European football ruthlessly exposes fallacies


The problem with European football, is that you never know how well your domestic performances measure against what you might face in Europe.  At least for us, Scotland’s Uefa coefficient provides a clue to the likely comparable standards in places like Romania or Sweden.  Not so for poor Tottenham.

At home, last season’s beaten finalists were entitled to think they could play their natural game against Bayern Munich without inviting a skelping.  That notion was ruthlessly exposed as a fallacy.  There are no hiding places, when the genuine elite clubs are on form, that do not involve stringing eight players across your 18-yard line.

I suspect you and I both underestimated the Romanian champions in August.  Celtic held them out there and had control of the tie, but Cluj are not St Johnstone.  Lazio subsequently discovered to their cost that Romanian football is stubbornly effective.

Celtic are playing well right now but tomorrow will be tough.  If there is a winner, they will fancy their chances of winning the group.

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  1. Petec…mistakes are forgivable…a la Cluj…but the so called tactical substitutions against Hibs were mind boggling…no?




  2. TheLurkinTim on 2nd October 2019 10:35 pm



    Petec…mistakes are forgivable…a la Cluj…but the so called tactical substitutions against Hibs were mind boggling…no?









    Make NO Mistake, that I know Nothing.



    I cannae wait for the encounter the Morra.



    Lenny will be up against a Tactician that uses Chelsea tactics not Celtics.



    Celtic is MAGICAL.



    Lenny Bhoy, LENNY go and achieve.




  3. !!BADA BING!! on 2ND OCTOBER 2019 8:56 PM


    GP- what was the Ferdinand incident?




    Do you ou not remember the discussion on here about it ?


    A very quick search on why Rio was fined £45k by the FA wiil explain all.

  4. Greenpinata,



    The wan position I wanted a dude coming through, Bayern Munich nicked him. :))



    GDANSK is a possibility, especially if we win the morra.



    Lazio(h) Lazio(a) will determine things.



    Ryantula is wan of the First names on the team sheet, IMO, I know Nothing at all Howevaaaaaaah.

  5. Ryan in France was Skilled and utterly determined in EVERYTHING he did.



    He had me excited.



    I hope we get 60000 there the morra.

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    …got zero interest in champions league wen we’re not playing…






    Agree with that – very rarely watch any fitba that doesn’t involve Celtic to be honest (unless it is the closed season – I even watched the Women’s World Cup this year – just to see England’s hopes get dashed yet again right enough – and also to see Hope Solo on the panel – ooooftttt !!! ).



    Re: the jakey source – I thought initially that he might actually have been a coke-head, but then saw his pal’s smuggled-in half-bottle of Bucky – a dead give-away. Nice, sociable young fellas they were too – that’s why I like the away games – you meet a wide variety of usually very sociable people :-)) Not a big fan of the mob-mentality Green Brigade hangers-on right enough.






  7. BGFC…Hope Solo…sounds like a contradiction lol…just like the GB’s organised chaos ;-))



    Was a pleasure to meet you and mini BGFC…and Cuz…loved the music…as did a lot of the patrons in the BV…they probs posted it on YT…hope you have IP ;-))




  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    …hope you have IP ;-))






    It was agreat day for us – thoroughly enjoyed puting a face to blog name the own good self and the rest of the crew who were there, including BigRailroadBlues, Croppy Boy and yon mad Mahe fella !!!



    Re: IP – most of the stuff we do is probably copyright of other folk anyway, so to hell with that ;-)))






  9. Good morning


    Match day is workday


    Let’s correct that wrong Celtic


    Do your best.



    Looking forward to tonight


    Seeing some old friends



    God bless Celtic




  10. Good morning CQN from a cold, dark but dry Garngad



    Bring on the Clujy



    Let’s get a win bhoys and keep the feel good factor going into our bread and butter at 12 on Sunday.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  11. G’day to y’all from a still very dark, very early, very hot and humid SE Texas!


    Very hot cos oor A/C has gone teats up again 😕. Sweating like the huns Mr. King in a court hoose!


    Looking forward to getting a good result tonight, will be tight but think we will get there.


    Have a great day everyone, and anybody lucky enough to go to the game, maximum support for the Bhoys.





  12. A big match for us tonight. I hope the ref is strong. This Cluj team did a lot of diving and Petrescu was in the 4th official’s ear all the time during our last fixture.



    Keeping 11 men on the pitch is vital in Europe as these teams exploit space. It will be tough but I think we need home wins against Cluj and Rennes, at least, to progress.

  13. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    What is the situation with Griffiths, does anyone know?




  14. Are either/both/neither of these statements true:



    When Celtic play badly and win, most posters accept the performance.


    When Celtic play well and lose/draw, most posters do not accept the performance.



  15. Howlin’ gale….gael?…………here in Corcaigh.



    The prospect of welcome progress against Cluj the night.


    This is our level and we should show that we can comfortably complete against teams like this.



    A result defines Neils progress with the team.



    C’mon The Hoops.




  16. Bankiebhoy1



    ` we should show that we can comfortably complete against teams like this.`



    I agree with your views more often than not . This time, I feel the implication of `teams like this` is that Cluj are there for the taking. Their European performances suggest otherwise.


    I THINK we will win tonight but I am far from seeing Cluj as being in the `teams like this` category.

  17. BB1 Having just reread your post, the word `compete` makes a difference to my reading of your comment.


    Then again, `comfortably` supports my original reading :-))))

  18. Greenpinta- from last night, I remember Ferdinand getting done for missing a drugs test,but not a racist charge mate.HH



    What is the situation with Griffiths, does anyone know?






    Recovering from injury and a virus. Not likely to make the squad.

  20. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 3RD OCTOBER 2019 9:16 AM



    Thanks. Hopefully see him involved again soon.




  21. Out for a cycle in a wee bit chilly Angus before getting ready for my trip to The Dear Green Place.


    Cheerio for now.

  22. NCC:



    Scotland is about to ban smacking children…


    However, if you are more forward thinking, decide to rip your unborn baby from it’s mother’s womb, tear it from limb to limb and then dump it in an incinerator, that’s OK.



  23. Lorenzo is still 700 miles to the West of us but winds are picking up and it’s not looking too pleasant in Cluain Mealla, that is Clonmel or if you want a direct translation fro the Irish, The Vale of Honey.


    Nature is an awesome force OK.


    Anyhow egg chasing for me on the box in 10 minutes, then a trip to Deli for a Tea & Blueberry Muffin. Later watch my second favourite Team Young Bhoys of Berne & then the Highlight of the week, as the famous Glasgow Celtic take the field. This retirement is hard work you know.

  24. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    I see the huns game is the early kick off tonight.



    Tough one for them, they only get to start with 11 men tonight and YB are a solid outfit, not exactly rattling goals in but competent and quite strong defensively. Can see a 2-1 home win.



    And 2-0 home win for the bhoys.




  25. Team for Tonight





    Elhamed Bitton Julien Bolingoli


    Brown McGregor


    Forrest Christie Sinclair



  26. Cork Celt


    You are entirely correct about retirement, just finished my Synergy Class at the gym, and b(h)oy was it hard work this morning. Now enjoying a double espresso revitalise before contemplating lunch and forthcoming trip to Paradise on the Arbroath Emerald Express along with JJHS. Have a grand day.



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