Europe in July, heavy legs and waning concentration


After losing the second leg against Salzburg in last season’s Champions League 3rd qualifying round, Qarabag eliminated Twente Enschede on away goals before having a good Europa League group stage.

Draws home and away to Saint Etienne, a home draw against Inter after a two goal defeat in the San Siro, and a win and a loss against Dnipro is enough form to suggest Celtic have a match on their hands.

On the positive side, Qarabag are also preseason, play on grass and Baku, their home city, is four hours ahead of Glasgow, so they will have a small jetlag adjustment to make for Wednesday’s game.  The final whistle will go after 1:30 in the morning Baku time.  Players find the latter part of any big game tiring, more so early in the season, so we have to push hard late in this game.  Qarabag will be vulnerable as concentration wanes and legs get heavy.

This tie feels very much like the Shakhter Karagandy play-off tie two years ago.  Shakhter arrived with a solid two goal lead, but an impassioned Celtic Park pushed us over the line.  A similar intensity will be required on and off the field on Wednesday.

What’s our chances?  Not sure, but we’ve a serious challenge on our hands.

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  1. BSR



    Re your Maley’s Bhoys pic.


    How do you think Messi and Ronaldo would have done wearing those boots and shinpads?

  2. winning captains




    10:45 on 28 July, 2015




    Second link opening much quicker here ,





    I’ll mail you a wee article on the subject. Quite interesting,and not from a Labour supporter (though probably a disaffected one)



    His previous stuff is worth a look too.

  4. bournesouprecipe on




    How would Messi and Ronaldo cope with those haircuts? ☺️



    Imagine Georgios Samaras heading that ball on the lace!!!!!



    oooofffftttt csc

  5. mullet and co 2 on

    Don’t tell the Ostrich that there is not enough money to get through the season.



    Shota Arveladze actually cost 8.5m and not 2. What is it with that old club and not declaring payments. Strange business paying 4 times the value for a player.

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    BBCR4 [just finishing]



    – wee Cerys Matthews’ the Great Irish Songbook’



    VG, lots of insight into history and politics, and a few right good choons.



    Well worth catching on iPlayer.

  7. Bhoys and Ghirls , remember. Saturday is The Kano Foundation annual bucket


    collection . This is the only time we reach out to the support as a whole to help raise funds . To give an idea of the money required , we spend approx £9k on tickets (87 kids and 12 adults) as well as the cost of snacks, bags and scarves for the kids which is about the same again over the season. I know we have other fundraisers, our dance and golf day but this is the main one . If you can spare an hour on saturday from 11 am please visit http://www.thekanofoundation.com/?p=2153 and fill in the screen to register.



    An hour if your time on saturday is as valuable as your donation or goodwill. Please consider it if you can.







  8. Liam Henderson going to Dundee Utd hope fully will add quality game time to his experience.It is a difficult one for the player as he is on the edge of the team,the options being does he stay and have another season of being on the fringes?or does he develop his game whilst on loan at DU whilst he is a loan player?.



    my impressions are that Ronni is fleshing out our youth and development system,one of the things he cant provide is quality game time.I feel Ronni wants to up the development of players game time hence the reason so many are going out on loan.I hope they all develop wqhile out on loan and come back as better players more experienced in the way they handle being a Celtic player.



    Players i hope come back with a different outlook and their experience adds to them and Celtic being more successful.








    Dublin will be a Kano benefit do,I suspect.



    And so too maybe 10/10 if you put your mind to it.



    You know the bhoys are generous to a fault-especially when we’ve had a few!

  10. .



    Looks like the Talks are Taking a While..



    Ridiculous..Celtic should Own their own TV Rights..Especially the Qualifiers that are on the Other side of the World..Ermm in Europe..



    Celtic TV: We are still negotiating rights for Wednesday’s match. Our aim is to be able to show live video outside the UK & Ireland. It may be Tuesday before we can confirm. Thanks




  11. bournesouprecipe


    11:33 on


    28 July, 2015


    Celtic Team photo of the month






    now who can name the team, i am guessing its around 1938, i could only name 2.





    I’ve heard that before. What’s the deal?

  13. cuchulainn


    11:05 on


    28 July, 2015





    I’m from Inishowen, live and work in Letterkenny.



    Inishowen is lovely and Letterkenny is a town i like passing thro on the way.watched the Spartak moscow game in the wolfetone bar a few years ago.Donegal is a lovely county.




  14. Saint Stivs



    I think it’s a bit earlier. Jimmy McGrory wasn’t in the 1938 team.


    No doubt one of our more mature CQNers will tell us when they’ve wiped the tears from their eyes.

  15. .






    If You are Still around..



    My Oldest Daughter has just Finished 2 European Tours (Mostly Eastern) about 20 Countries in 2O Odd Days..



    Her Favourite was Poland..



    She is Back in Scotland now for the First time in over 20 Years and Seemingly getting the Worst Scottish Summer in 20 Years..;-)







  16. BMCUWP and mullett



    I found it most surprising that deidco signed so many players from the former Soviet republics just as they were “privatising” all their banks and national resources. Surely SDM wasn’t involved in laundering oligarchs’ cash??


    Only askin’ like.

  17. BMCUP, to update Harold Wilson, the Labour Party is a Focus Group, or it’s nothing.



    I think it will be a hard game tomorrow. Yes, we are probably the better team, and would win the tie 3 times out of 5, but that’s still a concern. Still, we are in the Big Cup, playing against good teams. We know we are not going to win the Big Cup, but there’s going to be a show, and the Glasgow Celtic will be there.

  18. .



    Watching.. Go Back To Where You Came From..



    The Award Winning SBS Documentary..in which the three-part series.. six “ordinary” Australians will follow in reverse the journeys of asylum seekers to unspecified destinations.






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