European games sap mind and body


It transpired that the only team in Celtic’s Europa League group who avoided defeat in their domestic league game last weekend was Lazio, who rested several players in Europe and earned a point at Bologna.

Cluj lost at nearest rivals, Viitorul, Rennes lost at home to Stade Reims, while Celtic went down at Livingston.  No excuse for a poor performance, but these European games sap mind and body.


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  1. Bigbhoy



    “Celtic by numbers has blown a lot of the excuses apart.”




    I think he did a good job on the post-Europe Hangover Hypothesis but the plastic pitches rationale/excuse needs to be more carefully looked at.



    As CBN said, the 3 plastic pitches are owned by Kilmarnock, Livi and Hamilton. Two of those 3 are poorly funded perennial bottom 6/ Scottish Championship level. Only Killie are a top 6 outfit by size and finance, and they are barely so.



    What would be fairer would be to judge our away ground plastic pitch results versus 3 reasonably equivalent teams, I would suggest either Well or St. Johnstone for Killie and St. Mirren and either Ross Co. or ICT to replace Livi and Hamilton.



    This is needed as our toughest away games (at Ibrox, Pittodrie, Tynecastle and Easter Road traditionally) would lead to more dropped points through quality of opposition i.e. these are usually stronger teams than Ham, Livi and Killie. That could mask the plastic pitch effect.



    If, using my type of comparators, weighted for skill level, CBN still found no difference in results then the plastic pitch thing becomes clearly and excuse too. Jury is still out for me.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    GB displays, never get to see them, we are right behind the banners once they are floated down from the top tier😵😱




    The Tic have the Panache, flair, workrate, skill, temperament, ability, resiliance, energy.



    There are times when we need bottle for the battle that some of the teams produce.



    I can’t say for sure we’ll win the league but I’m more certain that, theLivi performance will not be allowed to be repeated….

  4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic ‘I know I could still make a difference, both in Italy and in other countries, I’d do better than the players that are there now. My contract expires in December and I dont know what will happen after that’



    Hmmm. Zlatan for Celtic anyone?

  5. Good morning CQN from a cold, damp, dark but dry Garngad



    Green Brigade please stop the pyro shows, there is no need. Your banners are great and the atmosphere you generate is great.






    D. :)

  6. IMTHETIM53 on 8TH OCTOBER 2019 6:26 PM


    ‘big’ jimmy.





    I really couldnt give a TOSS what you think of my Post or anything you choose to listen to about me.


    You are one of BP’s ” Gang”…he has referred to YOU as such on SC.


    You know nothing about me, or anything to do with My attendance at Celtic Park, or anything else that I do to support Celtic.


    I have read your Drivel that you have Posted on SC…and you and BP are well suited.



    I can also tell you that I meet some CQNrs quite often over a few Beers…and each and every one agree with me about your chum BP.


    Of course, you are free to chose your “Pals”, but you are obviously not fussy in that department as BP has PROVED Himself to be a Serial Attention Seeker, and you are obviously not much better.


    I have read your “Pal” posting on SC….” Has anyone missed me” ? because he was away for a few days…if that is NOT Attention Seeking….and you cant see it, or refuse to see it…your as much a Chump as Him ?



    Your “Pal” ( Have you two ever actually met , I ask because your Pal has NEVER Posted about going out with ANY Mates, especially to a pub to watch Celtic)… or ANY EFFORT to go to a Celtic game…The FACT that He posted a MOAN/COMPLAINT about spending £10 last season on a Taxi to get home to watch Celtic on a FREE STREAM…and the FACT that he has NEVER Posted about being actually in a Pub…with ANY mates…as his Posts are all about his wife, Talking Dugs, Where he came from ( who feckin cares ?) etc etc…YAWN !



    Your “Pal” also Posted on CQN a while ago, ( when he thought that he was going to be BARRED from here for being a feckin idiotic, boring, Chump)….” CQN is MY LIFE”……How feckin PATHETIC is that ?



    After literally BEGGING not to be barred…he then signs up to SC…..So much for “CQN is My LIFE” ?



    A while ago, he posted on CQN that His Wife was MISSING ????



    What did he expect anyone on here to do ?


