.


    I am confident that despite our flaws in areas that on the domestic front we are far far better than anything else in Scotland.


    Sevco are only riding the crest of the fake wave created for them by their friendly pals in the media.


    Despite 3 wins they have not been very impressive at all and I looking forward to them getting their pants pulled down and exposed at a scottish away ground very soon.

  23. Signing Duffy puts green ribbons on the league trophy.



    I’ll be doing Robbie Keane cartwheels out the back if we manage to get this deal done.

  24. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Many Celtic supporters have felt, given our dominance in recent years, that it would take an extraordinary set of circumstances for us not to achieve our goal of 10iar.



    Well, now we really do have an extraordinary set of circumstances, that no one could have imagined even 6/7 months ago. And it IS already wreaking havoc.



    However, the most important thing to remember is that we are still the best team in the country and are about to strengthen further in a couple of positions.



    Lots of big assumptions being made by huns that they win all their games, but apply the same logic to us and its 2 points gap effectively. Sevco have shown time and again they have neither the bottle nor the quality/strength in depth so we need to just do our jobs when our games come around and hope that the league can be played to a finish. If things conspire against us in this of all years lets make sure we give ourselves the best chance and absolutely no more shooting themselves in the foot. The reaction to Bolingolis antics should see to that.




  25. We had all sorts of fright scenarios that affected our mood towards 10iar.



    DD & PL would ensure we won’t get the 10



    Scottish refs will ensure we won’t get the 10



    The SFA and SPFL will ensure we won’t get the 10




    But nobody predicted a fringe left back making a short trip to Spain would jeapordise the 10.



    Truth is stranger than fiction.

  26. Good Morning, twa’ storms later and still muggy in the Chilterns… Though Very Verdant…



    Thanks for the replys to my posts t’uther day, apologies for not getting back… can’t do them justice but a few thoughts…



    JAMES FORREST @ 12 08 2020 10:55 AM,



    Thanks for your insight – I certainly remember reading that the Chris McLaughlin piece came direct, also read your piece when Brendan Rodgers left.



    The interesting thing for me, as one of the first, if not thee first of the major bloggers to stand up and point out deficiencies with the Board how your stance seems to have mellowed in that regard over the last few seasons.



    Still, although I saw thing differently, your piece on Rodgers leaving was informative and far from unfair under the circumstances.



    You were not one of the bloggers I was thinking off. It was the likes of the Celtic Underground podcast and Phil Mac who were quoting “Club sources”.



    Whatever the rights and wrongs of Brendan Rodgers tenure at Celtic this was what happened when he left…



    The CEO and Manager had a major fall-out which was disastrous for the Club… we are seeing it’s repercussions playing out now.



    The relationship became irreconcilable



    Leicester City approached Celtic about taking Rodgers for their manager (most certainly not for the first time)



    Once a compensation fee of £9M was agreed BR got permission to go to Leicester for talks.



    He left Lennoxtown on the Monday for Leicester



    Celtic span it that he had walked out on the Club taking half of the backroom staff and had offered all the staff a job, leaving them high and dry.



    Of course you won’t hear that version on any official utterances or documentation or the official website…



    The likes of Alison McConnell (Fraudgers), Phil Mac, Celtic Underground etc were used in that regard.



    “And I knew that these two men had clashed, and that their egos were such that there was no way back for the relationship. Lawwell’s fury wasn’t just about the night before, it was about Rodgers general behaviour behind the scenes. The very big hint that he gave out was that Rodgers was manufacturing an excuse to leave and making an issue out of things he never had before.



    “What’s changed?” Lawwell asked me. “We’re doing things the same way as always, the same we we’ve done them since Brendan arrived, so what’s changed?”



    I remember thinking nothing had and that that was the problem … but it didn’t make Lawwell less right. Rodgers was clearly trying to create a public controversy.”



    My opinion was things had changed, it is no secret that Lenny MK 1 was fed up with the lack of support and the sales of his best players or then Ronny wasn’t supported in his efforts to build a team while implementing a new regime and bringing in new tactics.



    Brendan Rodgers demanded more power, he was aware of Big Pedro’s m.o. Brendan is on record as saying he ran the football department at Celtic. It was telling that the likes of Boyata and Dembele couldn’t be sold without BR’s agreement.



