European football ruthlessly exposes fallacies


The problem with European football, is that you never know how well your domestic performances measure against what you might face in Europe.  At least for us, Scotland’s Uefa coefficient provides a clue to the likely comparable standards in places like Romania or Sweden.  Not so for poor Tottenham.

At home, last season’s beaten finalists were entitled to think they could play their natural game against Bayern Munich without inviting a skelping.  That notion was ruthlessly exposed as a fallacy.  There are no hiding places, when the genuine elite clubs are on form, that do not involve stringing eight players across your 18-yard line.

I suspect you and I both underestimated the Romanian champions in August.  Celtic held them out there and had control of the tie, but Cluj are not St Johnstone.  Lazio subsequently discovered to their cost that Romanian football is stubbornly effective.

Celtic are playing well right now but tomorrow will be tough.  If there is a winner, they will fancy their chances of winning the group.

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  1. lets all do the huddle ? on

    “At least for us, Scotland’s Uefa coefficient provides a clue to the likely comparable standards in places like Romania or Sweden.”





    so why do we keep signing scottish players and expect to be able to compete in Europe?

  2. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    I think tomorrow will be a hugely frustrating game.



    Cluj will commit petty fouls, stand in front of the ball, get in our player’s faces and generally try to noise us all up, crowd included.



    Expect some play acting and intimidation from their bench too. Petrescu badgering the fourth official and drawing the ref’s attention.


    Then they’ll try to sucker punch us with a break away goal.



    We need to have calm heads, not get involved and score. Then score again.


    That will frustrate them.

  3. One simple message to Hamilton and anyone else facing ‘formidable Rangers’… get stuck in about them and you’ll find they aren’t formidable after all. Don’t do a McInnes and sh*t yourself before you even get there.

  4. PAUL67



    If there is a winner, they will fancy their chances of winning the group.





    You obviously did not see LAZIO on Sunday.

  5. It’s rare that I do predictions but I have a sneaky feeling that Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo will be putting in a bid for Man Of The Match tomorrow night. And if he does he’ll feature in the email that I’ll send to cqnpoty@gmail.com ;-).


    Not expecting there to be 7 goals scored this time around; any win for Celtic will do just fine.

  6. Celtic should sign Lamine Diaby-Fadiga as a free agent.



    I know that he’s just been sacked for stealing a teammates watch but its probably best for him to get out of France. Eddy was given a second chance at Celtic after receiving a suspended prison sentence and grasped it with both hands.



    LDF is a French youth international who is highly thought of. No doubt he will find a french team soon. We should get in there.



    Let Julien, Ntcham & Edouard keep an eye out.

  7. Its goany be a tough game but I fancy us to win it. We need our players to stand up and be the players we know they can be. We win I fancy us to top the group although lazio are no mugs

  8. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 2ND OCTOBER 2019 1:57 PM






    Surely, he would be more better off signing for the Magpies? 😉





    Hahaha bravo



    Just the guy to pick the pocket of opposing defences.






    Just saying he’s one to watch

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Any twitter stuff coming from James Doleman, or any other source, re: today’s Sports Direct versus The Rangers case at the High Court?

  11. Paul67 et al



    Well there were certainly some on here who considered comparing Celtic’s co-efficient with Cluj more relevant than comparing Scotland’s with Romania. A fatal misapprehension compounded by the National team’s latest fiascos. That said our 1-1 result away gave all of us a bit of confidence that we could get past them. And we could well have if Neil Lennon had realised that 2-1 and 3-2 were winning positions. Spurs kept trying to play their game once behind and paid a heavy price but we did the same from the front despite the fact that Cluj had once, twice and three times got back into the tie at Celtic Park. A group game may suit us better this time around, and three points now will give us a hell of a platform all the way through to December.

  12. Do I need my jelly and ice cream out of the fridge freezer???



    Come on big Mike, do us all a favour, put the nail through the zombies heed.






    D. :)

  13. “the huddle”



    Celtic signed at least 12 players this summer I think only Taylor is Scottish.



    32 in our 1st team squad 10 of which are Scottish.

  14. tim horton



    1-1 was a winning position at the start of game. At that point Cluj were out. At 0-1 they were in, at 1-1 they were still in, at 2-1 they were out, at 2-2 they were in, and when they were in they were in, but at 3-2 they were out, then at 3-3 they were back in and we were out and when we were out we were out. And then it was 4-3……

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Celtic Mac on 2nd October 2019 2:45 pm



    Our co-efficient was far superior to theirs and we should not have lost that one. Why we did was simply at the managers door for selection and tactics.

  16. prestonphans bhoys



    You were one of those who erred in your use of co-efficients. Didn’t I point out to you at the time that the fact that Celtic had a higher, or better co-efficient to Cluj just might have something to do with the fact that Celtic had won our domestic league eight times in a row and er Cluj hadn’t? I thought the National co-efficient was more important then and now. That said I agree with you that we should not have lost at home over the course of the game, especially when we score three goals. Hope and believe we will do better in a group match against the same team.

  17. iniquitousiv



    We held the advantage at the start of the game. Not at the end.


    We also had winning positions during the game, the real game, not a hypothetical game which ended 0-0, the one which ended 3-4. That game!

  18. lets all do the huddle ? on

    32 in our 1st team squad 10 of which are Scottish.



    but at times we can have 5 or 6 in the starting line up



    maybe less now KT is away

  19. More time in MASH v Rangers (Jan)



    As per James Doleman twitter.




    The never ending story

  20. adi-dassler



    That awkward moment in your life when you forget the words to the Hokey Cokey…

  21. Apart from John Lemons,anywhere in Benalmadena at Fuengerola end,showing game tomorrow?

  22. St Johnstone vs CELTIC – December 8, 11.45am


    Hearts vs CELTIC, December 18, 7.15pm


    St Mirren vs CELTIC, December 26, 2.30pm

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