Europe a sideshow to league duty at Fir Park


A Europa League tie against Rennes on Thursday would normally set midweek pulses racing but when Celtic have such a crucial game ahead in the fight for second place Neil Lennon has a major decision to make, does he rest players for the Motherwell game?

Sunday’s game at Fir Park is set to become one of the most important games of the season for Celtic and I’m sure Neil would prefer a clear midweek to prepare for it, but resting players, with the inherent increased chance of defeat, could further damage fragile morale.

Celtic need a confidence boosting win but they need heads focussed on beating Motherwell even more. The consequences of defeat on Thursday are unpleasant, but the consequences of defeat on Sunday are incalculable.

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  1. Eyes Wide Open on

    The Honest Cover-up says:


    1 November, 2011 at 14:03




    Is that not what we are doing with Glenn Loovens!?

  2. Scottish Communities League Cup Semi-Final draw:


    Falkirk v Celtic


    Ayr utd v Kilmarnock



    Ties to be played 28th and 29th Jan 2012

  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Will we be able to play all the players we buy in the January window afgainst the bairns?



    Just to help settle them in.

  4. Riding on a bull elephant while posting this. Happy as Larry that the Mahout got three of them to stand up FOR NEIL LENNON while two of them held up a hoops shirt with their trunks. Tickled elephant pink. Will post the vdo on my Facebook when I get backs



    Riding a bull elephant for Neil Lennon.




  5. The Lizard King on

    Celtic is a football club. We exist to play football matches. We enter competitions to win them. We should play to win every game we play. Winning breeds confidence. Winning teams are never tired. Winning teams suffer less injuries – no player wants to lose his place from a winning team.



    Play one game at a time and play to win every single one.



    Bring on Rennes.







  6. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    The Lizard King



    I agree completely.









    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!

  7. Eyes Wide Open on

    Back to the actual thread;



    Whilst I understand where you are coming from Paul, I just can not bring myself to accept we have fallen that far down we have to place a European game – theoretically the only games we get challenged in all year – as 2nd to a game away to Motherwell, a club who havent spent a penny on anyone since coming out of administration some years ago.



    You may be right – you probably are in the light of the current circumstances – but I cant and wont accept it.



    We play our strongest team on and for Thursday and then we play our strongest team on and for the game on Sunday – absolutely nothing else is acceptable to a single man woman or child paying their entrance fee, or those watching from elsewhere.

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Have motherwell not got injury and suspensions for Sundays visitation?

  9. The Lizard King on

    Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! says:


    1 November, 2011 at 14:25



    Nope, Willie Collum is fit and available for selection.







  10. I’ll ask again. With all the investment in Lennoxtown, when was the last quality centre back that came through the ranks?

  11. My Dad was speaking to a Celtic squad player two weeks ago. Met him through his work. For what its worth said player says Sammi drives the management team mad as never follows instructions on the pitch, if told to play through the middle he will drift out to the right and stay there. The players would prefer Zaluska in goals. Also said there was no problem between the players and Lennon, said he trains with the first team every day and there is no sign of strained relationships hmmmm.

  12. I am in desperate need of help from any resident Psychiatrists!



    I seem to have developed a little displacement identity problem. You see last night when I finally managed to escape from my kidnappers who had cunningly fooled me into believing that i was staying in Sharkeys of my own volition, I sat down at the computer and wrote a begging letter.



    Now, in the current state of my finances, this is not an unusual occurrence but and it is a B I G B U T, this was no ordinary begging letter….as I found out when I read it this morning.



    For some reason I thought I was Norman Bates (he of Psycho and motel fame) and the letter was to my (I mean his) Mother. Weird or what.



    Anyway, for head doctors or seekers of the weird and warped the letter can be read at



    Hello Mum



    I don’t know who to blame for my condition but it is likely to be one of Big Sammi, Peter Lawwell or Dermot the MMD (Moustache of Mass Destruction), so if you wish to take me onto your list as a case study my rates are very reasonable.



    Hail hail




  13. merseycelt loves Neil Lennon and will always be thankful to him for standing up to the bigots and the cowards on

    Eyes wide open



    Totally agree with your analysis on team formation.



    Ki is pretty on the eye but ineffective in the maelstrom of scottish fitba’. Last year, he


    was(n’t) evident in many of our poor performances. Yet NL continues to exclude him from criticism?






    I prefer the Sport to the Daily Ranker and the Hun Herald on the basis that the Sport, whilst unionist in culture, was neither anti-catholic nor anti-irish!




  14. Rogne and Mulgrew should be kept in the centre until further notice. Left back is a problem area. Ledley is a bit slow to play there and much more effective central midfield, Matthews should be played on the left and Wilson is useless there. El Kadhourri has been ok and don’t understand why he is not getting the league games.

  15. Just a reminder for those on here with little backbone:



    ” 10/09 Motherwell Clydesdale Bank Premier League 15:00 H 4-0″




  16. Eyes Wide @ 14.05



    That’s a really good post.



    Of course it’s about perspectives and degrees, of Celtic attacking i.e. there are no Celtic supporters that don’t expect Celtic to attack St Johnstone at home, it’s about the manner in which we attack and what happens when we don’t win, and keep the ball, as you describe.



