European football disinformation


I’m hoping suggestions Stefan Scepovic and Kris Commons are struggling for fitness for Thursday is a classic attempt at European football disinformation.

Back in July I wrote about Commons “dependence on one creative talent feels like an unnecessary vulnerability”.  We remain (unnecessarily) dependent on our only creative talent, as subsequent games without him have established.  If he’s not in the starting line-up, we’ll need a radical change of system.

Bringing a second creative talent to the club should be a priority.  On this subject, I hear Bosnian fulcrum, Semir Stilic, who we were reportedly interested in a few years ago, before he detoured for a indifferent spell in Turkey, is now back in Poland with Wisla Krakow and eclipsing his earlier form for Lech Poznan.  We could do worse.

Shocked and stunned at the news Rangers International’s nomad, Daniel Stewart Securities PLC, have had trading in their shares suspended by the Stock Exchange as they were unable to file their accounts to year-end 31 March 2014 on time.  The Ibrox club’s board will be incredulous that the diligence they carried out to ensure they were dealing with an advisor of standing overlooked some fundamentals.

Four days out from the Great Scottish Run, which I’m doing for the Foundation’s work for Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty.  This is our Foundation, established and run by Celtic fans for 19 years.  It’s an important part of the story of where our club came from and what’s important to our mission.  Any donations here, from £1 up, are welcome.

Thanks to everyone who has helped.

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  1. philvisreturns on

    Oh it’s a setup it’s a setup it’s a setup there’s a traitor there’s a mole it’s a peacetime overthrow down


    bound to break you, get you beat no no we won’t won’t fall we got to get undergrouuuuuuuuuuuuuund (thumbsup)

  2. A Ceiler Gonof Rust, Scotland's White Flag of Surrender Shames Our Children on

    Damn you philvis, don’t you have a nappy to change:-)



    Sean T, post whit bud?

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    12:39 on 1 October, 2014


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:33 on 1 October, 2014





    Tin-hat on,but at least we didn’t have to utilise PFI to provide the hospital.






    Hi BMCW



    Agree with that aspect of it – unlike in Lanarkshire with two PFI hospitals that (although they are good facilities) are fiancial millstones around the neck of the Board, as is PFI in general to the country as a whole.



    Scottish Futures Trusts reputed to be better, but we’ll need to wait and see the evidence.










    The ‘thumbs up’ sign off,yer trademark,is rather endearing and virtually guaranteed to raise a wee smile.



    Unless of course yer an undertaker!





    Time for a moniker change,mate.



    PHILVISRETURNS is back in town!

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    Very best wishes and prayers for today.


    Give me a shout if you need wheeled over to The Horse & Barge for a refreshment. :)

  7. Good article today in the Sun ( i know) by Micheal Stewart (who ithink is the best tv pundit) on super ally, dont think Micheal likes him much….





    Sod that,wheel some of them nurses of your acquaintance over instead!

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Just watching David Cameron on BBC1.


    He really has made me change my mind, I’m now a true blue….





    TBH,I thought the Hibs player tripped Moshni as he ran past,which wasn’t mentioned.



    No excuse for belting him one,mind. Nor is it an excuse for all the Grade One officials turning a blind eye.



    Boyd was a nothing incident but he had been at it all night.



    There I was trying to be even-handed,fail!

  11. “Daniel Stewart & Co is a global investment bank offering both corporate advisory and institutional stockbroking services. Our philosophy is that we will succeed only if our clients’ requirements are clearly understood and met in a professional and timely fashion.”

  12. lennon’s passion




    13:05 on 1 October, 2014




    Get DEILA OUT know




    Only if you ask politely and use my first name too…

  13. jimbob71-do the Meet and Greet option at Manchester Airport,you stop next to the terminal,get yourselves and your bags out the car then they park car for you,and it’s there for you on return.

  14. philvisreturns on

    a ceiler gonof rust – The Wee Man got me up nice and early this morning. I was awoken by a loving slap to the face, and opened my eyes expecting to see Mrs. P next to me in bed.



    But it was The Wee Man, his baby blue eyes sparkling with merriment as he tried to pull the cheeks off my face. (thumbsup)



    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers – thank you!



    The (thumbsup) is a (thumbsup) unto the nations, a light unto the world, a digital symbol of solidarity and friendship.



    I fear my natural puckishness would render me unsuitable for the funeral business. (thumbsup)


    From the latest Phil piece,an entirely intentional gem.






    Of course the tabloids have to cater for their main demographic and now that they view Mr Super as damaged foods any further spinning on his behalf will damage their relationship with their core market.






    Damaged foods.



    Entirely appropriate as the last manager they had as bad as this was called Greig.



    Pity about the spelling.





    If you name a Saturday in November for a bevvvy in Witney,I’ll give you as many loving slaps to the face as you like.








    Fair play to the papers for revealing it.



    As you say,a shocking allowance,no overview from the authorities charged with keeping excessive abuse of powers at bay.

  18. Accepting that he may not always have all the facts , I would assert that Phil is better informed than anyone in the media ( mainstream or otherwise ) re the Sevco saga .



    I therefore go to Phil first for insight .



    I go to the daily record for ( unintentional ) comedy journalism of the highest standard .

  19. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    Surprise! Surprise! Craig Whyte banned from holding a Directorship for 15 years.There should be a lot of red faces after this.


    – Top of the list should be the S.F.A.who are supposed to be responsible for managing Scottish Football and who allowed this crook to slip through their net as a ‘fit and proper person’;


    – Then there was Sir David Murray who claimed that he was ‘duped’ by Whyte when he sold Rangers for £1;


    -Next were the Scottish media who greeted Whyte as a ‘billionaire’ without looking into his background;


    – And sadly there were the Rangers fans, led by Alastair, who welcomed him with open arms .


    Any of these people could have found out the truth about Whyte if they had taken the trouble to take a walk down the Main Street in Motherwell and ask any of his former employees who were robbed by him when he left for South Africa without paying them.

  20. kingsnake



    13:38 on 1 October, 2014



    I love watching thems suffer. The long, drawn out agony of Rangers/Sevco is like watching the end of “The Wild Bunch” …






    Very good. But I didn’t want them to die in The Wild Bunch.



    Movie thematically speaking, camera shots of the grotesqueries in the Ibrox Enclosure always put me in mind of James cameron’s ‘Aliens’.Larsson would play heroic space marine Hicks and Broonie for Private Hudson. Jeanette Findlay as Ripley? ;))

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