    She suddenly reappeared that same evening, unharmed apparently…….IF that is not the Actions of a Feckin Drama Queen, what is ?


    He also has a Hissy Fit, if no one wants to answer his inane, boring feckin Quiz Questions…that even his talking Dugs know the answers to !



    I havent read back yet, so I dont know if your Pal/Chum has responded on here….but WHY the Feck are YOU Posting on his behalf ?


    You are obviously just another THREE Year Old….with a TWO year Old Brain.



    Mind how you go…CHUMP !



    JIMTHETIM53 on 8TH OCTOBER 2019 6:26 PM







    Read your post and thought it sounded a bit harsh….







    Then I read back and you are infact 100% correct.





    No need for that kind of talk on this or any other forum.





    Celtic fans should never talk to each other like that.





    Just to be CLEAR…BP is NOT a Celtic Fan !


    He also sometimes Posted about being a “Rebel” etc…He wouldnt know IRA…If it bit him on the Arse !



    BP ( and some others)…are the REAL reasons why many Regular posters have left here…including myself in the last 18 Months or so. Before he went to SC…He had a HISTORY of annoying MANY on here…I dont know if you are aware of that FACT ?


    He was OFTEN posting “His Apologises” to avoid being Barred…and then advising the Poster that he had annoyed/insulted…” Luv Ya to bits” ?….Whit the feck is that all about ?


    I KNOW what it is all about…BP is a Serial Attention Seeker…who wouldnt give You or Me …a Light in a Dark Corner.


    Then again if you chose to read utter Tripe and Drivel from BP or anyone else…then fire in ?



  8. JIMTHETIM53 on 8TH OCTOBER 2019 6:26 PM





    ‘big’ jimmy.





    Just for the Record….I am well noted for being VERY Funny !


    Go away with your BP “Pal” and get the knitting done.


    Chump !

  9. JIMTHETIM53 on 8TH OCTOBER 2019 6:26 PM



    ‘big’ jimmy.




    Big Packy and Jimthetim…



    A Blogs answer to…” Hinge and Bracket”….and just as UNFUNNY and UNINTERESTING !


    is it true that you and yer Pal swap Knitting Patterns ?

  10. Big Jimmy (no relation)



    If you are UK based, and is your thought process in morning, I genuinely worry about you.



    Regardless, have a good day sir and here’s to 9 in a row

  11. UNCLE JIMMY on 9TH OCTOBER 2019 7:47 AM




    No need to worry about me…My Life is just Dandy.







    Cheers mate…if your referring to my sense of humour…..I’ll take your Post as an compliment.


    HH to you both.

  12. RT @McLaughlin_1888 On this day, 61 years ago, Celtic signed a gentleman who, to this day, STILL looks surprised when people ask him for a photograph! John Clark Legend. 💚

  13. I have just read this on SC…





    Packy, I have just dealt with the idiot of the other site.




    Explain how YOU have DEALT with Me ?


    MORON !



    As for being an idiot…I am not the one that Brushes Dugs for a Living…….some of us actually gained an education, and Qualifications and got REAL feckin Jobs.


    I wont be posting ever on SC…but I know for fact that Hinge and Bracket from that place…post on here…no doubt, they will be reporting back to the rest of their “Gang”….as the one above has already done.



    Yes is true that I accepted a ticket for Celtic park…this was a day when I was ONLY due to meet some CQNr’s for a Drink…….but then one Cqnr offered me a Ticket unexpectedly…was I supposed to tell the Guy to “Feck Off” ?




    As for NOT wishing to go to a Bar in Duke Street…A Bar that was one of my REGULAR Haunts from 1977 onwards…that is also true, but NOT for the reason stated by someone on SC….That Bar was ALWAYS TOO PACKED any Match day to be able to enjoy a Drink, before or after a Game.



