Ethics of exposing a vulnerable man, Pythonesque statement


You know what I think, defeats from rivals only do limited damage, the toxic poison comes from within.  Internecine strife, Bear on Bear action, can rip Newco apart.

I don’t know what Lee Wallace and our old pal Kenny Miller said to Graeme Murty on Sunday, but if it was along the lines of ‘You are out of your depth, incapable of operating at this level and exposed for what you are’, they would be correct.  That doesn’t make them right, though.

Speaking truth to the boss sounds like a good idea but commonly all it does is isolate you, weaken the boss and make everyone’s job more difficult.  Kenny Miller reached the Champions League knock out stages under Gordon Strachan, he knows what a good manager looks like.  Along with the rest of the world, he knows Murty is vulnerable and out of his depth, but it is not ethically, or tactically, a good thing to expose his vulnerability.

Whatever Miller and Wallace said was almost certainly right, but ethically it is up there with the solicitor-cum-tax advisor-cum-porn star-cum-convict Paul Baxendale Walker, who was Sir David Murray’s chief architect at Oldco and who faced a bankruptcy court hearing this week.

What an absolute shower.

Loved the statements yesterday.  ‘We’re so upset we are going to be quiet’, is Pythonesque.  It sits alongside ‘I fart in your general direction’ as an absurd masterpiece.

Just brilliant that another fan group caught the zeitgeist by telling fans “Millions have been ploughed into the club by the current board”.  So let’s not be hastily apportioning blame to Dave and Co.  I hope neither group realise how much fun they give.

Drum roll…………….

We have two Celtic end tickets for Easter Road on Saturday to raffle, courtesy of the fabulous club sponsor Intelligent Car Leasing.  A potential League Title Decider!!!

As well as winning tickets……….. you can help the Celtic FC Foundation, but donating a minimum of £5 here.

To enter, answer this question:

Who is the Hibernian manager?

Enter by forwarding your MyDonate confirmation email with the answer to the question IN THE SUBJECT LINE to this address: celticquicknews@gmail.com .  Competition closes at 15:00 tomorrow, 19 April.  Tickets can be collected in Glasgow on Friday.  Please check your email and include a phone number if you want to make sure.

A one day only competition for two tickets to the title decider.  I know you want them…….. and it’s for the Foundation, so fill your boots.

Many thanks (again) to Intelligent Car Leasing.

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I wish people, who should know better, stop using the phrase “title decider”.



    It is not a decider. The destination of the title has been virtually decided weeks ago.



    It is a potential “title clincher”.

  2. What is the Stars on




    Are you turning in to a Grumpy Old Man ??



    We have enough of them on here already



    Go back to being the witty erudite good humoured handsome young fella I always imagined you to be !!!

  3. Now that dust is starting to settle and my Schadenfreude addiction is back under control, I’d like to ask WITS if the delendification of Carthage is now complete?



    They seem to be doing to whole sowing their lands with salt bit themselves though…

  4. What is the Stars on




    Re Carthago Being Delended



    I think we can safely saw that Cato’s wish has been fulfilled



    Now for my next project ….cackles evily as he exists the stage …Ha Ha Ha Ha

  5. Also, the sun is out here and it is warm. The weather has turned, which means only one thing…



    The Gods are pleased with the sacrifice on Sunday…

  6. Interesting parallels to Res12 in latest case of Sion v UEFA CFCB. (Taken from SFM)



    teams that have broken FFP rules 2017-2018 season. Hope this link works. Worth a read.




    The most interesting case is that of Sion who had an overdue payable of transfer money at 31 March.



    Sion misrepresented the position at 31st March so a licence should not have been granted. This will apply to the 2011 licence issued to RFC.



    In justifying their decision CFCB made a couple of references to the precedence set by the Giannina FC case, which is part of the case built under Res12.



    Interestingly CFCB did not pursue whether the Sion misleading was intentional, but that did not alter the fact that the licence should not have been awarded and Sion were fined the amount they earned from participation in the EL as result of licence being awarded incorrectly.



    The position at Rangers is slightly complicated by the fact that those responsible for applying for the licence ie SDM’S Board, who presented the status of the licence as “potential” when it wasnt after accepting QC advice to accept the liability, were not the same Board who continued with the same misleading line in June and Sept and neglected to provide SFA with key documentation before UEFA were presented with the list of licenses granted in May 2011.



    Res12 requested that the process in 2011 be investigated, not just the granting and based on the evidence from March to Sept 2011 it is stretching credulity way past breaking point to say that the misrepresentation at each stage was not intentional.



    That of course might not deter the SFA or SPFL given they have already accepted the LNS finding that no dishonesty was involved.



    After all they think they can tell football supporters what they like and the supporters will buy it.



    (Link to follow)

  7. Word of The Day (for MIT)



    Hegemony /hɪˈɡɛmənɪ/



    noun (pl) -nies


    1. ascendancy or domination of one power or state within a league, confederation, etc, or of one social class over others


    2. leadership or predominant influence exercised by one nation over others, as in a confederation.


    3. leadership; predominance


    4. (especially among smaller nations) aggression or expansionism bylarge nations in an effort to achieve world domination.



