Europa failure would compound acute challenge for also-rans


I’m not going to laugh at results against Luxembourgers or Lithuanians – it’s not so long since Gibraltarians bloodied the nose of a team who went on to become invincible treble winners. Scottish clubs have a long history of pitching up in June and July wholly unprepared for European football.

These results only retain the ability to concern if they are not resolved by remarkably improved performances. Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic grew in stature last summer until they became a competitive Champions League team in the autumn. Others may do the same this season.

What will be clear long before the lottery of the European play-off rounds, is where the gaping chasm exists in Scottish football: are Celtic our only team competitive in Europe, or is there at least one other?

Neither you nor I care who competes in the Europa League, but failure there if Celtic progress to the Champions League will compound an already acute challenge for the Scottish also-rans.


Episode 2 of ‘A Celtic State of Mind’ finds Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham discussing a variety of topical subjects concerning Celtic Football Club, including:

* Callum McGregor: The Youth of Today;
* Death of the Cult Hero;
* Norwegian Wood – Ronnie Deila’s Exit Interview;
* Farewell to The Stone Roses;
* Hillsborough: The Truth.

Paul John Dykes also chats to SFA President, Alan McRae, to challenge him over recent comments made about Celtic’s domination of Scottish football.

Connect with A Celtic State of Mind @PaulDykes and @CQNMagazine or just listen using the link below…




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  1. The Huns will improve upon last night with Alves and others still to come in. How much they will improve is another question. The thing about football Managers is that the basic performance indicators of their job is to improve players individually and to improve the team collectively. Since Pedro arrived you could argue he hasn’t improved one single player and that the team as a whole hasn’t improved. His response has been to throw half the players under the bus. I can’t see it ending well.

  2. My Fellow Tims…………..




    …………………..I am here to serve.




  3. It’s not so upbeat on FF today. The theme has changed from “who knows we might just get 55” to “as long as we get second spot”. Silly Billy’s. F .K. B

  4. Heard that when Progrès had a couple of direct free kicks just outside the opposition penalty area, Sevco’s new signings refused to form a wall.

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Maybe Sammy is the brains of the outfit.


    New Manager?






  6. TURKEYBHOY on 30TH JUNE 2017 11:05 AM



    “I have retired indoors.46 degrees today.Absolute hell,without any breeze.Back to normal next week,34-35.Thats cool compared to this.


     This summer,I shall mostly be wearing,HEE HAW.”





    Lunch cancelled.

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Sammy has just smuggled in 12, 000 pallets for Brigton:)





  8. Folks ,



    Sad to say but the best Celtic fan I’ve ever known passed away yesterday evening (and I’ve known a few good uns) .



    James (Doc) Docherty , originally of Bargeddie , latterly of Uddingston .



    A labour supporter all his days , fighting battles for the less fortunate was a way of life .



    He was as brave as a lion and fought back from cancer several times .



    However , his health had not been good recently and he never recovered from losing his wife Pat earlier this year .



    A big man with a big personality and a big heart .



    His Celtic exploits are legend : he would watch eleven Celtic jerseys on a washing line .



    Pre Brendan , he was always pretty scathing of James Forrest .



    He was in a coma on Wednesday evening and I whispered in his ear , “ One nil Celtic James , Forrest just scored “.



    That would have tickled him .



    RIP James Docherty , hail hail .

  9. A bit of an argument going on over on FF about the cardboard missiles being thrown at the goalie last night. Silly Billys

  10. As long as it’s not McGeady who falls well below the CQN benchmark for prospective signings:)

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Misser says he needs to get to know his team mates, horrible rat Jimmy Bell, is sweating like a hun doing the 2 times table, scraping off the initials fae training tops of departed huns, and ironing on the new ones

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The GK must have blessed himself last night, a heard FARE mob were at the game too….

  13. Back from Retinopathy – result seems clear enough for another year.



    Fred -condolence for the loss of your friend and RIP James Docherty





    Sorry to hear about the loss of another good man.



    R I P Doc

  15. BABASONICOS71 on

    When loyal Sammy says Kranjcar’s ‘erry’ does he mean like the bikers? ;)


    What a legned!



    That’s quite a eulogy to say the least.



    God bless your friend James Docherty





    Hope it went well.



    Sorry to take one of your better players,mate. By ‘eck Swindon will need them.

  18. !!BADA BING!! on 30TH JUNE 2017 1:23 PM



    ” says he needs to get to know his team mates, horrible rat Jimmy Bell, is sweating like a hun doing the 2 times table, scraping off the initials fae training tops of departed huns, and ironing on the new ones”






    In Scottish Football, 2×2= 5. Hopefully after Wednesday, if justice is done, someone will get the red pen out.




  19. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Krankjar…..Starts quick, but after 20 mins, his legs catch up with him:)





  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Poor Andy Halliday fae Coupland Rd.


    He will be in tears, now that Pedro has binned him, and the Ipox dressing room is full of kaffliks:)






  21. BABASONICOS71 on



    Niko’s the thinking hun’s Pirlo.A thinking hun just has to be located first. ;))

  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    If they are depending on Krankjar for a bit of magic, they might be in for a shock.


    I bet Pedro is on the phone to Harry Potter right now:)


    Niko…Thomas the Tanked Engine:)




  23. BABASONICOS71 on

    Kranjcar being subbed after 60 minutes is like having a new signing being replaced.



    From Mark Hateleys book,Idiot Idioms.

  24. Fred Colon at 1:18. So sorry to hear about your friend who seems to have been an inspiration to you….and no wonder. Take care and get yourself back on here more often. Miss your humour- and BMCUW could do with cheering up these days :)) Told him you were looking for him in Lisbon, but he was hellbent in finding a fountain to do the huddle in. Hope you got to Seville in time to see Big Tam’s winner.


    Just about to leave Dalyan and Turkeybhoy ain’t kidding: 48 degrees here, just like standing in front of a huge big hairdryer on full heat and full blast. I hear it’s 13 degree back in dear Old Dumfries &Galloway.



  25. Depeche Mode’s new single Going Backwards is clearly about Sevco.



    I mean it even starts with the lyrics ” We are the bigots”…

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