Europe in July, heavy legs and waning concentration


After losing the second leg against Salzburg in last season’s Champions League 3rd qualifying round, Qarabag eliminated Twente Enschede on away goals before having a good Europa League group stage.

Draws home and away to Saint Etienne, a home draw against Inter after a two goal defeat in the San Siro, and a win and a loss against Dnipro is enough form to suggest Celtic have a match on their hands.

On the positive side, Qarabag are also preseason, play on grass and Baku, their home city, is four hours ahead of Glasgow, so they will have a small jetlag adjustment to make for Wednesday’s game.  The final whistle will go after 1:30 in the morning Baku time.  Players find the latter part of any big game tiring, more so early in the season, so we have to push hard late in this game.  Qarabag will be vulnerable as concentration wanes and legs get heavy.

This tie feels very much like the Shakhter Karagandy play-off tie two years ago.  Shakhter arrived with a solid two goal lead, but an impassioned Celtic Park pushed us over the line.  A similar intensity will be required on and off the field on Wednesday.

What’s our chances?  Not sure, but we’ve a serious challenge on our hands.

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  1. leftclicktic on



    Thats me just noticed my arithmetic skills :(((


    See you Wednesday,


    off to watch the speedway in my mates


    Vroooooooooom Vrooooooooooooom

  2. Cowiebhoy



    19:23 on 27 July, 2015



    Celtic Park, will host the biggest crowd – again – in Europe this week as they take on a little known team from Kazakistan, Qarabag.


    Over 40000 are expected at this key holiday period for the people of Scotland, as they cheer on Ronny’s Bhoys



    Try that one BBC :-)



    (Spelling looks ok before I post, and have sent to BT to check :-))






    Lol, spelling fine but yer geography’s still fu….





  3. mike in toronto on

    hooptastic …



    As my blogname suggests, I am in Toronto, and subscribe to Celtic TV to watch the games. I usually watch them on my ipad, and the video quality and streaming is usually quite good. I have an older ipad, so I assume the newer ones are even better. I have linked it to Apple TV, but find the picture quality is not as good when shown on the TV.



    Hope that helps.

  4. Has anyone else heard that Johansen wants away also if we dont qualify for group stages.Might just be me but I dont think hes looked happy recently.

  5. It really is BBC Hun.Trust me!



    The state broadcaster doing its bits to add to the mythology that the hun is the same cheating club that self harmed under Dave Murray.


    all week on radio and TV the state broadcaster has been suspect reporting only what its fed by its ex broadcaster and now a glib and shameless liars fartman.


    Ol auntie,days of harping back to when the Beeb was a byword for good reporting are long gone.you are fed what you are telling.


    not suprising that one state institutution is trying to talk up a dead one.i hope your days are numbered and you follow the same route the cheat did as per 14th june 2012.


    maybe thats what Hugh Mcilvanney was talking bout when he said he wished there was more reporting and investigation instead of copying what is being fed.


    rant o’er.




  6. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Difficulties in travel …booking a ticket and for some finance make attending a midweek game far from simple

  7. Sandman



    I actually got an A in my o level for geography, it was 1979 mind






    No idea how that will help with his fat fingers :-))



    Incidentally see that onesie, it’s ACGR’s old throw away, when he scared the whole of Bannockburn one Sunday


    Hail Hail

  8. Congratulations to Lisbon Lion and legend John Clarke.


    i hope you and your family have a great day raising the flag of the champions




  9. BT, not before time, your posts are legendary ;)



    Old age comes to us all, ACGR got his first pair thirty years ago.

  10. John Clark.



    I have probably posted this story before.


    Jock Stein was on the panel at a fans question and answer session which I believe was being held in Kircaldy.



    After a number of the audience had asked him about more peerhaps mre glamorous Celts such as Jinky, Bertie and Tommy, Stein said why not ask me about a real man like John Clark who cut short a budding career in England to come home a support his widowed mother.

  11. An Tearmann


    19:32 on


    27 July, 2015



    Ol auntie,days of harping back to when the Beeb was a byword for good reporting are long gone.



    Yep. That would be the good old days of Blue Peter Thompson and George Davidson coming out with gems like ‘Dearie Dearie Me, Celtic have scored’.

  12. themelvingael on

    North Cyprus Bhoy


    sorry for not getting back sooner,thanks for the tips looking forward to it .

  13. The crowd will have an big influence on how Wednesday’s game will pan out, of that I have no doubt. I just hope we turn out in large numbers. There are many valid reasons why some cannot attend holidays,travel, finance, but if it is a case of can’t being arsed then I despair.

  14. quonno 19:42



    indeedy! they are laughable.i did not expect different.



    hope your well




  15. Enjoy your evening,buckle up Celts,nae singing til wednesday and then let rip :-)



    away noo :-)




  16. John Stones from Everton to Chelsea rumour – with one bid already rejected.



    Quoted “bid” was 26 million and he is 21.



    Is he that good or is his nationality important for Chelsea/FA?

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    ” they must sit at their desks with no drawers wondering what to be told to do next.”





    A desk with no drawers is a table! : > )

  18. A wee question, if anyone can help. I’m not in the habit of taking the car when I go to games, but am having to drive on Wednesday. Any advice on good places to park?

  19. Mike in Toronto


    Celtic TV


    I tend to use an HDMI connection from my PC to view the games on Celtic TV.


    I have been using it from time immemorial.


    There is an HDMI adapter for the iPad which gives a really viewable upload.


    People complain about buffering etc but that is out of the team’s control.


    There are complaints about the commentary but they are also catering to those who can only receive audio.


    And I’d rather listen to enthusiastic positive Celtic fans than those paid by the broadcast media


    In all the years I have subscribed I can count my problems on one hand.


    And then I found the help team very responsive.


    It’s money well spent.

  20. Teuchter ár lá


    19:58 on


    27 July, 2015




    Then what’s a desk wi’ a fur coat and nae drawers called?



    Something to have had your tea on.

  21. clogher celt on

    bass bhoy,



    Anytime I go over I park at the bottom of the Springfield Road. I always get there early.



    Maybe depends on which side of the city you approach from.




  22. garygillespieshamstring on

    Hibs should tell sevco the fee is 1 million pounds cash up front


    as you have no credit facility. Call their bluff and show them up for being skint.

  23. Clogher.I was told by an ex pro who is still very much involved in the game up here and is a lifetime Celtic man.I thought it was very believable going by his body language recently.Hope I,m wrong.

  24. gg


    You’re right mate on the rapid response from the help team.


    I was on here moanin’ one day and the solution was sittin’ in ma inbox.


    Hail Hail to Siobann and Rachel.