    Derived Forms


    hegemonic (ˌhɛɡəˈmɒnɪk) adjective



    Word Origin and History for hegemony




    1560s, from Greek hegemonia “leadership, a leading the way, a going first;” also “the authority or sovereignty of one city-state over a number of others,” as Athens in Attica, Thebes in Boeotia; from hegemon “leader,”from hegeisthai “to lead,” perhaps originally “to track down,” from PIE*sag-eyo-, from root *sag- “to seek out, track down, trace” (see seek ). Originally of predominance of one city state or another in Greek history; inreference to modern situations from 1860, at first of Prussia in relation to other German states.





  8. Auldheid



    Thanks for this document – I do love UEFA documents, they always through up something interesting.



    Like, for example, the fact that Charles Flint QC was an Adjudicator. The same Charles Flint who has the following in his bio on Blackstone Chambers website:



    “In September 2012 he was appointed as a member of the commission set up by the Scottish Premier League to investigate the affairs of Glasgow Rangers Football Club.”



    I wonder what his views were way back then????

  9. From Hun Media:


    With Heart and Hand


    Club Legend




    5,757 posts




    Location:Loyal Ayrshire


    Posted 5 minutes ago


    Got sent this yesterday, really makes for grim reading to see all weve had to put up with, in fact theres probably a few events that have been left out, puts things in perspective. Enough is enough, somethings got to give. Another year of this shit if we dont do something



    McCoist as manager,


    McCoist on gardening leave,


    Kenny McDowall as manager,


    McDowall on gardening leave,




    Having to reapply to join the lower tier,


    Ball stuck in hedge,


    Same old Alloa always cheating,


    3 failed attempts at the Petrofac cup,


    Tannadice boycott,


    Sandaza prank call,


    Where’s ra title deeds,


    Craig Whyte wealth aff the radar,


    Charles Green,


    Dallas Cowboys,


    The Gazebo at the AGM,


    Gangsters in charge,


    Hibs 3-2 Rangers,


    Hampden Riot,


    Lee Wallace is a grass,


    Warburton the next England manager,


    Bread wrappers for hats,


    The gap is closing,


    There is no gap,


    The Rangers are coming,


    Going for 55,


    Joey Barton,


    5-1 at celtic Park,


    5-1 at Ibrox,


    Pitch invasion at Firhill,


    Martyn Waghorn fighting with weans outside chip shops,


    Warburton getting dragged out of a press conference,


    Jim Traynor,


    Traynor’s press releases,


    Warburton resigning/ being sacked,


    Pedro Caixinha,


    Caixinha’s press conferences,


    Pedro’s mini leagues,




    Arguing with fans in a hedge,


    Carlos Pena,




    Banning green boots,


    Dogs and caravans,






    McInnes is coming home,


    Didn’t want McInnes anyway,


    Chinese bid for Morelos,


    Whit’s the goalie daein Tam?


    4-0 at Hampden,


    Captain suspended,


    Miller sacked,


    Fans chain the gates…..



    The banter years



    It made me laugh out loud!





  10. It gets better: Ibrox Noise saying that Miller started kicking off before the game when he realised he wasn’t playing! Accuses him of sowing discord in the dressing room BEFORE the team went out!





  11. Alasdair MacLean on

    If Celtic beat Hibs, Murty will have some tactical positioning to work out for the next game…..



    For the guard of honour.

  12. Btw, I know the story about Hummel being the next kit sponsor is funny, but…



    The real funny bit is them believing that they will get £15M up front from Hummel. What are they smoking???



    Hummel’s annual turnover is in the region of £75M. There is no chance the deal will be worth even £15m over 5 years! Let’s see if Jabba runs with this as the next squirrel…

  13. Word of the Day has just appeared on Follow Follow:




    Brant Hurley


    Well-Known Member


    Joined:Sep 4, 2017




    Trophy Points:93




    Berwick, Hamilton, the spivs & Ashley’s hegemony etc. were worse. We’re 6 years into recovery from an attempt to weaken us for ever.



    Come on, own up!





  14. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Bournesouprecipe on 18th April 2018 1:00PM



    Is it one of those Evans, Stein and Peacock type quizzes?



    Having a go at the raffle today. Intelligent Car Leasing have been consistent in offering up a chance of briefs in this way. Thanks go to them and Paul67.

  15. South Of Tunis on




    Raymond . Don’t think he ever played for the big team – ( but – I could be wrong ! )

  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 18TH APRIL 2018 12:19 PM









    Are you turning in to a Grumpy Old Man ??







    We have enough of them on here already







    Go back to being the witty erudite good humoured handsome young fella I always imagined you to be !!!








    I am spending the day dodging a couple of Plumbers/Heating guys, who are replacing my boiler and rad valves!!



    ……and what do you mean ” imagined” me to be.



    Sure haven’t you met me and seen for yourself?

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Losing (even heavily) to a much better team is not exactly unusual in football.


    If they must insist they are the “same club” , they should at least realise that they only won things in the past by spending lots of money they didn’t have on players they couldn’t afford.

  18. Pog, all well here in Dundee. Just having lunch with B, following Children’s Panel Hearing this morning. Trust all well with you and yours. H H

  19. Should have finished off with “woof woof”, seeing as we are in Frankie and Bennys ( for Big Packy)….

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