    I had mates who had been regulars for years also, and they STOPPED going to that Bar before any Celtic home game…so we would meet elsewhere…feckin Simples.


    some folk should get their facts straight…but then again when You are part of ” Hinge and Brackets GANG”

  14. for the attention seeking big jimmy, the keyboard hardman, I actually thought you were a 12 year old posting abuse on here, till someone sent me a photograph of your good self I use it to keep my dogs away from the fire, I posted an innocent reply to ron 67 the other night you were not mentioned in my post, hopefully paul 67 will have seen it, now other bloggers were on that night as well so hopefully they can back this up, you sir are a feckin moron, you use your dole money to bet horses and drink, why else would you come on a blog so early in the morning spouting abuse, and now you are abusing other posters as well, you have the cheek to say im chasing posters away, ffs I very rarely post on here, last week you chased away gene from port vale, and believe me while your on here spouting your bile other posters will chuck it too I just hope the moderators and paul67 see through you.

  15. FAO Hinge and Bracket…and any other Gang Members on SC….



    A guy who worked abroad gave me his season book for HALF a Season…until I got another season book of my own after spending a fortune on legal bills and being forced to move home etc just previously to his kind offer….I also offered HIM and some others a FAVOUR in return whenever they are here for Celtic games. this FAVOUR would have saved them quite a bit of Money.


    Of course NO ONE on SC mentioned that FACT…..because they do NOT wish to know the facts…….considering that NO ONE on CQN, had ANY ACCESS to the Private Emails between myself and the Good Celt who worked abroad…







    Explain HOW YOU have DEALT with ME ?


    stick to your knitting patterns.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Scotland 21 Russia sfa



    On track , lads.



    We` ll support you evermore.

  17. BIG PACKY 1 on 9TH OCTOBER 2019 8:47 AM




    Dole Money ? HaHa.



    Which one are you…” Hinge or Bracket” ?


    NO ONE wanted to answer your so called Quiz questions, and then You be GREETIN and would post ” Okay…so everyone is ignoring me…heres another question” ?


    What part of ” everyone is ignoring me” did You NOT get..ya Muppet ?..and you would then pose another inane question…whit a feckin CHUMP !


    Your “Pal”…. ( is SHE Hinge or Bracket ?)…told you a LIE…HE didnt “DEAL” with me…She is not capable…every Chump should know their limitations.



    when your wife went “Missing”…the poor wummin probably couldnt wait to get away from you…Simples.

  18. BIG PACKY 1 on 9TH OCTOBER 2019 8:47 AM




    See..You are doing it again…….WHY mention where “GENE” comes from….I couldnt give a Monkeys feck !


    Likewise when you want everyone to know that you came from The Brig…who gives a Feck…and if it was so great…why feckin leave, ya Dick ?


    GENE acted just like you always do….trying to create a Drama !


    You ALSO accused ME of NOT liking Dugs etc…You dont have a Feckin CLUE !


    You ALSO..brought MY NAME into a Post with other posters some months ago, about Me NOT liking animals…that was also a LIE……


    You are the most Boring, UN Intelligent, tedious, Wimpy, UN Funny, Hen Pecked , UN Educated Chump that I have ever came across on CQN…..By the way…


    YOU ALSO stated on CQN…That …” CQN is MY LIFE”…..Hoiw feckin PATHETIC is that…ya feckin SADDO…Away back to you knitting with your Gang Pal.



    TOSSER !

  19. Not quite the thought provoking, got me thinking type of scroll back I was hoping for this morning. Dearie me…..

  20. FAO BP ( Hinge and Bracket ( You KNOW who you are)….



    Should the MODs on here do your bidding and bar me…again I couldnt give a Feck .


    IF I get barred……I will STILL have a LIFE….unlike You and your Girlfriend….Ms Hinge..or Ms Bracket !


    Which one are you..Hinge or Bracket ?


    Away and brush a Dug…for Two Bob…and tell everyone how successful you are…….

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    Thought I had accidentally logged on to “follow follow” for a moment. Can we take our petty schoolboy squabbles somewhere else? This used to be a place where supporters could genuinely discuss and debate all things Celtic in a civilised manner. The stuff on here today is both embarrassing and pathetic.

  22. Reading back, interesting if not a little sad some of the churlish stuff posted.



    I wonder if PAUL 67 has ever thought of using the posts on here throughout the years to make a Blockbuster… CQN the movie.



    I leave you all to ponder on the storyline and the Actors who’d play the relative posters parts.



    Anyhoo, I’m off to make a wee fry up before heading into the town and spend ma buffday money.



    Keeep smilin 😊😊😊

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