Europe a sideshow to league duty at Fir Park


A Europa League tie against Rennes on Thursday would normally set midweek pulses racing but when Celtic have such a crucial game ahead in the fight for second place Neil Lennon has a major decision to make, does he rest players for the Motherwell game?

Sunday’s game at Fir Park is set to become one of the most important games of the season for Celtic and I’m sure Neil would prefer a clear midweek to prepare for it, but resting players, with the inherent increased chance of defeat, could further damage fragile morale.

Celtic need a confidence boosting win but they need heads focussed on beating Motherwell even more. The consequences of defeat on Thursday are unpleasant, but the consequences of defeat on Sunday are incalculable.

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  1. Snake Plissken on

    Dr Jo had the makings of a very good Celtic manager because he had tactics and his sides tore the opposition apart when they were ready.



    He was introduced in difficult circumstances to the usual cacophony of anti-Celtic headlines.



    He gave us Lubo and great memories and also had he been up against a rangers team paying what they legally could he’d have gubbed them too.



    When they lose the tax case I demand that all of Advocaat’s wins made null and void.



    Dr Jo was a good man and deserved better than to be removed for that eejit Barnes who also might have won had it not been for tax dodgersFC

  2. I know I shouldn’t get drawn in here but ….feck it…



    Kevin says…… “Wim resigned on a point of principle”……



    Did he?



    Wim was asked by Fergus and Jock Brown to provide an input to the financial plan. That input was to be the football budget for player acquisitions in the coming year. Wim refused!



    When a figure was calculated on his behalf and presented to him for his comments on whether it was reasonable or not, Wim resigned stating that he was being dictated to.



    All of this is in the public domain.



    Now what was that point of principle?



    Misinformation is bad enough but disinformation is deceitful and disingenuous, especially when it is combined with the ritual slaughter of proper ‘comma use’



    Hail Hail



    Estadio (who now withdraws again into his world of fantasy and weird goings on at the bottom of the garden – or possibly drink and other substances that have saved me from a life of wealth, health and misery)

  3. McNair is the greatest on

    Dr. Jo made Henrik not Wim. Dr. Jo decided to make Henrik an out and out striker – he was used mainly as a winger/ inside forward his whole career before this. King of Kings and Lubo – Dr. Jo played football the Glasgow Celtic way.

  4. oe Fillipis Haircut, What about tony mowbary,you were one of the first people on here.telling us its a bad appointment ,and low and behold after the st mirrin game ,you like a lot on here demanding that mowbary be sacked,but you will come on here and say that neil lennon must remain the celtic manager,tell me why apart from all the things that neil lennon that endured last season,which was a absalute disgrace,why do u want him stay on as the manager at celtic

  5. Watched the Arsenal – Marseilles Champions Lge game last night and I thought the standard of defending by both sides was excellent.


    The French I thought were the better side last night and the level of skill they showed was breathtaking for a team that stands at ninth place in the French league – what must the top side be like.



    Great to see the ref allowing a bit physicality in the game with the old fashioned shoulder charge being used quite a lot, particularly by Marseilles defenders.



    I’m not sure of Rennes current position in the in the French League but I’m looking forward to the big game tomorrow night with the Celts.

  6. Came up to Glasgow from Euston this morning. Bright sunny journey. Wee bit of work/emails then CQN. Settled to read my novel when ,as it turned up,a rangers fan sat across the aisle from me and engaged a fellow female (full time trade union official- and fellow Hun ) passenger in conversation. After the small talk and a few trip to the bar the chat turned to Rangers and their plight. I live in London so do not benefit (sic ) from hearing Rangers peepil first hand. Their exchange around Rangers financial finally settled on conspiracy by as yet unknown forces to halt them on their triumphant and inevitable trip to glory. “They hate us, they are all against us, but even if they dock us 25 points we will win on goal difference”. Their collective ineptitude was breathtaking. By Glasgow ( they got on around Preston ) it was all Timmys fault and the male Hun was now talking to the carriage trying to engage.


    It just was a cameo piece. They have amazing twisted logic and they have shoe horned their dire straits into their siege mentality.


    Downfall soon!!