    It was when PL reverted to type after the double treble win that things went awry – imo of course



    SFtBs @ 12 08 2020 11:35 AM,



    As regards the stalwarts or any other player for that matter, we should be keeping the effects of the “business” as far away from them as possible.



    They should be concentrating on their football performance and everything associated with that, everything else is a distraction. My feeling is Celtic players have far too many distractions and not enough focus.



    One of the many examples – N’tcham, he has been the shadow of the player he could have been for us because of the “business” side of the game.



    It does the player, the manager, the squad, the coaches etc no good. Yes it’s a part of the life of a professional footballer but it can be managed, all too often it’s mis-managed.



    The squad should be focussed to get the results on the pitch, the business should facilitate that not the other way around.



    As for other clubs complaints. If they’re selling players to us, their job is to use the Press to pressure the buying club, us, to pay them more. Anybody who gives house room and credence to the costermongering of Darragh McAnthony, Barry Fry or Rod Petrie is cannon fodder for QVC and Ideal Shopping. yet , we have a proportion of our own who shout “just pay the going rate”.



    I give it as much credence as the praise given to PL by such as the Lyon Chairman for the Moussa deal. Would he really be praising him if he had been genuinely outsmarted or out-negotiated- I don’t think so. It’s all just window dressing and guesswork.



    “The price of everything, the value of nothing” springs to mind here.



    Obviously there is a conflict between running a football squad and getting players for the lowest price.



    For instance getting players in early in the window, getting them bedded in with the Club and team mates has value, getting them in on the last day of the window when they have been through the negotiating wringer maybe a bit cheaper but is it really adding or subtracting “value” – Pukki being an example.



    BTW: If Big Pedro sold me Dembele for £19M I’d be singing his praises an awe;)



    BSR @ 12 08 2020 12:48 PM,



    I’ve got a different philosophy in life from most Scots and part of that is looking at things holisticaly.



    Now it was convenient for the business to let Lustig think they were taking up his extension option until they decided who was replacing him and from a business perspective that makes sense here’s what I think…



    Why is the squad always managed for the convenience of the business, it’s the tail wagging the dog?



    Lustig’s replacement should have been in place well before his time came to an end, some very good replacements had been put forward.



    We complain we can’t attract talent the qpuality of Lustig to Scotland, is treating players like commodities going to help or hinder that?



    For me it’s all part of the mosaic, doing the right thing gives added value and of course the opposite applies.



    We’ll never know whether the player would have heeded big bad Peter or not, but Neil Lennon used the word ‘we’ when the players were told not to leave Glasgow, maybe we’re not as autocratic as you say after all? It wasn’t left to lowly football coach to spell out quarantine to Boli, and Celtic it seems since March consider themselves exemplars during Covid, complying left right and centre, en mass. Besides, most decent employers put the fluid situation in writing regularly as the pandemic changes occur, and without ever meeting their CEO never mind speaking to him about your impending ad hoc days off, for staying super fit.



    Leigh Griffiths won’t be the last professional footballer to return in summer, never mind a lockdown overweight, I agree Celtic should have headed off the tabloids at the pass, and Neil shouldn’t have washed his dirty linnen in public age old mistake. I’ve not made my mind up if Boli had an ulterior motive, but either way Celtic VST angst will turn to pity, in time for Reykjavik next Tuesday.



    This morning my wife said what’s his name? – unlike King Kenny, it seems not everyone knows his name.



    Although it didn’t read to well I wasn’t dissing football coaches, it’s just they have enough on their plate and Covid-19 procedures and protocols are hugely important, complex and as you said yourself ever changing. It needs special management, a COO for instance that could oversee it and bring in the necessary expertise.



    I know Lenny was very forthright on the Covid thing in this weeks presser but he was very woolly on it last Friday.



    How was Boli feeling about lockdown in a strange country? How well did he really understand the protocols? Did he really understand how important it was to follow them rigourisly? Did he sign off on these protocols? This is a HR/COO function. If all those things did happened and Boli just thought screw you, as we are led to believe, then he must live with the consequences… but we’ve still got to ask why.



    During lockdown, Celtic coaches were supposed to have given all players a training regime and were monitoring how they were doing, there was apps and technology to assist the players and coaches… something went awry as far as Leigh is concerned.



    Boli… Boli Bolingoli-mbomo… how could she forget his name – it’s the ghuys unstitching it from the back of their shirts I feel for…



    Hail Hail