    Ki, Kayal and Ledley are lauded Celtic players that didn’t manage that on Saturday but somehow almost inexplicably had done a few days earlier, on a different ground and none of these players coupled with James Forrest did what you are asking in covering the dodgy CB’s who are equally let down by two wandering ( exceptionally lightweight ) full backs, whom we inexplicably insist on using as the main wide attacking players.



    When we come to your absence of tactics I agree, that’s why I maintain there’s no progress from the “throw on Paddy” ad nauseum that’s failed before he’s taken off, his tracksuit, I’m surprised the player bothers to get warmed up, (and sometimes he looks as if he hasn’t.)



    Even with your back to basics, (which should include such basics as right backs not playing left back) and again even if we had much better midfielders than we have we’ll still have ups and downs, because the back four will still leak, because it’s not a back four as such.



    Big, big subject with massive rethink needed in the type of player Celtic not just NL has signed admittedly from an extremely constricted market place, and more importantly because we do have successes in the market, the way he sets out to play the game.

  17. David Peter Deans on

    Good afternoon fellow Celtic supporters. This is the first chance ive had to come on line for a while due to computer priblems.



    I think the league is now gone, and although we should win the League cup im not counting my chickens, because with this Management team, players and tactics, you never know from 1 week to the next which Celtic are going to turn up. Sorry but until we get an experienced Coaching team we will continue to be inconsistent.



    As for the games v Rennes and Motherwell this week, we should be looking to win both. All this about teams being tired through playing to many games is a load of bull. Id like to see how those players would cope doing a 40 hour a week job to make ends meet. Can only see more misery this week for our team.

  18. ….and another point for the Fearties. William Hill are offering 5/1 Motherwell on Sunday.




  19. Lennon n Mc….Mjallby says:


    1 November, 2011 at 14:25






    So who’s to blame then ?




    I believe the problem lies in the dressing room.



    Coaches or players?



    I don’t know, but, we have enough talent at the club to ensure better and more consistent performances.



    Poor coaching or disobedient players ?



    I don’t know.

  20. The Honest Cover Up 13:39



    No, Dermot doesn’t pick the team. He doesn’t choose what players to buy, or has a say in team tactics.



    However, his seemingly lack of interest seems to be symptomatic of all that is wrong in Paradise.



    We are all sitting here, and know full well that something is rotten at our club. We all have our opinions, and theories as to the what, the where, and the why. Just look to see if you can find a single comment by any Celtic supporter on any website that is even remotely happy with the current state of affairs.



    What disturbs me most is that from Dermot, Peter Lawwell, and the rest of the board seem to have an air of total indifference. I’ve read a few of the comments from those that attended the AGM. It all seemed that the board are operating a policy of ‘Shut up and listen. If you want to argue, you will be shown the door’. Quite literelly in some cases from what I’ve read



    Are we at the point where we need another Fergus McCann? In truth, if things continue as they are, we might not be very far off that. The question we need to ask is just how much further can Celtic drop, before we collectively act? And if we do act, just what form should that action take?


    I’ve heard others on this, and other websites suggest that we should avoid going to matches. It was an idea that I was loathed to consider. However, what other options do we have? The current board including Dermot, just aren’t interested in what supporters have to say. If they did, we wouldn’t be wondering if we field a strong team midweek, if we would get stuffed by Motherwell.




    Hail Hail

  21. Eyes Wide Open on

    McCourt For 7 says:


    1 November, 2011 at 14:38






    The lad has played 4 games for us.



    His debut was scintilating – which leaves him with 3 performances to have played so badly, he watches a 19 year old right back rookie get a game at left back ahead of him.



    Its typical of whats going on at the moment – form seems to mean nothing when picking the team.



    Part of a team talk should be – that jersey is yours until you lose it – however it cant be because its just not true.



    Favourites are automatically picked – then the team is filled up with a couple of faces which on another day would have been different ones.



    Zaluska for example – doesnt matter what he does, he wont get a game.


    Wanyama has been on the bench the last few games, watching as Ki hides behind the referee.


    Paddy McCourt is considered so unworthy of a game – he only gets sent on when we have exasberated all other options, then throw a man on whose head must be up his own backside – to go out and pull rabbits out of his hat.


    How many of the 3 right backs we have, have played in consistent games?


    Stokes being dropped for games after he has scored for a total non goalscoring striker.



    That must affect something somewhere along the line?



    It must wreck bhoys heads..

  22. BeijingBhoysBrigade on

    pintaguinness says:


    1 November, 2011 at 12:57



    Totally agree with that team for the game against Murderwell on Sunday, although maybe Zaluska in goals.



    Play the derry Pele Neil.



    Re what Lennoxtown is producing – what about the prolific young scoring sensation Keatings? Lenny had a go at Stokes and Hooper after Saturdays ballsup, maybe its time to try out the young man? Is he injured?



    Hail Hail

  23. David Peter Deans on




    What you said is correct we cant blame Dermot Desmond, Peter Lawell or the board for what happens on the field. You failed to name who is to blame for the inconsistent performances.




  24. hamiltontim- Ah, it just came back to me, this all-conquering-steamrollering-everything-in-it’s-path-terrifying-the tim-fearties side lost 3 goals to lowly Falkirk.



    Ach well, at least they have Europe to play in. Hang on………

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